Night Thoughts

Mr Sneezy

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Cherie lay alone in bed, the room dark. She was alone because Karen was at her own home and the room was dark because it was night.  Rare parental circumstances had kept the girls apart for two days, but they would be back together tomorrow. Just the thought of her slim, serious-faced little lover made Cherie's vulva tingle and her nipples pucker up excitedly. She knew that if she couldn't sleep, some self-relief between her legs would be required.

Earlier that week, Cherie had awakened to find Karen thinking deeply, absently running her hands around Cherie's body. Cherie had played possum for a while, realising the girl had something on her mind. Then, pretending to just wake up, she asked what the matter might be. It gave her a bit of a jolt to find Karen had been thinking about the two of them and how they had become lovers at fifteen.        

Even at that age, Cherie had felt the vibes Karen was putting out and, realising that the attraction, though unspoken, was mutual, she tried to reciprocate, not knowing what else to do.  Never modest at the best of times, she displayed her body unashamedly, changing clothes in front of Karen, baring her fast-developing  breasts for admiration. Really, she was just trying to get the girl to make a move on her. One thing that Cherie was itching to get hold of was Karen's beautifully formed little pair of buttocks. Cherie constantly wondered what they felt like to touch and what delights lay between them. But the catalyst that brought their attraction into the open was Cherie's sensitive nose.  

For one reason or another, Cherie would need to sneeze almost every day, her fits large and wet. Whenever she did, Cherie could feel the vibe from Karen at its strongest, the teenager excited almost to the point of agitation at seeing a normal bodily function. Finally, one afternoon, Karen had made her move. Unable to take her handkerchief out in time, Cherie had felt Karen's hand slip across her mouth and nose. She had sneezed hard into it twice, spraying it copiously with saliva. An almost tearful Karen had finally confessed her feelings, adding that the sight of Cherie sneezing was the most intense catalyst of all in the desire for her friend.

Cherie came out with her own feelings and desires towards Karen and the two girls found a new understanding with each other. Now, the way ahead would be taken, learning about each other's bodies and what to do with them. A rapidly deepening and genuine love was quickly established. They hoped it would last forever. 

Cherie returned to the present. She had nearly dozed off from thinking of these events  from their past. It had turned out perfectly ,though, Cherie thought, rolling onto her side. From that day on she had sneezed for Karen at every opportunity. Boldly, she had asked for intimacy with the other girl's buttocks. After a brief hesitation, Karen had agreed.  She had never regretted it, becoming almost addicted to the feel of Cherie's  tongue lapping at her little anus and her hands massaging Karen's twin globes between it.

Cherie stared into the darkness. She knew what she was. An eighteen year old lesbian who, if she chose to advertise this fact, would never be completely accepted by society. And she didn't care. She loved Karen who loved her back and that was it.

She was starting to drift again, heading for sleep, when a dull, but insistent tickle began building in her sinuses. Cherie nearly laughed out loud. She had lain here thinking about it and now it was going to happen. Her mind working at top speed, she rolled onto her back. She was nude, so she had no pocket for tissues. In fact, she had no tissues, having used the last of them to clean saliva and vaginal juices from herself and Karen after their last energetic lovemaking session, two days before. Her handkerchiefs were in the drawer, a million miles away.

As the tickle reached its peak, Cherie did the only thing she could. The one thing that had started her commitment to Karen. She covered her mouth and nose with her hand.

"Atishoo.......Atishoo......" she sneezed heavily, spraying her palm.  Her nose wasn't finished with her yet, though. It was still tickling violently and an image of Karen danced in her mind's eye.

At that second, Cherie missed her young lover desperately. She brought her left hand up and did what Karen, though unnecessarily, did on many occasions. Cupping the two hands together over her nose and mouth, Cherie prepared for the final explosion.

"Ah.....Ah.....ATISHISHOO!!..." came the double sneeze, almost too close together to distinguish one from the other. Both of her hands were soaked with saliva and some flecks of mucus.

She rubbed them over her face, getting a quick whiff of her own spit, but drying them off as best she could. Then she rubbed her forearm across her nostrils, breathing up deeply to clear the small amount of mucus in there. Years of practice had given her the ability to release the bulk of her sneeze through her mouth and only when this action differed, did she have to blow her nose afterward.

The impact of the final double explosion had jerked her from the pillows with its force, but now Cherie nestled her young body back against them to consider what had happened. Foremost in her mind was the question of why she had the instinctive urge to cover her mouth against a sneeze when she was alone. When she was with anyone other than Karen, she would suppress it completely, an almost inaudible convulsion behind her handkerchief. Countless times, Karen had covered her mouth for her. A gentle hand, a tissue, a hanky, they all came into play and they were all fun and sensual. Sometimes, Karen would present her face for Cherie's wet explosions, an act which never failed to culminate in some very intense lovemaking.

Cherie chuckled in the darkness. It was all just a part of being young and in love. She loved Karen with a depth she couldn't gauge or explain. But it was enough. Just.

Thinking of Karen made her vagina begin the low familiar throb of arousal again and her nipples tingle, wanting touch. There was nothing for it, she decided. This problem would have to be attended to personally.

Her saliva came into use again as she spat liberally on two fingers of each hand and began creaming the "magic fluid" into each nipple. They responded eagerly, standing right up and sending urgent signals of pleasure to her clitoris.

Her nipples ready, she used yet more saliva and slipped the dripping fingers into her equally wet little love tunnel, going straight for the magic button. Massaging her left nipple while her right hand worked at her clitoris brought exquisite pleasure which tingled over her body. Cherie drifted into another world where that feeling of pleasure was all she knew. Karen's beautiful face floated in her mind's eye and the images began. Karen sitting nude on her lap giving Cherie kisses and cuddles. Then Karen sneezing gently, a finger under her nose. Karen blowing Cherie's nose with a clean white tissue. Then Cherie exploding a big sneeze into Karen's eager hand. She put more saliva on her left nipple. She was getting close.

The images continued. Cherie with her nose deep between Karen's bottom cheeks, pleasuring her anus. Then the two of them making love on Karen's double bed. That did it. The sight of her lover's face lit with ecstasy as fingers and tongues did their precision work, sent Cherie over the top.

"Oh Karen.......Oh me.....yes......oh yes........Karen darling....." Cherie whispered to the empty room as an intense orgasm swept up and down her entire body. Finally she was sated, lying  back on the pillows in the afterglow of her release. Her fingers were soaked in vaginal juices and she wiped them absently on the quilt.

She still missed Karen's physical presence, but the lively session of masturbation had lessened the longing feeling. Soon, it would be tomorrow and her problem would be solved by a slim teenage girl bouncing along beside her. Cherie stared into the darkness.

"Goodnight, Karen", she whispered. "I love you, sweetcheeks"   

At peace now, she let herself drift again. One more image floated through her mind's eye. It was that of the both of them asleep in this bed, cuddled together, a picture of perfection in stillness. The day moved to the edge of extinction. Time turned. Outside, the wind gusted and howled. Cherie slept.

A few streets away, Karen was also alone in bed. In deference to the chilly Autumn weather, she wore thick pyjamas even though the electric blanket was up high. She had eaten too many onions and plenty of eggs at the church barbecue and knew, with a modicum of wry amusement, that she would be farting vigorously tomorrow. Tomorrow. That was what she wanted. The time that would bring her sweet Cherie back to her.

Cherie with her vivacious smile, long coltish legs and large firm breasts. And that sneeze. Never forget that. Her lover, her soul mate, her dream come true.

Karen also missed Cherie's presence. Her vagina ached dully in semi-arousal and she didn't doubt it would need attention before she slept. She let herself drift. Last time Karen had thought like this, she had wandered back into the past, reliving the events that had brought their preference for each other to light. Now she went forward, wondering what the future held for them both. A year of school left, after which both girls had their sights set on the University of Melbourne. Therefore, at least, they would not be separated.

Karen rolled restlessly onto her side. Separated. Yuk. What a horrible word. She would die, like a star burning out, if she didn't have Cherie. Karen was sometimes troubled by the secret the two of them held. Lately, she wondered if they shouldn't just announce it to the world and be done with it. She made a mental note to ask Cherie's opinion. Karen rolled onto her back again, laced a hand behind her head and let the other lie on her left breast.

She thought of tomorrow again. She intended to dress for her lover, showcasing her lithe young body with her tightest jeans and a satin blouse. Cherie loved satin. As if on cue, an odd, but familiar itch tickled the back of her nasal passages, getting bigger by the split second.           

"Not now," she thought. But there was no holding back. With a mental apology to Cherie, Karen put her free hand over her mouth, an instinctive action she could not break. Then she let go.


The sneezes were very gentle and the pressure in her nose eased with each one. Karen finished with a fifth and final "choo", and uncovered her mouth.

"Oh excuse me, " she said to the empty room and giggled. There was no spit, no mucus. Just a pleasant feeling of release. Trouble was now, she definitely needed another kind of release. Her vagina had become wet and fully aroused in a few seconds, spurred on by thoughts of Cherie and the unexpected sneezes. This was best dealt with at once, Karen decided, quickly unbuttoning her pyjama top. She out her right hand inside her pants, sliding two fingers up to her clitoris. She used saliva on only her left nipple, coating it with the fresh liquid. A few seconds later, Karen was away, massaging her love button smoothly while she worked her eager, wet nipple.

Unlike Cherie, Karen fixed on only one image. That of the both of them nude on the bed, hugging and  kissing, their delight and passion obvious. Cherie's lap held Karen's little bottom and each girl held a breast. In the picture, Karen always noticed that Cherie's hand always held a damp handkerchief and she wondered if her lover had a cold in this simple fantasy which they had, many times, undertaken for real. She never had a chance to take the picture any further, for she always came very quickly when she used it and tonight was no exception.

A tidal wave of pleasure spread through her loins and into her entire body as her expert fingers completed their work. Karen bucked and thrust in her bed.

"Oh yes," she cried softly. "Yes.....yes.....oh my goodness..........oh Cherie........kiss me darling....."

Slowly, she subsided and a cheeky grin stole over her face. God, that had been good. Karen wiped her fingers on her pyjamas and tidied herself up again. Then she lay very still on her back. It was so wonderful to be in love. Should be more of it, she thought. Giving vent to a huge yawn, she could feel peace roll over her after a long day

"Goodnight sweetheart", she said quietly.

For a moment, she thought she heard Cherie reply. Then she chuckled sleepily. They were well in tune with each other, but they couldn't hold telepathic conversations. Karen yawned again and closed her eyes, that sly little smile still just touching her lips. The day moved to extinction and time turned. Outside, the Autumn wind whipped the leaves, gusting angrily. Karen slept.