Train Ride To Heaven


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Wilson entered the jam-packed subway car at Lexington Avenue. He managed to push and squeeze his way to the back of the car near an empty conductor's booth. As luck would have it, the door opened inwards with the pressure of the mass of humanity against it. Wilson took advantage of the opportunity and went inside, figuring he'd have a space all to himself in which to ride to work. He had a very important meeting that morning and didn't want to wrinkle his suit unless he had to.

As soon as Wilson went inside the tiny booth, he discovered that someone else had had the same idea. In there already was a young, gorgeous blond hunk named Scott.

"Hello," said Scott. "I see we both had the same idea. If you don't mind the bit of a crowd in here, it's a far better cry than the huge crowd out there."

"I don't mind a bit of a crowd," said Wilson. "Just try not to move too much and wrinkle my suit. I have a big meeting this morning and I have to look good. Okay?"

"Fine by me," answered Scott. "We're in here so tight together that we'd better not move at all. Not that there's any room to move Ha ha…"

Wilson was beginning to regret coming into this little booth. Not only was it too small for two men, but Wilson was highly attracted to this handsome hunk. Naturally, as fate would have it, they were standing face-to-face and practically cock-to-cock. Wilson was gay, but he didn't believe in being so intimate with someone he knew not at all.

The train was slowly pulling into the 51st. Street station. Wilson noticed that Scott was sniffing a bit and wiggling his nose. Then, he heard Scott whisper, "Oh no! Not here!" and sniff deeply again.

"This damned fool had better not sneeze on me!" thought Wilson indignantly. "If I get one drop of spray on my suit I'll murder him!"

Scott began to sniff frantically and wiggle his nose for all he was worth. They were in too tightly together for him to move his hand and cover his mouth. "HUH… HUUHH…" Scott began as the tickle in his gorgeous turned up nose began to grow in intensity.

"You'd better quash any thoughts you have about sneezing, MISTER!" ordered Wilson.

Then, he suddenly felt that Scott was getting an erection. It was getting bigger in proportion to the tickle in his nose.

"What's going on here?" demanded Wilson.

"S--SS--Sorry! SNIFFFFF It's just Th--Tha--Tha-- that I SNIFFFFF get turned on by sneezing. HUHHHH HUUUUUU HUUUUUUHHHHH TSHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

"EWWWW! All over me! You stupid..."


This time, Wilson couldn't help but feel Scott's throbbing erection rubbing plainly against his own cock. This effect was exciting him too. "What gives? Your own sneezes get you off?" asked Wilson.

"I love to sneeze," answered Scott. "The feel of a sneeze tickling away in my nose gets me off so much! I can't control myself! Here comes another I think... SNIFFFFFFFF Yep! Haa… Here it comes!!! HUH HUHHHHHH HUUUUHHHHHHHH TSHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

Scott sneezed massively, and wetly sprayed Wilson with copious amounts of mist. Scott had reached a state of near nirvana. He couldn't contain himself. He began to grind his huge erection against Wilson's own growing one.

"Oh! Tickle me baby!" Scott was saying to his ever reddening nose. "Oh! Feels-s-s---so good!!! SNIFFFFFFFFFF SHOOOOOOOOOOOO"

With that last sneeze, Scott climaxed. The warm wetness began to seep through his tight jeans and against Wilson's immaculately tailored suit. Wilson by this time no longer cared about his suit. In fact, he had forgotten completely about his meeting. All he was concerned with was this gorgeous blond hunk rubbing up against him and sneezing. He was getting ready to come himself; he had to keep Scott sneezing somehow.

This was incredible! He had never been so turned on before. He had to keep Scott's erection hard! He managed to free his right hand. With it he reached into his jacket pocket and withdrew his handkerchief. He somehow twisted the end into a point.

"SNIFFFFF," sighed Scott. "I think that's over with "

"You've got another think coming then! " roared Wilson, who then stuck the point of the hanky into Scott's perfect nose and began twisting it around.

"What the!" said Scott "What are y-yo-you do----doing? HUUH HUUUHHH OH GOD! Feels so good! HUUUUU TSHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"

With that sneeze Scott immediately became hard again.

"This time, I'm going to have some fun too!" said Wilson. He continued twisting the tip of the hanky in Scott's nose. He began grinding his own cock against Scott's throbbing member.

"Oh God! SNIFFFFFFFFFF I'm so hard! SNIFFFFFFFF --- Gonna come!"

"Not so fast gorgeous!" said Wilson as he removed the handkerchief from Scott's nose and put his finger underneath it.

"Oh yeah!" shouted Scott. "Help me hold it in!"

With that he began grinding wildly against Wilson. The effect of Wilson's holding Scott's sneeze in for him and his love for the sneezing sensation itself was too much for Scott. He grinded and bumped wildly as his nose reached the pinnacle of the sneeze. He was beyond the point of no return, both for his sneeze and his orgasm.


Wilson himself gave in to his throbbing erection by then and came all over Scott's thrusting pelvis.

"Phew!" cried Wilson "That was amazing! I've never had an orgasm like that before in my life!"

"I'm afraid your suit is all a mess now," said Scott weakly. He was totally spent from his sneezing and his own massive orgasms.

"FUCK THE SUIT!" roared Wilson. "My name is Wilson, and I think I love you!"