Soul Mates


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James and Summer had been going out for over 6 months. They knew they had a lot in common – a compatible sense of humour, a shared liking for clubs, even a few classes at their local high school – but until one very special mid-winter night, the happy couple had no idea just how far the similarities between them could stretch. Not that they spent too much time pondering the how’s and why’s of their quasi-magical relationship – Summer and James were still enjoying that well-known stage where every waking moment enjoyed as a couple is spent engaging in lust.

James was 6'3, with brown hair and brown eyes. His very masculine figure and sexy biceps – kept up through constant gym-work, fitted nicely around Summer’s petite 5’3 frame. Summer had blonde hair and pretty blue eyes that sparkled whenever she looked at James.

One Saturday evening in January, Summer's parents had gone out. Summer had had a cold for the past few days, a cold which she’d passed on to James. Neither of them wanted to be alone to shiver, cough and sneeze, and so Summer invited James over to her house. They both decided to spend an enjoyable night watching movies, cuddling, and generally taking care of each other.  Little did they know that such an inauspicious beginning to the night would bring about the most intensely erotic sexual experience of their lives!

James and Summer were watching Scream 2. Summer was quite frightened, often startled and clinging to James with girly giggles. Mid-way through the movie, however, James found himself distracted by the quietly growing bulge in his trousers. Poor young man – it was no wonder he was getting excited. Summer was a picture of female vulnerability at its most beautiful, eyes wide and shiny lips parted as she hugged him and huddled against his chest. It wasn’t long before he’d forgotten all about the movie.

If only he could convince Summer to do the same…

“You okay, honey?” James whispered.

“Sure. It’s just a scary movie,” Summer said. “Good thing you’re here to protect me!”

“I could do more if you let me,” James grinned.

James turned off the television before pulling Summer down on the couch and helping her out of her comfy old jeans. He was just getting down on his knees in front of her when he felt the need to pause in order to deliver two gigantic sneezes:

“HAAA CHOOO!  HAAAaa aaaAAA CHOoo! *sniff sniff.*”

“Poor baby,” Summer kissed him on the nose and sweetly added, "bless you." 

“Thanks,” James smiled and rubbed at his nose. “Better now than later though; I’m not sure you’d have liked it if I’d sneezed in, oh, thirty seconds’ time.”

“What would have happened in thirty seconds’ time?” Summer asked, a knowing smile playing on her lips.

“Well, I was just going to-“

Summer cut him off. “Don’t tell me, silly. Show me instead!”

James got a mischievous look in his eye as he leaned in between Summer’s parted thighs and began to enthusiastically explore her sex with his tongue. He gently touched the contours of her clit before edging his tongue inside her, and then went back to her clit again as Summer began to make appreciative noises. He paid attention to all the right spots, causing Summer to arch her back with pleasure until she came. James smiled in satisfaction as he kept on licking. He knew that once she got started, if he kept going, Summer could be teased into another climax or two.

Only right then, the gorgeous Summer had something else on her mind. To her horror, even as she was feeling every muscle in her body loosen and tingle in post-orgasmic bliss, she felt like she had to sneeze. 

“Why now, of all times?” she asked herself.

Out loud, she said, "Baby... ahh ohhh... James honey, can you hold off for a... ohh… second?”

But he didn't hear her and kept going. It was driving her wild. She was already so aroused, so sensitive, that she knew she was going to come again any minute. Only… only… 

"Ahh… honey? Ohhh… my nose…"

He still didn't hear her, his head being wedged between her thighs. He mistook her moans of mixed discomfort and pleasure for ecstasy. As for Summer, she couldn't move because it was so good. Her nose tickled dreadfully, only James was hitting just the right spot, again and again, and she was so close, so close… she was going to explode any minute.

"Baby? Ahh... I'm gonna... Ohhh… Ahhh… I'm gonna... ahh… ahhhh ah-choo!"

Jolting her head forward, she let out a little sneeze, with a slight squeak in the beginning and a cute little "choo" in the end. And then, she looked down at James… and to her dismay, she saw that she had come all over his face. 

"Oh no! Baby, eww! I'm so... ahh… AHH CHOO! … So sorry!"

James, who had never had a problem with his girlfriend’s moisture levels, didn’t feel she had anything to be sorry about. He had seldom felt so turned on, and if the horny expression on his face was anything to go by, then the fun was only starting.

"Sorry about that,” Summer said again.  "Only I think I have to sneeze some more. You’d better back away."

"I loved how you sneezed right when you came,” exclaimed James. “It’s like… it’s like it shot into my mouth really quick!”

“It did?” Summer asked, rubbing her nose, knowing she’d be mortified if she weren’t feeling simultaneously sneezy and horny.

"Yes. And it was such a turn on!"  "

“It was?" Summer said sceptically. "That’s good, I guess, because… Ahhh... I'm... I'm-I'm gonna sneeze again!  Watch out, its… ahhh… gross..."

But James grabbed her by her thighs, forcing her to sit back again as he brought his mouth to her sex. He rapidly pushed his face into her, swivelling his tongue in quick motions, until Summer was purring with pleasure. James was going at her so earnestly and skilfully that Summer began to orgasm … again, just at the same time as her nose let loose. Only this time, what came out was not just one sneeze, but a bona-fide cold-induced fit!

"Ahh… AHHH CHOOoo!  AHH… AHHH CHOO! ...Ooohhh… AHH CHOO! Ohhh, baby... ahh hahhh CHOO!” 

With each sneeze, Summer kept gyrating against James's mouth and James kept licking away at her clit, simultaneously inserting his finger inside her, delighting in the way her sex clenched when she came. And climax Summer did – again and again and again!

He kept going for as long as he could stand it, but eventually James became so aroused that he couldn't perform oral any longer. Summer, thoroughly satisfied, was not complaining.

"That was incredible! *sniff sniff*" James said. "I loved how it shot into my mouth every time you... you... ahh… AHHHHHH CHOOO!"

Summer smiled. “Sounds like I’m not the only one with a tickly nose!”

But James wasn’t done sneezing. His eyes – still watery from having given his girlfriend so much oral sex – were blinking rapidly. “AHHHH CHOO! HHHAA CHOOO!” He sneezed loudly.

Every time he sneezed, James’ whole upper body jolted as he covered his mouth with his large, masculine hands. Summer watched him from her vantage point on the couch, recovering from her own sneezing fit. She couldn’t help thinking how embarrassingly disgusting she must have seemed to James, sneezing while he was doing such wonderful things to her with his tongue. 

But then, Summer took a good look at James and saw that she’d been completely wrong. He didn’t in the least look like a boy turned off – quite the opposite! In fact, he was almost bulging out of his pants.

“Honey,” Summer said, eyeing his crotch, “I need a few minutes to catch my breath.”

And she did, for she was still breathing hard from all their fast and furious activity. James nodded and went in the kitchen to pour himself a glass of soft drink, knowing that Summer didn’t like kissing him when she could taste herself.  He sneezed loudly three more times in the kitchen, and then once again as he came back out to where Summer was just putting her jeans back on. Summer became very turned on at the helpless look he had on his face as he tried to stifle one more sneeze. 

"Mmm chhhh!" 

"Poor thing, you sound pretty sick," Summer said in an erotic voice James hadn't heard before.

"I need to take care of this nasty cold."

It was James’ turn to get some special TLC. Summer, still heated up from her own experience, was so eager that she pushed him onto the couch and ripped off his shirt in one go.

“Aaaahhh AHHH CHOO!” James sneezed again, his muscular chest heaving as he turned his head away.

Summer couldn't take any more. She got James out of his jeans and boxers in a blink, then got on her knees to start giving him head. She kept licking him up and down and rubbing his balls as James breathed hard in excitement. 

"Oh God, Summer!"  he cried. "Mm that feels so good… don't stop!" 

Summer kept going for a good ten minutes, until again she felt a horrible urge to sneeze begin to creep up on her. She kept scrunching up her nose, or rubbing it, to try and get the feeling to leave, but it was too strong and the tickle in her nose kept torturing her. Finally, she clenched her lips together and the urge went away. 

Until James thrust his penis into her mouth and had Summer deep throat him.  At that point, the urge to sneeze suddenly came back with a vengeance, and before she could move away, she’d sneezed all over his penis.

"OHHHHHH... That feels incredible!" James screamed as he became harder.

His breathing grew louder and louder.  Summer was about to back away since she knew she was going to have another sneezing fit, but James pleaded,

"No!  Keep doing that baby! Please, it feels so good!”

Summer hesitated, saying, " Baby are you... are you ahhh ahh MMMMM CHOOOOOOOO!... sure?" 

Summer kept her mouth around James as she let out a series of sneezes that made James's penis grow harder and harder.  She carried on for as long as she was able to, ending in a fit of cute little sneezes,


James loved feeling the spray on his genitals and got completely turned on by watching his girlfriend’s sneezing fit. He loved the way her cute little head would jolt back and forth and her innocent eyes water.  Her entire body would move with the sneeze. 

All of a sudden, he knew he was close to climaxing … and at the same time realised he had to sneeze himself.

"Baby, I'm going to come... Oh! ahhh ahhh AHHHH CHOOO!”

Precisely as he sneezed he climaxed into Summer's mouth, right while she was in mid-sneeze.

“Ahhh AHHH – *gulp* – CHOOOOOO!" Summer gasped.

They both smiled as they realised what had happened. Summer went to the bathroom to wash her hands and face. James could faintly hear a few sneezes through the bathroom door, and he let one more out himself.

When Summer came back into the room, she hopped next to him on the couch and snuggled up against him.

"That was so amazing!" they both said at the same time, and then laughed.

Summer glowed as she said, "Could we possibly have anything more in common? We talk at the same time, we sneeze at the same time..." 

"That’s because we’re soul mates, sweetheart," James cooed.

"I love you James." 

“I love you too,” James said. “Aaahhh… AHHH… ahhh… AHHHH CHOO!" 

"Bless you honey," Summer said. “I hope you feel better. But then again… that was so incredible!"

They both smiled and took care of each other for the rest of that evening.