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Lost In the Translation

An author writes a letter to his translator when he finds out that the novel he has sent in for translation has been modified and "corrupted" without his acquiescence.

- Cath UK

Moving House

When you and your family have serious hay fever, planning an allergen-free garden is no easy feat. A man writes a letter to a botanical expert to ask for advice, and explains certain troubles he experienced with an overly sympathetic neighbour in his previous residence...

- Atchoum

In the Dead of Night

Beautiful, magical, dark and mystical, this lyrical story centres on a meeting between two strangers on a beach in the dead of night. One of them loves sneezes, one of them loves to sneeze - it's going to be a good night.

- Nevyn

Pollen Count Rising

The narrator, a slightly obsessive sneeze fetishist, pulls in a bar... Only to find out, once he brings the hay fever stricken lady back to his, that he has finally met his match.

- Watchman

Sneezy's Notepad

Sneezy must have the world's worst allergies. Just how bad are they? Read the wonderful letter Sneezy writes to his doctor, and find out.

- Starpollen


A warm, sun-kissed afternoon of love, lust and sneezes is shared by the narrator and her man in this absolutely gorgeous short story.


It's About Obsession

Guy is a lonely bachelor, desperate to find love. Vanessa is a woman with a fascinating secret. And Christopher might just be able to bring them together... at a price. Find out just how far will some people go to meet the girl of their dreams.

- Watchman & Cath UK

Mental Block

Mike McMillan has a mental block that prevents him from sneezing in front of people, particularly women he's interested in. Mike can't seem to decide whether this is a good thing or not- but it would seem his sneezy girlfriend Laura has her own take on the matter.

- Bondi

The Story of My Secret

Meet Lynne, a "witch with very limited powers". Blessed since childhood with the ability to will people into catching colds, Lynne learns throughout her lifetime that with great power comes great responsibility... and even greater pleasure.

- J28ivy


In the underworld of Gino Puglare’s crime family, four Beautiful People- Tony, the Prodigal Son gone wrong, Angela, a paid bad-girl perpetually on the brink of redemption, Christopher, a self-styled soldier and Chiara, his spirited fiancé- find a spark of human connection. No prizes for guessing what they find it in. A real one-of-a-kind fic for fellow ‘friends of the family.’

Rites and Devotion - Part 1 (female)

- Angelis and Bondi

Rites and Devotion - Part 2 (male)

- Angelis


Soul Mates

Summer and James are young sweethearts. When they both go down with bad colds they decide to spend a quiet night in watching videos, however it's not long before they find something more intimate and more fun to distract them.

- Sugarlita

Hypnotic Fits

When Jamie and Sam go to an old friend's show, the last thing they expect is to find themselves being hypnotised in front of a bemused audience... with very explosive results. There should be more acts like this one!

- V

Bless You, Hun

Rach and Justin, a long-time couple, could have had a great dinner date if it hadn't been for Justin's 'unfortunate' cold. Then again, they end up having an even better evening because of it.

- Rach

Spells and Sneezes

A tale of two young sorcerers paired together to learn the art of spell making. The ancient 'recipe' they're using has some interesting ingredients and the results turn out to be magical in more ways than one.

- Sneezy Canine


For those who love the idea of the 'sneezing while hiding', here are four specially conceived vignettes that explore various aspects of the theme.

Hunting Season in the Ninth Kingdom

Out of the Closet and Under the Bed

Birthday Boy

Boxed In

- Cath UK

Lady of the House

Todd and Connie Markham relocate from Chicago to Maine where they've just bought the house of their dreams. There's only one slight problem - the house is host to a vengeful ghost who will go to any lengths to keep the property for herself. And when she uncovers Todd's darkest secret it offers the perfect opportunity to cause some serious mischief. 

From innocent beginnings to a climactic dinner party, there's a surfeit of sneezy drama to be savoured in this inventive and beautifully written tale.

- Cath UK & Night Owl


The following four stories explore the .wav phenomenon on the Internet. We all know the .wavs... here's a most intimate look at what some of us do with them.

Mambo Number 6 (A woman's point of view)

- Not saying girl

Getting Ready (A man's point of view)

- Wav-Dude & Not saying girl

The Overheated Computer (Another man's point of view)

- Anonymous & Serotica

The Perfect Wank (Yet another man's viewpoint - hmm...)

-Not saying girl