Teasing and Sneezing


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Chelle jumped up and ran to the kitchen closet to get the feather duster. She came back to the living room and sat down next to Brian. 

"Now what do you think I should do with this?"

Brian smiled at her. "Well I guess you could tickle my nose with it and see what happens."

Chelle took the duster and stroked it under Brian's nose while he inhaled slowly and deeply. After a few seconds, he pushed the duster away and began to rub his nose. "*SNIFF* uhh… it's working, Chelle. Whahhhh … what do you want me to do?"

"Just sneeze for me. I want to watch those big wet sneezes explode out of that sexy nose of yours."


The sneezes exploded out of him, wet and forceful. He grabbed a few tissues just as the next fit started. 

"Ahhh … ahhh … uhhh its stuck." He rubbed his nose with the tissues. 'Hatchooooooo! Itschhhh! Uhhhhschhhhh! ha … ha … haaaaaa … ahhhhhh … achooooooo!"

Chelle sat, watching her lover sneeze, and began to get aroused once again. "Bri, that was so incredibly sexy. I want you. Now." She snatched his hand and led him to the bedroom.

Brian was alight with excitement as they entered Chelle's room, and wasted no time in getting a hold of her and laying her down on the bed. His nose was still very tickly, and he knew another induced fit would be easy. 

To help get things underway, he offered, "You want more sneezes Chelle?"

She couldn't refuse such an offer, and reached up, strokinh his nose. "Mmmm, more sneezes Bri. Sneeze for me. Sneeze on me!"

He saw the look of lust in her eyes and was eager to please her. "*SNIFF* if you keep ruuhhhh… rubbing my nose, I'll have to ahhh … ahhh … ahhhchoooooooooo! *SNIFF* sneeze. I just have to warn you though. The more I sneeze, the wetter and messiiichhhhhhhh … messier they will get."

Chelle smiled. "Cover me in those wet, powerful sneezes, baby." She started to rub his nose a bit more vigorously.

Brian unbuttoned Chelle's shirt and began to fondle her breasts. "Want me to sneeze on these?"

Chelle moaned in agreement as the sneeze began to overtake Brian's nose. 

"HACHOOOOOO! Itchhhhh! Choooooo! Atchooooooo! *SNIFF* Atchoooooooooo! Eshhhhhh!" 

The sneezes sprayed wetly across Chelle's chest. Brian grabbed a few tissues and brought them to his nose, but Chelle grabbed them. 

"Here let me," she said. 

She held the tissues to his nose while he gave a forceful blow followed by a series of powerful sneezes. 


The tissues were totally soaked and falling apart, the wetness covering Chelle's hands. She pressed her finger under his nose but to no avail. 

"ACHHHHHHH! Chhhhhh! Heeeeeeeahhhhhhhhhccccchooooo! Itchhh! Ichhhh! *SNIFF* Sorry Chelle, I cant st- …ahhhh … atchhhhhh!"

She took her other hand and lightly pinched his nose. The tickle backed off a bit.

"Can we at least take off our clothes and have some fun before you start up again?" The urge to sneeze was strong in Brian's nose (damn that dust worked well), and Chelle was anxious for both of them to get maximum enjoyment out of the experience.

"Can you get undressed in less than a minute? 'Cause I might be able to hold out that long." Ever the gentleman, Brian reached and grabbed his nose so Chelle could undress. He also grabbed a huge wad of tissues and blew as much of the wetness as possible out of his very full nose. Finally, he undressed and got back into bed with her.

They laid in the bed, arms and legs intertwined. "Bri, I've never wanted you so badly before," Chelle purred. "I want to make love to you all night."

Brian pulled her closer. "I can't believe I can turn you on just by sneezing for you. I've always enjoyed sneezing, but I never thought it would pay off so highly." He kissed her softly on the lips. "If you want more sneezes, though, you're gonna have to get my nose going again, babe." 

Though it sounded like an invitation rather than an affirmation, Chelle was worried about using more dust to get Brian to sneeze. "Hon, is there anything else that gets your nose going? All that dust can't be good for you."

Brian reached for a tissue and rolled the end into a sharp point. "If you tickle the inside of my nose with this, it will make me sneeze… but the sneezes will be big and pretty messy almost from the start."

Chelle took the tissue and slowly inserted it into Brian's nose. His nose was very sensitive from all the recent sneezing, and it took under ten seconds for Chelle to coax a sneeze from it.

"ACHOOOOOOO!" The force of the sneeze blew the tissue right out of his nostril. "ACHOOOOOOO!"

She pulled him close and began to kiss him. "MCHHHHH! MMCHHH! PCHHH!" Her hand slid down, and finding him already hard, she slipped him inside of her.

"Chelle, use the duster. I want to sneeze more for you." 

Well, since he'd actually asked her to do it… She took the feather duster and rubbed it vigorously under his nose. The dust quickly found its way to the back of it, triggering off yet more delicious explosions.


Chelle was on fire. All of Brian's previous sneezes had excited her to no end, and to have him willing to produce still more for her enjoyment nearly sent her over the top right then and there. She rocked against him in time with the sneezes, each explosion seeming to bring them closer together. She could feel him moving inside her, a sweet warmth that made her heart beat faster.

"Hhaaa hhhhhaaaa *SNIFF* Kerchoooooooo! Cheeeeeeewwwwww! Hiiiiiiiii … hiiiiiiii … ACHOOOOOOOOO!" 

Chelle moaned in pleasure and placed her finger under his nose. "You have to hold them back Bri. I'm going to explode if you do that again."

"*SNIFF* Me too. I'd dever seed you so exdited bud I can'd hold it back buch londger."

She pinched his nose lightly but the look on his face told her it wasn't helping much. 


She pressed her finger strongly under his nose while rocking back and forth against him. His eyes were squeezed tightly shut.

"Ahhhh … ahhhh ... Oh god," he panted, his face contorting dramatically, "the longer you hold them back, the more I'm going to have to sneeze!"

Brian was still shifting in and out of her, teasing her with his gasping breath, twitching nose and impending sneezes. All of a sudden, it was too much for her; Chelle felt her orgasm coming, and knew it was futile both to try and stop Brian's sneezes and her body's response to them. Ready to let herself be swept away by pleasure, she took her finger from under his nose and readied herself.

Brian lay there, his chest heaving, also preparing for the upcoming explosions. "Ahhhhhhhh… ahhhhhhhhhh … uhhhhhh." The sneeze seemed stuck. Chelle knew immediately what had to be done. Wasting no time, she grabbed a tissue, rolled a corner of it to a point, and inserted it in her boyfriend's tickly red nose.

The effect was immediate.


His body bucked wildly with each sneeze, and Chelle felt her orgasm coming quickly. She was tempted to close her eyes to fully concentrate on the sensations blossoming down below, but the sneezy expression on Brian's face was just too gorgeous to forego. The intensity of the moment was almost overwhelming as she felt pleasure surge up and throughout her body in waves; she had never felt anything like this before.

"Sneeze on me Brian!" she cried as she climaxed, and her lover gladly obliged.

"ACHOOOOOOOO! Huuuuuu … Itchoooooooooo! Chelle … Ahhhhhhooooooooo! … I'm gonnaaaaaahhhhhhchooooooo! … come … ATCHIIIIIIIIIHOOOOOOO! CHOOOOOO!" 

It was his turn to orgasm, and he did it arching his back and gripping her hips tightly, still sneezing. Then, fully spent and exhausted, he reached up and began to try and rub the tickle out of his nose.

"*SNIFF* Chhhh! Chhhh! Chhh! ATCHHHHH! *SNIFF*."

Chelle grabbed some tissues and held them to his nose. 

"Itchhhhhh! Itchhhhhhhh! Atchoooooooo!" He tried to hold them back, but it wasn't working. "Ahh … mpchhhh! Achooooo! … ahhh … ahhhh …."

"Come on Bri, sneeze out that dust," she said, lightly stroking his arm.

She slid off him and let him sit up in the bed. His head tipped back - "Ahhhhh … ahhhhh …" - and snapped forward into the waiting tissues: "HETCHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" This was followed by a second, identical sneeze, then another, each a bit longer apart than the one before. 

"*SNIFF* Was it good for you Chelle? Achooooo!"

"Bri that was the most amazing experience of my life. I must admit I feel guilty for making you sneeze so much just for me." 

She saw a sneezy expression drift across his face yet again, and he sneezed into his cupped hands. "Achooooo! Achooooooo! Don't feel guilty Chelle, I loved every second of it. In fact," he added, his eyes gleaming mischievously, "I'm looking forward to doing it again!"