When Duty Calls


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Marcus strode to his room on the first floor, which was directly under Kat's, wondering what on earth he was going to do with her. What the hell was he thinking? Getting involved with her was a death wish for so many reasons, and yet he still loved her, and everything about her. 

He loved her quick, white-hot temper. He loved her bold honesty and the way she cut to the chase right through the red tape. He loved the charity work she did with the children at the local hospital. He loved her body. It was as if her slim yet curvy 5'3" frame was made to be held in his arms alone. The smell of her dark long locks and the feel of her creamy skin made him ache with lust. She was beautiful by any standard, he thought, as he gazed out onto the lawn. 

But no matter how much he tried to chase away thoughts of his cold with daydreams about his beloved, he couldn't help but notice that his throat was getting sore and his nose tickled like crazy. 

"Eshhh! hitetchhh! eshhhh!" 

He sneezed harshly, openly blowing his nose empty. Damn, why this kind of cold now? Overwhelmed was not the word for how he felt. Kat's life was in danger and her safety needed to remain his first and only priority. He couldn't afford to lay low and concentrate on his health.

Checking in with the front gate, Marcus gave the times for the day's patrols and called a staff meeting of teams 2 and 3 to meet in 15 minutes in the rear yard with the dogs. He washed his face and hands, gargled, took several cold pills (the kind that would not make him drowsy) and changed his clothes, putting on a long undershirt and a warmer sweater. Laying the jacket and mic on his bed, he grabbed his two-way, clipped on his pager and replaced his earpiece. If he was going to be anywhere near Kat, with this cold, the mic could create more interference and give them both away. To be certain, no one needed to hear their conversations. The two-way would be more than adequate.

He listened as the water was turned on above him and smiled at the thought of Kat slipping naked into the shower.


Kat turned on the water and stood there for moments before finally disrobing and stepping into the steady stream. Marcus's sneezes echoed in her head, and her fingers made quick work of her wet little pussy. Within minutes, she was moaning in the throes of a quick yet satisfying orgasm. 

Laughing aloud, she said, "Okay folks, and with that out of the way I can concentrate a little better on my paper." 

Kat lathered and rinsed off, then stepped from the shower, wrapping a towel around her body and patting her hair dry with another. She strode to her large window overlooking the rear yard and surrounding grounds, then pulled the curtain back. 

Marcus was stood directly below her. He had what looked to her like a small army assembled. She could see he had changed into a different sweater and was pleased to see that he had lost the suit jacket. She almost giggled as she watched him walking back and forth through the lines, hammering out some sort of instruction and gesturing sternly. Then, she held her breath as he pulled his handkerchief out of his back pocket and sneezed into it. 

From her vantage point, though she could not hear anything, the sneezes looked fierce and a few of the men must have blessed him because he nodded. Kat could feel her little clit start to throb again. Damn, she really wanted to have him inside her! 

Abruptly, the men synchronized their watches and departed in different directions across the grounds of the estate. At that precise moment, Marcus looked up at her as if he knew she was there. Caught in the act, she waved down at him. Waving back, Marcus entered the house, making his way upstairs. Kat pulled on her robe and sat before her dressing table. It seemed mere seconds before his knock sounded at her door.

"Come in, Marcus." Kat tried to keep her voice calm and unemotional. The door opened and Marcus stepped inside, closing it quietly behind him. "So what was that all about?" 

Kat tilted her head toward the window, asking the question as nonchalantly as possible. Turning around on her vanity stool, brush in hand; her silk robe slipped aside to expose part of her upper thigh and hip.

Marcus shifted position at the sight of her creamy, naked skin, and decided not to bother lying to her. "That was about you, Kat."

She was taken aback. "Me? Why?"

Marcus crossed the room to stand closer to her. His throat was raw and he did not want to strain his voice. 

"It's a safety matter. We go over policy twice daily in detail, morning and night. Just to be certain we don't become predictable, we switch up the patrol times and check-ins around the grounds and perimeters. Keeping you safe is a big job with your father away," he chuckled hoarsely.

Kat frowned for a moment, then smiled and moved closer to him. Reaching up, she felt his forehead and tsked. 

"You know, Marcus, keeping you well is going to become a big job too. I am glad my father is away. We should get you into bed, and I'll just sit right there next to you and write my paper."

Marcus raised his eyebrows. "Kat, I'll be fine, it's just a little cold and I don't think my being in your bed is the best idea. I, I- Ahh hahesssshh! Eeeeessshhhh! Ahh, oh Kat, excuse me." He winced from the sneezes assailing his raw throat.

Kat grasped his hand, leading him to the edge of her bed. 

"Bless you. Hmm, it seems we are at an impasse. Compromise with me then?" Marcus nodded, rubbing his throat, and Kat continued. "Okay - how about you just sit with me then and I'll write. I've got a lot to do and am in the mood to hang up here and just get it done. I've procrastinated long enough."

Marcus nodded absently. The pills were not working as he had hoped and his eyes were beginning to sting. "Okay, but I'll just sit with you."

Kat nodded, sliding on top of the big bed and plumping the pillows next to her. She patted a spot for Marcus to sit, then reached over to grab her books, notepad and pen from the nightstand. Opening them up, she put her tiny wire framed glasses on, grabbed a pencil to knot her hair up, sliding it through to hold her hair in a half-hazard bun at the back of her head. 

"Well, are you going to stand there or sit with me?" she asked with a smile.

Marcus, though astonished that she could be so captivating with a pencil in her hair, crossed the room to the other side of the bed and sat down. He checked his watch and clicked the two-way, "Package is contained above. Out."

Kat put her pen down and reached over to rub his back, teasing, "C'mon, get comfy Boss. The package is gonna write for a while."

Marcus shook his head, smiling at her levity. "Kat, thanks for being such a good little package." Leaning back against the pillows, he closed his eyes to stop the stinging. 'Just for a moment' he thought to himself right before falling asleep.

Kat quietly flipped the pages of her notebook and wrote for over an hour with Marcus sleeping soundly next to her. He absently rubbed his nose, rolling on his side. Kat stopped writing, reaching out to touch his arm, and the heat emanating from his muscled body gave her a start. 

"Oh, baby you're all fevered up," she whispered. 

Slipping off the bed, Kat padded quietly to her bathroom and pulled her antique pitcher and bowl from the counter. Filling the bowl with cold water, she grabbed a washcloth and a towel, then moved to the opposite side of the bed to place it down on the other nightstand. 

"Marcus," she whispered, "baby, sit up, you have a fever and we need to cool you down. I need you to take some Tylenol. Marc?"

"Hmm?" Marcus rolled over and looked at his watch. "Kat, I have to run a check every two hours, how long has it been?"

"You've got about fifteen minutes, now sit up and take your shoes, pants and shirt off - I need you to slip under the covers. I promise I won't let you miss a check-in, but sweetie, we have to break this fever, okay?"

She sounded so reasonable and he felt so sleepy. In moments he had complied and was standing in his boxer briefs and undershirt. Kat pulled the undershirt off and he started to shiver uncontrollably. Pulling the duvet back, she rubbed his shoulder, allowing her fingers to trail on his skin. Her sheets were so soft and cool against his head... Kat took his watch off and placed it on her own wrist. She picked up the two-way, clicking the button, and held it over Marcus who spoke hoarsely, "Package is above, teams check in."

"Team one. Clear. Check," came the first swift reply.

"Team two. Clear. Check," sounded the second.

"Gate. Clear. Check," the final.

Kat placed the two-way back on the nightstand and soaked the washcloth in the bowl. Squeezing it out, she folded it and laid it across Marcus's hot forehead. 

"Alright, I am going to grab some Tylenol - can you swallow?" 

Marcus nodded and Kat smiled, leaning over to kiss his cheek. This angle provided him a clear view of her bare breasts and he reached up for a moment to grab the tie of her robe.

"Mmmmm, be careful bad boy, I don't think you're in any condition to start something now."

Marcus smiled and whispered, "Thanks for caring, Kat."

Placing the back of her hand on his beautiful hot cheek for a brief moment, Kat strode out to the bathroom to retrieve the Tylenol and a box of tissues. Sitting back on the bed, she passed him the pills and placed the tissue box between them. She handed him her glass of water while he sat up and swallowed the pills. He took a sip, handed back the glass, and then cupped his hands. "Eeeshhhhh!" Reaching for the tissues, he stifled a second sneeze, "Htchmpf!" And once he had the tissues in hand, "Eeeeshhhhh! Hah Eshhhhhhh!" followed, doubling him over. 

"Damn it, sorry," he coughed out.

"Bless you - c'mon, lie back, sweetheart. I'll wake you in two hours, okay?" 

Kat's clit throbbed with his sneezes, but the dark circles under his eyes told her that Marcus needed rest more than anything else.

"Okay," he murmured, lying down with a fist full of tissues in his hand. Kat gently stroked his hair until he fell asleep again.

Diligently Kat woke him to receive the next report and suggested that he change the next check in for three hours, which Marcus thought to be a good idea since Kat seemed content to write and he could use the rest. At the end of three hours, Kat woke him again to check in. She had gotten more than half way through her paper and was in need of a stretch and some food. 

"Babe, I need to eat - are you hungry?" she asked. Marcus shook his head. "How about some soup?" she persisted. "Soup sounds nice right about now, don't you think?"

"Okay, soup is good, but hang on, I feel better and I need to get dressed and come with you," he said.

"No, you don't. Marcus, you lay right there. I can go get the damn soup myself - this is lame," she gestured, waving her hand.

"Kat, I have to," he whispered, clearing his throat.

Kat tilted her head and purred, changing her approach. "Marcus I am not going to argue with you, but you are not getting out of that bed. So, I'll buzz down and have it brought up." 

Marcus smiled. "That'll do. Just as long as I don't let you out of my sight."

"Really? So, um, you feel better and you can't let me out of your sight?" 

Kat climbed on the bed and sat on top of Marcus, her legs on either side of his torso. Instantly, his cock grew hard underneath her. 

"Kat, I thought you were hungry," Marcus teased, his brows raised.

"I am more hungry for you, baby," she cooed, writhing seductively on top of him.

"Mmmmm" Marcus moaned and then turned his head to the side sneezing, "Eshhhhhhh, Hiteshhhh!"

"Bless you honey. Maybe I shouldn't tease you just yet."

"No - Kat, I have to have you now." Marcus's hoarse voice had dropped to a husky pitch, his cock throbbing underneath her. Kat leaned forward, kissing Marcus deeply, his hands lost in her hair.

Just then, the two-way beeped through, "Unauthorized vehicle at the gate - team one, check."