That Sort of Boy


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"...So take care - oh, Markie says take care too - and get well soon, okay, Scully?"

"(sniff) You too, Bulder. (sniff) G'dite."

Tony hung up and looked at Mark.

"Well, that's that then, rehearsal's off."

"She's really too sick to come, isn't she?"

"Oh, you know Jess, she'll drag herself out of bed, especially if you say it's important. But I think she needs to rest - she really does sound unspeakably awful - and what good is a vocalist with a sore throat? Besides, Jean and Pat can't make it either, and do you remember the last time you were sick? You insisted on the rehearsal - you sulked, moped and whined all through it, then gave it to her and to me, and then we had to cancel the next two weeks because we were all in bed with strep."

Mark shrugged, the movement accenting his sculpted shoulders. Jessica was their band's lead female vocalist, a sweet girl with an unfortunate tendency to catch practically every little bug or virus she was exposed to. She was also Tony's best friend - besides Mark himself, of course - and she was the first person he had come out to in high school.

The eldest in a family of six girls, she treated Tony as the brother she had never had, frequently mothering him. She had been delighted when Tony met and fell in love with Mark, and had promptly adopted him as well. For some reason he had never quite understood, she called Tony 'Mulder', and Tony called her 'Scully'. They had done it for years.

Just part of their history, he thought. My Tony's that sort of boy.

"And besides, I honestly do think I'm coming down with some...aah, ah..something....ah-ESSHOO! myself."

Tony sniffled, and wiped his nose on his sleeve.


"What? It's not like anyone's looking or anything."

Mark frowned disapprovingly, and handed Tony a pack of tissues.

"Here, baby, use these."

"You didn't tell me you had them."

"You didn't ask."

"I didn't know I had to."

Tony ripped open the pack and extracted a single tissue, folding it into quarters. He blew his nose loudly.

"Ah, that's better."

"I should think so. You know, if you're sick, you should be in bed."

"Will you come with me?"

Mark's eyes gleamed.

"You're going to give me your cold, you know."

"Esh-SHOO!!! And unless you're planning to sleep on the couch, you're going to get it anyway, so why fight fate?"


Tony stepped into the shower, turning the temperature up as high as he could stand. The water poured down over his tanned skin, washing away the light chill he'd been feeling since mid-morning. The steam made his nose run freely, and he sneezed, "HUH-ARRSHOO!!! AR-ESHOOO!!!" as Mark slipped into the bathroom, wearing a black silk bathrobe.

"Bless you, love."

"Thanks. What are you doing here?"

Mark took off his bathrobe, revealing his sculpted nakedness beneath. His build was naturally slighter than Tony's, more boyish, despite his attempts to work out regularly. In one hand, he clutched a jar of Vicks.

"I thought I'd help you feel better."

"Isn't that supposed to go on after you've washed?"

"Yes, but it's good with hot water and steam too - here, let me show you."

Mark stepped into the shower, clutching Tony close from behind. Their well-muscled bodies pressed tightly against each other, fair against dark. They were about the same height, but in terms of coloring, they were a striking study in contrast - Mark was a cornsilk-blond, strikingly blue-eyed all-American boy, and Tony was a swarthy, olive-skinned Mediterranean beach god with dark, curly hair and smouldering black eyes. The hot water sluiced down on them both like a warm tropical shower. Mark's left hand clutched the open jar against Tony's muscular stomach, and he began rubbing his lover's broad chest with his right, rhythmically massaging with firm, sensuous circles, playing with his nipples.

"Mmm, that's nice."

Tony sighed with relief as the medicinal vapors wafted upwards, clearing his head. Meanwhile, he was thoroughly enjoying the sensation of having his lover wrapped tightly around other parts of his body, and could feel his penis beginning to stiffen. Mark's left hand drifted lower, resting his wrist lightly against Tony's growing hardness.

"Ahhh, love, that feels sooo good."

Mark was becoming aroused by the feel of Tony's bare buttocks against his penis, and he pressed himself closer into Tony, who was all too aware of the effect he was having on his lover, and was by now semi-erect himself. Tony wiggled his buttocks playfully, feeling his lover's penis stiffen between his legs, then reached around behind Mark and squeezed his buttocks, which made Mark giggle and start, pressing even closer into his back. Tony then took hold of Mark's penis and fondled it, feeling it grow hard beneath his fingers. Mark's breath was coming in short, harsh gasps now. Tony grinned.

"Am I making you feel good too, Markie baby?"


Tony turned around, dropping to his knees in the shower stall. He took Mark's hardness in his mouth, licking and sucking with practised ease, familiar with every inch of his lover's body, and knowing exactly what turned Mark on. Just as Mark was about to climax, Tony stopped short. The medicated vapors and steam were making his nose run again, and he needed to...

"Oh, TONY!!!"

"Aaah, heh-ATCHOO!!! huTCHOO!!! hurrESSSHOO!!!"

Tony's sneezes coincided exactly with Mark's climax, spraying Mark's belly with a mixture of his own semen and Tony's mucus and saliva.

"Oh god Markie (sniff), I'm so sorry, I never meant for that to happen!"

"Hush love, it's okay, you're not well, you couldn't have helped it. Bless," he added, almost as an afterthought, "let's get cleaned up, and then we'll get you into bed, okay?"

"(sniff) Okay."

Mark turned off the shower, and briskly rubbed Tony dry with a towel, then wrapped him in a bathrobe and walked him back to their bedroom. Mark shivered lightly as he returned to the bathroom.

Maybe I should have put on some clothes, myself.

Mark quickly finished his shower and headed for the bedroom, detouring briefly to the kitchen to make some ginger tea. Tony was curled up beneath the blankets, sniffling. Did he look a bit pale? He opened his eyes as Mark came in.

"Welcobe back, lover (sniff)."

"Drink this, you'll feel better. Seriously, darling, how are you doing? I'll go out and get you some medicine if you're really sick."

"Mm, thanks, love, that's good, but you're not going anywhere. I'm not feeling too bad at all, actually. By dose is a bit stuffy, and I keep sn...snee....eeh....eHEH....HAT-ISSHHOO!!! huhSHOO!!!"

"Bless. Sneezing?"

Tony nodded as he blew his nose.

"But other than that, I'b really not ....huh-etCHOO!! aa-ISHOO!! etCHEW!!!...too bad. No fever, no coughing, and my throat's only a little sore."

"That's good. Can I get you anything?"

"I, ah, think I could use, ah, aah... ih-SHOO!! aaTCHOO!! haESHHH!!"

"Um, more tea? More tissues? Vicks, aspirin, cold medicine? Only we're out of aspirin, I don't think we have any medicine in the house..."

Tony waved Mark into silence.

"As I was going to say before I was...hehCHOO!!... interrupted - I could use a little company id here, perhaps."

Tony smiled invitingly up at Mark.

That damn smile always makes me melt, and he knows it.

"So, doctor...ehhTCHOO!!...what's the diagnosis?"

"You've got a nasty little headcold, and you're horny. I prescribe warm liquids, bed rest, and a strong, sexy man who loves you, can't get enough of you, and wants to hold you forever and make you well."

"huhISHOO!!! And where ab I going to find one?"

Tony smiled again as Mark climbed into bed, turning off the lights, and meeting Tony's waiting lips in a delicately sweet kiss before moving downwards beneath the covers, covering first his chin, then his neck with feather-light kisses as he unbuttoned Tony's shirt and made his way down his body, making sure to lick both his nipples on the way down.

"Oh, ahESH, Markie baby, that's ....huhCHOO!!!....wonderful."

Mark was fully under the covers, his hands resting softly on Tony's thighs. He could feel Tony's body convulse with each sneeze, and he frowned.

I know he's aroused, but he feels a little warmer than usual, even so. I think he might have been wrong about the fever.

Mark took Tony's penis first in his hand, caressing it lightly, then more firmly as Tony began to harden, then kissing it with feather light tenderness. As he took Tony's penis in his mouth and sucked it gently, he could tell from the tension in his lover's body that Tony was holding his breath, trying hard not to sneeze. Tony was rock hard now, panting with desire.

He's going to come soon. Any second now....


Tony sneezed hard as he came, the force of the held-back sneeze exploding forth from both his mouth and his loins, spurting his seed deep into his lover's mouth. He blew his nose as Mark resurfaced, and kissed Mark gently, parting his lips and inserting his tongue just a little.

"Bless. Was that good for you, love?"

"That was the most incredible blowjob I've ever had, darling - and I think it cleared my sinuses, too."

Mark held Tony close until he fell asleep, then allowed himself to sleep too, lovers secure in each others' arms.