Cherie and Karen

Mr Sneezy

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Cherie and Karen were sitting on the sofa when Cherie's nose began a familiar tickle. Quickly, the beautiful slim teenager pulled her handkerchief from the pocket of her blouse and, as Karen watched, opened it and covered her mouth and nose. 

"Atishoo.......tishoo.....ah....ah....ATISHOO!", she exploded forcibly and wet inside the clean cloth. Not stopping to change to a dry spot in the hanky, Cherie took a deep breath and blew a large amount of mucus into the equally generous patch of saliva she had just deposited. 

Karen watched all this, her sudden arousal obvious in her eyes. "Can I look?Ē she asked, almost pleadingly. 

Cherie folded and closed her hanky before passing it to her lover. "Only if I can smell your cute little bottom," she replied, but the sexual tease in her voice gave away, as usual, her own desire. 

Karen nodded and took the hanky almost reverently. Carefully she opened it and gazed in awe, as she always did, at what was contained within.  She touched it with a finger, smearing it gently, then tasted it , flicking her tongue over the finger. Then finally, she smelt it, the hanky against her own nose.   Karen noted that today, Cherie's mucus had a faint, but pleasant odour which indicated that her friend was healthy, but had needed to sneeze to release a lot of waste from her sinuses. And she had certainly done that. 

Karen folded up Cherie's handkerchief, leaned over and tucked it back in the pocket of the other girl's blouse, getting a good feel of a firm breast as she did so. She was very aroused by now, within her vagina and everywhere else for that matter. She longed for release, but first it was Cherie's turn for fun. Cherie got off on both her own and Karen's sneezing as well, but Karen's buttocks were her own personal playpen on a regular basis. 

Karen flipped over and lay on her tummy. Immediately, Cherie got to work, lifting the other girl's short skirt and slipping her underpants off. Then Cherie was kneeling between Karen's legs and parting the cheeks of her bottom, breathing in the faint scent that was always there. It was musky and far from unpleasant. Not unlike, Cherie allowed, a clean young woman's bottom should smell. 

At eighteen, Cherie and Karen knew each other's bodies intimately, having begun with careful kissing and touching at fifteen. At seventeen, they were bringing each other to orgasm almost daily.  Their solid relationship was supplemented by Karen's love for Cherie's saliva and mucus, generated by her not infrequent sneezing fits. Along with her tissues and hankies, Cherie would often invite Karen to put her hand over her mouth when she felt a sneeze coming on. However, a favourite trick both the girls loved was for Cherie to put her face within an inch of Karen's and let go. It sent Karen into ecstasy. 

In the three years that they had been lovers, Karen had had only two colds and had caught neither from Cherie. In contrast, her own sneeze was small and dry. She rarely experimented with it. Cherie, on the other hand, adored Karen's firm round little bottom and would often sniff and lick at her anus for up to twenty minutes. Recently, at a half-joking invitation from Karen, the other girl had started coming to the toilet with her where they would both cuddle while Karen did "poohies" as she called them. Then, Cherie would wipe her bottom for her, an activity Karen secretly enjoyed as though she were being mothered. 

Now, after some ten minutes with her nose and mouth working busily between Karen's little cheeks, Cherie came up for a break. Karen turned over, unbuttoning her blouse. 

"My pussy needs you now", she said softly. Lying on her back, she spread open the blouse to reveal her firm young breasts with their hard nipples. 

Cherie opened  Karen's legs again and knelt between them. However, before bending to her vagina, she pooled a large amount of saliva on her forefingers and reached expertly for Karenís nipples. Karen gasped as her arousal intensified, her breasts responding to Cherie's "magic fluid" being caressed into them. Darts of pleasure shot to her vaginal area. 

 Now Cherie bent to Karen's pussy, slipping her tongue straight in and working towards the clitoris. It didnít take long. Karen was too aroused. Within a minute, she was moaning and thrusting her crotch into Cherie's face. A moment later, she was over the edge, coming hard, a tremor taking her from head to foot as she convulsed, panted and moaned Cherie's name repeatedly. 

When she was sure Karen was coming back down, Cherie lifted her head and moved up, lying on top of her friend. They locked lips in a long deep kiss. Karen could taste her own pussy juice in Cherie's mouth as each girl poured her love into the other, their spirits bonded as one.