Night Owl

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Jenny sat in the passenger's seat with her eyes closed. Her sinuses felt like they were throbbing, and she feared she was running a fever. The medicine hadn't helped at all, and she wanted to curl up in bed and have Missy hold her as she slept. But instead, she was on her way to meet Missy's parents, and they lived a forty-minute drive away.

She coughed and shifted in her seat. Jenny sat back and let her mind wander, thinking about the fact that her lover's parents were finally accepting them. She remembered meeting Missy over a year ago, at that club she used to frequent. Jenny had known she was gay when she was in high school, and was known for her social conscience: she was famous for picketing and protesting intolerance around the clock. Missy, on the other hand, had only come out a year before, following your typical high school life. She had dated (and slept with) boys all through school and college, and was even briefly engaged. She always fantasized about women (and their sneezing), but thought this was reasonably normal behavior at the time. According to Missy, she had only slept with two girls since coming out, both exciting but ultimately unsatisfying events. She had looked so wide-eyed and beautiful that night, and since Jenny had wandered over to introduce herself, the two had been inseparable. Missy once said that it felt like home being together, and Jenny had cried at the idea.

Slowly, Jenny felt a sneeze brewing, breaking her concentration. It felt like a giant ball of dust was rolling slowly in her nose, teasing and tickling her aching nose. She pressed one finger along the side of her nose, fighting the urge, and opened her eyes to look for the tissues stuffed in her purse. She knew Missy was watching her, and she saw Missy adjust her grip on the steering wheel in silent anticipation.

"Do you need something?" Missy asked nonchalantly. There was a slight waver in her voice that gave her away, however.

"Kleenex," Jenny grunted. "Gotta blow."

"Oh, just stuffed up? You kinda look like you might, um, sneeze."

Fuck it, Jenny thought as her hand yanked a tissue free. "Yeah, Mis, I really need to sneeze." She removed her finger and let the sneeze build naturally. "I'm sorry, I know what this is doing to you, but I can't hold it back. Not right now." She held the Kleenex over her mouth and nose in anticipation and began to breathe shallowly. "It...hurts."

"Jen, if you have to sneeze, sneeze. I'll deal with it," Missy said quietly, feeling guilty. She couldn't help being turned on by sneezing, but she also didn't want her lover feeling bad for doing something she couldn't help.

"GURESCSSCHHHOOOO!" Jenny sneezed, the action bending her double. The tissue bulged with wetness, and the second sneeze got stuck. Jenny rolled her eyes helplessly and kept the tissue in place, taking huge, helpless breaths as the desire overwhelmed her.

Missy tried to keep her eyes on the road while watching Jenny's agony in her peripheral vision. As Jenny heaved and groaned her way towards the next sneeze, her eyes squinting and opening over and over in agony, Missy felt herself growing wet. She pressed her thighs together and shifted in her seat.

"Ah, gaahh...' Jenny was being tortured. Her right nostril, where the little ball seemed to be lodged, was itching unbearably. "Guh...guh...gotta sn-sn-sneeze..."

She wanted, needed the release an enormously wet sneeze would give her, but in typical bad cold fashion, it wasn't budging. Her breathing became louder and louder, and she put her right hand on her chest as her left hand held the sodden tissue in place, rubbing her nose in an attempt to help the explosion along.

"C'mon - hah - please - come - out -"

She knew Missy was watching her, knew how horny this was making her, but there was nothing she could do. She was caught helplessly in the throes of the urge.

"Gah...gahd...gu-GAH--- oh, oh..."

She had almost done it, had almost sneezed, but at the last second the desire had faded slightly. It came back roaring back, full-tilt boogie, before she was prepared, and the sneeze rocked her forward so harshly that she missed the tissue and sprayed her hand and the car instead.


Satiated, Jenny fell back in her seat even as Missy licked her now painfully dry lips.

"Bless, honey," Missy said, surprised she could talk.

"Oh, thank you. Oh! Those were something else!" She sighed and blew her tender nose wetly. "Missy, I promise to fight and stifle every sneeze I have at your parent's house, but it hurts so much. I just really needed to get those out."

"No, Jen, it's okay. I feel bad that you're going through this."

Jenny giggled. "Yeah, those sneezes are wasted, what with us being on the car and unable to do anything."

"No, I don't mean that. I don't want you to feel like you can't just sneeze if you have to." She gave a short laugh. "I mean, those were awesome, and very sexy to me, but you can't be in pain and blow your head off just cuz it makes me wet."

Jenny looked at her. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, fine."

"No ...are you horny?"

Missy sighed. She could feel the wet spot cooling in her panties already. "Sure, a little."

"Well, hon, if I'm not up to a little fun when we get home, I promise to put on a sneezing show and you can handle yourself, okay?"

Missy grinned. "Then I promise we won't stay long." They both laughed.

When they reached the house, Jenny gave her nose a long, satisfying blow on the doorstep. She was very nervous, and the medicine had done nothing but make her sleepy and dry-mouthed. She could feel a faint, insistent tickle at the back of her nose and throat. Since the long, tight skirt she was wearing had no pockets, Jenny decided to keep a fresh tissue in her hand, and tuck the rest safely away in her handbag, just in case.

The door swung open, revealing a tall, raven-haired woman with warm brown eyes. She smiled brightly as she saw Missy, but when her eyes reached Jenny, the latter felt a layer of ice under the warmth.

"Melissa!" the woman, exclaimed, sweeping her in the house with a hug. Behind her, Jenny saw a graying man in a brightly colored sweater stroll out from the kitchen. A tall, lanky eighteen-year old boy came down the stairs, sporting a goatee so wispy it seemed to be holding on for dear life. From behind him, a girl with a massive head of light brown curls (eighties hair, Jenny thought) stuck her face out of a doorway, then slowly followed with her head down.

The hug completed, the woman turned her gaze to Jenny. "And you must be Jennifer," she said, holding her hand out. "I'm Kathryn."

"I have a cold," Jenny said lamely, holding up the tissue. "I wouldn't want you to-"

"Nonsense," Kathryn said, clasping Jenny's free hand. "I never get sick. Jennifer, this is Lawrence, my husband, my son Jeffrey, and his girlfriend Michelle." Missy was already hugging everyone, so Jenny gamely stepped in and shook hands.

"Hello," she said to Missy's father, then turned to her brother. "Hel- GUUUUSSSSSHHHH!" she exploded into the Kleenex.

"God bless you," said the boy. "I'm Jeff, this is Shelley." Shelley raised a hand meekly.

"I'm sorry you're under the weather," Kathryn said. "You should have told us! We could have rescheduled."

"Oh, I'll manage," Jenny said, dabbing at her nose and fighting another tickle. "We've been looking forward to this."

The ice melted in Kathryn's eyes, and she smiled genuinely. "I'm glad. Me too." She briefly put an arm around Jenny and gave her a small hug. In her surprise, Jenny nearly lost control of the tickle in her nose. "Come, now. You two can sit in the living room, and I'll finish the food." She indicated a room off the hallway they now stood in. "We'll eat in just a few minutes."

Jenny followed Missy, pushing the Kleenex under her nostrils just in time to stifle three sneezes. "G-ush! GMP! GuhMP!" She saw Missy stiffen, then continue forward.

They were soon seated on an overstuffed couch, facing Missy's family. Lawrence sat in an easy chair, Jeff in a matching chair with Shelley sitting on the floor, one hand on his leg. In contrast, Missy and Jenny were careful not to touch at all in order to avoid making anyone uncomfortable. Comfort, however, seemed to be what the sitting room had been designed to achieve: a warm fire was roaring in the fireplace, and the walls of the room were lined with shelves filled with hardcover books. Even if she was coughing and blowing her nose, Jenny felt like she had stepped into a movie set.

"So, Jenny," Larry said, lighting a cigarette, "Melissa tells us you work for a record store."

"Mm, I manage it," Jenny smiled. "We're holding our own against all the Best Buys by taking trade-ins and specializing in hard-to-find stuff that chains don't carry."

"That must be hard to keep going."

"Well, there's a college nearby, so that helps. Really, there's a niche for everything, if you can find it. We rent and sell dvds now, too, lots of foreign and art-house stuff."

"That was Jenny's idea," Missy added.

"I loved 'Boys Don't Cry'," Shelley offered nervously, her gaze on the floor.

Jenny placed her at sixteen or seventeen and gave her a warm smile even as her nostrils suddenly seized up. A brief thought of the dusty, musty books all around her pushed the tickle closer to the edge. "That was a great movie - uh...GUESSSCHHHHUH!"

"Bless you," the girl smiled, looking up. "I so cried when Becky died. I mean, she was innocent!"

Jenny tried to figure out who Becky was, then realized that Shelley meant the girl who had played Becky on 'Roseanne'. She dabbed at her sore nose to resist the temptation to explain that the movie wasn't really about lesbians, and if 'Becky' was innocent, did that mean the others deserved to die? As if reading her mind, Missy gently placed a hand on her leg. She was surprised by the move, and proud of Missy, but the gesture shocked an especially wet "Huh-huh -- GGEEASSSSSSCCCCHHH!" out of her.

Missy closed her eyes for a moment as she felt her lover's body rock with the sneeze. Having her family present counterbalanced the excitement she was feeling, but now Jenny's difficulty in controlling her sneezing was making her hotter than ever!

"Bless you," Kathryn said as she walked in the room with a tray of drinks. "That's some cold!" Jenny smiled weakly and blew her nose. "I have cokes for the kids and wine for the rest of us."

"Mom, Jenny took some cold pills. She should have a coke, too." Missy said, as Jenny smiled gratefully in her direction.

"Oh, of course. And, honey, there's Kleenex on that end table if you need more."

"Thanks," said Jenny. She loved that Missy had spoken up for her, and she resolved to fight the next wave of sneezes already hanging out deep in her throat.

Finally, after some more random small talk that included Jenny pushing tissues hard under her nostrils to quell the tickles, dinner was served. At the table, she had to re-explain her job to Kathryn while eating enough to avoid offending her. Jenny's appetite was non-existent because of her cold, so she used artful rearranging of the food with her fork to make it look as if Kathryn's wonderful cooking had not been in vain.

Larry and Kathryn were seated at the heads of the table, with Jeff and Shelley on one side and Missy and Jenny on the other. Jenny was discovering that she liked these people, and they appeared to be much more supportive (or at least tolerant) of their relationship than she had expected. Dinner brought with it several false alarms, near-sneezes that left Jenny dizzy from suppressing a few troublesome itches and twitches. As Kathryn and Missy cleared the plates, taking a few moments in the kitchen to talk quietly, Jenny felt her nostrils expand and contract with a particularly stubborn itch. Larry excused himself and went into the living room for a quick smoke, and Jenny held the tissue under her nose again, swallowing hard as the sneeze beckoned.

Shelley looked at her quizzically. "Are you okay?"

Jenny smiled wanly and nodded. "I'm trying not to sneeze," she said quietly. Her nose felt like it was vibrating with the desperate sneeze trapped within, and her eyes welled up with sneezy tears. She fought to keep a mild expression on her face, but her nose was wrinkling up even as she dueled with it.

"Why not?" Jeff asked.

"I've been sneezing all day, and..." her voice trailed off as the itch became a full-grown sneeze. Jenny's eyes squeezed shut, one small tear making a slow track down her cheek. She pinched her nose with the Kleenex, but it was too late. This one was coming, and all the pinching in the world wouldn't stop it or even slow it down.

"And...ahn...Heeeeehh-GMP! GuTCH! Huh-huh-hug-KCHMP!" Her head swam as she blew her nose. Already the tickle had started again in her left nostril, burning with an intensity that made her want to cry.

"Bless you. You shouldn't do that, you know," Shelley said.

"D-do what?"

"Hold your sneezes in. I used to do that all the time, and my mom said you can hurt your ears."

Jenny became aware that Missy was standing behind her, one hand on the back of her chair. She was struggling mightily against the urge to sneeze, but she didn't know how much longer she could hold out. Opening her mouth to talk was a risk, but a required one.

"I sneeze loudly," she managed around the tissue, and her nose tickled more with every spoken syllable. She closed her eyes again, concentrating on fighting the growing urge to sneeze. She knew how excited Missy had to be, and she felt herself responding in kind. But the itch was so demanding, it was all she could do not to explode.

"Is that why you stifled them, because they were loud?" Missy asked, and Jenny felt both a twinge of jealousy that Missy was questioning this girl about her sneezing habits and relief that it took the conversation's focus off her.

"Ohmigod, yes!" Shelley said. "I would sneeze, and people would be like, 'Was that you?'" she laughed, "So I used to hold 'em in. But my cousin hurt her ribs doing it, so now I just try to be quieter. It doesn't always work."

Jenny felt rather than saw Missy sit back down beside her. The tissue was now tented over her lower face, a finger pressed against her treacherous left nostril. The need faded slightly, and she tried to look casual again.

"I hate when they won't come out," Missy offered. "That drives me nuts!"

"I know!" Shelley laughed again. "It's like, 'Ah-ah-ah-ah -- Damn!"

Discussing itchy noses wasn't helping Jenny's. She kept a small smile on her face as her nostrils twitched, a sneeze coursing through them. She saw Missy shift in her seat, then felt the tickle suddenly increase in force. She felt like she was going nuts; the tickling in her nose was horrible. Knowing that Missy was aroused was frustrating, and the battle not to give and just sneeze was threatening to drive her insane.

Her breathing began to hitch, and Jenny looked helplessly at Missy. Her girlfriend's eyelids had lowered, and a small amount of sweat beaded her brow. She nodded slightly, and Jenny let her uncontrollable breaths take control of her. Immediately, the itch in her nose spread to both nostrils, blossoming into a sneeze. She held the tissue up and let her eyes close, mouth opening as her nose wrinkled up.

"Ahaaa ---- ahaaa ---- GUH --- EIEEESSCCCHHUUUH!" she erupted, soaking the Kleenex. "Guh-SSSHAAHAAAA! Hep-hep-guhn -- NEESSSHHHHOOOO! HUHGESSSSSSSSHH!" She shook her head as one more sneeze bloomed.

Missy watched transfixed. Clearly, Jenny had been fighting the sneezes forever, and she felt herself become more aroused than she had been since she was eighteen and making out with her long-term boyfriend in the back of his car. Her lips spread with moisture and opened, full and rubbing against the damp silk of her panties. She watched Jenny take breath after breath deeply, building to a climax, and wanted to scream with frustration.

Jenny's tiny round nose was red and watery, wrinkling and spasming as the sneeze came. Missy felt like she could come just from the gentle touch of her underwear on her clit, and had to fight to keep a neutral expression on her face as well. She gently placed a hand of support on her lover's back, feeling the havoc each massive breath was wreaking. Finally, Jenny sucked in a lungful of air and exploded through the tissue with a gigantic "GEESSSHHHHCCHHUUHH!"

Missy, Shelley, and Jeff blessed her in unison, then Kathryn's voice joined the fray.

"God bless you!" she exclaimed from the doorway. "My goodness! Maybe we should skip dessert so you can take care of that cold!"

Jenny, her nose buried in a fresh tissue, began to shake her head no, but Missy spoke up quickly. "Yeah, maybe coming here was a bad idea. We can come back for dessert one night when Jen's better."

"If you don't catch it from her," Kathryn laughed.

Doing so as tactfully as possible under the circumstances, Missy all but propelled them through the door, making excuses and saying good-bye for Jenny, who was already feeling another sneezing fit approaching.

"You're gonna sneeze again, aren't you?" Missy asked as they got in the car, and Jenny nodded, her face dropping into a pre-sneeze expression. "Fuck," Missy muttered, then waved as she backed the car out and sped down the street.

Jenny tried to speak through the tickles. "I'm so --- so s-sorry, hon." She stuttered. "I just kuh --- kuh --- KUESSCCCHOO! Couldn't stop them."

"It's okay," Missy said. She could feel wetness pooling in her crotch, heated prickles that made her light-headed. "There's nothing you could do. Does it tickle badly?"

Jenny warmed slightly and felt her arousal grow as she imagined how turned on Missy was. "My nose...tickles so...so badly. A-all I want...is...is...oooo...sneeze---SGESCHCHHHAAHHHH! GUESSCHHH-OOOO! Guha-gehha-gotta-gonna-ah-ah--- sn-snee --- eeee --- eeEEGEH-SCCCCHAHAAAAA!" The sneezes roared through her, and she welcomed them. The tissues were long gone, and Jenny used one soaking wet hand to block the outburst of saliva and mucous. She could feel it trickle down her lip.

"God!" cried Missy. She whipped the steering wheel and headed down a dark and deserted road. "I'm sorry, Jenny, but I am so horny. I just have to fuck you, right now!"

Missy pulled into a parking lot normally used for a nature trail, closed since dusk, and jammed the car in park. She turned the key and flicked the headlights off, then turned to Jenny.

"Please, kiss me. Please, honey, please take me. I know you feel like shit, but I can't take this anymore."

Jenny rubbed her lip and nose with her sleeve and lunged for Missy. She was amazed at the difference in her normally quiet and shy lover tonight, and found herself more than a little turned on by it as well. They kissed passionately, tongues rubbing and intertwining sensually. Jenny let her hand twist in Missy's lap, and Missy moaned into her open mouth. Her hand found Jenny's breast, the nipple painfully hard, and tweaked it.

Jenny broke the kiss after five minutes. "Back-uh-seat --- GEESSSHHHHH!" she said with a commanding tone, and Missy nodded. They both jumped out of the car and leapt back in, kissing and stroking madly. Jenny fought a fresh wave of tickles as she pulled Missy's panties off. She ripped them in the act, amazed that they were now literally sopping. Missy's hand went under her shirt and bra, pinching her nipple with a roughness Jenny ordinarily craved. Now, however, the action forced out a sneeze, and she pulled away hurriedly.


She released the sneeze between the front seats, then sat back with one finger in the air. Her head tilted back and her mouth opened as her eyes became sleepy with an oncoming sneeze. Missy put her hand between her own legs at the sight of her lover, framed by moonlight, beginning to sneeze again.

"Mmmm --- hm-mm," Jenny moaned, saying no as best she could. She grasped Missy's hand at the wrist and pulled it away, replacing it with her own. "T-tell me...what to do...how to sneeze..." she gasped, her breathing ragged.

"Just sneeze," Missy sighed, mad with lust. "Don't cover."

Jenny's fingernail gently grazed her clit, and Missy rubbed her own thighs, pulling the skirt as far up as she could. Already she was coming, and as she let herself go she stared at Jenny's tortured face, chest heaving towards the next sneeze. She cried out her orgasm, holding Jenny's hand in place as her hips rode against three of Jenny's fingers, now deep inside of her. Her other hand pressed against her small, pointy breast, waves of pleasure rolling through her body. Jenny began shaking her head slightly in rhythm with her breathing, making desperate noises deep in her throat. Jenny's pussy had come alive as Missy came, and her own hips began to gyrate mildly against the air. She felt dizzy with passion and the desire to sneeze.

"Wanna sneeze," Jenny moaned, playing the part. She enjoyed watching the arousal play across Missy's face, loved being the cause of it. "Oh, baby...it itches...so ba-ah-bad...ooo, I wanna sneeze... so much!" She slid her hand down to her crotch, satisfying the tingle there even as it flamed it. "My nose...so tickly.... wish it wou --- wou --- come out..."

Missy could barely breathe. She felt another orgasm building in her, matching Jenny's sneeze, and she let one hand slowly wind up Jenny's long, tight skirt, pushing it up as it went. Jenny continued to kneel on the seat, and Missy slid one long, thin finger under the elastic of Jenny's thong, stroking the tiny hairs around her lips. Her hand pushed out of the way, Jenny fanned the air under her nose. The urge to sneeze was no longer sexual to her, just painful. Her nose blazed as if the insides of her nostrils had been lit on fire. Jenny's hip speed increased, and Missy's finger was sucked into Jenny's pussy. Jenny took one last breath, the orgasm beginning to arc like a rainbow through her being, and released a volley of wet sneezes into the back seat of the rocking car.


"Yes!" Missy cried aloud with her as they both came. Mist from the sneezes settled on her thighs, and the car shook mightily with the force of the explosions, both from Jenny's nose and both of their pussies. They fell back, panting and sweating yet still horny, the car alive with the sound of heavy breathing. Missy's finger slid out of Jenny's vagina, and Jenny withdrew her glistening hand from under Missy's skirt, now crazily askew. They looked at each other, breathing heavily, then Jenny leaned forward and kissed her.

"I love you, Melissa, but you better get us home, because you have no idea what I'm going to do you when we get there." Missy sat back briefly and smiled, savoring the moment. Her exposed thighs glistened in the moonlight from her cum and her lover's sprayed saliva, and Missy began to let the expectation of what was to come build even as Jenny began to rub her aching, tickly nose.