Diane Definitely Inhaled

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Diane winked at Jim and turned her eyes again towards her plate.

"I think I should taste some of it first, though. It looks fabulous and I'm famished."

Jim was a trifle disappointed, but then thought the better of it. Eating a few bites of his meal would give him precious moments to cool down after the intense nose-blowing action they had just enjoyed together.

"Right, well, lets dig in," he agreed, trying to keep his voice steady. He felt his erection still standing tall and proud under the tablecloth. The anticipation of further blowing wasn't helping and he forced his thoughts to turn towards the steaming kebab in front of him. It did smell quite good, after all.

Diane had raised a bite of pilic koefte to her mouth. She blew delicately onto the spicy meatball to try and coll it down before inserting it onto her tongue and chewing thoughtfully. She could hardly believe what had just taken place; blowing a man's nose, feeling him strongly push warm mucus into her expectant hanky had always been such a secret fantasy of hers that she had never thought it would happen in real life. She was replaying the event in her mind even as her teeth were grinding the chicken in her mouth, feeling warmth seeping into the soft fabric of her underwear. "What are you doing, foolish woman. This is really one of the craziest situations you've ever gotten yourself into," she thought and shook her head ruefully, a secret smile stretching her lush lips even as she swallowed.

Jim was looking at her as he tasted his own kebab. It was very spicy and he reached for his glass of water just as Diane smiled besides him.

"What are you thinking of?" he asked in a soft voice tinged with both tenderness and worry.

He regretted asking immediately after, wondering if this would make him look insecure. The truth was, he was worried whether Diane was smiling because she thought the whole thing was ridiculous or because she felt slightly ashamed at what had just taken place. He fervently hoped this wasn't the case.

Diane swallowed another bite before answering. "I'm just thinking about what happened. I guess you probably know already, but that was a life-time fantasy come true. I just found it..." Diane swallowed hard, not sure whether telling him this was the right thing to do, before adding: "very exciting."

"So did I, I have to admit," Jim breathed, feeling ridiculous for being so relieved. At least, this moment of tension had had one positive side effect: his member had once again relaxed into the soft folds of his trousers. "It was quite, erm, different, wasn't it?"

"Yes, it was!" breathed Diane, laughing suddenly. She could tell that Jim had enjoyed what had just happened as much as she had; his physical reaction had made that quite apparent. She was only concerned about what he would think of her after this night, about whether he would still want to keep contact. She was almost surprised at how strongly she hoped that he would.

Snapping out of these sobering thoughts, she grinned at Jim and held a hand out in his direction.

"Would you be so kind as to pass me the koefte spice, please?" she asked, all politeness, the teasing smile giving her an impish look as it stretched her gamine features.

Surprised at this sudden request, Jim's eyebrows rose as he cleared his throat and gently handed her the thick spice shaker. Diane studied it for a few seconds, that same secret smile as before playing on her lush lips. "Here goes nothing," she thought fleetingly.

She shook it vigourously over her plate as Jim stared, mesmerized. His adam's apple bobbed sharply as he felt flickers of arousal anew. Diane made a production of it, shaking out a thick cloud, sending more spice into the air than onto her koefte and breathing in deeply. She hoped as she did it that she hadn't made a mistake; one inhalation was all it took to convice her that Jim had been right. This was strong stuff, and she had taken in a generous amount. She felt her eyes begin to water and before she could hold back, two strong sneezes escaped her: "Hi-Ishoo! Ishoo! Ohh..."

"Bless you," Jim said promptly, the sneezes speeding up the rise of his tentative erection. He could practically feel hot blood rushing into his penis as he watched Diane's eyes and nose redden in reaction to the spice.

Diane could feel membranes going into overtime as particles of koefte spice irritated her very sensitive nose. In three seconds flat, she was completely stuffed up and badly in need of a hankerchief.

"Oh, excuse be," she said as she stifled another sneeze, "Hhh-mmph!", pinching her nostrils shut to avoid her full nose from overflowing.

She kept her fingers where they were, pinching her nostrils shut as she fumbled in her bag to draw out a hankerchief. She grabbed the first one she touched upon, a pale lavender piece of cloth with a white border. Her eyes were very much watering as she swiftly unfolded it with her customary dramatic flourish and brought it to her nose. Holding it with one hand, she sneezed again into it; "Ih-SHOO!", and followed immediately by blowing her nose rather messily.

Jim was pleasantly surprised at how unladylike it sounded. Diane was clearly not one who had been brought up to think "ladies didn't make noise when they blow their noses". She went at it with obvious pleasure and clarity of purpose. What good was trying to be silent when all you wanted was to clear your nose? That first blow made a definite honking sounds that sent shivers up his spine and made him grow even harder. His erection gave an involuntary twitch as she blew a second time, harder than the first, the mucus making a thick crackling sound as it hit the hankerchief and stained it a dark purple colour. He brought a hand to hold it, laying a thumb across the sensitive tip and beginning an up and down motion.

Diane looked up at him from the recesses of the hankerchief which covered the lower half of her face.

"This is idcredible! By doze is totally stuffed up," she said, her voice sounding wonderfully stuffed up.

Her eyes were quite red and itchy, even as Diane could feel her nose still running. The scent of the musky koefte spice was still strong in the air and just breathing it, she could feel her tender passages becoming even more irritated. She would definitely be giving Jim a treat this evening, at the rate she was going!

Diane had never been in such a situation. Of course, she had previously had bad head colds that left her all stuffed up and needing to blow messily a thousand times a day. She had also had embarrassing experiences with pepper at the dinner table thanks to a hyper-sensitive nasal appendage, but this experience was different in that she had besides her someone who took immense pleasure in watching her blow.

She could see Jim smiling hungrily at her, totally absorbed, his handsome face slightly flushed. Diane could easily guess why she couldn't see his hands on the table top and the thought made the already pleasant warmth between her thights grow into a small fire. She shifted her hips, the small motion bringing minimal friction to her soft folds, and wished she could get more satisfaction. Still holding the hanky to her nose, she eyed Jim and then turned her gaze towards her lap. She did this twice before he took the hint and gave her a knowing smile, nodding almost imperceptibly.

As Jim gently shifted his chair a little bit closer to Diane's, he felt his excitement growing still. He wasn't sure how much more of this he would be able to take, but he was fully willing to indulge Diane's needs as well as his own. As his fingers slipped into the open fly of her grey trousers and then into her thin underwear, he could feel her. She was ready for him, already hot and open, fully aroused. A slick film covered his fingers as he began to slowly massage her velvet opening and lingering around her gorged clitoris.

Diane sighed softly and proceeded to empty her stuffed up nose anew. She began with another loud, honking blow, pushing hard against the hankerchief. The congestion made it hard for her to empty her passages and at first, not much came out. Jim continued to stroke discreetly with both hands, kept from closing his eyes and enjoying the moment fully by keeping in mind that they were in a public place.

Diane sneezed again, a soft "hih-chsoo!" sound, which seemed to help clear the blockage. She followed this by a few quick blows, each time emptying her nose more into the handkerchief which she was now holding with both hands. Since it was getting thouroughly soaked, she dropped it onto the table top close to Jim and dragged out yet another one, a pale blue which reminded Jim of the sky on a summer morning. She brought it up to her nose and gave another unladylike honk.

Jim's excitement grew and grew as he watched Diane struggle to rid her nose of the grains irritating spice. She was beautiful as she sat there, leaning forward, eyes squinted shut and blowing forcefully into the tissue. Her shoulders hunched with each blow, her back tightened and even her soft thighs tensed in a delicious manner next to his swiftly moving hand. Her hands maintained a steady hold on the square of blue fabric, however. She pushed still more snot into this second hankerchief, blow after blow, sometimes stopping to wipe at her nostrils.

"Got a lot, eh?" Diane smiled, interrupting her blowing.

Her cheeks were getting quite flushed and her breathing irregular. Jim wasn't quite sure whether it was from the spices or because of his caresses, but he suspected it was the latter. He knew he was getting quite close to the edge once again himself.

He was still pondering this when Diane resumed her blowing. He could barely believe how much mucus was up there; who on earth had concocted a blend of spices that had this effect on people? That person had to have had a nose blowing fetish! He knew the taste was interesting, too, but the effect it had had on Diane and himself was unbelievable!

Diane was still blowing her nose, more softly now, as the pinnacle of her congestion appeared to have passed. He lost himself in the sound anew as he felt something curious happen to the hand that was busily tiltillating Diane. One second her hips were trembling a little bit with the exitement she was feeling and the next, he felt her thighs tense around his hands. A series of rapid, rythmic contractions against his fingers indicated that he should slow down his movement to a minimum; Jim knew she would be hyper-sensitive to his touch right after a climax and that any further direct stimulation would be uncomfortable for her.

Diane was, incredibly enough, totally in control. She only smiled as she climaxed, not making a sound. Only the redness of her cheeks and lifting of her head betrayed her as she enjoyed an incredible orgasm at the hands of Jim who was taking it all in. She threw him a dreamy, almost lazy smile and whispered:

"One last blow now, just for you," as she held the rather wet blue hanky to her nose. Jim was so incredibly aroused both by Diane's persistent blows and her climax that he knew there was no holding back. Unless any further stimulation was immediately halted, he was going to ejaculate right in the middle of the restaurant, surrounded by diners who continued to feast and converse, completely unaware of what was happening at their table. He wanted it to stop. He didn't want it to ever stop. He was panicking and he was ecstatic. He saw Diane inhale deeply, preparing to blow and did the only thing he could think of doing: he removed the hand that had been carressing her and quickly grabbed the used lavender hanky that was lying on the table top in front of him.

As Diane emptied her nose for the last time, making a soft crackling sound as the mucus dampened the blue folds of her feminine hankerchief, Jim pressed the used hanky to his hot flesh. It was warm, rather soggy, quite sticky. He helt it, covering the glans of his penis, rubbing it ever so softly with the moist fabric and looked at Diane's final blow. In the space of a few seconds, it was too much for him and his orgasm engulfed him like a tidal wave, familiar spasms shaking his member as a different type of warmth and stickiness filled Diane's lavender hanky. He let out a shuddery breath and wiped himself clean as best he could, Diane looking at him out of the corner of her eye as she thrust the thoroughly wet blue hanky back into her handbag.

"Jim dear, you can keep that handkerchief!" she laughed, turning back towards him.

Jim had to laugh. "Thank you."


Jim escorted Diane back to her car after they had finished their meal and paid the bill. They talked about anything and everything on the way, until they reached her small white mini. There was an awkward moment where neither of them could decide whether to kiss the other goodnight; though they had indulged in rather heavy sexual banter, this was their first meeting and they weren't officially dating.
They stood there, looking at each other, until Diane shook her head and started to laugh. "I'm just thinking about how unbelievable this was. You know Jim, I honestly thought all we were going to do tonight was have a friendly chat and nothing would come of it. I'm just... surprised, I guess."

"In a good way?" Jim couldn't help inquiring, smiling encouragingly at her.

"Well, yes. I just don't want you to think I'm... You know, that I'm usually 'like that' or do such crazy things with everyone I meet!"

"I wouldn't think that," countered Jim, a secret smile beginning to play on his own lips.

"I'm a good girl I am!" Diane laughed, adopting a mock cockney accent and quoting Eliza Doolittle.

"I know you are," breathed Jim.

The smile she gave him caused a sudden rush of feelings towards the petite woman standing before him. He put his arms around her and they kissed goodnight for an eternity.