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Shrugging my shoulders in mute confusion, I felt the corner of my mouth twitch in silent mirth as I pondered the meaning of the message which fluttered upon the doorway to the inner sanctum of the darkened house. Hesitantly, I reached for the brass knob with one sweat-slimy hand, weighing the risks to my personal being even as I felt the knob rotate beneath my nerveless fingers and the heavy oak-wood door swung open under its own massive weight. A faint breeze caressed my dark curly hair as I cautiously stepped through the door and entered into the forbidden sanctum.

Silhouetted against the ghostly flicker of a multitude of softly burning candles, a silent figure stood motionless before the massive mirror that dominated one entire wall of the darkened room. At the nearly inaudible shuffle of my feet as I gingerly advanced across the burgundy carpeting, the figure turned and stepped into the dim circle of candlelight. A single ray of light wavered across his face, illuminating his unruly mane of strawberry blond curls and his stormy blue eyes, which peered smilingly at me from beneath the gleaming leather mask which obscured most of his delicate features from my fascinated gaze. The tantalizing scent of warm leather wafted to my quivering nostrils as he glided towards me, and I shivered in delirious pleasure at the silky touch of his leather tunic and pants against my moist flesh as he dragged my unprotesting body into a rough embrace. Beneath the obscuring mask that brushed gently against my face as his lips met mine in a passionate kiss, his blue eyes were clouded with a mixture of suppressed excitement and anticipation. It was at that precise moment that I understood the meaning of the message upon the door, but it was too late to resist or back out now.

“Well, well, well! Despite the warning that I clearly posted upon yon door, you have still chosen to enter my sacred sanctuary, where pain and pleasure meet and mingle as one. Since you have taken your courage in both fists and entered of your own free will, I shall oblige your darkest fantasies and touch the very depths of your sexual soul. Approach me, slave!”

He spoke in a confident, authoritative tone, and my wandering eye was captured by the faint gleam of the well-oiled leather paddle that dangled on a heavy metal chain from his steel studded belt and gently slapped against his thigh in a hypnotic rhythm as he impatiently tapped his booted foot and fixed me with an icy stare. As I continued to hesitate, his hand casually strayed to the other side of his belt, and I visibly winced as I saw his slender fingers close about the leather handle of a lethal looking whip. The lead tipped thongs waved tauntingly before my stunned eyes as he disengaged it from its imprisoning chain and clutched it firmly. Folding his arms across his leather clad chest, he smirked at me in a markedly sarcastic manner, his amused eyes daring me to approach him and take my punishment. Stiffening my shoulders in a determined stance, I walked forward and stood motionless before him, waiting.

“Well done, little one. Now the real fun can begin. Divest yourself of all garments which tie you to the world outside this sanctuary!” He purred this last in a soft, silky voice, his eager eyes devouring my slender body as I yielded to his will and began to undress. My stylish loafers landed unceremoniously in front of the closet door as I flung them free of my shapely feet with a careless kick. My nerveless fingers trembled slightly as they unfastened the seemingly endless procession of buttons that secured my silk shirt to my sweat-dampened torso, allowing it to drop unceremoniously to the carpet as I freed myself from its confining presence. A slight whisper of denim was the only sound in the room as I slowly slid my faded jeans over my slender hips with sweat soaked palms, and I swallowed hard as my fingers glided up to the waistband of my briefs in preparation to discard them for my waiting love. His steely gaze lingered on the ghostly paleness of my silky skin, which seemed almost to glow within the eerie glimmer of the candles, and a gentle sigh of utter satisfaction fluttered within his throat as my last garment dropped soundlessly to the floor, leaving me completely exposed to his hungry gaze and very vulnerable to whatever evil plan lurked within the innermost recesses of his twisted brain.

A violent shudder of intermingled fear and desire shook my fragile frame as a leather gloved hand trailed its questing fingers through the full length of my ebony curls, caressing each delicate strand with a controlled tenderness that was almost eerie in these sinister surroundings. The gentle caress continued over the warm flesh of my small waist and lingered teasingly on the ivory curve of my buttocks, cupping them with mock fierceness as he pulled my eager body against his leather clad form. Consumed by a ferocious wave of white hot lust, I could feel my organ beginning to stiffen as I feverishly ground my heavily sweating body against that delicious warmth, and the mouthwatering aroma which arose from the sweat dampened outfit further fueled my intense longing for his teasing touch and his loving looks. Smiling wickedly as he buried his masked face within the luxuriant mane of ebony fire which trailed in unruly clumps down my sweat drenched shoulders, he planted a moist kiss on the silky nape of my neck and nipped sharply at the sensitive skin with his perfect teeth as he whirled me around to face the antique dresser, giggling with barely contained glee at my low groan of horror as my widening eyes fell upon the misery which awaited me there.

“Choose your pleasure.” He crooned wickedly, motioning to the varied selection of sun-bright blooms that crouched almost menacingly on the shining expanse of the dresser surface, their velvety petals seeming to reach seductively towards my sensitive nose. Narrowing my eyes against the sudden upwelling of allergic tears, I could almost see the clouds of pollen hovering in the air; miniscule granules promising a world of misery for my hypersensitive nasal passages. Steeling myself against the irritating itch that had surfaced within the depths of my left nostril, I selected a bright bloom that wavered on its stem like a ball of captured sunlight. Closing my itchy eyes as if in silent prayer, I thrust my protesting nose directly into the very heart of the blossom, feeling the cloud of pollen grains envelope my quivering nostrils as I inhaled deeply and waited for the inevitable reaction to its unwelcome presence.

Immediately, I moaned in agonized anticipation as a massive wave of severe itching threatened to overwhelm my defenseless nasal passages with its sheer intensity and force. A magnetic wave of tension surged through my chest and throat, causing both to tighten in silent anticipation of the coming explosion. Allergic tears trickled lazily down my flushed cheeks, matting my lashes with their itchy moisture and causing my eyes to slowly narrow into watery slits. I could feel the bridge of my long nose spasm in subtle little twitches as the inner depths of my tortured passages convulsed in silent agony, preparing to expel the source of their torment. My broad chest expanded as my lungs hitched in breath in an involuntary series of tearing pants, and I could feel my nostrils flare to their maximum width as the inexorable pressure of a violent sneeze built up beyond their quivering rims, threatening to explode out of my shuddering body at any moment.  Allowing my swollen eyes to slide shut and my mouth to fall open, I awaited the approach of the first sneeze.

“Heh… heh…” As the intense sensation continued to build to immense proportions, I became vaguely aware of the faint sound of furtive footsteps. Weakly opening my watery eyes, I watched his approach with a rising sense of alarm. A wolfish grin wreathed his chops as he glided forward, the leather mask obscuring his delicate features, but the lethal looking whip hanging at his side leaving no doubt about his intentions. Trapped in a frozen state of sheer helplessness by the urge which lingered tauntingly within my tortured nose, I could do nothing to fend him off as he brought his smiling face alongside my own, snaking out a moist tongue to caress my trembling nostrils as he fingered the thick handle of his implement of sadistic delight. As if sensing my utter helplessness in this situation, he swiftly ensnared a handful of my dark tresses within his gloved fist and yanked my head down, brutally clamping down on my lips with his own hungry mouth.

Even as I attempted to struggle, to wrench my shuddering body away from his before the inevitable could happen, I knew the attempt would be futile. His lips held mine as if in a vise, and his fingers were firmly entangled within my ebony curls, mutely denying my right to escape. As I hovered on the verge of a truly incredible allergic sneeze, I snorted convulsively through my quivering nostrils, feeling his tongue caress the ribbed roof of my mouth even as my chest expanded with a mighty intake of breath as the itchy tingle reached its peak, seizing my nose with a frightening strength that could not be ignored or denied. Allowing my eyes to slide closed once again, I surrendered totally to the incredible sensations which surged through me, holding both my nose and my emotions captive. Twisting violently away from the demanding lips, I surrendered to a lengthy barrage of long denied sneezes.

“Heh… heh… hah… HAH… HAH-ISHOOO! HAH-ASHOOO! Uh… huh… HAH… ISHOOO! ASHOO!” Copious amounts of fine spray drenched his masked features as he continued to tease my tortured nose with nibbling kisses and caresses, triggering sneeze after sneeze from the immensely irritated depths of my sinuses with the gentle touch of his moist lips and tongue. As I vainly attempted to open my streaming eyes, I nearly groaned aloud as I felt the silky petals of a scarlet rose brush teasingly across my quivering nostrils, and my entire being seemed to tense up in agonized anticipation as the newest infusion of pollen invaded my defenseless nasal passages. Reflexively snorting as my nose took immediate offense to this newest assault and prepared to expel the itchy invaders, I willingly buried my burning nose in the very heart of the beautiful blossom, willing the pollen to do its work and relieve this lingering torment once and for all.

Through my deepening haze of pre-sneeze agony, I became dimly aware that I was clasped within the iron fortress of his powerful arms and that he was bearing me towards the huge round bed that dominated the center of the plush bedroom. Whimpering in weak gratitude as the welcome coolness of the silken sheets enveloped my sweat-sodden back, I deeply inhaled in a series of short, unsteady gasps as the rising urge to sneeze my vastly irritated nasal passages clear of their load of itchy pollen took precedence once again. A firm grip on my thin wrist startled me out of my sneezy trance and my imminent allergic fit was momentarily forgotten as the freezing touch of rigid steel closed about my pale arm with a sly snap. Furiously blinking my watering eyes clear as I vainly attempted to focus my gaze on his smiling face, I hissed in sudden pain as my other wrist was seized in his firm hand and cruelly trussed to the remaining bed post with an impatient jerk. Writhing in a futile attempt to free myself, I felt my dark eyes widen as they traveled down my prone body to my feet, which were also imprisoned within the cold jaws of those metal restraints. A gentle metallic tinkle caused me to shift my gaze to the right only to encounter the sly smile of my jailer as he stood beside me, twirling the keys to the handcuffs on one slender finger. A sharp bark of scornful laughter made me cringe abjectly as he launched the sole source of my freedom towards the waiting dresser, where they came to rest with a dismal jangle. Wincing slightly in mild discomfort, I could feel the long bridge of my stuffy nose spasm slightly in silent protest as I sniffled quietly and resigned myself to whatever perversions he might have in mind.

The slight motion of the mattress as he reclined lazily beside my prone body immediately triggered my intense need to rid my shuddering body of all its unbearable itches and tickles once and for all. My nose twitched spasmodically as a ferocious itch expanded within its raw depths, spreading into my chest and throat as I prepared to launch into my long delayed allergy attack. I could feel the tremendous sneeze vibrating my sensitive passages as it leisurely made its way towards my quivering nostrils, hugely dilated and ready for action. A rippling wave of pressure passed through my chest as my lungs expanded with a harsh gasp, and I was vaguely aware of the allergic tears which streaked my flushed face in copious streams as my eyes slid closed and my mouth dropped open, my chin trembling as I prepared to expel the rapidly building sneeze. My flushed face was wreathed in an ecstatic expression of anticipation of the immense relief to come, reflected in all its glory in the huge mirror along the wall. One more breath, and all the burning, itchy pressure lurking within my sinuses would be just a bad memory. One more breath and…

Just as I inhaled, a firm rounded object was abruptly jammed beneath my twitching nostrils. I winced as the pungent reek of well -oiled leather penetrated my inflamed sinuses. He had brought the verging sneeze to an abrupt halt with the handle of his lead tipped whip. He hovered over my vigorously protesting body like a stalking cat preparing to deliver the final blow to its terror-struck prey, snaking his long tongue out only to flick it across my quivering nostrils with a tormenting slowness which increased my agony tenfold. Helpless to prevent or alter a single movement, I could only writhe fruitlessly against my restraints, praying fervently for an end to this unbearable torture and whimpering pitifully as the unrelieved torment within my sinuses continued to tease and torment my very being. I could feel the mocking curve of his grin against my cheek as he covered my contorted face with loving kisses, licking the salty trails off of my face as my itchy eyes abruptly produced another violent upwelling of allergic tears. Despite the steady pressure of the whip against my nostrils, I could clearly feel the burning presence of a sneeze too tremendous and violent to be restrained for another moment fighting for immediate release from my body. Abruptly, the gentle pressure was removed and replaced with a gently caressing finger as my obvious agony finally made my tormenter relent and maganimously grant permission for the sneezing to commence.

“Heh… heh… HEH…” I breathed deeply and harshly, leaning into my jailer’s irritating caresses as I willed the sneezes to come. The entire center of my face was a gigantic mass of agonized itching, and I heaved in breath helplessly as the itch spread into my tightening throat, signaling the approach of the first sneeze. “HEH… HEH… HAH… *sniff*… HAH… AH… AHHHH…” I froze at the sheer intensity of the approaching sneeze, never having felt anything quite this severe before within my sinuses. The sneeze was so tremendously huge and had been suppressed for so long that my trembling body was having great difficulty in expelling it. Fortunately, my jailer was not without empathy for my plight, and the sensation of silky soft petals briefly brushed against my trembling nostrils, unlocking the massive sneeze from the vault of my sinuses with shocking swiftness.

“HEH… HEH… HAH… IIISSSSHHHOOOO!” I exploded with unspeakable violence, drenching my companion with a torrent of saliva as I did so. That brief instant of relief was short-lived as I immediately felt another sneeze coming on. “AH... AHH... AHH… oh… UH... HUH…” The intense feeling continued to build as my playmate soothingly massaged my twitching nose, trying to bring the sneeze on gradually rather than swiftly so that I would not injure myself. “HAH… AHH… AHHH… AHHH… AH… AAASSSHOOO! IISSSHHHOOO! UH... HUH... CHOO! *sniff* AH… AHH… AHHH... *sniff* AHH… *snort*… AHHHHH!” The sneeze was coming on with agonizing slowness and seemed to be stuck firmly inside my sensitive nose, refusing to budge an inch. The finger rubbed in gentle circles around my quivering nostrils, its efforts finally triggering the awful sneezy feeling into an actual sneeze.

“AHH… AHHHH… AAASSSHHHOOO! IIISSSHHHOOO! CHOO! CHOO! HIH… HIH… HIIIISSSSOOOO!” A wave of intense relief washed over my shivering body as the last sneeze was finally expelled, and a soft sigh escaped me as I sniffled cautiously, my nose miraculously free of all itches and tickles. My grinning companion, his mask glimmering like an exotic jewel as the dancing flames of the waning candles caught the misty droplets of saliva in their shimmering light, collapsed briefly beside me, sighing in immense satisfaction. Almost immediately he bounded to his feet and glided stealthily out of my line of sight, leaving me to wonder helplessly about his next evil move.

A harsh scratching noise caused my attention to shift to my right, and I nearly groaned aloud as I watched him touch the guttering flame to the thick stick of incense which sat proudly within a earthenware bowl filled with pristine white sand. As the pungent reek arose into the still air on curling tendrils of feathery smoke, it filled my sensitive sinuses with its irritating presence. Jasmine. The one scent guaranteed to set my nasal passages ablaze and fire up my most intense allergic reactions with little or no provocation.

‘Please don’t do this!’ My dark eyes pleaded with him in sheer desperation as the irritating smoke began to drift around my aching head in a tormenting little cloud. ‘Please! I’m begging you not to do this! You don’t know…’ My mental plea was abruptly brought to a screeching halt as a silken blindfold was draped across my watery eyes with shocking swiftness, totally obscuring my sight. Trapped within that suffocating blackness, I could only lie there helplessly and pray that I could endure whatever may come of this unexpected act.

The pungent reek penetrated my vastly inflamed sinuses as it roiled up my quivering nostrils in a thick, stinking mass, propelled by the gently waving hand of my tormenter as he held the smoking stick just beneath my sensitive nose. I could feel it as it traveled up into the depths of my sinuses, burning, itching, driving me nearly insane as the almost insurmountable urge to sneeze my head off began to reassert itself yet again. The horrible smell brought on a massive wave of intense itching in its wake, and I knew that I would be virtually powerless against the powerful allergic reaction that was coming on with shocking swiftness. Although every fiber of my being fought against it, I reflexively inhaled the horrid smoke, willing the next paroxysm of sneezes to leave the tense haven of my trussed body. However, as I gasped in a convulsive breath as the terrible urge gripped me with almost frightening force, I once again found my allergic fit thwarted by the sly pressure of his whip handle.

Still applying steady pressure with the whip handle, he stretched out full-length beside my captive body, teasingly rubbing my tortured nose with his own. Nibbling kisses traveled down the spasming bridge of my helpless nose as he indulged his sadistic desires, leisurely tormenting me with every touch, every movement of his lithe body, every whisper of his husky voice as he continued to withhold the relief I so desperately needed. My protesting sinuses were seared raw by the torturous yellow grains that lodged deep within their hidden depths, making every ragged breath I drew a maddening experience of intense pressure and severe itch. With an almost eerie tenderness, he removed my blindfold and gently wiped my profusely runny nose with its soothing touch. My despairing dark eyes, wet with allergic tears, sought his grinning face with an almost palpable intensity and a helpless misery so deep that he could almost touch it as it hung between us, mute and pleading. Still, he refused to relinquish his fierce grip on the whip, choosing to prolong my agony for his own obvious amusement as he relentlessly caressed and teased me.

Against my faltering will, I convulsively snorted yet another hovering tendril of jasmine-laden smoke straight into my trembling nostrils, causing them to flare to an immense diameter as I helplessly succumbed to the burning pressure of a fast-approaching sneeze. Not even the threat of that deadly looking whip could stifle the incredible urge, an urge which would be denied no longer as the torturous combination of pollen and smoke became too much for my fragile body to bear. There was no question of trying to stifle this rapidly building sneeze; a sneeze of immense proportions which surged towards my waiting nostrils like molten lava within the heart of a volcano, huge and unstoppable. Just as I fervently embraced the ferocious itch and opened my mouth wide to release it, it stuck as it was on the verge of exploding from my waiting body and sat there, huge and immobile, tickling and irritating my nostrils as it refused to budge from its safe haven.

Frozen in silent misery, I winced as a grating chuckle rasped against my sensitive ears. A cresting wave of agony surged through my twitching nose as he once again arose from the bed and glided over to the dresser. A metallic click reached my ears as he inexplicably proceeded to unlock the handcuffs, releasing my chafed wrists and ankles from their imprisonment. But my initial spasm of joy at my sudden freedom was swiftly overshadowed by my terrible need to sneeze, and I began to pant in harsh, ragged breaths, hoping to coax the stuck sneeze into an immediate exit from my wildly flaring nostrils. Even as I attempted this, I knew that it was a futile effort. I desperately wanted, needed the soothing caress of his gentle fingers, for only a good nasal massage would succeed in releasing these stubborn sneezes from my waiting body now. The question was; would he relent and relieve me of my torment? Or would he continue the game a little longer? The irony was that I had no idea which it would be.

Suddenly, his wavering shadow fell over me, and I found myself unceremoniously flung onto my stomach as an iron hand settled upon my flesh in a pitiless grasp. I yelped sharply as the razor nails sliced cruelly into my bare buttock, but I could not quell my barely audible moan of pleasure as a moist tongue glided across the shallow wound, clearing away the thin trickle of blood that had begun to ooze down my pale thigh. Sniffling wetly as my relentless urge surged to the forefront once again, I rolled over onto my back and gazed at his unreadable blue eyes with my teary brown gaze, pleading mutely for relief.

“Naughty pet.” He purred, snaking out a moist tongue to caress my quivering nose. “Those teary eyes, that deliciously twitchy nose, those flaring nostrils, and that strange, shallow breathing tells me you are just full of the sneezies, are you not? Well?”

“Yeh... yeh… yes!” I managed to choke out, my voice strained and distorted with my incredible need to sneeze. My companion stared down at me with an expression of intermingled contempt and pity as I heaved in a deep breath in yet another futile attempt, eagerly inhaling the horrible smoke as I fought grimly to bring on this stubbornly immobile sneeze, which still refused to budge despite my best efforts.

“And yet, despite my will, you are stubbornly refusing to relinquish control of those precious little sneezes, thereby denying me of my pleasure. Why is that, I wonder?” The words issued forth from his smiling lips in a gentle whisper, but his eyes failed to reflect the same sentiments as they seemed to cloud with a cold fury. Baring his ivory teeth in a chilling smile, he allowed his hand to stray to the handle of his leather paddle, gripping it firmly as he continued to regard me with that icy gaze.

“I… I… cuh... cuh… cant!” I whimpered, surrendering to the prickling pressure of miserable tears and sobbing helplessly with my extreme discomfort. “They wont come out! I tried so hard, but they just wont come! Please don’t hurt me!”

“What? You dare to defy my orders? You dare to thwart my darkest desires? Sneeze for me, you bitch! “Now! Or do you need a bit of persuading to get things stirred up?”

With shocking swiftness, he once again imprisoned me to the silken sheets, but this time the restraints were of supple leather lined with a soft material which felt wonderfully soothing to my swollen wrists. My dark eyes abruptly produced a salty waterfall of startled tears as his leather clad hand exploded against my bronze cheek with brute force, leaving a scarlet imprint behind and causing a gentle croon of pleasure to exit his broad chest at my utterly hurt expression. Once more he reclined beside me, a strange little smile wreathing his lips as he stared steadily at my contorted features and brought his moist lips onto the tip of my nose in a teasing kiss.

“Nobody gets something for nothing in this cruel world in which we live, pet. I require pleasure, and pleasure I shall have. Unless you wish me to leave you to your agony all night?” He smirked as I frantically twisted my head from side to side in a vigorous negative to that suggestion. “Well then, shall we begin?”

Slowly, he arose and divested himself of his leather outfit, leaving only the mask as a glaring reminder of his superiority. Leaping atop my prone body, he crouched majestically, his rounded ass hovering just above my flushed face as he teased me with his rapidly expanding organ, slowly sliding his tightly clenched fist up and down its glorious length. Parting my trembling lips, I reached for its tempting length, longing to feel its glorious stiffness within the depths of my oral cavity. My moan of longing quickly dissolved into a tearing gasp as the huge sneeze eased forward slightly, tormenting me but still refusing to come out of my twitchy nose. Smiling, he slid the moist tip of his throbbing organ across my lips, delighting me with the bitter sweet taste of his fluids on my eager tongue.

“Pleasure me, my pet. Pleasure me as only you can,” he purred, sliding his fingers across my quivering nostrils as I seized the iron length of penis between my ruby lips and began to stimulate his desires as best I could without the use of my tightly bound hands. A rising sense of anticipation began to surface within my sinuses as the welcome touch of his fingers began to lightly massage the crinkling length of my battle-weary nose, slowly coaxing the stubborn sneeze forward millimeter by agonizing millimeter as I continued to pleasure him with sensitive skill, trapped by both the powerful sensations within my sinuses and the equally overpowering feelings within my loins.

Nuzzling and suckling feverishly at the rock hard length of flesh that I held captive between my quivering lips, I unexpectedly found myself beginning to enjoy the slowly rising and ebbing urges to sneeze my vastly irritated nose clear of this severe torment which plagued me. I relaxed into the soothing caresses that only served to irritate my inflamed sinuses to new heights of itchy torment, suffering immensely even as I surrendered to the influx of pleasure that surged through my body at the sheer proximity of my beloved. Twirling my moist tongue about the iron head, I smiled knowingly as I began to feel the telltale twitches which signaled approaching orgasm vibrate against my furiously working lips. A little more stimulation and both of us would be rid of our built up tensions in one violent burst. A little more and…

My dark eyes abruptly produced an upwelling of unhappy tears, which began to spill down my puffy face in tiny rivulets as I began to sob bitterly, horrified at my complete loss of control but unable to stop the biting flow of tears as he suddenly withdrew from me, denying me relief from this torment yet again. Tormented in more ways than one, for the abrupt withdrawal and the contemptuous sneer that accompanied the cold gesture of rejection seemed to break my fragile heart into so many meaningless shards. The dismissing wave of his hand and the harsh bark of laughter that escaped his curled lips at the sight of my stricken face crushed the shards into so much worthless dust; tiny particles that would disperse on the winds of his mocking laughter. My fragile shoulders shook with shuddering sobs as he unfastened the leather cuffs and gently pulled me into his arms, allowing my throbbing head to rest against his solid chest as he vainly attempted to soothe my shattered heart. Soothing caresses traveled down the length of my heaving back, lingering momentarily on the sweet curve of my buttocks as he slowly leaned forward, allowing my head to drop unceremoniously onto the downy softness of the pillow as it slid from his chest. A banshee-like shriek exploded from my straining lungs as his gloved hand launched an abrupt assault on my exposed backside, leaving a welter of scarlet wheals across their pale expanse. Numb from this unexpected shock, I was only vaguely aware that I was now crouching on my hands and knees on the silken sheets, my vulnerable backside facing his intense scrutiny as he withdrew his lethal looking whip from where it lay hidden at the foot of the bed. Numb, miserable, and beyond despair at my itchy plight, I was frozen into place like a marble statue, a perfect target for his latest game.

A hissing scream exploded from my leaden lungs as the leaden tips made contact with my thinly muscled buttocks, leaving a garish array of purplish bruises in their wake. As if in a silent apology, I felt the gentle touch of his fingers upon the crinkled bridge of my sweat-soaked nose, and I moaned in agonized anticipation as the terrible itch flexed and spread, easing my long suppressed sneezes closer to the release point. Like a tireless machine, he continually brought the metal tipped thongs across my blood-streaked back and buttocks, increasing my agony tenfold as I moaned and whimpered pitifully. Mechanically, his fingers continued to massage my long suffering nose even as he aimed one last parting shot at my torn ass, smiling in satisfaction as I collapsed, little whimpers shaking my form as I lay there, too dazed to move. Without pausing in his rubbing, he once again stretched out beside me, bringing my head against his bare stomach as he massaged my nose with one hand and allowed the other hand to stray to the root of his penis, jerking it through his tightly clenched fist as my slowly contorting features gave warning of the allergic fit to come.

A massive wave of rippling pressure constricted my broad chest as the lingering incense smoke coupled with the gentle rubbing finally decided to grant the long awaited release of my dreadfully built up sneezes from the swollen depths of my sinus cavities. The horrible expanding itch crept steadily into my throat and chest as the burning pressure increased rapidly, making me gasp unsteadily in response. I could feel the entire length of my nose twitch and spasm violently as the previously stuck sneeze began to make its irrepressible presence felt, and my nostrils flared into enormous circles against his caressing fingers as he rubbed the underside of my trembling nose, bringing the tremendous sneeze on with startling swiftness.  My mouth dropped open in an enormous yawn as the tremendous urge began to submerge all rational thought within its wake, and my streaming eyes slid closed in blissful anticipation as the sneezes finally took control of my unresisting body at long last.

“HEH… HEH… HEH…” I gasped steadily, gigantic, ragged breaths that seemed to come from the very pit of my straining stomach. Never had I felt a sneeze quite like this one, and the intensity of it frightened me so I had to struggle mightily not to fight it as it fought for release from my body. Only the sure knowledge that there were plenty more behind it stopped me from attempting to suppress it. Not that I stood a chance of doing so, what with his stimulating caresses and my own fatigue weakened state. Never had an allergic attack been held back for this length of time within my body, and I was vastly relieved to feel it beginning to drift towards my waiting nostrils, dilated and ready. Soon, this torment would be over. Very soon.

“HEH… HEH… HEHHH… oooh… HAAAH… AHHHH… AHHH… *sniff*… AHHH…” The ferocious sneeze continued to tease me, leaving me itchy and irritated almost beyond endurance. Fortunately, my beloved never paused in his massage, and I felt the sneeze surge forward in response to his touch. My face relaxed into an expression of blissful relief as I tilted my head back slightly, aiming my quivering nostrils at his genitals as he furiously masturbated himself, attempting to achieve orgasm in sync with my threatening sneezes.

“AHHH… AHHH… AHHH… oh my… I th- think… it’s finally cumbing… *sniff*… HAAAHHH…” Nothing for one agonizing second and then… "HAAAHHHHIIIIIISSSSSHHHHOOOO!”

The sheer violence of that initial sneeze caused my body to jerk forward, expelling a thick spray of saliva onto his eager stomach and genitals as it exploded out of me with unspeakable force. My vastly irritated nose was abruptly seized with a series of uncontrollable spasms as the next sneeze began to gather momentum, making my dilated nostrils twitch like those of a hyperactive rabbit. As my harsh gasps began to increase in frantic anticipation, causing my thin chest to heave uncontrollably against my lover’s heavily muscled arm, I caught a tear-blurred glimpse of his ecstatic expression as he continued to stroke his iron length of penis within his tightly clenched fingers, the mere sight and sound of my itchy agony raising him to a new plateau of frenzied orgasmic pleasure. Raising my tear-sodden face from the comforting cradle of his chest, I allowed him an unobstructed view of my sneeze-stricken features as I attempted to urge his imminent release along with my own allergic agony. I wanted him to remember this session forever.

“Hih… Hih… HAH…” Trembling with the sheer intensity of the burning itch, I raised myself up to my knees, sliding a slender leg over his sweat-sodden body and straddling his heaving torso as I teased him with my threatening sneeze. Lightly placing my fingers around his busily working hand, I joined him in lovingly caressing his swollen organ, shivering with delight as I felt his free hand tenderly caress the delicate curve of my buttocks. My initial pleasure was quickly overshadowed by my intense need to sneeze, and I surrendered utterly to the burning sensations that possessed my unresisting sinuses even as I heard my lover moan with the approach of his fiery orgasm.

“HAH… HAH… AHHHH… AAASSSHHHOOO!” As I expelled a massive cloud of saliva onto his genitals, I sensed rather than saw the fiery jet of sperm arc from his already deflating penis as he orgasmed in a violent burst, as if in unconscious mimicry of my own explosion. As the pearly droplets pattered like a gentle shower of raindrops to the silken sheets, I released his softening organ from my sweat-slick hand, feeling an almost inaudible moan ease itself from my lightly heaving chest as the irresistible urge claimed my burning nose with an almost frightening force. My lover gently disengaged himself from under my quivering body and swiftly repositioned himself, crouching before me on his hands and knees as he elevated his tempting ass into the air, wagging it from side to side in a silent invitation.

Grimly struggling against the irresistible urge that threatened to possess my entire being with its raw force, I guided the iron length of my rock hard organ into the tempting cavern that lay between his luscious buttocks, feeling rather than hearing his quavering moan of ecstasy as I rested my sweat-slick palms upon his thinly muscled back. A hissing scream exploded from his laboring lungs as I abruptly withdrew before savagely slamming back into him, digging my sharp nails into his vulnerable back as I violently fought off the fiery itch within my irritated sinuses, unwilling to enhance his pleasure until I had enjoyed my own. Rhythmically, teasingly, I pumped my slender hips in an irregular pattern, keeping him hanging on the very edge of orgasm without granting him the mercy of release, neither his nor my own. But the agonizing sensation that seized the back of my sinuses with an almost frightening force would not be denied, and I could sense my lover’s ecstatic joy as I felt my lungs expand with an involuntary gasp, seeking to release this initial sneeze from my straining body. Still I resisted, and I unexpectedly found myself enjoying the rising urge to sneeze my head off as I continued to pleasure myself, grimly attempting to release both the sweet wine of my love and the last of the lingering pollen and smoke in one unforgettable burst.

The panting moans of my tiring lover and the rhythmic contractions of the cavern that held my organ in its constricting embrace signaled the approach of his orgasm. I permitted myself a small smile as I felt the intense heat begin to rise within my own groin, sending its fiery tendrils into the twitching length of my organ, and I thrust forward violently as I felt myself begin to lose the ongoing battle with my allergies. Gripping my lover’s buttocks with muscle-bruising tightness, I automatically continued to thrust my hips against him even as I surrendered utterly to the urges that gripped both my nose and my loins. Smiling in agonized anticipation, I reared my head back and closed my eyes as I awaited the long-delayed approach of the first sneeze.

“AH…AHH…AHH…” The intense heat within my groin abruptly surged into my waiting organ, causing it to spasm with the subtle twitches of imminent orgasm. A bubbling moan was the only warning I received before my beautiful love released his pent up passions in a pearly arc of creamy semen and collapsed gracefully to the sweat-sodden sheets on his elbows, his flushed face wreathed in an angelic smile, his ass still raised high into the air as I continued my orgasmic assault. Convulsive pants seized my chest as my uncontrollable urge to sneeze reasserted itself just as my own organ discharged its creamy payload into his willing orifice, and I aimed my twitching nostrils at his back as I gracefully draped myself across his ass, my softening organ still buried to the hilt inside his shuddering body.

“AHH… AHH… oh… HAH…” As the feeling continued to build, I prayed silently to the muscles responsible for this reflex to force that burning itch and torturous tickle from my protesting body once and for all in one huge explosion. I snorted convulsively as the terrible itch expanded, rubbing my suffering nose with a dainty finger. “HEH… HEH… HEHHHH… HAHHHSSSOOO!” The misty saliva mixed with the blood from my earlier ravages and ran down his back in thin crimson streams. The brief moment of intense relief was rapidly submerged as I felt an even larger sneeze coming on, and I embraced its coming with tears of joy running down my face. Easing myself out of his quivering body, I collapsed onto my knees and allowed my utterly exhausted frame to sink gratefully into his waiting arms as he gracefully reclined upon the silken sheets, his sweat-streaked features wreathed in a positively enchanting smile as I rapidly approached what I fervently hoped would be the climax of this allergic fit. I was utterly exhausted yet deliriously happy as my beloved cuddled me and awaited the inevitable outcome of the lingering pollen within my sinuses.

“HAH… HAH… HUH… AHH…” The feeling intensified, wavered for an agonizing instant, and then…”HAH… ASSSHHHOOO!” A tremendous wave of relief followed within the wake of this sneeze, and I smiled as wide as my narrow face would allow as I inhaled deeply through my nose and found it completely free of all residual irritation. The delicious softness of lotion-impregnated tissues gently enfolded my sore nose, and I willingly obeyed the stern command to blow, sighing in relief as I freed my sinuses from the clear liquid brought on by my allergic attacks. Propping my aching head up on my dainty hand as I rose up on one elbow, I eyed my beautiful lover as he slid off of the bed to discard the used tissues, his every movement reflected enticingly within the mirrored wall as he turned to face me. A ferocious grin curled his tempting lips as he suddenly lunged towards the bed, pouncing upon my prone body and snarling playfully as he enfolded me within an unbreakable embrace.

With shocking swiftness, he pulled off the mask, revealing the bright blue eyes and happy smile of my beloved mate.

“Still think I’m an unimaginative sex partner?” he growled with mock fierceness, baring his ivory teeth within the muted glow of the guttering candles.

“Certainly not!” I laughed, gathering him into an unbreakable embrace and locking my lips about his. “But next time, don’t hit so hard!”