Cherie and Karen Pt 2

Mr Sneezy

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It was late evening. Cherie and Karen lay in the dark in Cherie's double bed, drifting towards the edge of sleep and wrapped companionably against each other, the way they always slept together. It had been a week since Cherie's abrupt sneezing fit had ended with intense lovemaking on the sofa. During the following days, Cherie had sneezed on three more occasions, but each time, there had been other people present and she had suppressed it discreetly in her handkerchief, pinching her nostrils together so that her usual heavy "ATISHOO!" was reduced to a silent convulsion in her upper body.

When no one was looking she would give Karen's hand a little squeeze, her silent promise that there were better things to come when they were alone again. This promise was always kept at the first opportunity, Cherie's eager tongue pleasuring Karen's vagina and anus until Karen's desire boiled over. Then it would be Cherie's turn, Karen licking her clitoris and caressing wet saliva into her nipples until the attractive teenager would come hard, her face always showing a mixture of surprise and shock as if she could not believe that she could feel such intense pleasure. And indeed, some days she could not.

They did it everywhere and anywhere, every position, every method, their bodies perfectly in tune with each other. It was the perfect lesbian relationship. Oddly enough, by their own admission, no one else was remotely aware of how close they actually were. Cherie’s father was long dead and her mother, a social climber with a drinking problem would regularly seem to forget that she had a teenage daughter. Cherie had long since stopped caring. She had Karen.

Yes. It was perfect.

They were lying in bed now, Karen wearing a T-shirt, Cherie wearing nothing at all. Love had been made that afternoon, Karen wondering if she put a finger inside her anus, whether she could touch Cherie’s tongue, it was that far inside her pussy. Voicing this thought had brought her a laughter-filled cuddle from Cherie who explained that she wished she had two tongues so that she could lick Karen front and back simultaneously.

"If you had two tongues, though, I'd get twice as much spit when you sneezed," Karen pointed out.     

"Hold that thought, babe," answered Cherie. "Oh, and hold these too," she added presenting her firm young breasts for attention.  They fell into slow afterplay. Now Karen felt Cherie tense up beside her and dropped her hand from where it had been lying on the other girl's breast.

"Got a sneeze coming on, babe," Cherie said quickly and quietly.

Karen was on her back in a split second. Just as quickly, Cherie flipped over on top of her so that their faces were about three inches apart. There was no time to do or say anything else. Cherie was beginning to pant, holding on to her sneeze until they were ready. Her nose and upper sinuses were afire. Two more shuddering breaths and she let go.  


The single massive sneeze impacted fully against Karen's face, a  copious amount of saliva and some flecks of mucus clearly visible. Karen's vagina  was quickly as wet as her face, but first she grabbed a handful of tissues from the box on the bedside table. She knew Cherie's sneeze just as well as her own. That had been about three rolled into one. There would be no more.

She found Cherie's face in the dark, wiped her glistening lips with her fingers and put the tissues to her nose. Gratefully, Cherie blew, a quick cleanout, as her nose was not running much despite the intensity of her sneeze. Lying on top of Karen, the warm closeness and the smell of her clean skin had begun to get Cherie as aroused as her lover. From this point on there was no need for instructions. They had done this a hundred times before. 

Cherie moved a little so that her legs were on Karen's and their vulvas were touching. Both began to thrust up and down in opposite directions. It was their own perfected method. Karen whispered in Cherie's ear, telling her how beautiful her spit felt on her face and what a big sexy sneeze she had. As their rhythm increased, Cherie closed Karen's mouth with a sizzling kiss, which they both held, tongues intertwining wildly. Then it was over the top together, a unique event, even for them. Spent, they lay in each other's arms.

"Ohmygod, that was good," Karen mumbled. "You're the best there is."   

"They don't come any better," replied Cherie calmly.

At the mention of the word "come", they both began to giggle. 

After a while, and a few more slow kisses, they drifted into the void of sleep. Outside, the stars shone down coldly on silent suburbia.


The following morning, Cherie awoke first. She gazed lovingly at the sleeping Karen curled up inches from her.

"An angel just for me," she thought. Then she remembered last night's unexpected bonus, smiled in the half-light and cuddled as close as she could to Karen who finally stirred and opened her eyes. Cherie kissed her lips and brushed the sleepy girl's hair back.   

"Hi angel," she whispered.       

Karen's smile was immediately alight. "Good morning babycake," she purred. "Was that a dream last night?"

"Nope," said Cherie. "I sneezed my magic fluid all over your face and then we made the hottest love we've had for at least a week. Came together too".    

At this point, Cherie stopped to have a huge yawn. Karen popped a hand over the teenager's mouth, feeling her warm breath. When she had finished, they lay in silence for a few moments, then Cherie turned and looked into her girlfriend's eyes.

"What about you?" she asked. "Your nose has been silent for ages."

Karen cocked her head thoughtfully. "I had one at home a week ago," she said after a moment. "It was so small no one would have noticed except for you with your special sneeze-trained ears."

Cherie could hear Karen sneeze in another room, a spectacular feat given that the girl's sneeze was so light it hardly seemed to be there at all. Karen never carried a handkerchief. On the rare occasion that she needed to blow her nose, she would borrow whatever Cherie had.

Now Cherie's hand found Karen's bottom and slid between the cheeks. Karen wriggled to allow the hand further access.

"It's been a while," Cherie said lazily. “I hope I can see it sometime."

Both girls would soon have cause to remember these words. Cherie was dressed and sitting on the edge of the bed. Karen was completely nude and brushing her hair in front of the mirror. She looked like a miniature Lady Godiva. They had had a giggly breakfast, making eyes at each other. Then, it was a shower, still together. Karen had reflected that there wasn't much they didn't do together. Fortunately, neither girl would have it any other way.

Karen finally finished with her hair and admired herself in the mirror. She put down the brush and turned around, about to comment on Cherie's dress and T-shirt and the similar outfit she would put on. Suddenly, she stopped, looked straight at Cherie with an expression of muted surprise on her face, and then cupped both hands around her mouth and nose.

"Atchoo," she sneezed lightly, speaking the single sound more than anything else. "Atchoo.....  .choo.....choo....oh... I .... choo...," she seemed to say another four times.  She lowered her hands and looked demurely at her surprised lover.

"Oh dear, excuse me," Karen said, slipping into her  "elegant" mode.

Cherie held out her arms in a "cuddles required" gesture. Karen took three steps and was on the other girl's lap. Cherie grabbed Karen's hand, habitually checking the palms for spit even though she knew there would be none. Now Karen moved to take charge, gently pushing her lover back on the bed. She raised the girl's T-shirt to expose her breasts. Still remaining on Cherie's lap, she lowered herself over the delighted figure that had given her so much pleasure last night. It was time for Karen to give some back.

Covering two fingers with frothy saliva, she began to cream the fluid into Cherie's right nipple. Then at the same time, she massaged the left nipple with her tongue. Cherie was fully aroused, moaning with delight beneath her. After a couple of minutes, she knew Cherie was more than ready. Climbing off, she got on her hands and knees and raised Cherie's dress to expose her gorgeous little pussy. Slipping her tongue straight in, she found the clitoris with practiced ease. Then she was away, lapping at the little button like a cat with a bowl of milk.

For good measure, she took her free hand and slipped one finger into Cherie's bottom, almost up to the anus. She was dimly aware that Cherie had begun caressing her saliva-covered nipples, keeping the momentum up. From the sound she was making, Karen doubted she could hold on much longer.

"Oh Karen.........oh darling....oh Karen......."

The panting and moaning increased and Karen knew she was almost there. Then Cherie came in a huge rush, bucking and thrusting into Karen's face, her breathing like a locomotive. Finally, she subsided and they slowly disentangled themselves. Cherie's usual surprised look was now that of rueful embarrassment although it was far from the first time they had done it that way.

Karen went to the bedside table and got  a heap of tissues. She dried her own face, then returned and gently wiped dry Cherie's breasts and between her legs. When she had finished, Cherie sat upright, her brief embarrassment forgotten. She eyed Karen's own pussy.

"Would you like.....?"

"Later on, babe," Karen smiled. Then she became elegant again. "My goodness, girl," she chided. "We just had breakfast and you want to eat my pussy already." Then they exploded into laughter and collapsed back onto the bed.


Later, the two girls lounged on the sofa, watching TV. In deference to the daytime, they both wore T-shirts and dresses, but no underwear. Their desire would boil over before lunch, so why put on something they would only have to take off again.

Karen lay with her head in Cherie's lap. Idly, she reached up with both hands, gently squeezing and caressing Cherie's firm breasts, closing her eyes as she did so, a sly smile on her lips. Cherie grinned back at her and reached down to Karen's breasts in answer to the movement. Karen's smile widened and she opened her eyes. They touched for another ten seconds. Then, head remaining in Cherie's lap, she stretched and flexed her body from head to foot, after which she let out a massive yawn.

Cherie promptly cupped both hands over Karen's mouth, getting as close as possible to another bodily function. The yawn lasted nearly five seconds. Finally the pretty brunette closed her mouth.

"Mmm...thank you," she said.

She wriggled around and levered herself up. Adopting a babyish expression, she laid her head on Cherie's shoulder. "Do you like my sneezies?" she purred.

"I certainly do," Cherie said, straight away.

"And what about my bottom?" she simpered.        

"It’s gorgeous," answered Cherie, knowing what was coming. Karen was in her elegant/baby games mood this morning.

"I have to do poohies out of my bottom," said Karen switching from baby to embarrassed little girl. "Will you help me?"

Cherie jumped up, grabbing Karen's hand. "You just come with me," she enthused. "Your bottom manageress will do everything she can for you."

Hand in hand the two girls walked through to the toilet. Karen primly lifted her dress and sat down. For a moment, she remained demure, then let her posture drop, opening her legs.

"Come here, lover," she whispered.       

Cherie knelt between Karen's legs, hands stroking the bare skin. Their lips locked in a kiss not unlike the one they had shared last night during their approaching orgasms. Karen farted audibly and they both giggled into each other's mouths. Then the kiss deepened further and two pairs of hands found two pairs of breasts. Karen farted again, but neither girl noticed this time. With a soft sound, her anus opened and a big lump of pooh slid gently out and splashed into the bowl. It was followed by a smaller lump, the sound of Karen's urine draining. Finally, Karen broke the kiss.

"Hey, I've finished," she whispered.

Reluctantly, Cherie let go of her girlfriend and they both stood up. Karen held her dress, back in her demure pose. Cherie pulled off toilet paper and wiped Karen's pussy before moving to her bottom. Their closeness was arousing her again and she knew this would be the catalyst that would take them to the bedroom. A small amount of residue remained in Karen's anus and Cherie had it cleaned within half a minute.

"Good as new," she said , dropping the paper into the bowl. "In fact, since I'm here…" She flipped up her own dress and crouched over the toilet. A stream of urine ran from between her legs and she winked at Karen who watched in awe. Having finished, she wiped her own pussy and flushed the toilet. Then she took Karen's hand.

"Let's go into the bedroom," she said.

The two girls lay spent in a tangle of sheets. The last hour had consisted of tongues, nipples and saliva, finishing with a sizzling sixty-nine, Karen crying out Cherie's name as she sometimes did when she came.

"Will it always be this good?" asked Cherie after a while.

Karen sensed her usually strong-willed lover was feeling a little insecure. "As long as I'm here," she whispered, "it'll be even better."

Later that night, they prepared for bed. This time they were both nude and it was Cherie who was brushing her hair in front of the mirror while Karen watched her sleepily, lying in bed. Having finished, Cherie walked towards the bed and Karen held her arms out to signal "cuddles required".

Cherie slipped into the bed beside her and they melted into each other's arms.

"Will we always have each other?" asked Karen.

"I hope so," said Cherie. "I'd get pretty bored without you."

Karen chuckled softly and then her lips found Cherie's. "Let me love you," she said. "There’ll be sneezes and tissues and hankies and my bottom. You'll be anything but bored."

Karen deepened the kiss, taking the lead as their tongues intertwined. She slipped a hand between the other girl's legs, found her vagina and slipped her finger in. Inside Cherie's wetness, she began a slow burn, moving towards the clitoris, hearing her girlfriend's soft sighs of desire.  Then she felt a hand snake between her own legs which she opened instinctively. A moment later, Cherie's fingers were inside her and her clitoris was being pleasured. Working on each other, they held the kiss another minute before Cherie broke it, bending her head to Karen's breasts.

Gently, she licked at each nipple, the movement increasing Karen's sounds of delight. After a moment, Cherie felt Karen's insistent  fingers cause the tingly beginnings of her own orgasm and moved back up to lock lips again with her moaning partner. Her fingers still moving inside Karen, Cherie prepared to go over the top. Her senses vibrated madly, her love for her beautiful young friend overwhelming her. A moment later she released, her orgasm spreading up and down through her body, toes curling, nipples puckered and tingling. She didn't speak, but gasped repeatedly, that look of surprise on her face.

As she began to descend, Karen climaxed against her.      

"Oh Cherie.......darling," she whispered, her body quivering as she reached her own height.

They held each tight in the darkness, basking in the afterglow.  After a while, Karen spoke.

"You asked me if it would always be this good," she said. "I'm going to make sure it is. After all, with us both sneezing and my bottom and your hankies, then everything else in between, we'll still be having fun when we're forty."

She spoke firmly, seeming to forget that they were both only eighteen, but Cherie knew she was serious.

"That's all I needed to hear," she grinned.

They curled up together in the darkness. It had been a very eventful day.