On All Fours


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I approached the bed, careful not to make a sound lest I wake my sleeping captive. The warriors, they had battled. Every Welshman had been slain, or so they thought. It took four of my men to carry this one inside. He had fallen in the snow- a blow to the temple- and had gained a fever from exposure to the cold. How long he’d been exposed to the elements, I could not guess. I did not care; I would nurse him and keep him safe. His weakened state overwhelmed me with arousal.

The oaken bed enormous, the frame suspended on its four massive bedposts high above the floor. Why, even in the thigh-high boots that I now wore, I had to use the steps to climb onto its top. My possession, my slave, he lay on his back, arms wide open, bound at the wrists, one tied to each head post. Still warm from his fever, I had laid only a light blanket over him that I pulled back. Ravenous eyes traveled over his superbly muscled form to the waist of his braes. He shivered slightly when the air met his skin.

Why I allowed his britches to remain on, I did not really know… perhaps to shame him in some manner later on? His legs were spread wide apart, bound at each ankle and tied tightly to the foot posts. I had left him only enough slack for his knees to bend slightly. As long as he did not struggle much, he would encounter little pain from being thus prone. Growing restless, I cleared my throat and positioned myself at the foot of the bed, nearest the right bedpost, arms folded across my chest, resting just under the open lacings to my bodysuit.

His eyes opened slowly as he attempted to shake off the haze which I was certain filled his head, “What, where?” he started to stammer.

“Silence”, I ordered gaining his full attention. Eyes widening in surprise, he struggled to sit up. Quickly he found he could not and the gravity of his predicament set in. I allowed him to struggle against the ropes, his new foes, a bit more before speaking again, “Tsk tsk, and all that energy being wasted. No more, my pet. There is no use in it. Your only hope is to pleasure me and gain my favor.”

“What? What the Samhain is going on? You – who? Hit aaaaschoooo”

The force of his sneeze weakened him considerably and I smiled and offered, “Bless you.”

He nearly growled at me and I could tell this one was made impatient by his sickness. I had to purse my lips together to avoid bursting out in laughter- it's always so much more fun to tame a spirited man than one who is weak-willed! Oh, I was going to enjoy this so very, very much.

While he fumed, I had moved to his side and with the next open-mouthed defiance, I shoved a handkerchief in. “There, now I can issue my instructions without being interrupted again, naughty boy”, I cooed.

Climbing on to the bed, I knelt below his left arm and looked deeply into his eyes smoldering both with anger and passion. I kissed his cheek gently, then down to his neck. I nibbled, kissing and biting, pure pleasure and a little pain. Never ceasing my action at his neck, I reached across and pinched his nipples with both hands until he writhed, moaning for me to stop. I trailed my bare hands across the tight six-pack of his abdomen and watched, as the bulge grew large in his britches. I slid off the bed and wheeled a tall teacart to the head of the bed so that he was able to view the devices thereon. It certainly was not teatime. Taking the scissors, I glanced up at his face and then held my hand over his bulging cock. He muffled a sneeze and spray flew out his nose, which I dabbed with a hanky. This seemed to both infuriate and arouse him.

Making sure I had his rapt attention, I placed the scissors next to him on the bed and reached for a blind fold, a long handled leather wrapped wand with long rubber tassels hanging off its end, a slim wooden shaft, shaped like a penis and as smooth as glass - all of which I passed before his face then lay next to the scissors upon the bed. The candles I lit round the room were many and as I took up the longest taper, I looked at him gravely. I lit it with menace and placed it upon the teacart, which I then rolled to the foot of the bed.

“You are at the mercy of your Mistress. You will learn how to pleasure me. You will be punished and rewarded in turn based upon your performance and behavior. You may be punished if it pleasures me. And you may be pleasured, but only if it pleases me to do so. This is not about you. This is about me.”

That said, I grabbed some oil, nipple clamps, little lead fishing weights attached to small clamps and a cock ring and climbed next to him, kneeling just under his left arm again. I turned and bent over his magnificent body to reach for the scissors, allowing my breasts to rub across his chest, my nipples hardening beneath their black lace prison as he stifled another sneeze.

“Mmmm see that feels so nice, I think I’ll lay atop you first. I want you to feel my weight and know that one so small now commands you.” In doing so, his cock hardened beneath me and I abruptly rolled to his side, “You liked that too well, sweet slave and since it is always more for me than for you, we can’t have that.”

I picked up the nipple clamps and pinched one down on each side of him, giving the chain connecting them a little tug. He winced slightly and I noted that his cock wasn’t quite as hard.

“That’s better. Now, off with those trousers.”

Deftly, I snatched up the scissors and cut the trousers, each leg straight down from the top to the bottom, being certain that the cold steel of the lower blade pressed against his flesh as I cut. I peeled back the remaining fabric, “Be a good dear and lift that ass so I may have you naked upon my bed.” He did so and I marveled at the way his muscles rippled under his skin. His huge cock bulged against the fabric of his briefs and suddenly I wished for it to be exposed to me. Moving between his legs, I gazed up at him commanding, “I want you to watch me free your cock and know that I control what happens to it, and that you do not.”

I took up the scissors again, this time from the bottom of each leg of his briefs to the top of the waistband I cut with a slow, deliberate precision.


He hesitated, searching my face for some emotion that was not present. Without speaking, I raised my eyebrows and immediately he lifted his ass high in the air, allowing me to pull what remained of his briefs from underneath him. He would be punished for it, albeit it was small, that little bit of defiance. I picked up the lit taper from it’s place on the teacart and held it up.

“You must obey me immediately”, I explained as he sneezed again. It was maddening to me. I wanted to feel him inside me to have him sneeze again and again as his thrust his cock deeply into me. “You realize that for that hesitation you will now be punished.” Tilting the taper at just the right angle, I sent four drips of hot wax onto his abdomen. He closed his eyes refusing to watch. “No, you must watch.” I said as I rubbed his thigh with the back of my hand gently. His cock immediately responded to my touch. “Watch now.”

I tilted the taper again and this time held it over his right thigh - three more drips. He seemed mesmerized by it, but neither moved nor moaned. His cock was growing harder now. This was unexpected and he sneezed again and I barely suppressed a moan.

Blowing out the candle and swiping up the whipping wand, I unemotionally flogged his hard cock shaft until it softened sufficiently. I sat atop his flaccid member all in lace except for the opening where my pussy was exposed and rubbed my pussy back and forth.

“Don’t get hard, slave, I want my juices on your cock - can you feel your Mistress’s pussy? You will address me only as Mistress,” I asked, and then commanded as I reached up to take the gag from his mouth.

“Yes, Mistress” he breathed. “Aaaataschhooooo” he sneezed and my pussy spilled onto him.

“Mmmmm that is so very nice, the way you said Mistress” His cock grew hard at my compliment and I was excited as well. “I see that you cannot resist having a hard cock shaft, can you? Well, let’s put that to good use then, shall we?”

I leaned over and sucked his cock deeply between my lips allowing my tongue to encircle it a few times and then quickly pulled my mouth off and thrust my pussy down upon it instead riding up and down only once. Kneeling next to him, I reached for the blindfold.

“Your cock is too hard, you will come and spoil my fun, so now you will be blindfolded.”

Thus said, I quickly blindfolded my love slave, making certain that it was not tight enough to entirely block his view. (Because after all, I did receive almost as much pleasure from his enjoyment of the sights and sounds as I did from my own!)

My fingers closed next around a smooth, wood-hard shaft and ordered his mouth open. 

“You will have this in your mouth and will now fuck me with it.”

Straddling his face, I allowed his head to force the vibrator between my dripping cunt lips while he got used to maneuvering it in and out of my greedy sex.

Suddenly he squeezed his eyes shut and sneezed, at first muffled, and then so forcefully that the dildo was spat out and he thrust his tongue deep into my cunt. It was all I could do not to climax as he deftly licked and sucked at my hard little clit.

“No, NO…” I breathed, and then rolled over so that we were in the infamy of a 69. “Now, eat me, slave, eat that pussy,” I commanded.

I took his cock deep into my throat and began moving my head to the rhythm of his pelvis, up and down. I moved my hand in the same manner and then reached down to his balls, taking my pussy out of his mouth, I could still feel his hot breath there as he began to gasp shakily.Knowing only too well what was about to happen – hadn’t I been waiting for this from the beginning? - I sucked his balls and stroked his cock. Barely containing myself, I then shifted back so that my cunt was again within range of his tongue, until a fit of sneezing erupted from him yet again and he sneezed over and over, uncontrollably and powerfully, straight into my sex.

His straining, jerky movements, the power and heat of the repeated blasts, the raw release of energy caused by his fit of sneezes drove me over the top in an ecstasy that was beyond multiple orgasms and went on and on and on. My hips were bucking and a low, primal moan escaped my throat as my lips tightened involuntarily against my captive’s trembling, straining erection.

I was so caught up in my pleasure that I barely noticed when his juices filled my mouth and I swallowed their sweet saltiness down. I couldn’t fault his timing – perhaps linked to his warrior training, for warriors are meticulous when it comes to all sorts of aiming and firing.

Exhausted, his head fell back as the sneezes tapered off. Sated, I decided to let him rest, albeit not without his shackles. I had some business to attend to with my men – they are slaves themselves, after a fashion, albeit of a different sort. Promptly getting dressed, I turned to look again at my newest conquest. I saw he had already drifted off into a fitful, sleepy oblivion. Sleep had smoothed out his features as he lay, blissfully unawares of the fun I intended to have with him later on, the session which I was already planning out for us in my head.

What a good slave…