Working It Out


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Marcus sat up, immediately pulling Kat close as he reached for the two-way. "Copy that Team one, check. Team two, perimeter sweep now and report in ten, check."

"Team two, check," came the immediate response.

He rubbed his free hand over Kat's back as she laid her face against his bare, muscled torso. She responded by gently running her fingers through the soft dark curls that spread across his chest. 

Clearing his throat, Marcus clicked the two-way. "Team three, surround the exterior of the house. No one in or out, check."

"Team three, check."

He placed the two-way back on the nightstand and pulled Kat close as he lay back upon the pillow. Kat said nothing, but continued to rub his chest as she lay on top of him. 

Marcus reached over for the tissues and grabbed a few, holding them in front of his mouth and nose.

"Haah … ahhh … atttishhhoooo!" 

Kat moaned audibly as his stomach hardened and the sheer force of his sneeze lifted her. Marcus noticed her instant arousal and raised his brow, "Kat?" he prompted.

Looking up at him, she breathed, "Bless you," and as her hand found his cock, "Marc, I want you. I need you inside me…"

Marcus smiled broadly in spite of the seriousness of the situation, wondering if his new hunch was right. Of course there was nothing they could do for the next ten minutes and, depending on what happened with the car at the gate, quite possibly longer. Telling her that they would have to wait was going to take more tact than he thought he had right then.

"And of course I want you, baby. But I think you realize that we have a little problem." He shifted his weight, tilting her chin so that his eyes locked with hers. "I want to devote all my attention to you without interruption, and Kat, I will be interrupted in about eight minutes. For me, that is unacceptable. I want to make love to you, I don't want to simply fuck you. Do you understand what I am trying to, to - ahhhhhhtishhh! hateeshhhhh! - say? God, excuse me." Marcus turned his head to the side for the two quick sneezes, which caught him by complete surprise.

Kat blessed him, nodding, not trusting herself to say more than "Bless," her pussy fairly dripping with aching lust. 

Marcus kissed the tip of his finger and placed it on her forehead. "Mmm, thank you baby doll. Just listen to me. I am not in the best shape right this sec, Kat; I've really got a helluva cold. Spending even this much time in my space is not gonna be good for you. Angel, I think I should get dressed and take my germs into the hall - or at least across the room. I don't want you to catch this."

Kat had heard enough. She drew herself closer, until her face was inches from his. Gently, she leaned down to close the remaining distance, pressing her lips to his, her body to his, nibbling and biting, licking and sucking. Marc fairly growled in response and in a flash had her beneath him, pulling her thin robe off her shoulders. Cold forgotten, tongues entwined, his hands found her breasts and slid down her back to her firm behind. His hot tongue seared her neck, caressed her shoulders and then both breasts. Biting her right nipple gently, he twisted the left one torturously until Kat cried out. Simultaneously, the two-way issued a loud beep.

"Gate. Delivery by courier from Mr. Monteleone. Passcode provided. Perimeter, clear. Check."

Kat nearly screamed in frustration and instead pummeled the mattress. Marcus's feelings echoed Kat's own and he pulled himself to a sitting position, reaching to answer the confounded interrupter.

"Right," he said, clicking the button, and then paused for a moment to compose himself. "Teams two and three resume normal perimeter sweep. I'm moving the next meeting up an hour. Check."

Clicking the two-way off after gaining the teams' responses, Marcus spoke croakily, "I'm sorry Kat. At least I've moved the meeting up, so now we can have all night together." 

He leaned over and kissed her deeply. Kat responded and then pushed him away.

"Shit," she blurted. "Marcus, this bullshit about my protection didn't get to me until now. Seriously, I feel like I might lose it. I need to work out, and maybe swim a few hundred laps."

"I wish it were different too," Marcus agreed, rubbing her leg softly. "I would never forgive myself if something were to happen on my shift, especially now. Kat, please know that I am more than just attracted to you; I have been interested in you for a while now. I've waited this long, a few more hours will not hurt either of us." 

Kat nodded, still glum about the interruption, though smiling at his words. "It's nice to know I wasn't the only one feeling it. I still think you should stay in bed; you do sound wretched. And I still say I'll catch your cold happily. Whatever you think for now, as soon as the sun sets you're in here with me. No 'check-in' bullshit - unless it's seriously fucking important. I can't believe it was a freaking package from my father that interrupted us."

"Yeah, well, better a package than the real thing," Marc laughed. 

He was actually both surprised and relieved when she gave in. The last thing he wanted was to upset her any further. She had been great considering her freedom was essentially gone and she was only realizing it now.

Stretching, Marc stood and began to dress. Once clothed, he kissed Kat deeply and urged her to get something to eat before making his way to the door. He turned back and Kat was right behind him with the box of tissues, holding one out to him. He took it and sneezed loudly.

"Ahhh … etchhhhh! Eesssshhhh!"

Kat stood on tip toe and kissed his cheek, "You should be in bed, baby."

"I dno … soodn." Blowing his nose, he made his way back round the room and gathered all the used tissues. "I should burn these," he teased. "Okay, kitten, please grab some food before you work out."

Kat stuck her tongue out at him playfully and he kissed her forehead before departing.

Alone in her room, she stretched and stripped off her robe. Pulling on a pair of undies, she grabbed her workout clothes and dressed. Kat worried her way down to the kitchen. Marcus really should be in bed, not running around the grounds like a madman protecting her life.

From the kitchen, she was able to see the rear yard and a few teams walking around. The sky had become an ominous gray. Storm clouds were rolling in quickly which was odd to see this late in the fall. She ran her hand through her hair to tie it back and was surprised to feel the static electricity in it. This meant a pretty decent drop in the temperature as well and she knew Marcus was out on the grounds dressed only in his jeans and sweater. 

It made her angry to think about him undoing the rest he'd had. "Idiot," she stated aloud, pulling out a pan and a can of soup.

She stood at the window and spied Marcus coming across the back lawn towards one of the teams. Blowing his nose, he motioned to the two men and they spoke for a few moments. Kat could see he was frowning about something. Then another team met them, this one with a dog. Marcus bent down to pet the shepherd and Kat smiled as he ran his hands over the animal. Those hands were the same hands that had just been ravaging her body.

Good Lord, how she wanted him. His cold just seemed to intensify everything she had been feeling for him and bring it to a hard pulse inside her. The thrumming of her heart inside her chest had never felt so intense and seemed to beat in time to the throbbing in her clit.

Kat watched mesmerized as Marcus held one finger up and sneezed into the crook of his arm. She could see him shivering slightly when he stood back up. Kat desperately wanted to grab his jacket and run out to him with it, but that would look rather obvious. Right now that was the last thing she wanted. If she had learned anything from her father, it was about the male ego. In public, never embarrass or undermine a man's authority. Major grounds for dismissal.

Chiding herself, Kat put her cup in the sink and made her way to the far end of the house where her father had built a gym for her. It had a dance floor, complete with a wall of mirrors and bar. Two of the walls were completely paned and the various pieces of equipment faced the windows. Kat put the music on and began her workout, trying to block out the images of Marcus about to sneeze from her mind's eye.

She was on the Stairmaster when he came into view again. This time he waved to her and she waved back. He pulled his handkerchief out and gave his nose a blow, smiling sheepishly. Kat stopped exercising and gestured, mouthing at the same time, "Your jacket?"

Marcus smiled and shrugged. Pulling back his sleeve, he looked at his watch and mouthed back, "I'm okay - just a few more minutes."

Kat held up her index finger and gave him a pretend scolding, though she was smiling at the same time. Marcus grinned back as she began stepping again. Finishing her workout, she glanced at the clock in the hall. Marcus had been outside for the last 30 minutes and would have his meeting soon. She was comforted by the thought of his being back inside again.

Turning off the stereo, she flicked the lights off as well, and strode through the hall. The phone rang and she answered on the fourth ring.


Kat waited. There was a series of clicks and then that hollow overseas echo could be heard.

"Kat! How's my girl?" came the voice of her father from across the seas.

"I'm great, dad. And you?" she asked, smiling warmly and twisting the cord around her fingers.

"Good. Everything is wonderful; weather is warm, food is great, and business could not be better. And the women, of course, are beautiful, but not as beautiful as you, my girl."

Kat laughed, "You're too much, dad. So, are you still on schedule for the day after tomorrow? I miss you, you know?"

There was a pause and then her father's voice grew serious, "Well baby, that's why I called. I may be another day or so. Where's Marcus?"

"Outside. I'll bring the cordless out to him."

Kat continued to talk to her father as she picked up the phone from his desk and then made a side trip to Marc's bedroom where she retrieved his jacket. Pulling her long hooded sweater off the peg by the back door, she slipped it on and strolled out of the house into the yard. Marcus was still in the middle of his meeting. She moved through the crowd of security men to reach him.

Marcus raised his eyebrow as he wiped his nose and Kat, still conversing with her father, handed him his jacket. He nodded casually at her and donned the jacket, clearly grateful for its warmth.

"Right, okay dad, see you then. Yes the package did arrive, but of course I'll wait for you to open it. Okay dad. No, I am fine - seriously. Okay dad, mm-hm, love you too. Okay, here's Marcus. Be safe."

Handing the phone over to Marcus, Kat nonchalantly turned and walked back into the house, just as Marcus covered the phone and sneezed.

"Haatishhhh! Eshhhhh!"

Kat smiled, knowing that would bring a reaction from her father. Even though he would undoubtedly be delayed by a day or two, he would also be concerned about his top man getting sick. She strained to hear Marcus tell her father he was okay and had just caught a bit of a cold.

"Bit of a cold my ass!" she said aloud as she re-entered the house and then made her way to her room to wait for her lover.