Last Night A DJ... (3)


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Mick’s luck kept getting better and better. The beautiful DJ from Paradise nightclub, Donna Dynamite, shared his fascination! The taxi journey to his place seemed to take an aeon, and while they travelled he gazed at her. Her lovely coffee skin, her beautiful brown eyes and dark curly hair. He had never dreamed that he, the college nerd, could pull a cracker of such calibre.

It was mid-evening by the time they arrived at his house; and although it was not late, Mick’s housemates, two guys even more geeky than Mick himself, could already be heard snoring in their rooms.

He grasped Donna’s hand and led her upstairs to his own room, where they began to make love. Mick wasn't a virgin, but he was very inexperienced with women. Donna, on the other hand, knew exactly what to do.

“I brought this along,” she whispered. “Just in case.”

She produced a fine, long feather, with an end which looked so tickly it made Mick want to sneeze just staring at it.

“Can you guess what I'm going to do with this?”

“I hope so.”

Donna began to tickle her nose slowly, ever so slowly...

After a tingling, expectant moment, she started to breathe a little more sharply and quickly. Her face quivered.


That was the loudest sneeze Mick had heard from her, and it reverberated throughout the building. He hoped it hadn’t disturbed his housemates.

Several more sneezes, all just as loud and just as sensual, provided Mick with some feverish entertainment. Life surely couldn't get any better than this, could it?


“Maybe I should call my housemate, Ronnie,” Donna suggested.

Mick's heart sank as she made a call on her dinky little mobile. He imagined a male model type coming over and squeezing him out of the action.

So it was a pleasant surprise to discover this Ronnie was female.

“It’s short for Veronica,” Ronnie informed Mick as he let her into his house.

She too allowed him to take her hand and lead her up the stairs (which seemed ever so creaky, and ever so likely to wake one of his housemates).

Ronnie was a tall black goddess, with sparkling deep brown eyes behind a pair of tiny Armani glasses. She had huge breasts and ebony skin.

“Hi, Ronnie,” Donna cooed, smiling.

“Hi, Liz,” said Ronnie, using her friend’s real name. Donna was a stage name.

The two women grinned at each other for a while. Donna was naked and Mick was wearing only the T-shirt and jeans he had put on so he could let Ronnie into the house. But Ronnie did not seem in the least uncomfortable or surprised.

“Ronnie and I have something to discuss,” Donna said to Mick. “Will you excuse us a moment?”

The girls left the bedroom, holding hands and giggling. Mick could hear their girlish chatter through the door. He hoped neither of his housemates awoke and found the naked Donna standing with her lovely friend on the landing.

After several minutes, the girls returned and climbed on to the bed. They each embraced Mick, and then Ronnie stripped too.

Mick's mouth watered as he watched the two babes before him, in all their natural glory.

“Look what I got you, Ronnie.” Donna reached into her bag and pulled out a second feather. She handed it to her friend.

Each woman inserted the delicate end of her feather up her nose, and, with admirable synchrony, each began the build-up to a sneeze.

Donna got there first. “AAAAISHOOOOOOOOOOO!!! AAAAAISSSHHHOOOOOOOOOO!!!” She exaggerated her explosions for full effect. “AISHOOOO!!!” She gave her friend a blurred smile. “Come on, Ronnie. Get with the action.”

“AH-AH-HMPH! AH-MPH!” Ronnie was stifling.

“Let it all out, Ronnie.” Donna’s eyes gleamed with desire.

“I can't,” said her friend nervously.

“Yes you can. You know how you always stifle when I'm around? Well, I figured you must do that for a reason. And do you know what that reason is? You are a loud sneezer, just like me. The other night, I pretended to go out, but hid in the closet, and heard you sneeze so loudly, so...magnificently, it took my breath away. Come on. Show Mick how you really sneeze. You would like to see that, wouldn’t you Mick?”

Mick sensed the girls were playing some kind of game. But if they were, he didn’t mind. It was the sort of game he liked, and he was in a state of pure ecstasy.

Ronnie knew she must oblige. But she could surely ask for something in return. She raised her eyebrows. Donna raised hers in mock surprise. She knew what Ronnie wanted; what she craved even as she craved sneezes.

Donna began to finger Ronnie, and Ronnie became moist. Then Donna began to lick and eat her. Ronnie tickled her own nose with the feather, and her sneezes came out in a massive paroxysm.


Donna was so excited she began to sneeze too; more delicious AISHOOOs.

Then the girls switched positions, Ronnie eating the sneezing Donna; and they proceeded to eat and sneeze for several minutes. They wrapped themselves around Mick, both women pleasuring him in all kinds of ways, turning up and down, and taking it in turns to fuck him. He pounded it to one sneezing beauty and then the other. First one would sneeze into his face and into his mouth and on to his shoulders, and then the other would sneeze on his head and back. Sometimes one of the girls would sneeze on his cock, his ass, his legs and his feet.

Finally, somewhere in the depth of the night, the trio slipped into exhausted sleep.

Mick awoke the following morning to find himself alone. Had he dreamed last night’s encounter? He fought a surge of doubt and disappointment. Then his mobile began to beep. Donna's name showed.

“He-hello,” he said hesitantly and sleepily.

“Hi.” Donna sounded as alert as ever. “Sorry. Did I wake you?”

“Um…No, no. It’s fine.”

“Did you enjoy your night with us, Mick?”

“Did I? Yeah!” (Understatement of the year!)

“Good. We left you sleeping, you seemed so worn out, poor thing. We would have stayed for breakfast, but we’re both busy girls and we had to shoot off. But guess what? I have a little proposition to put to you.”

Mick's heart thudded, threatening to burst out of his ribcage. “Go on.”

“Well, how would you like to have breakfast with us every morning? Ronnie and I need a new housemate for next year. Would you like to move in with us?”

“Sure would!” Mick didn’t even take a second to consider another year with Bald Bob and Spiky Sid.

“Thought you might. I've got to get off to college, but I'll give you a ring, and we can, er, discuss matters a little further.”

“Cool. Bye for now then.”

“Bye. Speak to you soon.”

As Donna rang off, Mick knew he was going to enjoy his next year at university rather more than this one. And did he still feel like the college nerd? No way!