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Selena dropped her things on the tent floor and moved slowly towards Erikarl’s arms. Seductively curling into his lap, she melted into his embrace and touched her lips to the tip of his nose, to each cheek, to his warm lips.  They began gently kissing, tongues probing until Erik pulled away for a moment and sneezed,

“Hitassshhhh, ashhhh, chishhhhh!”

Selena waited until he recovered, gazing at him intently, holding his face and stroking his hair from his forehead. “Bless,” she breathed, kissing him again and again.

Her reunion blessings were short lived as the tent flap opened and Nebal, the portly Egyptologist, cleared his throat, “Please do excuse my interruption, but Miss Selena brings news?”

Laughing good-naturedly, Selena untangled herself from Erik and produced the tube containing the scrolls. Sketched into the surface of the top of the scroll was a gold mark. Selena ran her finger across it, curious; she hadn’t noticed it before.  Erik stood fiercely rubbing his nose and grabbed the lamp from the crate next to his cot, “And here I thought you came for me, ach I should have known better.”

Selena frowned at his comment, still puzzling over the appearance of the icon and put her hand on his arm, “Dr. Von Staedlmann I must take offense to that remark, but I’ll take that up with you later.”

Grinning like Alice’s Cheshire cat, Selena moved to the table and unrolled the scrolls.  Quickly she translated, with Nebal looking over her shoulder nodding in agreement of her work. Pointing out the marks on the maps and gesturing in the general direction of the Colossi, Selena grew animated and Erik quickly became distracted – her hair, the smell of her thick in his irritated nose was like a soothing balm. A stray lock of hair fell over Selena’s shoulder and Erik caught it like a prize between his thumb and forefinger brushing it back and out of her way.

Nebal chortled, “It seems I interrupted  an intimate moment – Erikarl have you heard a word our colleague has said?

Erik rubbed his nose, then feigned tiredness, “Now, Nebal, I have heard and am indeed most impressed – in truth my head is splitting, the night is black, and we should sleep to be prepared to dig at morning’s first light.”

Nebal understood, but he had to tease the pair a bit more. “Miss Selena would you mind terribly staying the night in Dr. Von Staedlmann’s tent? I will have another cot brought in immediately, unless of course you think it inappropriate?”

Selena smiled at Nebal. “No, please do bring the cot, I am certain we can divide the tent nicely with a curtain.”

The old Egyptologist chuckled to himself and disappeared to fetch the sheet and cot for Selena.  Rubbing the golden emblem, which now appeared to be raised, Selena decided she was indeed tired. To make certain she was not dreaming, she laid her hand upon Erikarl’s shoulder. Standing close to him, she kissed his neck and then queried, “Dr., do you see this emblem?”

Erikarl clasped his hand over hers. “Yes, Sella, I see it. Magical is he not? It is Horus. When Nebal has brought your cot, perhaps you can coax me, meine liebe, into telling you a bedtime story of Horus, what do you think?”

“I think I would like you to tell me other things as well, but anything you speak to me will be just fine…”

Kissing her deeply, Erik moved his hand over her breast, gently pinching her nipple, which ached to be freed and pressed against the skin of his palm.

Coughing discreetly, Nebal entered the tent with a co-worker in tow. They hung a curtain from one hook to the other dividing the tent in a makeshift fashion. Nodding good nights, the pair moved from the tent. Erikarl chuckled and tied the flap down. Standing again, his breath became hitched and he stifled, “Hchmpf,” into the crook of his arm.

“Bless you, my darling, now come here and tell me my story.” Selena patted the cot and Erikarl sat, taking her leg in his hand as Selena arranged herself upon the pillow. Slowly he eased off her boot and her sock and kissed her sweet, impeccably manicured toes.

Clearing his throat, he sniffed slightly and began the tale, his deep voice soothing her ears and warming her heart,

“The god Horus is one of the most famous gods of ancient Egypt, Liebling. The name Horus stems from the ancient Egyptian word hr (her) which in its simple form was the preposition above or upon. So Horus the falcon soars above all the land and its inhabitants, and was, of course the natural symbol of the King who reigns over all Egypt.”

Erik stopped for a moment as he pulled Selena’s other leg onto his lap and removed her second boot, massaging both feet in his warm hands.

“You see, my sweet Sella, every pharaoh was an incarnation of Horus, who according to legend conquered Seth the evil god of Upper Egypt. You’ll recall that Seth was god of turmoil and confusion who murdered Osiris, Horus's father. Horus avenged his father's death and became the god of order and juh ju jus  Hasssshhhhhh, chissshhh, chishhhh, Oh please do excuse me, of order and justice.

Selena was growing hot and her eyes had that seductive slant Erikarl had seen all too often before.

“Bless, my love, please tell me more,” she purred.

Taking his handkerchief out of his back pocket, Erik wiped his nose and smiled at her, reaching to unbutton her shirt.

“You see, Sella, the pharaoh in Ancient Egypt became Horus on earth, the ruler of the two lands (Upper and Lower Egypt). Horus, represented by the hawk, was the god of the Sky, a symbol of divine Kingship, and protector of the ruling King. And the name Horus also means the foresighted, where one eye represents the Sun and other represents the Moon.”

Erik stood and dimmed the lamp. Instantly night surrounded them, but still he continued talking. As Selena listened to his voice and the sound of his clothing being removed, her body was in a frenzy of anticipation.

Meine liebe, the Sun was known as Horakhty, or Horus in the horizon and Horus was considered  the god of the East and the rising Sun. He has the shape of a falcon or a hawk or can take a human shape with a falcon. You remember the falcons we had my love?"

Erikarl was now sat naked next to her on the cot, working at her buttons and easing her shirt off. He undressed her with masterful care and soon she was almost naked, her skin bared to his fingers. He stretched himself on top of her, his member probing between her legs, but not yet entering. Calmly he continued with his explanation, kissing her between words.

“Horus was the god of the Nile Delta (Lower Egypt) and Seth was the god of Upper Egypt, but Horus became the Symbol of Kingship and the King of Upper and Lower Egypt because it was he who united the two Kingdoms. The Kings of the predynastic Egypt were known as the followers of Horus and in his period, he was also known as the son of Isis and Osiris and inherited the throne of his father and was deeply connected with the goddess Hathor. She was the eye of the Sun god Re, the wife of the living King, and the mother of the coming King. Her name was written with the hieroglyph of the Horus falcon inside a rectangle – meaning "house" or "mansion" of Horus. Oh Sella, you are my connection and in my mind’s eye always, I … I …”

Selena could feel Erik’s breath become labored as he fought off the impending sneeze, and knowing that he would invariably lose the battle, she braced herself.

“Iiiishhh, chishhh, hupchmft, chishhhhh hurrrassshhhoooo,” he sneezed, some of the spray landing on her breasts. “Please to excuse me liebschen.” Erik reached down, and grabbed the handkerchief he had laid next to her cot and wiped his nose.

Selena could take no more and moved on top of him, her knees on either side of his hips, and began to kiss him again. His hands moved around to her back, and unfastened her bra. Sliding it off as she kissed him, Selena’s sweet smell of perfumed skin seemed to surround Erikarl with a presence all its own and he shivered with pleasure. Tossing her bra to the far corner of the tent, he traced his hands down her neck, then lower, leaving a trail of kisses down her breasts. There he spent what seemed like an eternity, kissing, nuzzling, gently nibbling on her, she atop him, both sitting. The sweet-salt taste of her skin only made him want more.

Selena could feel herself growing wetter and more aroused, and after a few minutes began to moan softly until Erik finally moved his hands and helped her position herself over his shaft, trailing kisses to the tips of her fingers all the while. Lifting her hips slightly, she opened her legs, rocking gently back and forth, up and down to the rhythm of the desert, to the beat of their hearts.

Her scent was intoxicating. Erikarl could sense the tickle beginning again at the back of his sinus cavity as he moved up into her, opening her with his cock. He gazed at her for an instant, wanting to prolong that moment just before he would sneeze and knowingly send her over the edge. Selena let out a small gasp as he ceased his motion beneath her and held his finger under his nose waiting. He began to draw his breath in ragged gasps as he felt her becoming more and more aroused. Selena’s hips began moving in rhythm to his movements, and the tensing he felt in her made him sure that she was ready to climax.

He slid back up into her, kissing her passionately, and then turned to the side and sneezed sharply,

 “Ashhhhh, ashhhhhhh, hurrrashhhhooo!"

Selena did not disappoint; she had her arms around him almost before he knew what was happening, kissing and caressing his body with almost hypnotic action as she came in warm waves. Erikarl closed his eyes, listening to her moan and Selena kissed his eyelids. Whispering endearments and blessings, she moved swiftly down his body to his waist, in one swift stroke her mouth pulled his cock inside, parting her lips, teasing his head with her tongue. Erik felt a quick thrill pass through him, and a gasp escaped his lips; he was more aroused than even he had realized.

Selena continued to kiss and caress, one hand stroking his cock shaft, the other kneading his thighs. He opened his legs further, pressing his cock hard into her hand and mouth. Instinctively she remounted him, and she moved her whole body down on top of his length, kissing her way to his neck biting on his collarbone. Erik moaned loudly and spoke her name as he came to climax quickly.

Kissing and caressing they continued until sleep overtook them, sated, in the wee hours of the morning.