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Every muscle screams in protest as I fall back upon the hay, a stifled "Hit schoo" escaping through clenched teeth. I sigh and close my eyes, letting my arms fall beside my weary body. My nose twitches at the sweet smell of the newly mown hay, but my weary hand will not lift itself to itch the tickle away. Taking slow, deep breaths, I feel the tension leave my body and seemingly rise above the roof of the low slung barn.

"Aaachooo, Hit chooo" I sneeze again. Having been thrown from my horse should have put me in a foul mood, but I think of you instead and smile. Today is a good day. The exhaustion will blanket me, protect me from thinking too much about you, about your touch, your arms where I'd much rather be...

You arrive home from work early, still feeling the effects of a cold that has had you in its grip for the better part of a week. Standing in the foyer, you sneeze loudly and call my name. Gathering no response, you pout slightly and rub your little nose on your sleeve sniffling miserably. Dinner is baking filling the house with a deliciousness you can almost smell through your stuffy little nose. Sneezing in rapid thrice, uncontrolled "Choo, hitchoo, choo," you go upstairs to shower and change.

As you towel off the beads of moisture, you notice Thorn, my horse, saddled in the rear yard, reigns dangling as he greedily munches the sweet grass near the roses. Puzzling over my whereabouts, you dress quickly, heading below and out the back door.

Nimbus, our taupe gray Weimeraner greets you happily with his ball. His icy blue eyes rolling he drops the ball at your feet as his tongue lolls about. Laughing you pick up the ball and good-naturedly give it a toss, the dog happily running to retrieve it. Crossing the orchard now, you pick a juicy apple and take a bite as you stroll toward the barn. Entering, you see that the loft is empty, the hay still warm from where my body was nestled. The hay is fresh and thankfully you sneeze just once as you swing from the loft and start for the spring where I love to bathe.

Halfway down the path, you notice my discarded boots and smile to yourself as you bend to pick them up. Maybe you don't feel quite so miserable now. A few more steps and my blouse meets your gaze which you drape over your arm. With a raised eyebrow, you see my riding britches and silk panties, and then further ahead my bra and socks as well.

Stepping furtively through the brush to the clearing where the stream giggles over the rocks, you spy me on the bank, bathing naked in the sunlight on the largest of the rocks near the deep pool of clear spring water. Intuitively I feel you near to me.

"Aa... aa... hit-schooo!"

You sneeze and frown at me in my nakedness as you drop my belongings.

Smiling, "Mmmm Bless you," I reach my arms out to meet your hands and our energies exchange, sending shivers of delight first across my skin and then across yours.

Leaning forward, you kiss me full on the mouth and I pull you to lay on top of me.

"Little Nymph," you begin to scold, my hands running through your hair as I stroke the back of your neck and arch my back so that my breasts are pressed against the softness of your shirt to feel your body, momentarily distracts you.

Lingering kisses down my face, across my chin to my neck, fondling over my breasts; you stop just short of my abdomen. "Haaaaaaschooo!" You sneeze and the spray hits my skin and I don't care. Kneeling in between my legs, you remove your shirt so that our skin can meet. You pull me to a standing position and lead me off the rock to sit naked on your shirt in the soft grass. Continuing your onslaught of my senses, you kiss me and as I run my hands across your chest, over your back. You bury your face in my hair and stifle three powerful sneezes.

I stroke your face and ask, "Are you still so sick, my love?"

You shake your head negative "Heeaschhooo! No, not too sick," is your response.

Kissing you is not enough. As if you read my thoughts, you unclasp your jeans freeing your sex and lie back upon the grass.

"Achoo, a aa hmmmpf, " You sneeze, you stifle.

Grasping both breasts gently in my hands I lick the nipples of one and then quickly suck you deeply into my mouth, my tongue embracing your nipples, your breasts, kissing them, biting them... swallowing all of you I want more and more of you.

You hold my head in your hands as I lick and kiss you making you grow wet and aroused, my hand strokes you as well. Slowly now till my forehead rests upon your belly and I have kissed down your body deeply and then up again, until you can take no more and enter me with first one, then two fingers, filling me, engorging my sex. And you sneeze yet again as my mouth seeks your sex licking and gently biting until I taste your sweet, pulsating climax and you pull my naked body on top of you and brush the hair from my face and smiles fade into the warm afterglow of sunshine all around us...