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Carrie is getting married, but there is a hitch. Her allergies are driving her (and everyone around her) absolutely mad - though not necessarily in the way you'd expect...

Part 1 - The Wedding Dress

Part 2 - The Flower Store

Part 3 - The Testing Session

Part 4 - Dinner

- Angelis


An explosive, racy series about an unconventional love triangle. Gemma likes sexy, sneezy Elizabeth. Handsome Jeremy, Gemma's best friend, likes her too. Will anyone finally get the girl? This story really does contain "something for everyone".

Part 1 - Sexual Chemistry

Part 2 - "Doing Lunch"

Part 3 - At the Cinema

Part 4 - Elizabeth's Discovery

- Angelis & Not saying girl


If sneezing is rather scarce in this story about two email correspondents meeting up in real life, noseblowing more than makes up for it. As one reader put it: "what a wonderful tale - sneezing, blowing, dramatic flourishing of handkerchiefs and sexual climaxes - heaven, what more could any fetishist want?"

Part 1 - Sharing Information

Part 2 - The Restaurant Meeting

Part 3 - Diane Definitely Inhaled

- Not saying girl


Jack had never heard of "Honeymoon Rhinitis" before meeting lovely Jill, but it doesn't take too long to grow on him. This particularly delightful 'condition' causes Jill to sneeze whenever she becomes sexually aroused. Which, fortunately for all of us, is fairly often. An original series with an exciting premise - sneeze-filled and very sexy.

Part 1 - The Revelation

Part 2 - The Conversation

Part 3 - The Relationship

Part 4 - The End

- Night Owl


When cold-stricken Richard turns up on the doorstep of his friend Sharon (who goes by the disquieting nickname "Shredder") after having been dumped by the jealous Ashley, he's not sure exactly what to expect. He thought his love life was perfectly screwed up to begin with, but things are about to get a whole lot more complicated.

Part 1 - The Odd Couple

Part 2 - Sharon's Secrets

Part 3 - A Difference Cleaned Up

Part 4 - The Unhappy Camper and Meeting Ashley

Part 5 - Solo Naked Twister and Other Party Games

Part 6 - Only Natural?

- Hankywitch


This madcap series takes place in Manchester's Gay Village scene. Different friends and characters interact in a series of adventures that are in turn comical, sensual and utterly outrageous. This tale is, in certain parts, more comic and twisted than your average common - or - bedroom erotica. Be warned, is all we're saying.

Part 1 - Friday Night Fever

Part 2 - Leo and Alexander

Part 3 - All That and A Packet of Crisps

Part 4 - David and Jay

Part 5 - The Love Thing - A Girls' Night Out

Part 6 - Simon: The Man Who

Part 7 - Oh God... Bless You (1)

Part 7- Cont'd - Oh God... Bless You (2)

Part 8 - Nothing Like the Sun

- Cath UK & Angelis


What do lesbians do in bed? Well, C's ultimate fantasy is to combine colds and cuddles with discomfort and domination. But, as some wit once said, a little sadomasochism never hurt anybody...

Part 1 - You Never Can Tell

Part 2 - Out of Character

- Angelis


A dinner date - who's purpose is for Missy to introduce her girlfriend Jenny to her parents - threatens to go awry when Jenny comes down with a wonderfully sneezy cold. Will Jenny be able to hold in her sneezes, and will Missy manage her keep libido in check? We all hope not!

Part 1 - Getting Ready

Part 2 - Dinner

Part 3 - Caretaking

- Night Owl


What's a maid of honour to do, when the gorgeous best man at her twin sister's wedding is sneezing and feverish because of a nasty cold, and is unknowingly turning her on to no end? Read and find out!

Part 1 - The Rescue Mission

Part 2 - An Unwelcome Intrusion

Part 3 - Take That As a Yes

- Keeley


Being in a band, you share many things, including companionship, creativity and quite a few laughs. For this particular group of friends, however, things go a bit further; a nasty cold virus is passed around, as well as a few bodily fluids.

Part 1 - The Girl

Part 2 - That Sort of Boy

- Mouse


Hailing from a sneezy little town in Arizona, Chantilly Rose is a self-styled semi-nekkid opportunist. Surrounded by sneezy boys since her early years, our heroine has developped a most unusual liking for men's sniffles and sneezes. Follow Chantilly Rose's adventures as she leaves her home town to see new places, meet new people, and hear new sneezes...

Part 1 - Honky Tonk Woman (or "How Does a Nice Girl Like Me Get to Be a Semi-Nekkid Opportunist")

Part 2 - The Desert Rose

Part 3- The Need for Sneeze- um, Speed

- Hankywitch


Sheldon, a sensitive, slightly insecure man can hardly believe his luck: he's living in quasi-wedded bliss with Andres, a stunning Latino Adonis. Imagination and enthusiasm help to keep their lovelife fresh... as do Andres' copious sneezes. A sweet, delightful series about love au masculin.

Part 1 - Love Games

Part 2 - Keeping Him Quiet

Part 3 - Sweet Dreams

Part 4 - How Do I Love Thee?

Part 5 - The Bet

Part 6 - Wake Up, Baby!

Part 7 - Happy Birthday, Lover!

Part 8 - Be Careful What You Wish For

Part 9 - A Christmas Carol

Part 10 - The Perfect Sneeze

Part 11 - Double Trouble (I)

Part 12 - Pillow Talk

Part 13 - Oh No, Don't Sneeze!

Part 14 - Double Trouble (II)



Brian loves to sneeze, and Chelle loves seeing him do it - a match made in heaven! Follow this happily fulfilled couple's sneeze-filled adventures both in and out of the bedroom, and discover just how much fun you can have with a feather duster and rolled up tissues.

Part 1 - Desperately Seeking Sneezes

Part 2 - Teasing and Sneezing

- Morrigan


Kat's life is in danger, and her father has hired handsome Marcus to be her bodyguard and make sure she's kept safe at all times. But when Marcus comes down with a nasty cold, Kat can't keep her feelings for him under wraps any longer.

Part 1 - Constant Companion

Part 2 - When Duty Calls

Part 3 - Working It Out

Part 4 - Things To Do On a Rainy Day

- Kitty


"I wanted to jump his bones, he wanted to shake my hand. Well, I suppose we had to start somewhere..." A sexy tale involving a chance meeting in a club, a stucksneeze, and a great undertone of humour leads to a wild rock & roll adventure filled with unexpected twists and turns. Not to mention lots of sexy sneezes, both male and female!

Part 1 - Stucksneeze

Part 2 - Catherine Wheels

Part 3 - Kelly Green-Eyed Monster

- Hillsbilly & Cath UK


Mick reckons he’s the college nerd, destined for a life of chastity. Then he blesses the delightful DJ Donna Dynamite when she sneezes and discovers he’s inadvertently used a chat-up line she can’t resist. The fuse has been lit, and it’s time to begin the countdown to a truly explosive encounter...

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

- Eternuer


Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name, and they’re always glad you came…And coming, again and again, is positively encouraged at the Mallorn S&F Bar, where the waitresses all have allergies and the hygiene rules regarding sneezing on the sandwiches are rather relaxed. So raise you glasses, says cheers…and bless you.

Part 1- A Mallorn Blooms

- Ronin


Selena thought her relationship with handsome, allergy-plagued archeologist Erikarl was a over, until an assignment from the American Research Center in Egypt brings the past alive again for both of them.

Part 1 - Reunion

Part 2 - Blessings

Part 3 - And So We Dig

- Kitty


This is Caitlyn and Victoria's first year together as roommates. Caitlyn's allergies will provide much scope for fun as the year progresses, to Victoria's delight and ours alike.

Part 1 - 'O Christmas Tree

Part 2 - Cupid's Arrow

- Bella


When Jen gets a new job managing a bar, she dreams of nothing more than seeing Nick, her good looking boss, sneeze. But fate it seems has something far more interesting in store...

Part 1 - The Surprise

Part 2 - The Seduction

Part 3 - The Suspense

- Night Owl


Amarante is being watched by a gorgeous dark-haired angel of the night. His love for her knows no bounds, and this immortal suitor is willing to do anything to ensure that his love's deepest fantasies are fulfilled in this dark, bewitching tale.

Part 1

- Kitty


This is a story of love, lust and colds exchanged between Natalie, a First Class Goddess on an earthbound mission, and handsome Justin, her sweet, caring human companion. As this epic story reveals, affection can be expressed in many ways, from gentle to fierce, from caring to demanding...

Part 1 - Unspoken Invitation

Part 2 - A Different Kind of Helpless

Part 3 - A Final Need

- Skada


They might be roommates and good friends, but there's a lot lurking under the surface of Craig and Eddie's familiar rough-and-tumble relationship. Craig is a gay would-be actor; Edie is a singer and full-fledged heterosexual... or so he thinks, until he catches a cold and things suddenly begin to get complicated.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

- Frick & Frack


Meet Cherie and Karen, teenage best friends and now lovers. Karen adores Cherie’s frequent sneezing fits. In return Cherie worships Karen’s firm round little bottom. To the outside world their tastes might seem strange, but together  they make the perfect couple.

(Please note that this series contains references to anal sex )

Part 1: Cherie and Karen (i)

Part 2: Cherie and Karen (ii)

Part 3: Reminiscing

Part 4: Night Thoughts

Part 5: The Kissing Cave

Part 6: Cold Comfort

Part 7: Threesome

Part 8: A Rainy Night in Carlton

Part 9: Kleenex Memories

Part 10: Sunlight or Shadow

Part 11: Political Issues

- Mr Sneezy


Kelly McGuire is a high school girl with an active imagination, a sexy stud of a boyfriend, and a new best friend with spectacular allergies. Find out what this explosive combination yields in this vivaciously sexy serial.

Part 1

- Anon


Take a trip back in time in this charming piece of historical fiction. John and Maria are a newlywed couple honeymooning in elegant Brighton. When John comes down with a bad cold Maria is only too eager to show that marriage is all about sharing.

Part 1

- Asset


Sex 'n' drugs 'n' rock 'n' roll ... and sneezing! Meet Sue and Tegan, heroines of this vibrant story of an alternative rock and roll lifestyle.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

- Mr Sneezy


Freshman Amy is delighted with her cool new roommate, dark-haired city girl Terry. When her allergy medication wears off, Amy is worried that their night of confidence sharing and wine-drinking will be spoiled. Instead, Terry’s unusual interests lead to unexpected excitement on their first night together.

Part 1

Part 2