Things To Do On a Rainy Day


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Kat peeled off her workout attire and decided she could use a hot bath. But first, she needed to tend to a few little things. The lusty mood built up earlier that day needed to be reflected in her room, and perfected for this man she was about to love. Atmosphere, after all, was important.

Donning her robe, she dug through drawers and opened packages she had reserved for just such an occasion.  Kat stripped the bed of its sheets and remade it, dressing it just right: nothing but the softest silk sheets and comforter, nothing but her finest down-filled satin duvet to keep him warm. That night, everything had to be perfect.

Putting away her papers and books, Kat set out candles in ornate holders, pulled the tall tapers from their spot against the wall and stood tall and small, fat and thin aromatic oil burners on feng shui plates all around the room. There were enough candles in the room to suggest a décor straight out of the Kama Sutra. There could be no doubt that a very spiritual and magical sexual interlude about to be performed in this setting.

Kat smiled, pleased with her work. “Just for you, Marcus,” she said aloud before dimming the lights and heading down to make sandwiches, warm some soup, and grab glasses and a pitcher of juice. She returned quickly and laid the items out on a tray in a corner of her room, it would not do to have her lover weakened.

And then, turning up her thermostat, she attended to her bath.


Marcus was not as lucky as Kat had been in slipping off the phone. In fact, he was getting something very much resembling the third degree from his employer.

“No Sir, I’m fine, please don’t worry. I’ll not let anything happen to Kat.”

Marcus winced and cleared his throat, doing his best to assure Mr. Monteleone that his daughter’s safety wouldn’t be compromised.

On the other end of the phone, Roberto Monteleone’s voice was filled with warmth, trust and compassion as he chuckled.

“Actually, Marcus, I am worried about you. I know Kat is in good hands; I also know she can be a handful. Son, if I may speak frankly- I’m not a fool, and you sound like shit. You have my permission to tell her ‘No’. If need be, put me back on with her. She’s a big girl; she can stay in one Saturday night.”

It was now Marcus’s turn to smile as he replied, wanting to be as honest as possible without saying too much.

“Sir, Kat’s been more than accommodating. She made sure I had fresh juice this morning and decided to write her paper this afternoon so I was not taxed.  This evening looks like we are about to have a storm.  Kat’s gone back in, but I think she has a quiet night in planned anyway.”

“Alright, that’s my girl. Good. I am glad to hear she’s not being difficult. I expected she’d be stir crazy by now. Well, keep it up with her; whatever you are doing to preserve her happiness must be working. Of course your health is to be considered, and if you get worse and feel you need to rest, just call Crawford in.”

Marcus frowned deeply. That was the last thing he planned to do- call that seamy bastard Crawford? He was about to say something, but wisely kept his thoughts to himself. He could handle this. His men were dressed for the weather, himself excepted, and the patrols had been planned. He would be with Kat.

“Thanks, Sir, I’ll be fine. Right, we’ll see you in a few days then.”

Marcus clicked the phone off in time to sneeze sharply, “Ahhhtessshhhh, iiiishhhh!”

Many of the men blessed him and he thanked them with a nod. Finishing this meeting was all he wanted to do- then, he could the hell back up to Kat.

As they concluded with final times for perimeter sweeps, the sky seemed to open a floodgate, letting loose a torrential downpour of icy rain. Marcus signaled to his men, who broke off into their respective teams. This was going to be a foul night for security measures, he thought as he jogged to the back entrance of the house.

Dripping wet, soaked completely through, Marcus locked the back door and hung his sopping jacket on the peg next to Kat’s sweater. He armed the system, programming the areas he knew they would not be entering as “hot areas”, and put the rest of the system in an early sleep mode.

With that done, he shivered, grabbed a towel and made his way up to Kat’s room. Opening the door, he could hear faint music playing. He smiled to himself; Kat adored the twelve-string guitar, and it echoed softly from her surround sound system.

Thankfully, the room was warm, though Marcus shivered again in spite of himself. He closed the door, locking it securely. Moving through the room, he spied the tray of food, grabbed a sandwich and poured himself a glass of juice. Hearing slight splashing from the bathroom, he smiled again. She was in the bathtub! Finishing his food and swallowing down the juice, he took off his wet sweater, kicked off his Rockports and pulled off his socks.

His nose tickled deeply, but he did not want to sneeze just yet. Pinching it shut, he stifled, “Hichmpf, chmpf.”

Tuned in to her lover’s sneeze, Kat called out to him. “Bless you baby; now get your ass in here! I hear the rain on the sky light – don’t tell me you were out…”

Kat stopped talking at the sight of him, hair wet, shirt off, in his jeans. His chest was beautifully bare as he ran his hands through his hair, grinning sheepishly down at her.

“Kitten, I won’t tell you I was drenched to the skin, if it isn’t what you want to hear.”

“Damn it Marc, you already have a cold, do you want to get pneumonia? Are you trying to make me nuts? Now c’mon, get in the tub with me. Come get warm and let me rub your back.”

Marcus gave a devilish smile as he disrobed and joined her in the nice hot water, slipping in behind her, saying,

“No ma’am, and of course I don’t want pneumonia. But I do think that I’d like to keep this cold if it meant I’d get more of your tender care. Kat, you are something else…”

Kat wondered at him for a moment, and then decided she didn’t really care if he knew what he did to her. Leaning back against his chest, Kat sighed and ran her hands over his arms, making certain to bring the warm water up with each stroke. 

Marcus leaned down and kissed her neck, bringing her hand to his lips. He kissed her knuckles. Slipping her fingers into his mouth one at a time, he sucked gently on them, his senses flooded by the sea-scented bath water and a sweet fragrance he couldn’t readily identify. It was like a heady mist, slipping through his blocked sinuses and tickling the back of his nose, suddenly growing overpowering. He couldn’t help himself- he dropped his hold on her and pressed the back of his hand to his nose.

“Kat, I, I- uh… ih-ishhhhhhh! Hatisssshhhhhh! Babe, excuse me.”

Kat turned to face him, kneeling in the tub, and kissed the tip of his nose as he shivered a bit. “Awww, Marcus, bless you. Poor baby, let’s get you dry and warm and into bed.” She lowered her eyes for a moment before kissing him again. “I gotta tell you that your sneezes are absolutely killing me. I want you so badly it hurts… but more than anything, I want you to feel better.”

Marcus smiled at her. Kat stood and stepped away from the tub, slipping into her terrycloth robe. Surprisingly, she pulled a larger robe from behind the bathroom door and held it out for him.

“I bought this with you in mind a while back,” she offered as he put it on and tied it around his waist. “All those times we went swimming, I knew you were freezing, but you never said a word and always waited while I dried off before you even dried your hair, making sure I was safe from every angle.  Now, it’s my turn.”

Marcus said nothing as she took his hand and led him from the bathroom into the bedroom, where the candles in their magic holders cast shadows on the walls. The light flickered gently against the bed.

Pulling his hand further, she pressed him back against the pillows in the center of satiny sheets and her silken comforter. Then, she reached behind the soft pillows to grab a bottle of special love oil, the kind that became warm with friction.

Kat poured a little in the palm of her hand, and parted his robe just enough to expose his hardening cock. She made a circle with her thumb and forefinger, and then very lightly- like butterfly wings- Kat began to stroke Marc’s already hard cock up and down until it seemed like electricity was passing between them.

When he was about to come, Mark grabbed her wrist. “Let me make love to you, Kat. I’m more than well enough to do that.”

The invisible sparks moved between them as Marcus pulled off his robe, then reached to untie Kat’s. He was almost there when, all of a sudden, he quickly dropped it.

Marcus cupped his hands, sneezing harshly, “Ittttssschooo, choooo, essshhhh!” and then looked awkwardly at Kat who handed him a tissue.

Conquered by compassion, she placed her hand upon his cheek and made a very difficult decision. 

“Bless you,” Kat sighed. “Marcus, honey, let’s just rest tonight – we have all the time in the world. What do you think?”

Marcus laid back, pulled Kat gently toward his chest until she lay atop him, and ran his hands under her robe and over her warm body.

“Kat, baby, I have to have you. Unless of course, my sneezing bothers...”

But he could not finish because Kat was kissing him deeply again. Pulling off her robe, she sat atop him, and slowly placed his cock between her pussy lips. Then, she pushed down until he was buried inside her.

Leaning forward, Kat kissed Marcus, rotating her hips, undulating with his cock deeply inside her. Low and guttural, Marcus moaned, kissing the curves of her neck, overcome by the sensuality of her mouth pressed to his. Running his hands through her hair, he could feel the tickle beginning again in the back of his nose, but fought it valiantly as breaking off this kiss was the last thing he wanted to do.

Kat, sensing the change in his kiss, knew he was about to sneeze. She kissed his cheek, his neck, his shoulder, hoping to allow him the space necessary to sneeze without cessation of their lovemaking. Still riding him, she began to gently rub her index finger along the bridge of his nose. Then, she could only watch, rapt, as the pre-sneeze expression overtook her lover and he gave in completely.

“Haaaaishhhhh, ishhhhh, hatchooooo!”

Kat started to feel the pulse of her orgasm begin deep inside, like a small ripple in the pond that was her center.

“God, Marcus,” she moaned, “oh God, Marcus, deeper, make love to me.”

Marcus responded immediately and deftly rolled Kat over onto her back so that he was on top of her. He pinned her to the bed with forceful thrusts, never missing a stroke and pressing his cock deeply into her as he felt his own climax build and pour forth out of him. Kat’s sex began to spasm, and she moaned with each contraction of her orgasm as its rippling waves of pleasure washed over her.

When it was over, Marcus buried his head against Kat’s neck to stifle, “Hischmfff, htmmpff!”

“Bless you baby,” Kat whispered, giving a little moan just before falling asleep. 

Marcus reached over for a tissue, wiped his nose, and pulled the duvet over both of them. He drew Kat to rest upon his shoulder and held her close. He closed his eyes, smiling as he felt her nestle against him, and tenderly whispered,

“Thank you, kitten. Thank you so very much.”