Night Owl

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“Missy, they’re just not coming,” Jenny said again. “I’m sorry!”

Missy lifted herself up on one elbow and looked at her lover. “Not even a tickle?”

“I’m sorry, baby.” Jenny leaned over in bed and stroked Missy’s hair. “I just don’t have to sneeze right now.”

They were under the covers together, necessitated by a series of chills that had racked Jenny’s cold-seized body while they were kissing. Missy had suffered through a hellish evening, watching Jenny sneeze and sneeze at her parent’s house, where she had been powerless to do anything about it. Jenny had suffered a hellish evening of trying to hold back sneeze after sneeze, knowing what it was doing to Missy. Both of them had become so aroused that they had all but attacked each other in the car, coming explosively as Jenny had rocked the car with violent and wet sneezes. Now they were in bed, naked and ready to really make love-as opposed to simply having amazing, lightening-fast, mind-blowing sex-, and Jenny’s nose had finally stopped tickling.

“Look,” Jenny finished, “I’m sure the medicine has finally kicked in a little. I doubt I’m all sneezed out.” She breathed in deeply through her red, inflamed nostrils, trying to kick-start a tickle, but got nothing in response. “Of course, you could take care of me, and when the sneezes come, I’ll make you very, very happy.”

Missy looked up and smiled. “How happy?”

“Whatever you want me to do, I’ll do. I’ll sneeze in your face, if that’s what you want.”

The kissing and passionate groping had been unlike anything they had done before, and Jenny was very turned on. Her sneezing had clearly had an effect on her lover, and they were like a couple of hormone-driven sixteen year olds. Jenny’s hand was lightly massaging her clitoris, which was tingling with desire.

“I know I’ll sneeze again, and it’ll make you happy, about making me happy, too?”

Missy grinned mischievously and placed her hand over Jenny’s. They twisted their fingers together and rubbed Jenny’s tender privates, kneading and massaging her until she found herself lying back in the bed, head thrown back as passion overwhelmed her. Sensing her desire, Missy slid under the blankets and began licking her lover’s thighs, coming close to but never quite touching her center. Jenny moaned and writhed in response, and Missy inhaled deeply. Under the blankets, the smell of Jenny’s sex overwhelmed her, making her slide one hand in between her own legs as she lowered her tongue to Jenny’s swollen lips. She lightly tickled the butterscotch curls around Jenny’s labia, teasing her with both tongue and breath.

Jenny’s response was immediate: her back arched as she felt waves of pleasure roll over her. She knew she could come that second, but wanted to draw it out and enjoy it, to make it last and let it build inside her. Missy let her tongue slide far inside her, then drew it back and circled her clit, occasionally drifting lazily across it, forcing the oncoming orgasm to grow and grow. After ten minutes of this pleasure-torture, Jenny’s legs were trembling and her body was bathed in sweat. Her fingers were wrapped tightly around the blanket, the moonlight softly caressing her breasts as her breath rose and fell. As the orgasm began to crest, Jenny felt the first stirrings of a sneeze, deep back in her nose, as it too began to rise.

Aware that it would interrupt Missy’s rhythm, even temporarily, Jenny placed a finger along the right side of her nose, where the tickle had taken up residence, and pressed it hard against her nostril. She began to come, and lost focus on the sneeze as she felt herself being engulfed in warm, wet wave of pleasure that pounded its way through her entire body, releasing the tension Missy had so painstakingly built-up.

Missy knew her lover had come, but bore down again immediately, drawing another orgasm out of Jenny’s already hyper-sensitive clit, the second easily equaling of the first. Her face was covered with Jenny’s sweet wetness, and a few stray pubic hairs, blond, curly, and surprisingly long, had stuck to her cheeks. Jenny cried out as she came a third time, and she pulled Missy’s head back up, unable to handle a fourth. Missy emerged with a triumphant grin, then froze.

“You’re gonna sneeze,” she said in a low voice, after glimpsing Jenny’s face.

Jenny nodded with one finger suspended in the air as her nostrils began to tremble, much as her legs had, with need and desire. The urge to sneeze was overwhelming, and her breath quickened. It was so close, so near to coming, and all she had to do was concentrate...

And then it was gone. Just like that, the tickle flickered away, and she looked at Missy sadly. “I’m sorry, baby. I just lost it. Dammit! That is so frustrating!”

Missy emerged completely from under the blankets and rubbed her hand across her glistening face. “Don’t worry. It’ll happen. In my experience, lost sneezes always find their way home.”

“Well... there’s something I wanted to ask you,” Jenny replied. She leaned forward and let her hand drift down Missy’s stomach and nestle in her crotch, then put her mouth up to her lover’s ear, breathing moist air slowly in and out.

Missy’s head tilted back as Jenny’s fingers spread her. “Y-yeah? What’s that?” she asked huskily.

“How do you want me to do it?” asked Jenny. “When I sneeze,” she whispered, “what would turn you on the most?”

“Don’t cover your face,” Missy answered, her eyes closed. Fantasy after fantasy cycled through her mind. She had dreamed of this, but never really dreamed that she would see it happen. She missed seeing Jenny pull her head back slightly as her nose wrinkled up. “Don’t stifle them. Just let ‘em go. And maybe you could-“


Jenny gasped sharply in Missy’s ear, the sound made louder by the simple fact of her proximity, and Missy stopped talking as her eyes snapped open. She turned her head to the right and saw that Jenny’s eyelids had drooped, her mouth opening as the sneeze came on, inches from Missy’s face. Missy studied her girlfriend’s face intently, feeling herself swell with wetness as the tip of her elegant nose lightly touched Jenny’s tickling one.

“What are you feeling?” Missy asked. Excitement burned in the pit of her stomach and ached between her legs as she waited for the reply.

Jenny had trouble answering through the building sneeze. “My nose... right side... tickles so bad... oh, it... ah, ah... hurts!” Her eyes had begun to water, and her hand, still between Missy’s legs, had stopped moving. “Sneeze... ah-hah... ah-hah... so bad...”

“Fight it,” Missy whispered. She pushed her hips against Jenny’s slack hand. “Hold it back. Let it tickle.”

Jenny’s eyes flickered open briefly, and a pair of tears ran down her cheeks. “Oh, oh... okay, I... I’m gonna... fight it... but it, it... just itches... so...” She brought her free hand up to rub her nose, but Missy caught her wrist. Jenny scrunched up her nose and wriggled it from side to side, but the sneeze was too close. “Ah... ah... haaahhh...” The burning sensation had expanded to both nostrils now, and Jenny knew she was losing control. Still, feeling Missy’s pussy get wetter and wetter under her touch, she gave a valiant effort to hold in the impending sneeze.

“Mis, I... AH! Ah! Can’t... hold... Guh... Guh... Guh-nah sn-sn-eee-- Gah-Gah-GAHESSSCCCHHHHUH!” She erupted mightily, sitting up suddenly and pulling her face away from Missy’s. “GUHESSSSCCCCHHHHHH-OOOO! Guh... huh... hahhh...” Her face locked up again in agony as the sneeze froze in her twitchy, runny nose.

Missy was staring enraptured, a smile on her lips. Her hand fell on top of Jenny’s in her lap and helped move it, masturbating herself with her girlfriend’s hand as she wiped the back of her own nose with her free hand. Staring at Jenny, her face wrinkled up painfully, her large breasts heaving as the nipples stuck out proudly, Missy began to come.

Jenny missed watching Missy’s face as she came, one hand on her small, pert breasts. She felt what her hand was being manipulated to do, but she was wholly consumed with sneezing. The tickle was maddening, and she took in massive, helpless breaths as it slowly tickled its way down the length of her short, round nose. As she took the final breath to release the sneeze, she felt Missy’s hips buck and knew she was coming.

“Guhhhhhh—GSSSSSSSHHHH!” She sent a shower of spray into the air as the sneeze came out. “GUHESSSSCCHHH-AH-HA! GUHHUHESCHHHHHAA!” A series of harsh sneezes seized her throat, culminating in a final explosion. “GISH! GISH! GSH! GUH-HSSSH! HUH-HUH-HUH---HA-ESSSCCHOOOOOO!”

They both lay on the bed for a moment, panting. Missy had never come like that before, and she didn’t want it to be over.

“That was... wonderful,” she sighed. “Are you done?”

“No,” said Jenny, her hand intertwined with Missy’s on a nest of black pubic hair. “No, I can already feel another one coming on, but we’ve got a second here. Was that... all right for you?”

Missy sat up and gave Jenny a long, lingering kiss. “Oh my god, it was amazing.”

“Good.” Jenny held a finger in the air as she fought back the next sneeze for a moment.

“Quick - what next? This one really came on fast, and I don’t know how long I can hold it back.”

Missy’s mouth opened and closed. She knew what she wanted, but was suddenly embarrassed. Jenny’s mouth opened and closed, and she placed a finger under her nose, eyes imploring Missy to speak before she lost control.

“Pussy,” Missy whispered, her eyes down. “On my pussy. Please.”

“Your pussy?” Jenny grinned despite the tickle and slid down to her lover’s crotch. She spread Missy’s legs as if preparing to go down on her. She leaned in and gave Missy’s wet lips a long, slow lick, nudging dark curls out of the way with her tongue. Aware that she was about to sneeze, Jenny removed her finger from her nose and began to take shuddering breaths.

“It’s... coming, Missy. I’m... gonna... sneeze... Huuuuuuh-huh! GESSSCSCHHHH!” Her head jerked forward, her forehead connecting with Missy’s lips as the sneeze soaked the bed. As the second sneeze came on, she hurriedly readjusted and – “GUH-EEESSCCCCHH!” sprayed a wet and messy sneeze across Missy’s hips. Missy twisted her hand in her lap, but it wasn’t having the effect she had hoped for. Jenny likewise was feeling silly, and she raised up on her knees.

“Oh, dammit, it’s stuck again!” she cried. She massaged the side of her nose with one hand while the other fluttered under her nose. She took deep breaths through her nose, but it wouldn’t budge. “This... is driving me... fucking nuts!”

“Ah-AH!” gasped Missy suddenly, and her hand cupped her nose and mouth. She and Jenny looked at each other wide-eyed and began to laugh. “I almost sneezed!” Missy exclaimed. “I swear! Watching you just is too much, I guess...” Her eyes became slits and she turned her head to the side, hand over her mouth again. “HurrrrrRESCHOOOO!” she sneezed heavily and laughed again.

“That’s my job!” said Jenny. Her nose was itching wildly, and she sniffled loudly and rubbed it with the palm of her hand in a circular motion. She was getting tired, but she also turned on again; being so close to Missy’s crotch had gotten to her. She took in two hitching breaths, but it went no further. Cold sneezes had a tendency to drag out, and this one was no exception.

“HurrrrRESCHOOOO!” sneezed Missy again, her hands tented over her long nose. “Always in threes,” she said in a voice muffled by her hands. And indeed, the last sneeze was beginning. She knew they weren’t cold sneezes, but just random sneezes provoked by the display that had been put on before her. Fantasizing about sneezing always brought some out of her as well, and she was surprised that it had taken this long. After a moment, her eyes squeezed shut and she released one last “HurrrrrrRAHSHOOOOO!” before wiping her hands on the sheets.

Missy’s long, rolling sneezes had infuriated Jenny’s nose. She wanted to sneeze more than ever, but it simply refused to budge. Her eyes flooded and her nose ran as she tried to coax it out by staring out the window at streetlights and the moon, her mouth opening and closing. Both of her hands fluttered in mid-air helplessly. Her nipples were painfully hard, her pussy throbbing with desire. Missy began to masturbate as she watched Jenny’s delicious struggle.

“God... damn it!” Jenny cried, her voice filled with frustration. “I just... w-want... to sneeze so... ahhhh... so buh... buh... ahhh... ahhhhH...” Her voice rose and fell with her chest. “Bad! Please... come... out!” She lost the ability to speak as the itch kicked it up a notch. Her breathing became uncontrollable, and she gave in, hoping this would drag the sneeze out of her trembling nostrils.

“Ahhh... ahhhh.... gahhhhh.... g-g-guhhhh... ah-AH-AH!!-“ Her breath caught suddenly, and she thought the moment was at hand. Beneath her, Missy came with a grunt, veins standing out in her neck, as a second orgasm began immediately. Jenny’s eyes flicked open, then closed tightly as the sneeze shot out of her.

“GAHSCHHOOOOO!” She showered Missy with spray from her mouth as she lost control. “GUESCCHHOOOO! GESSSSHHHHHHHH! GEESSSHHHH! Guh-guh-guh-GUESCHAAAAAAAH! GURESSSCCHHHHHH! GURESCHHOOOOOO! GN-gn-GUN-UHHUHESSSCCCHHHHOOOO! Huh-huH-HAH---AAASSSCCCCCHHHHHHH-OH!” She fell backwards next to Missy and brought herself to orgasm, exhausted. Missy kissed her passionately as she came, and they lay together in a tangle of sweaty limbs.

“Oh, Christ,” Missy moaned. “I’ve never come so hard in my life. Baby, you made all of my fantasies come true tonight!”Jenny chuckled. “And just think,” she yawned, “this is only just the first day of my cold.”

Missy cuddled up closer to her and pulled up the blankets. “Go to sleep,” she whispered, planting gentle kisses on Jenny’s closed eyes. “You made me happy, I made you happy, and tomorrow I’ll play nurse. Besides, you’ll need some energy to keep up with what I’ll want us both to do…”

Satisfied that she had created an unforgettable moment in both of their memories and looking forward to several days of rest, healing and fantastic lovemaking, Jenny immediately drifted to sleep, Missy curled protectively around her.