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Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Eleanor Varley, and I'm 22 years old. Just over 3 years ago, I had the good fortune to meet the most wonderful guy in the world. Here's my story:

It all started in the fall of '98. The night was drawing in, and it was cold, wet, dark and thoroughly miserable. My car was in for repairs, so there I was, bored and lonely. Nothing to do, nowhere to go, not even anything worth watching on TV. I had avoided the Internet up until then, but suddenly its appeal grew stronger. The following day, I bought a modem and picked up a free trial disc. 

There was no looking back: within minutes, I was hooked.

I noticed an option to search through other members' profiles, looking for people who had similar interests or occupations, so I gave it a try. I started by looking for people in my hometown, then who shared my hobbies, then my job. Oh god, that was dull! What could I try next? My fetish? Nah, no way! It was too weird; surely no one else would share this 'interest'… or would they? 

Suddenly it hit me: I had the whole world at my fingertips. Maybe, just maybe, someone out there might have the same fetish as me. It was a long shot, or so I thought, but what the hell? Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Besides, it wasn't like all and sundry would know who I was.

Tentatively, I typed two words into the search box. Those words were 'sneeze' and 'fetish'. To my surprise, my search returned 16 results. One, a single male, was online. I sent a message.

He introduced himself as Rob, a 24-year-old surveyor from Manhattan. Like me, he had noticed in early childhood that sneezing affected him in a positive manner. Not only did he enjoy seeing and hearing women sneeze, but he loved to sneeze too, and told me he would often induce as an aid to masturbation. I wasn't expecting such unreservedness, though I certainly didn't mind. Somehow, he managed to put me at ease and within a few short days after that initial contact, I found myself being just as open with him as he was with me.

We exchanged all kinds of information, asked each other lots of personal questions, all answered as honestly as we could. I guess you could say it was a mutual fascination. When we swapped photos, I could scarcely believe my eyes. He was (and still is) absolutely gorgeous! Black hair that lay against his head in soft waves, just begging for my fingers to run through them, dark brown eyes like pools of molten tar that could have swallowed me up in a heartbeat, flawless tanned complexion, and a smile that exhibited perfect teeth and was warm enough to melt the polar ice-caps. In a word, perfect.

Gradually, the fascination turned to infatuation. Pretty soon, I could feel myself beginning to fall for his charms, yet I still hadn't had the pleasure of seeing or hearing him sneeze. That was soon to change. We exchanged phone numbers, and despite a 5-hour time difference, we found plenty of opportunities to call each other for our mutual pleasure. We each knew what the other wanted; before each call, we would be sure to have a supply of tissues to hand, along with pepper, q-tips and anything else that might aid our sneezes. I swear, for as long as I live, I will never forget one single sneeze. His are the most exceptional and the most unique sneezes I've ever heard in my entire life! He succumbs so completely to their power. As I listened eagerly to his silky voice as the tickle took hold, I could imagine his perfect nose beginning to twitch and wrinkle. He would sniff as his breathing got faster and shallower, then... nothing. A false start... 

It would soon transpire that his nose would tease me on a regular basis, sometimes so much that he would get angry and start muttering and yelling at himself, as if by shouting at it, his nose would somehow obey him and release the building sneeze without further delay. I found it very endearing, and particularly sexy should the sneeze explode from his nostrils before he was done yelling, so as to stop him mid sentence and render him unable to do anything except wait.

We continued our Internet and phone based 'romance' for a while longer, and then mutual longing caused us to arrange a meeting. It was never going to be easy, since we had an ocean between us, but somehow we agreed a time and place that would suit us both. We decided on Vegas. Neither of us had been there, and the appeal of the casinos and the desert heat - and dust - made it seem like the perfect location. I would fly in from England, him from New York, and once there we would spend 3 weeks together…. bliss!

On arrival in Vegas, I immediately got a cab to the hotel. Throughout the journey, I had been imagining our time together and now I didn't want to waste another second. As soon as I reached my destination, right after checking in and taking my luggage to my room, I made a beeline for the bar. Rob was due to arrive almost an hour before me, and would be waiting for me in there. 

Nervously, I entered and ordered a drink whilst trying simultaneously to scan the room for my date. It didn't take long to find him; he was sitting in a well-lit corner with a supercilious grin on his face, and a huge bunch of stargazer lilies on a chair beside him.

He stood up and beckoned me over to his table, pulling out a chair for me to sit. Whoa! A gentleman as well? Surely not! Still, I wasn't about to complain. Eagerly, he thrust the lilies into my arms. 

"These are for you." He told me, "I hope you like lilies" A mischievous grin spread across his face, and then he added, "I chose them specially… see, I'm allergic to them," his eyes sparkled like the early morning dew, "and you know what that means!" Hell yes, I knew exactly what that meant!

He sniffed at the flowers, as if to prove to me the effect they had on him, and as the tip of his nose got closer to the pollen covered stamen, I noticed his eyes beginning to redden. He was trying to blink back the welling tears when his nose began to itch. He rubbed at it and sniffed as his breathing became more shallow, then "uhhh uhhhHHH waaahh CHIIII! HuurrrESSSSHHHOOOO!" Wow! He sneezed so loudly that everyone in the bar turned round and gawped at him. He didn't seem to be the slightest bit embarrassed by it. "hiichuUU, essscchh, fuck it, my eyes… ahhh ahhHHH EEEESSHH!" he continued.

By now I could feel an ever-increasing warm dampness at my groin. I couldn't resist it any longer; the urge was too strong. 

"Come on, let's get out of here." 

I grabbed his arm and almost pulled him from his seat, he followed without protest as I lead him to my room. 

"Time to christen this bed!" I told him, "You up for it?" 

He declined to reply verbally but instead pushed me onto the bed and ripped my shirt off. 

"Oi! My clothes!" I protested. 

"I'll b… b… uhhh… oh god… uhhh… heeesshhEEEE buy you another" he sniffed while fumbling to undo my bra. The mist from his sneeze had landed on my chest and stomach making me hornier than ever. 

"Forget it" I told him "just fuck me!" 

We kissed hungrily as we continued to undress.

"Wait…" I pushed him away "hang on, I won't be long." 

As I walked across to my as yet unpacked luggage, he followed me. "What's up? Did I do something wrong?" 

"No babe, I just need to get something from my bags….ahh, here it is" I jubilantly produced a small canister of finely ground red pepper and ran back to the bed with it "I just wanna return the favour." I winked at him suggestively. "And this is one of the few things that makes me sneeze". 

With that, I took the lid off and tipped some of the powder into the palm of my hand, then blew it into the air. 

"I like the sound of that" he smiled.

It didn't take long for the pepper to take effect on me, and within a few short seconds I could feel the hot tingly sensation of the impending sneeze. As the urge to sneeze became stronger my nose began to twitch. I closed my eyes and tried to concentrate on it. Rob was having none of it; each time my nose came close to the explosion, he would tease me and make me laugh, so that the sneeze would resume it's more dormant stage and sit there tickling away. I rubbed furiously at my nose. He didn't know, and I suspect if he had, he would've made me wait longer, but when my sneezes are suppressed, it invariably causes a small fit; this occasion was no different. 

He pushed himself against me whilst my chest heaved as the pepper irritated me more and more with every breath. He tried to kiss me, but I had to pull away. 

"No Rob, I have to…oh man, it's burning me now…I gotta…gotta… sn… sn… sneeeEECHOOO! Sneeze!" 

Almost instantaneously, I felt his erection pressing hard against my skin and he kissed me with a passion I had never before experienced; however, my fit had begun and I had to free myself in order to breathe. 

"Haaeshhhoooo… chooo….hekkCHIII!" 

My ample breasts were rising and falling with each breath I took and he buried his face in them as my sneezathon continued. 

"Huhhh huuhh haaAAAACHuu…echIII…hesssh!"

By now, the sneezes were coming so fast they almost ran into one, and he was dribbling his pre-cum onto my inner thigh.

Suddenly, he lifted his head and looked at me with glazed eyes. Some of the pepper had caught him too. 

"Rob, f… fuck…huuuESHHoo! fuck me…NOW!" I demanded. 

Without further delay, he slipped his throbbing cock inside me, though the sneezing (mine AND his own… remember, he induced to masturbate…) had caused him to lose control and it wasn't long before he shot his load.

"I'm so sorry, Ellie," he panted, "I wanted our first time to be better than that… I feel sort of embarrassed." 

I shot him a sultry look. "Don't worry, sugar, we'll do better next time…"