Hypnotic Fits


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"Oohhhh, I don't want to go," Jamie sighed. "It just seems so cheesy! I'm not into that whole hypnotism stuff anyway. I don't believe it even works"

"Come on, it'll be fun," Sam replied. "We've got to come and support my old high school pal. I've never seen Jim do his act yet, and now that we live here in the same city I really owe it to see him. Besides, he's doing really well. This show is getting the best reviews!" 

Sam was always persuading her to do outrageous things. This wasn't much different, Jamie thought. 

"All right, if you say so. But if it's really boring and stupid, you owe me a lobster dinner."

"I guess that's fair," he replied. 


Sam and Jamie arrived at the small theatre ten minutes early. They were dressed casual-chic, both in black slacks. Sam had on a cornflower-blue, snug button-up cotton shirt that Jamie always admired because it showed off his sexy blue eyes... not to mention his well-toned arms. Jamie wore a tight nylon blouse with sequins that showed off her midriff. She had a great body and shiny long blond hair. 

Both of them had moved to Miami only two months earlier. No one could have guessed they were originally from North Dakota. Their amazing tanned skin and young, hip looks made them blend right into the South Beach atmosphere. 

"Do you think we have time to say hi to Jim before he starts?" Sam asked.

"Yeah, but just for a minute. I think we have to get to our seats soon," Jamie replied.

They walked to the side of the stage and managed to get past the security guards unnoticed. They kept going until they reached a door that said 'Jim Badoza', on which Sam knocked loudly three times. 

"Sammy! I'm so glad you finally made it! Good to see you!" Jim greeted them. He was tall-almost 6'4", and had a long cape to cover the length of him. 

"Hey, Jimbo! It's been a long time, old buddy!" Sam slapped his hand and gave him a half hug. "You remember Jamie, right?"

"Yeah! Hey, what's up Jamie? This jerk been treating you alright?" Jim laughed.

"Yes, he's a regular hero, what can I say? It's nice to see you again," Jamie replied. "I hear this show's really something to see, eh?"

"Well, some seem to like it. You'll have to judge for yourself... if I even let you..." he trailed off mischievously. 

"Don't you dare perform that hypnosis stuff on us, Jim!" Sam exclaimed. "Remember, we're your friends!"

"All the more reason to humiliate you!" Jim said. "Don't worry, dude; it won't hurt." Sam and Jamie looked horrified, so with a twinkle in his eyes, he added: "But if it really bothers you, I'll try to find someone else in the audience." 

"Please!" Jamie nodded.

Jim gave her a smile. "Hey, I hate to cut this short, but I gotta finish getting ready. Enjoy the show, okay?"

"Alright, man," Sam said. "Good luck!" 


"I hope he was serious about not bringing us up on stage," Jamie said as she sat down in the front row's center seat. "I mean, these are great seats he got us, but Jim doesn't have to pick on the people sitting up in front all the time, right?"

"I don't know, babe," said Sam. "I hope not."

A few minutes later, the lights dimmed, and mystical music started to play. The curtains slowly opened and the crowd went wild with applause. Jim danced out onto the stage with his cape whipping behind him. 

"Welcome everyone, welcome!" he announced as soon as the applause started to die down. "Are you ready to see an amazing show tonight?" That got the crowd riled up once again, with whistling and all. "Now remember, the rule is that if you are here in my audience, there is a good chance that you may end up being part of the show tonight."

"Great," Jamie whispered over to Sam. "He really is going to pick on us tonight, isn't he?!"

"Who wants to volunteer to get things started?" Jim asked. 

Although quite a number of people raised their hands, Jim pointed directly at Sam and Jamie. 

"You two look like you will make for a great show!" he exclaimed. "Come on up and have a seat onstage." 

Jamie and Sam felt a little silly and embarrassed, but they looked into the audience and tried to act cool, like they were happy to be there. After all, they didn't want to ruin the show for Jim. That was the last thing they remembered thinking - Jim had already gotten started with his hypnosis before he could even introduce them.

"Listen to my every word," Jim said, using his hypnosis-speak. "You will put your complete trust in my voice and do everything I tell you." He turned to face Sam and placed his hand on his shoulder. "Sam: every time you hear your own name, 'Sam', spoken by Jamie, you will experience an intense allergic reaction. Your nose will tickle increasingly, more and more, until all you can do to rid yourself of this torture is to sneeze at least eight times in a row. These will be no ordinary sneezes, however. The first two times you sneeze they will be stifled. Then you will try to stifle the second and third with partial success. Then it will become impossible for you to stifle the rest, because your nose will be increasingly more tickly. The remaining sneezes will each become louder and more powerful. If you understand what I am telling you, then raise your left arm." 

Sam slowly lifted his arm in his trance-like state. Jim then turned to Jamie and placed his hand on her shoulder. 

"Jamie: every time you hear your own name, 'Jamie', spoken by Sam, you will also experience an intense allergic reaction. Your nose will become so itchy and tickly that you will feel the need to sneeze to rid yourself of this incredibly annoying feeling. 

"However, at the same time, you will become extremely embarrassed about sneezing in front of anyone. So you will hold off as long as possible before giving in to the urge to sneeze. The longer you hold out, however, the stronger the tickle in your nose will become, and the more times and the stronger you will have to sneeze to make the feeling go away. 

"If you understand what I have just requested of you, please tap your left ear." 

Jamie then lifted her left hand and tapped her ear once. Jim was pleased that they were so vulnerable to hypnosis. He then turned to the audience and called out:

"Are you ready to see if it worked?" 

The audience cheered and laughed. 

Jim then turned to face Sam and Jamie again: "When you wake up, you will have no recollection of what I have been saying to you just now. You will awaken feeling refreshed and in a good mood, but you will follow the directions given to you. 

"Now, listen to me count backwards. As I get closer to number one, you will slowly come out of your state and wake up. Seven... six... you are slowly waking up... five... four... you are becoming more aware of yourself... three... two... when I am finished you will be fully awake... one!" 

Sam and Jamie had their eyes fully open, and looked as though they were waking up from a peaceful sleep. 

Smiling broadly, Jim said: "Ladies and gentlemen, I want to introduce you to one of my oldest and dearest friends, Sam. He's been a great pal for me and helped me get through and enjoy high school. Sam, why don't you introduce your lovely lady to the audience?" 

Sam looked a little nervous, but felt touched by his friend's remark about their friendship. Plus he was proud to have such a beautiful girl to show off, and so he decided to play along. 

"Well," Sam paused, "this is Jamie Porter. We've been seeing each other for over three years now." 

Sam smiled at her. Jamie smiled back, but all of a sudden her cheeks started to flush. She wiggled her nose a few times and started to sniffle. She placed her hand up to her nose and began to rub it vigorously. She looked panicked and embarrassed. Sam leaned over and whispered, 

"Hey babe is everything alright?"

Jamie tried her best to respond in between short gasps of air and fanning air toward her face. 

"Sam, I want to leave now!" She whispered back. 

Then Sam immediately responded with a sharp intake of air let loose two stifled sneezes: "Heh-Chhh! Heh-Chhh!"

Jamie looked surprised, but she was unable to bless him because her own poor nose was getting worse and worse, and she was too embarrassed to let go and just sneeze. 

She kept breathing in: "Ahh ... heh ...uhhh ... heh ..." and looking up with squinty eyes, but tried her hardest to focus on not sneezing.

Then, suddenly, she could take it no longer and out came: "Ah-Chhhhhhh ... eeew! Ah-Chhhhhh ... eeew!" She sneezed in a feminine, high-pitched tone. 

Almost at the same time, Sam continued with a funny sounding: "Heh-Cmmmpf! Heh-Chmmmmph!"

They were sneezing continuously and simultaneously by now. 

"Ah-chi-CHEEW!... Ahhh... CHEEEW!" Jamie sneezed again and again, each time getting louder and more intense. 

Meanwhile, Sam continued with: "HA ... HA ... HA-ESHHHH! ... HEh-CHHUUUUUUUU! ... Heh.... heh... HAR-ESHUUUU! ... Hah-ESHUUUUU!"

Sam seemed to be finished with his fit, but Jamie couldn't seem to stop: "Ah-Chieeew! ... Cheeeeeew! ... AH-Ch-EEEEEW!" She continued to sneeze, but in between sneezes, she leaned over and managed to get out to Sam: 

"Heh... Ah ... Sam ... what's ... Ah-CHieeew! ... going ... heh ... Ah-CHeeeeeeeW! ...on?"

Sam looked over for a second, thinking his sneezing was over, but then all of a sudden the tickle came back with a vengeance. He drew in two sharp breaths and stifled two sneezes, and continued sneezing in the same cyclical manner as he had previously. 

In the meantime, the audience was clapping, hysterical with laughter. Jim had somehow left the stage just after he'd introduced his friend. Then all of a sudden he returned to the stage with a box of tissues, which he handed over to both Sam and Jamie. They each managed to grab a few in-between sneezes. 

After another minute of sneezing, Jim snapped his fingers and Sam and Jamie were back into their calm states of hypnosis. 

"Sam and Jamie," Jim said, "I want to thank you for your suffering for the benefit of my show. However, I now want you to forget everything that happened on this stage tonight. I want you to continue to sneeze every time you hear your name spoken by the person you love, but I want this effect to slowly die down with each use, so that in a month from now, you will no longer respond with a sneezing fit. But every time you sneeze or hear the other person sneeze, you will take a lot of pleasure in it and even enjoy it. 

"You will now slowly awake with my counting backwards. Seven... six... you are slowly waking up... five ... four ... you are becoming more aware of yourself ... three... two... when I am finished you will be fully awake... one!"

Sam and Jamie woke up once again. Jim faced them and said:

"Well, it looks like you two were no match for me. You must be unhypnotizable. Thanks anyway for trying. Why don't you go ahead and take your seats."

None the wiser, Jamie and Sam then stood up and left the stage to get back to their front row seats. 

"Thank you all for coming," Jim announced, "but it looks like my powers for hypnosis aren't working tonight. Sorry about that folks, but I hope you can come again!"

Some people laughed a little, and some clapped. Jamie and Sam looked at each other, puzzled. 

"That show was mighty quick to end, don't you think?" Jamie asked.

"Oh well, I guess you were right, babe. Maybe hypnosis really doesn't work. I owe you a lobster dinner," Sam said. 

"It's really a shame," Jamie replied. "I was hoping something would happen."


"Lets hurry home Sam, I'm beat," Jamie said as they started out of the theatre and into the parking lot.

Sam got a funny look on his face and began to rub his nose. "Heh-Chmmmmpf! ... Heh-Chmmmmmph! ... Heh-CHUUU! ... Heh-CCUUUUUUUU!" He then went on to sneeze four more large sneezes.

"Bless you," Jamie said glancing over with a concerned look on her face. "You're not coming down with a cold are you? I've never seen you sneeze more than once at a time." 

Jamie felt a twinge of worry toward him, but at the same time she felt strangely turned on by the strong, masculine sound of his sneezes.

"No, I'm sure I'm fine," Sam responded, puzzled himself. And yet he also felt a shiver of excitement course through him. "Hey Jamie... when we get home, what do you say we-"

Sam didn't finish his sentence because Jamie's abruptly stopping walking interrupted him. She was rubbing her nose and fanning her face urgently. 

"Ah-chhhhh! ... Ah-Chieeew! ... AH-CHEEEEEW! ... Ah-Chhhhhhh ... eeew! Ah-Chhhhhh ... eeew!" 

"Wow," exclaimed Sam, suddenly feeling distinctly hot. "I've never seen you sneeze that much either. Maybe we're both allergic to something in the air around here!" 

He searched his pockets and presented Jamie with a tissue he didn't remember placing there. He also felt himself getting hard, and wondered what it was that was making him so excited. 

As Jamie continued to sneeze, she also felt herself getting really excited. She winked at Sam and said: "yeah, lets go home babe, and go right to bed!" 

And home they went, hardly able to keep their hands off each other. Continuing to sneeze off and on...