My First Night


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How exciting it was for Amy – this was going to be her first night away from home. It felt great to be at school on her own. Or almost on her own; she had a roommate, a girl named Terry, who seemed pretty cool. They had spent their first day together, as most freshmen did, organizing their dorm room, deciding who would sleep on which side, beginning to unpack, and chatting about how they would decorate their space.  It was a great way to get to know each other better.

Amy had to admit she had been a little nervous when she’d first found out that Terry was from the city.  Amy had been born and raised in the country, and she hadn’t known what to expect from her new roommate.  So when Terry had walked in, clad in leather from head to toe, Amy didn’t know what to think.  Yet as the day went on, despite their differences in fashion tastes, the girls found that they weren’t all that different.  Terry was more outgoing than shy Amy, but otherwise they had a lot in common.

As their first night together approached, the girls paused in their unpacking and Terry brought out a bottle of red wine she had snuck into the dorm. Even though alcohol was not permitted in freshman housing, Terry convinced Amy to have a glass.  As the wine warmed their bodies, the new friends settled in and traded stories of growing up, ex-boyfriends, and other bits of pieces of background.  But during one of Terry’s stories, Amy felt her nose begin to itch. It was a sure sign that her allergy medication was wearing off.  Unfortunately, she had not got around to unpacking her medication and she had no idea which box those pills were in.  She decided to just try and deal and pretend that nothing was happening, but it was early Fall and the pollen count seamed to be through the roof. 

Amy could feel her eyes getting watery and her nose growing stuffy.  She felt a first sneeze begin to form.  She tried to casually run her finger back and forth across the underside of her nose to calm the itch. She hated to sneeze in the presence of others; especially in front of someone she had just met that day.  The motion did little to suppress her building urge to sneeze, and Amy found that she had no choice but to stifle it: “Itchee”.  The sneeze squeaked out, and Terry blessed her, passing her a box of tissues. 

“Are you OK?“ Terry asked.

“Just my allergies,” Amy answered in a stuffy voice. 

This was music to Terry’s ears. Unbeknownst to Amy, her roommate had always had a “thing” for sneezing. Terry knew that the evening had just gotten a whole lot better.


The two girls were on their third glass of wine and they were still swapping stories.  Terry continued to find great pleasure in her roommate’s misery. Amy had been sneezing all night, even though she stifled every one of them.  At some point, while Amy was telling a story about her senior prom, she suddenly let out a sneeze in mid-sentence: “Eetchooee!” 

“You have the cutest little sneeze,” Terry said, catching Amy off guard.

“I have what?” Amy asked. She could feel her face turning red from embarrassment.

“You have a cute sneeze,” Terry replied. 

Amy didn’t know what to say apart from: “That’s not how I really sneeze. Trust me, with a nose this size, my sneezes usually aren’t so quiet.”

Amy had always hated her nose – almost as much as the sneezes that came out of it.  It was long and thin, and her nostrils made perfect little triangles under it. Objectively speaking, it was a fairly attractive nose. In her mind, though, it was huge. 

“Well, what do your sneezes really sound like?” Terry asked. 

“They’re lot louder,“ Amy replied. 

“Hmm. How about you let me hear one, and I’ll judge for myself?”

“I can’t just sneeze on command! Their involuntary,” Amy protested.

“I bet you a month of laundry that I could make you sneeze,” Terry grinned.

“Are you kidding?” Amy asked, embarrassed by even the thought of it.

“What are you, chicken” Terry asked, trying to get Amy’s goat.

“You’re on,” Amy said, wondering what she had just gotten herself into. 


“Okay, get on your bed and lie back.” Amy did as she was told, and Terry climbed onto the bed and straddled her. “Now just relax and let me do all the work.”

Terry had at hand a long grey feather that she had pulled from a feather duster. She slowly slid it back and forth across the underside of Amy’s nose, instructing her to inhale deeply. Amy obeyed. She could feel dust as well as small pieces of the feather flood her nostrils, which flared widely in response. Terry then began to take the feather and pet Amy’s long nose with it, softly running the tickly plume down each side. 

Terry was amazed that this was even happening – this series of events was straight out of her most secret fantasies!  As her mind drifted she found herself slowly sliding her free hand down the front of the drawstring pants that she slept in. Her fingers touched the soft flap of skin that made up the opening of her vulva. 

Terry let out a soft moan, just enough to get Amy’s attention

“Terry what are you doing?” Amy asked softly. 

The question surprised Terry, and brought her back to reality. She quickly pulled her hand from her pants and returned to tickling Amy’s nose.

“I had an itch, that’s all,” Terry said. She could feel blood rushing to her face. 

“Do you want me to get that itch for you?” Amy asked, a smile coming to her face. 

Terry couldn’t believe what she heard. She was so surprised that all she could do was shake her head yes.  Amy reached forward and slowly pulled the string on Terry’s drawstring pants.  For a moment Terry forgot what she was doing, but then she returned the feather to the underside of Amy’s nose.  Amy slowly slid the tips of her fingers around Terry’s labia as Terry let out another soft moan.  She began to rock her hips with the motion of Amy’s fingers.  The feather slowly slipped away from Amy’s nose again.

Amy giggled, saying: “It looks like I’m going to win this bet.” 

“That’s what you think,” Terry replied.

She took a lock of her long black hair and slowly began to tickle it up Amy’s right nostril.  She slipped it deep up her nose and Amy could feel Terry’s soft hair brush against the side of her nostril as it tickled the fine little hairs that lined its wall.  Terry slowly began to twist the hair around up inside her roommate’s nose, searching for just the right spot to make her sneeze.  Amy’s eyes filled with tears and her nose got so runny that she had to sniffle.  She could feel the sneeze beginning to form in the back of her nose, and the tickle quickly became unbearable. 

But even through all of this, Amy’s only thought was to pleasure her new friend, so she softly tickled her finger against Terry’s clitoris. This drove Terry crazy. Amy could smell Terry’s wetness even through her stuffy nose.  In her excitement, Terry used her hair to tickle Amy’s nose a little bit more aggressively.  Making her sneeze would only make this already magical night perfect. 

Amy could feel a huge explosion building, and for the first time in her life she wanted to sneeze – to really sneeze. “Ahhh… AAHHhhh…” The sneeze began to take form, and Terry rocked her hips faster in anticipation of it.

“Come on baby you can do it,” Terry  encouraged her.

“HHHAAAA… AHHH… AAAAHHHHH…” Amy could feel it come, a sneeze like none she had never experienced before.  “AAAHHH… AAAAHHHH… AAACCHHOOOOO!”

The sneeze seemed to take everything out of Amy as Terry collapsed in bed next to her.  She handed Amy a tissue so that she could blow her nose and said: “It looks like you have some laundry to do.”

Amy just smiled and said, “Maybe it can wait ‘til tomorrow.”