My First Night (2)


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Amy woke up feeling very uncomfortable.  Her eyes were watering and her nose itched in the worst way. It was the kind of itch that always built itself up into a sneeze... or several.

She looked down and, in the darkness, saw Terry still cuddled up against her. "Did what I think happened, happen?” she wondered. She knew college would be full of new experiences, but what had happened the previous evening had been like nothing she’d ever experienced.

Her nose interrupted her train of thought. The tickle within was growing. She slowly tried to free her hand so she could try and rub the tickle out of her poor nose, but her arms seemed hopelessly tangled in Terry’s. Amy could feel the sneeze building fast; she scratched the roof of her mouth with her tongue to try to coax the growing sneeze back, but it was of little help. She could feel her watery eyes beginning to close as her breathing became more labored.

"Ahhh… AAAhhh… HAASHOOOW!”

The heavily congested sneezed exploded out. Amy was surprised at how loud it sounded in the small dorm room. Of course Terry woke with a start, scared by the sudden noise.

"What the hell was- Oh! Bless you sweetie,” Terry said with a laugh. “I thought a bomb had gone off.” She added: "You and your sweet sneezes…" as she cuddled back up to Amy who had seized the moment and grabbed some tissues to blow her heavily congested nose in.

"Yeah, real sweet,” Amy countered. “I hate my nose and it's sneezes".

"That's just because you haven't learned to enjoy them the way I do,” Terry said as she propped herself up on her one arm. "I love to make myself sneeze. If you do it just right, it can feel like an…" Terry's face turned red and she looked away. "Well, you know.”

"Is that why you liked it when I felt you down there?” Amy asked sheepishly.

"I could never explain it to you in a way that could make you understand. I think it’s one of those things you have to find out and feel for yourself. You should try it.”

Amy looked a little nervous as she thought about what Terry was saying. Finally, she said, "I don't know…"

"Here, why don’t we start off gently?" Terry said. "Take a corner of your tissue and roll it up into a point.”

Amy was about to do it, but then Terry stopped her.

“Wait - I almost forgot! First, you need to take a piece of my hair and put it in the middle of the tissue, so that just a little tip sticks out.”

“Why?” Aimee asked, puzzled.

"I want to be up there with you," Terry explained with a smile.

Amy nervously did as she was told. She wasn’t sure where this was all going. Fortunately, Terry was brimming with confidence. It was clear that she was experienced in such matters. The other girl’s eyes were shining and she kept smiling encouragement at Amy, coaxing her on. When Amy had finished rolling up the tissue with it’s little bit of hair, Terry leaned forward so she could get the best possible view and said,

"Now slide it up your right nostril as far as it will go."

As Amy did as instructed, she could feel the piece of Terry's hair brushing against the soft inner sidewalls of her nose. It tickled the small, soft hairs that lined her nostrils.  She could feel her eyes beginning to tear.

"That really ti-tickles," Amy stuttered. She looked at Terry’s lap and saw that the other girl had snuck a hand down underneath her panties. Terry was slowly, gently tickling herself.

"Tell me more. Tell me how it makes you feel," Terry said.

Amy didn’t reply. She wasn't sure what she had gotten herself into. This “experiment” was becoming stranger by the minute and she was uncertain as to how it was all going to end. She continued to watch Terry as the other girl pleasured herself. Terry certainly looked as though she was having fun… And then, Amy thought: “What the hell – you only live once, and I’m in college!” and snuck a hand into her own panties. A strange and wonderful sensation came over her as she slowly reached until her index found her labia, then her clit. Goosebumps formed on her thighs.

"That's my girl," Terry said, giving Amy a wink. "Now go ahead, and use both hands. Each doing their own thing, at the same time. Can you manage?"

Amy wasn’t sure, but she was certainly willing to try. She began to twist the tissue around the back of her nose until it finally found the magic spot. Suddenly, she felt sneezy. The sensation began slowly, but as Amy continued to play with the tissue, it grew rapidly. A single tear ran down her cheek, and she could feel her nostrils flare and quiver. She could feel her eyes beginning to close but she fought against the reflex. She wanted to keep her gaze fixed on Terry, who continued to play with herself while she started back at her. The more her hands worked their magic, the more exciting Amy found this activity. Tickling her nose, tickling her clit, and watching Terry watching her, pleasuring herself, was getting her incredibly excited. Pressure was building up in her nose and in her sex – it was a new sensation, strangely erotic.

“I… haaah… I think I’m… guh-haaaah-getting’ it…” she told Terry, struggling to speak around the urge to sneeze.

“I thought you might,” Terry whispered. Her cheeks were flushed and her eyes were shinier than ever. Amy wondered whether, watching her doing this, Terry felt somehow closer to her because of having shared her secret pleasure. Also, she suspected that her roommate was nearing an explosion of her own.

Then, all thoughts except those relating to explosions left her. Amy could feel the sneeze building up much faster now and her body began to shake. She was stroking herself faster, rocking back and forth, caught in a delicious agony. She could feel an explosion – nay, two of them – coming quickly. Her index bore down on her clit, stroking it just the right way, just as her other hand used the tissue to apply pressure on that magical spot high up in her right nostril:

"Haaaa!" Amy cried. "It's co- co- coming!" Then, she could no longer keep her eyes open. What she had been building up to these past few minutes was upon her: "AAAhhh... HAAA... HaaCHOOO! AAACHOOO! HEAAAHCHOO!” The sneezes had finally come and so did Amy. Dimly, she heard Terry cry out in the background, enjoying her own orgasm. Then, just when Amy thought she was done, a final sneeze snuck up on her: “Aaaah… HAAAACHHOOOO!” It reverberated through her body. She could feel herself shaking all over, a rhythmic pulse working its way through her, all the way down to her toes. For a moment, Amy was so lost in the sensation that she wondered whether she’d passed out. But then she felt Terry run a hand against her flesh. In her hypersensitive state, the sensation was like a combination of needles and feathers against her skin. As she felt Terry curl up next to her again, Amy relaxed. Touch became just touch again – warm and soft and wonderful. It wasn’t long until both girls slipped into the most peaceful rest they had ever had.