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Jeremy gallantly held out Gemma's chair as she slid onto it, flourishing dramatically and then allowing his hand to linger delicately on the back of her slender white neck in a hi-how-are-you gesture that hadn't really stopped being second nature to him since they'd been briefly involved in high school.

"You're so old-fashioned!" she cried, delighted.

Laughing, Jeremy sank into his own seat opposite her. They were sitting in a dark, corner of their favourite little Italian restaurant, enjoying the spicy aroma and the upbeat music that filled the cosy little room. They had been the best of friends ever since their senior year in high school, where they had briefly dated until Gemma broke it off when she decided she wasn't into men, as she had informed him.Jeremy and Gemma had been coming there each week for many years. It had been their official meeting place where they caught up with each others lives and gossip throughout their college years, and the tradition was still holding up since they had both finished with academia and had taken paying jobs.

Jeremy looked at her, rapidly talking and moving her hands in that dramatic way of hers. She had changed a lot since their high school years, having gone from being a slightly plump, red-cheeked, long-haired girl with a pleasant laugh to a rather thin, small person with becoming short black locks and a musky voice. She was very intense, with a smoky look to her wide gray eyes. She now had an exotic, androgynous style reminiscent of Winona Ryder's. She was muffled up in a heavy black duffle coat, wearing crumpled jeans and plimsolls, and he felt odd that he looked so dressed up in his smart black pullover, slacks and polished shoes. Her casual style was definitely not date wear, and it had been years since she'd thought of him as a vaguely romantic figure in her life, but he still couldn't help finding her sexy.

The way her black, gorgeously cropped hair and dramatically slashed ebony eyebrows contrasted with her white, fine-boned, whittled-looking little face and wide, heavily lashed eyes occasionally made him stop and stare at her, amazed at the quiet beauty of the woman he was with. He had to hold himself back from cupping her tiny, delicate wrist with one hand, or reaching to touch her cheek when he managed to make her laugh.

Of course, it wasn't as though Jeremy wasn't attractive as well. He had a confident demeanour and an elegant style of dress which, combined his with brown hair that always looked wind-blown, grey-green eyes, chiselled features and cruel lips often made women turn to look when he walked past them on the streets. There was something about him that was hard to place and added to his charm; he carried his lean frame in a way that was at once romantic and slightly dangerous, like a character out of an old-fashioned mystery novel. He and Gemma both looked young, stylish and clearly cut, shaped from sharp,dark lines and high bones, their own particular brand of beauty infusing them from head to toe.

The sound of a woman sneezing twice next to Gemma induced a pause in the conversation, and both of them turned to look at who it had come from. The sneezer had only just entered the restaurant, walking swishily on high-heeled black suede boots, naturally, and achingly slowly, swinging her delicate hips from side to side as she walked. She was a tall, statuesque woman with long, thick, cinnamon-coloured hair, striking hazel eyes and pouty, bruised-looking lips. She was wearing a grey vest and tight cream-coloured cords, and she looked to be in severe discomfort, holding a screwed-up, sodden-looking wad of tissue paper to her nose. She stopped her energetic, sexy walk entirely for a moment, and stood a few metres away from Jeremy and Gemma's table, taking in gusty little breaths through her slowly dropping-open lips as her surprisingly dark-lashed eyes flickered shut.

Jeremy, feeling the warning flickers of arousal, watched her generous breasts heaving up and down as she gasped. She pressed the tissue to her widely flaring nostrils, and let out an explosive, quite unladylike-sounding,

"Aahhaah... aahh... AASSHOO!"

Gemma's eyes had widened in recognition and she tapped the woman's hip as she came closer, exclaiming "Elizabeth!" delightedly.

The woman turned to face her, and she smiled in turn. "Gemma!"

Elizabeth leaned over and kissed the other woman's cheek, to which the latter replied archly, her husky, slightly deep voice crackling with ill-hidden underlying meaning,

"Is that all you're doing after last weekend?" Elizabeth shrugged, laughed demurely and then noticed Jeremy seated in front of her.

"Jeremy! Oh my, sorry, I didn't see you there! How are you?"

"You two know each other?" asked a surprised Gemma.

"Oh, yes, we took a film course together, when was it?"

"Last, um, summer," Jeremy suggested, hoping to God his voice wouldn't crack. He'd been crazy about this girl for the whole time they'd been on the course. They had casually flirted, but nothing serious had ever come of it despite his hopes.

"Still into movies, then," Gemma said, grinning warmly at Elizabeth, who blushed a little, a slight dark touch of colour rising to her almost translucent redhead's skin.

"Of course," she said calmly, her voice carrying a dry undertone that told Gemma to behave herself.

Jeremy motioned for Elizabeth to take a seat in an empty chair between himself and Gemma. Smiling, Elizabeth nodded and accepted the invitation, gracefully settling herself in between them at the small table. Then she made an irritated-looking face, rubbed her nose violently with her hand in a circular motion, sniffled, and began to fan the air in front of her face.

"Excuse me," she said matter-of-factly, her voice rushed and breathy, "but I...I think I"m going to sneeze."

She pushed her index finger under her twitchy nose, and then she froze again, eyes tearing, before she let loose with a full, wet, unrestrained sneeze. "Hah... AASSHOO!" She sniffed wetly, reaching for a red napkin to deal with her sniffly nose.

"God, I'm sorry," she managed, looking incredibly uncomfortable. "I've been coming down with something for days. That's why I didn't call you, Gemma."

"Yeah right," said Gemma, not too put out, looking at the menu. "And after everything I did to you. I mean, for you. Whoops!" She smiled cheekily and returned to the vegetarian section.

"Come on, Gemma, you're obviously dying to tell me," Jeremy said dryly. "What's this about?"

"Well, last Friday afternoon..." Liz began, her syrup-slow delivery cut into by Gemma's eager chatter.

"I'd just got out of work," Gemma chirped, lighting a cigarette. "Well, it was a verrrry bad day, so I ducked into the first cinema I came across. They were showing Girl, Interrupted. So I sat down, with my nachos, and then about half an hour into the movie I notice that she-" one flying hand gestured to Elizabeth- "kept looking round at me. Then she came over, sat next to me and asked if I was Winona Ryder."

"Let me guess," Jeremy sighed, looking at Elizabeth.

God, she was beautiful, in a warm, lazy, just-rolled-out-of-a-sumptuous-bed kind of way. Her fair skin was touched with something that resembled apricot down, her dark, heavy lips reflected the lush, warm curves that padded out her tall frame, and her eyes- which had arrested him from the moment he"d clapped eyes on her that summer- looked like more gorgeous than they'd ever been to him. He saw this look in Gemma's dark, mischievous eyes a lot, a delicious, warm indication of the thrill of conquest. And looking at Elizabeth's finely formed,aristocratic was almost too much for him, the way she wrinkled and scrunched the bridge of her nose, occasionally allowing one long finger to drift under the lightly flaring nostrils, eyes registering her discomfort and desperation to hold back a great, explosive sneeze. He had seen her sneeze only twice when they had taken the course together, and both times- having remembered every single detail as best he could- he was amazed by what a great production she made of her sneezes, warning everybody who came near her and sitting, eyes tearing, furiously rubbing her nose as the urge to sneeze grew greater and more insistent.

"I said yes, of course," Gemma said. "And she believed me."

Liz grinned fondly at Gemma. "You did the accent so well."

"Jeremy and I both had a thing for her in high school."

"I did not," Jeremy muttered, feeling that such an admission would sound completely adolescent. His denial, however, went unnoticed as the two women were staring at each other. He'd dated enough girls to recognise that particular flame reigniting, so he subsided into his chair with a softly disappointed sigh and started to study the menu.

"Anyway. Then I had to confess it was all a load of crap, but I felt bad about it, so..."

"So she asked me out for a coffee. And then-"

"Am I entering the Land of Too Much Information here?" Jeremy asked, his voice bordering on sulky.

Both women laughed, and Elizabeth cheekily winked at him through her sooty lashes.

"Just my luck," thought Jeremy "another hot woman in my life who'll probably never want to have anything to do with me. Why are all the good ones always either married or gay?"

He was surprised at this turn of events, though, as he distinctly remembered flirting repeatedly with Liz. He knew she had returned his advances as, though their romance had never really blossomed for some reason. He wondered if she was perhaps bisexual.

Things were quiet for a few moments as all three surveyed their menus, when Elizabeth put hers down and began searching in her bag for another tissue. Gemma and Jeremy peeked at her anxiously, partially hidden behind their menus. Both tensed as the inevitable happened and Liz paused mid-search to cover her mouth and let out two wet sneezes "Ah... ASHOO! TSHOO!" She shook her head, making her red hair swirl alluringly, and finally dug a out a tissue to heartily blow her nose in.

Gemma caught Jeremy's eye while Elizabeth did so. Jeremy returned her glance and threw her a smile that had something vaguely predatory to it. They had long ago, on a drunken night back in their college years, had a conversation about fetishes. They'd been lying on Gemma's bed, drinking vodka, when something in the hot summer air had agitated Gemma's rare and intense allergies and made his best friend- the woman he at times still fiercely desired with that same old high-school intensity- wrinkle up her gorgeous little nose and choke out, "Jeremy, I'm gonna-"

Before he could even get his dry throat to swallow in anticipation, she let out the most incredible sneeze he'd ever heard, so strong that it bent her slender body double. Something odd happened in the atmosphere after that sneeze. She'd seemed a little uncomfortable, and neither of them had acknowledged that she had sneezed- he was reeling so much from the wonderful strangeness of the moment that couldn't speak well enough even to bless her. Then, he took another gulp of vodka and it all came out.

While he would never have dreamed of saying such a thing when sober, the vodka in his system had made him confess that he was immensely turned on by women sneezing. Even through his drunken state, he remembered regretting telling Gemma as soon as the words had escaped him. She had collapsed on her bed laughing wildly until tears were pooling near the corner of her eyes. Hurt, embarrassed and more than a little angry, Jeremy had asked her what the problem was until she regained a bit of composure and explained.

"Jeremy, I can't believe this. You're going to think this is so funny, and I've never told a soul before, but I... I thought I was the only one in the world to get turned on by someone else sneezing in front of me! This is such a weird coincidence!"

This avowal had resulted in Jeremy feeling such a rush of love for her that he had suddenly hugged her. Quickly, the hug had turned into something a little bit more dangerous. Both drunk and emotional, the two of them were embracing passionately, kissing as wildly as they had in their high school days. While they kissed, Gemma moved her head away from him, obviously still struggling with a sneeze. Then, what they had just exchanged came back to her, and she stayed where she was, not covering her deliciously twitchy little nose and letting the forceful, wet sneeze spray his face, immediately turning his growing erection into a raging hard-on.When she had felt him, fully aroused and pressing up against her, beginning to fumble with the buttons on her shirt, Gemma recovered her senses to some extent. True, she did still feel something for this man, but just because she'd never met a woman who could share her fetish, this was no excuse for leading on the boy she had once genuinely loved.

Women did something to Gemma that could be described as electric. She derived great pleasure from her close friendship with Jeremy. She would have loved to be his quasi-girlfriend, his drinking buddy, his best friend, for as long as she lived. But at that moment, she knew she didn't want to spoil all this by having sex with him. She gently cradled his head, grinding his passionate movements to a halt as he froze, feeling that she wouldn't consent to taking this any further.

"Jeremy..." she had whispered, knowing the ache he must be feeling and sharing it to some extent. He had stopped, wanting to collapse against her, momentarily ashamed and almost angry, too drunk to act on either of these emotions, as Gemma pulled away tenderly, saying that she loved him as a friend and that it wouldn't be right or fair to go any further. Jeremy still remembered that night with a pang of longing in spite of the fact that nothing had happened, or maybe because of it. After that drunken evening in the intimate shadows of that dorm room, there had always been an added complicity in their relationship because of their shared, unusual fetish.

His thoughts were cut short by Elizabeth gasping loudly before leaning to one side to sneeze violently into her soggy tissue: "Ah.. ah-hah...HAH... HASSSHOO... Ah... HASHHOOO!" Liz groaned and turned back to face her friends, as Gemma looked up and noticed that a waiter was hovering over them.

Jeremy was hard pressed to keep a straight voice and face as he ordered the penne arrabiata and then asked Gemma, "Right, so what are you having?"

Gemma swallowed hard; her white, strong cheekbones were no longer quite so snowy-looking, she had broken out in a becoming blush, more than a little aroused by Elizabeth's insistent sneezes. "Um, I think the pizza pepperonata. What about you, Liz?"

Elizabeth, sniffling and recovering her composure, had taken out a compact mirror and was staring critically at the shiny, red state of her nose. "Only a small green salad for me..." Her voice, clogged
by her runny nose, had grown thick and nasal. She sneezed again, a violent "Ha-ISSHOO!" before sniffing and adding casually "I'm really not very hungry... I hardly eat whenever I have a cold."

She gently brushed the foamy powder-cushion over a cake of beige powder, and then generously applied some to her nose to try and hide the redness of it. As she felt a disquietingly familiar tickle-
a sensation building slowly and delicately up in her raw, itchy nose- Liz realised that the powder probably hadn't been the best idea she'd had all day.

Fortunately, she realised that Gemma- who she wanted so badly to impress- had turned to Jeremy, and was asking him about how his job was going. So, with a badly judged sigh of relief which tripled
the tickly feeling in her nose, Liz tried to see if she could hold off the growing urge to sneeze. She had always been self-conscious about the volume and vocal depth of her sneezes, but usually holding them back wasn't an option; she had never been given enough time to try and suppress one, they just kept exploding out of her. Still, she knew that this one was coming on slowly, so she tried tosniff as unobtrusively as possible in an abortive attempt to quench the slowly expanding itch.

Gemma and Jeremy were both exquisitely aware of what was happening to their mutual object of desire, but fortunately Gemma's innate ability to talk without interruption about anything at all helped
Jeremy divert his attention towards his friend's flying hands and mobile features, although his striking gray-green eyes kept furtively darting back towards Liz's attempts to hold off what looked like it was going to be an unbelievable, room-shaking sneeze.

"Are you-" he cleared his throat, unable to help asking her, "okay,Elizabeth?"

Elizabeth nodded, although her lips had parted slightly, and she was breathing deeply and irregularly as her delicately formed nose wrinkled and expanded, her nostrils growing from tiny triangles into wide dark holes with the pressure of a sneeze, as her quiet, deep inhales became quick, urgent-sounding breaths.

Gemma had also given up looking unconcerned and was staring avidly, her dark eyes wide, at Liz. Thinking desperately of some kind of pretext, she reached into the pocket of her coat and pressed a tissue into Elizabeth's hand. Elizabeth nodded her thanks as she brought her hands up to her nose,
her head tilted back slightly in agonised anticipation, as both Gemma and Jeremy stared unashamedly at her, struck by how beautiful she was, trapped in that achingly vulnerable moment.

"Excuse me-" Elizabeth managed, "but-" There was a helplessly worried look on her face as a sneeze came and slowly built up to scrunch her face. Elizabeth's face relaxed from its irritated grimace into a slack, surrendering mask as she took a deep, gusty breath in. She then lifted her head up even further, eyes squeezed tightly shut, nostrils flared to enormous black circles. "Ah.. ah-hah...HAH... HAISSSHOO! TSHOOO!" she sneezed wetly and messily. AH...ah..ah...ahSHOOO! HHH-TSHOOO! AH...ah..ah...ahHISHOOO!"

Her cheeks flushed, and she made an embarrassed face. "Sorry." Then she shook her head ruefully. "Damn, but that felt good!" she grinned guiltily.

"I know what you mean," Gemma said. Her menu lay forgotten in her hands, as her eyes- which disarmed people with their intensity even when she was buying the morning paper- met Elizabeth's. She was never one to forego the temptation to engage in a conversation about sneezing; it had always been an irresistible topic for her." in the allergies get to me, and I really have to sneeze. I walk around for whole days thinking about how much I wish I could just sneeze it all right out of me. It builds up for ages. And when I finally sneeze, it just feels..." she grinned widely, drawing the final word out "unnnnbelievable..."

"This head cold is really getting me down, though. I feel so... kind of as if my head's going to explode. And when I sneeze, it seems to help ease the pressure...but I kind of feel embarrassed
doing it in public," Elizabeth admitted.

"Why?" asked Jeremy, joining the conversation and trying not make his interest too obvious.

"They're just so loud!" exclaimed Elizabeth, her voice rising as if to illustrate this. "I remember my mother would tell me to tone it down, even as a child, but they just flew out of me and I could never quite control them no matter how hard I tried. I guess that's why I'm shy when I need to sneeze like this in front of people," she finished, picking up and sipping at a glass of water which a waiter had just deposited with a flourish in front of her.

"But when you're on your own," Jeremy pursued calmly, as if he were discussing a routine matter of business while taking a sip of his own red wine, "don't you enjoy it?"

Liz nodded fervently, still snuffling a little from the force of the last three sneezes, and grinned before replying, before enthusiastically adding "I love it!"

She took on a hushed tone and leaned closer to the table, as if getting ready to share a private secret. Sensing something of interest was about to be revealed, Jeremy and Gemma both imitated her motion.

"Sometimes," Elizabeth admitted in a conspiratorial tone, "I clean my apartment, get out all the dusty old boxes, look through things... and my nose goes crazy. I get the sneezes far, far worse than I've got them right now. When I feel a really big, tickly one coming on, you know- I just stand and wait for it, and don't cover my nose or anything, just let it all out. I've been like that since I was little." She smiled fetchingly, tossing her head. "I don't know why. Isn't that really weird?" she asked, leaning back into her seat.

"I don't think it's weird at all. Sometimes I like to read my old books," Jeremy said. "The ones I haven't touched for ages. And when I turn the pages and the dust gets up my nose, I start to sneeze. They say it's kind of like an orgasm. A nosegasm, if you will." He managed to say this without blushing, staring coolly into Elizabeth's slightly watery tiger-eyes to see whether she would react. The moment lasted for a few seconds and then was spoiled by an outburst from Gemma.

"Speaking of which..." Gemma suddenly bent forward filled with quiet mirth as she stared down at the table cloth, her cheeks reddening and her compact frame suddenly shaking with a wild laughter she was vainly trying to suppress.

"What?" asked Elizabeth, now very curious to be let in on the joke.

"Yes, what is it, Gemma?" asked Jeremy, obviously perplexed as well.

"Jer... you know... what I'm talking about... You told me... about it that time... remember?" Gemma struggled to speak through the silent peals of laughter which were threatening to bubble loudly out of her. "About sneezing and orgasm..."

Jeremy suddenly understood what she was getting at and why she was laughing,and he smiled self-consciously while his cheeks acquired an adorable pink tinge.

"What?!" repeated Elizabeth, more curious than ever. "Tell me, what's so funny?"

"Gemma," Jeremy began in a warning tone, "is remembering something I told her one time that definitely belongs to the Land of Too Much Information."

Gemma, sipping at her wine to get her helpless laughter to subside, burst out laughing again and decided to let Liz in on Jeremy's "adorable little secret" as she referred to it when teasing him about it.

"Jeremy's got this odd thing that he always sneezes twice when he comes during sex" she said so quickly that it was just barely intelligible, before dodging quickly back with a delighted squeak to avoid Jeremy's hand as he reached out to deliver a mock slap to one her laughter-flushed cheeks.

"You little..." Jeremy had to laugh at Gemma's irrepressibly naughty, teasing grin and Liz's wide smile as she eyed him appraisingly. He wasn't really all that shy about it, he just hadn't expected Gemma to lay out such personal details in front of a woman he fancied.

Liz laughed and flirtatiously purred "Wish I could get to see that happen!"

Jeremy blinked, as he wondered if he had heard her correctly. He was about to say something when Elizabeth sniffed and spoke again.

"Now I'm really embarrassed. Which is too bad, 'cause..." she sniffled, "I think I've got another one coming on."

Gemma grinned. "Well, what the hell. You enjoy it, don't you?" Liz sniffled again, furiously rubbing her irritated, red little nose.

"Not in public...not here, in front of all these people!" She smiled at Gemma. "You know, I could think you were enjoying this, love."

"Why on earth would you think that?" Gemma inquired coolly, her face taking on a serious, strictly-business expression. Having a sneeze-related conversation was one thing. Openly admitting she found it sexually stimulating was quite another matter!

As she struggled with the ever-so-slowly building urge to sneeze her head off, Elizabeth felt a gentle, delicate but insistent pressure in her stiffly corduroyed crotch, as someone's finger traced slowly
and repeatedly up and down the central seam that reflected Elizabeth's rich, velvety, delicious opening. At the same time, there was another hand at the top of her thigh, massaging it in a tender, delightful manner that sent an involuntary shiver up her spine.

Elizabeth, feeling heat rise to her face, took a mouthful of Gemma's wine as the tickle and the pressure grew more and more insistent. Gemma played with her expertly, and soon Elizabeth felt a hot, dark wash of relief as Gemma slowly undid the steel studs of her fly, slipped a warm, rough little finger inside the mocha lace hem of Elizabeth's panties and began to tease her,silently, rubbing her finger against Elizabeth's slowly stiffening clitoris.

Legs were getting into it as well now, as Elizabeth felt hers being tangled in with others underneath the rather narrow table. Because of the corduroys she was wearing, she was not quite sure whether
the legs which were slowly, sensuously rubbing against hers were Gemma's or Jeremy's. Seated as they were, it could have been either and nothing would have transpired from their table-top position.

Gemma, sitting straight in her seat and no hands visible on the table top, was matter-of-factly talking to her and to Jeremy- telling a story which Elizabeth couldn't even begin to concentrate on, dealing with the urges to sneeze and scream and keeping both painfully under control. Only the remnants of the flush on Gemma's cheek reflected her actions, and hidden by the generous scarlet swags of the tablecloth, nobody else had any idea what Gemma was doing to her.

Gemma broke off her story, seeing how Elizabeth's face was contorting. Jeremy leaned in, peering at Elizabeth and asking "Oh, poor you," his voice accidentally losing an octave as he realized what was about to happen. "Youlook so miserable. How are you doing there, with that cold?"

Elizabeth, holding a finger under her uncontrollably twitchy nose, held her other hand up as a warning. " nose is so tickly..."

"Really," Gemma said, too softly to be heard by anyone but Jeremy under the heavy mixture of frantic lunchtime conversation and a truly awful Italian version of "My Way". "You don't think you could..." She paused slightly, totally in control,"hold it back at all?"

Elizabeth shook her head, her expression a mixture of panic and anticipation. "It's coming... I can feel it!"

She swallowed hard as Gemma began to deftly manipulate the blood-congested mound of her clitoris even as her other hand left her thigh to skilfully rub against the increasingly wet folds of her velvet-edged opening through hertrousers, feeling the insides of her nose tickle and itch unbearably at the same time.

"I'm really..." she swallowed hard again. "I'm really going to... sneeze!"

She couldn't help but take deep, harsh breaths which made the urge in her nose grow and grow unbearably. But this time she was enjoying she did when she was alone in her apartment, dusting, occasionally thrusting herexpectant face into the cloud she had stirred up and waiting for
the potent feeling of a sneeze to stir up in her nostrils. In spite of her childhood memories of the dreadful tickles she'd got in church, school and choir practice, she was actually feeling pleasured by
the slowly ebbing and rising desire to sneeze, compounded by the pleasure she felt rising in her crotch.

"How's that beautiful bright red nose of yours?" Gemma whispered into her ear, then gently began to tongue the hyper-sensitive zone between Elizabeth's ear and the beginning of her long, white throat. "Tickling like crazy?"

Elizabeth shivered uncontrollably and tried to smile, taking deep, shuddery breaths in. "Gemma-we're in a damn restaurant!"

"No one's looking." Jeremy cleared his throat, and Gemma looked across the table at him, grinning.

" hate this, don't you, darling?"

Jeremy, who felt as though he was going to explode, grinned back at her. "Not at all. Besides, you did a lot worse in front of me when we were bar-hopping at college."

"In that case," Gemma murmured, "you must have the problem with it, Liz?" she let one finger brush delicately at Elizabeth's taut, erect right nipple. Elizabeth shook her head helplessly, not daring to attempt speech as the nostrils of her sensitive, inquiring nose registered Gemma's perfume and tensed to expel it. Her eyes were still slitted, her mouth open a little, her eyebrows raised and her upper lip curving delicately upwards to the right- then she felt Jeremy's finger under her nose, momentarily calming the dreadful urge she had to sneeze.

"Oh, God," she breathed, the relief intensifying the feeling of pleasure that spread through her.

"Thanks, Jeremy. That one was going to be incredible."

Gemma shot him a disbelieving "are you crazy" look. He smiled enigmatically back at her.

"I just thought..." he reached for another napkin to muffle Elizabeth's runny, itchy, sneezy-feeling nose in, "it might be an idea to hold that one back for a while. I think that's our food coming."

As the waiter set down their plates, Elizabeth felt a slippery barrier between her flesh and Gemma's finger, felt the warmth down there grow,absorb Gemma's finger almost as part of her, slowly take it in as part of the hot vacuum and embrace it. She relaxed for the first time all day.


Gemma looked up at the waiter, who was brandishing an oversized black pepper shaker over her pizza.

"Oh yeah," she said, grinning openly. "Lots."

Jeremy, trying hard to hide a smile, studied his penne. What an attractive sauce. It could use something, though...

The waiter liberally twisted the pepper shaker, letting the black kernels explode into a small whirlwind cloud over Gemma's pizza.Usually, Liz's nose was incredibly intolerant to pepper, and with her sore, sensitive nose she knew that she didn't have a chance in hell of avoiding a truly spectacular sneezy explosion. Liz desperately wanted to move away, but knew that Gemma was in her so deeply that any sudden movement would involve dragging Gemma with her- which would have looked obvious, to say the least.

Cautiously, once the cloud had decreased in volume a little, she inhaled through her already-tingling nostrils and felt the tickle return, spreading right through her head, down her throat, branching its volcanic tension into her chest...

"Yes please," Jeremy was saying to the waiter, who obliged once again with the pepper.

This time Liz couldn't help but breathe, as her nostrils and chest had began to take in air automatically, and caught the brunt of the burning pepper which lodged in the very back of her nose. She desperately wadded the red napkin under her nose, too nervous to move it even to relieve her cloudy, streamy-eyed vision until, with a lot of bustle and flourish, the waiter had finally gone.

Gemma and Jeremy watched her struggle uselessly. They watched Elizabeth"s eyes grow heavy-lidded, her exquisite nostrils flare violently as though begging the sneezes to come out, her cheeks grow redder and redder, blood flushing up beneath her white-silk skin. Long, rich cinnamon hair trickled down her back as Elizabeth's head tilted, her neck stretched taut in a posture that Jeremy associated with an intense female orgasm, and suddenly he couldn't help but imagine her naked and luscious, straddling him, fighting with an earth-shaking fit of the sneezes and losing completely. He thought she looked sex-flushed already, the soft, delicious tissues of her face and neck somehow swollen and blurred with passion as she gently and ineffectually played with her nostrils, breathing heavily and trying to talk. Jeremy knew there was more to it than the urge to sneeze, having noticed how Gemma's left hand had long ago disappeared under the table top, mysteriously coinciding with a rising flush of colour in Elizabeth's pale cheeks.

"Hah... I... haaaaah...I'm gonnahhh....gonna sneeze... haaaah..."

Jeremy felt heat and hardness growing slowly and deliciously in him as he imagined himself entering Liz who sat just as she sat now, long, feline legs splayed, full breasts quivering and shaking, relishing the privacy in which she could give in and sneeze to her heart's content, and the arousal which he so obviously got from it. He wanted to place his lips in the tender hollow of that neck, kiss the deep wrinkle which had appeared in the bridge of Liz's nose until he felt her lose control of her sneezes, felt her climax, felt her claw his back, spraying great, wet sneezes on his shoulders, chest and neck, bucking, crashing against him. He replayed her sneezes in his head, imagined her moist sex jammed tightly against his, every sneeze- vibration that rocked her exquisite body coursing through him, his face deeply buried in the encompassing heaviness of her breasts, which- he imagined- were every bit as white and pink as the rest of her.

He could feel legs tensing and relaxing between his, and though at this point he wasn't sure whose they actually were, he guessed that they probably belonged to Liz. The sight of Elizabeth's small, involuntary twitches made the erection he had been enjoying for some time grow almost painful in intensity and he just had to sneak his right hand under the table to shift it to a more bearable position.Even as he was making inane comments to Gemma about the restaurant's music, his hand, hidden under the table cloth, slowly unzipped his fly and eased the pressure on his member. At the same time, Liz felt Gemma's hot, damp mouth whispering near her ear.

"I'd give anything to have you in my mouth right now," she whispered. "You just wait till later..."

Liz almost whimpered as the dreadful pressure in her nose grew completely unbearable, as did her longing to explode and slowly melt all over Gemma. It all felt so wonderful- pain and pressure mixed with absolute pleasure, sensual over-indulgence, Gemma's fingers sliding into her, teasing her, embracing and wrapping her as she felt tremors running up and down the meridians of her buttocks and thighs. She- strait-laced Liz- was about to come. In the middle of a packed restaurant at lunchtime, sandwiched between a woman and a man who were staring hungrily at her, waiting to see her sneeze, painfully turned-on.

Gemma harshly began to rub Elizabeth with strong, vertical strokes, powerfully kneading her thigh and her crotch, and just as she reached a serious, warm wave of physical pleasure- the kind that foreshadowed a lot more waves lapping at that particular part of her- Elizabeth finally lost control of her ticklish nose.

"I...ahhhh...I have...have to...ahhhhhhh..." she froze, mouth wide open in an attempt to coax out the sneeze, telling herself how much better she'dfeel once she'd got it out of her.

Jeremy whispered, "Go right ahead."

Then, he gasped sharply as he felt Gemma's right hand slip over his and into the folds of his trousers, smoothly encircling his erection.

"What is she doing?" he thought, amazed, until his attention was once again drawn to Elizabeth. Without thinking, he extended his own fingers towards Gemma's lap. To his surprise, he found her zipper undone and her legs slightly parted. He slipped his fingers into Gemma's slick, hot pussy and slowly, almost instinctively began to massage, feeling her open up dramatically for him like a hot, exploding blossom.

Elizabeth was in agony. All the tickles she'd been feeling since Gemma began to touch her built up and multiplied like bubbles in a shaken bottle of soda, bursting against the dams she tried to create with her fingers- she absolutely had to let them out, or she was going to explode. Resigned, she drew in a deep breath as Gemma felt her muscles furiously expand and contract, mirroring the violent action that flared her nostrils.

"it's coming- it's-it's coming-" Her head shot forward with a huge, wet "HAH-SSSHHOO!" spraying from her nostrils. Letting it out was a mistake- now her nose was tickling so much that she couldn't do anything about it but sneeze again and again.


Unable to believe that she wasn't done yet, Liz felt another one coming and fumbled for a tissue, although the crumpled Kleenex that she pressed to her nose was about as much use as a paper hat in a thunderstorm. This explosion was followed by three equally loud sneezes, all the more violent for having been suppressed. They were loud, uncontrollable sneezes which lightly sprayed the air around her.

"Oh God, look, I'm really haAHSHOOO! I can't...can't...can't help itaaaASHOOOOO! Sorry- I'm gonna- I'm gonna- ahhh, Ahhhh, AHHH- AAASSHHOOO!"

Elizabeth's body rocked forward and backwards almost spasmodically as the sneezes rocketed through her. The hands surrounding her nether regions didn't impede her movements in the least; the rocking motions she made as she sneezed were violent enough to shake the table top, where ice-cubes were colliding inside her glass of water, and the wine was swirling dangerously close to the top Gemma's glass.

Even as this was happening, Gemma and Jeremy were closely watching Elizabeth, both enjoying the scene tremendously through eyes that were barely slits. She was a picture of helplessness as she sneezed again and again, trying to stop by pressing her sodden tissue to her nose.

"Ahh... ASSHHOOO! Oh, please, why don't... Ah... AH-AISHOOO!... God I hate th-IITSHOOO! It's so embarr-ASHOOO! Ah...ASSHHOOO! Hahh... Hhh... Uh... Whew..." Liz sniffed loudly, as the urge to sneeze again obviously ebbed away.

Elizabeth's hand deftly snatched Gemma's paper napkin and brought it to her streaming eyes and nose. She blew heartily and then looked over at Gemma, who was sitting next to her immobile and quiet. Her eyes were slowly opening and her cheeks were very, very red. She glanced over at Jeremy just in time to see him lean to one side, eyes closed. He quietly let out two stifled sneezes: "hh-cshh... hhh-cshh..." before turning back to face the two women, cheeks as red as Gemma's.

These events connected in Elizabeth's mind with an almost audible click just as Gemma started laughing.As she looked from Gemma's face to Jeremy's and back again, she felt her own cheeks getting flushed; she wasn't sure whether it was from embarrassment or anger.

"Right!" she demanded. "Exactly what the hell is going on here?"