A Different Kind of Helpless

Sneezy Kitten

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Justin tried to raise himself up in the bed, the sheets falling down around his chest.  His nose was still a bright red, though at least the breathing through his nose was less pronounced, and the coughing had subsided.  Blinking his bleary eyes, he looked around, as if trying to figure out where he was, before looking down and realizing he was not outside.  “Ummb… Bhere ab I…?”  He blinked a few more times as the previous night returned to him, and he gave a slight smile before wrinkling his stuffed up nose.

Hearing something in a dream, something about a Bear Rabbi, Natalie’s eyes fluttered open in confusion, and she realized it was Justin beside her.  Wait.  What?  Oh.  Yes, last night.  The memory came rushing back and she bit her lip, noticing that her leg was twined around his.  Carefully extracting herself from that position, she sat up and looked at him, almost apologetically.  “Good morning,” she offered, the stuffiness completely gone from her voice, which only served to emphasize the clogged sound of his.  “How are you feeling?”

Not noticing her leg until she moved it, he found himself thankful that she had managed to avoid the sore spot that had originated… around three days ago, then?  Had it been that long?  “I’b feeding a bid bedder,” he replied, giving her a soft smile, his nose still fighting an unseen assailant as he talked.  She matched his smile with one of her own as she heard him try to answer her question, then focused on his breathing and halted speech as she saw that he was battling with a sneeze.  “De  cough’s gone, ad leasd, but I sdill hab do snee… sneeze… HISSHUUU!!”  He turned his face down a bit, and though it wasn’t an overly powerful sneeze, it had still managed to rock his head slightly.  For some reason, he almost seemed embarrassed by himself.  “I’b sorry….”

A flush rose to her face and she braced herself, then shivered involuntarily at his release, her hand instinctively creeping up her thigh.  “Ooh, bless you,” she managed to choke out, feeling almost drowned by waves of passion.  From the way he had tried to talk through it, to the particular sound of it, she felt almost paralyzed.  “Don’t be sorry,” she insisted, her voice quavering.

“Bud I’b beed spending your boney… tagging ub your dime… I beel bad aboud id,” he replied, scowling at the sound of his own voice.  “Dab dis stubby dose… habn’d beed like dis in dwo years.”  He sighed through his mouth, as his nasal passages were completely blocked.  He then looked over to her and tilted his head slightly.  “Dadalie, are you okay?  You soud bedder bud you don’d loog so good.”

She shook her head as he spoke, hearing his objections about putting her out, but finding it very hard not to take him into her arms at the adorable sound of his stuffy nose.  “I’m fine, really,” she said with a slight nod.  It was the truth.  She was fine.  She was more than fine, between the sweet sniffly-ness and the delicious sneezes.  Not to mention the idea of having him helpless.  She dragged her thoughts out of the proverbial gutter and nodded again.  “Really, don’t worry about me.  I’m more concerned about you.  I know you sound a bit better, and the coughing seems to have tapered off a bit, but that sneeze… it sounded pretty intense.  How is your nose feeling?” she asked, feeling a bit evil, but trying not to dwell on it.

 “Nod a bid bedder,” he answered, frowning.  “I think id's godden worse, id facg.  I can'd eben breathe in de least through by dose... bud it hurds like crazy when I sneeze.  I don'd know how I god dis bad, really.  I jus… heh... HEHTCHOO! HISSHUUU!!”  He shuddered, and was thrown forward by the force of his sneezes, his eyes watering badly.  “Oww... dad really hurd.…”  He leaned over and grabbed some Kleenexes from  the nightstand, blowing his nose loudly before tossing the now-soaked tissues into a wastebasket.

She trembled at the sound of his sneezes and moaned ever so softly, though the sound was all but obscured because of his nose blowing.  Her hand crept a bit further up her thigh, still hidden by the bedcovers, and she mentally chastised herself for taking pleasure in his pain.  She really couldn’t help it, though.  Swallowing hard, she brought her free hand to his back and rubbed gently.  “Blessings, Justin.  Those sounded really wet.  At least maybe your nose won’t be quite so clogged.”

Shaking his head in protest to her logic, he explained.  “No... dese sneezes aren'd like dat.  When I sneeze, by dose geds MORE plogged... sabe wid blowing by nose.  Id doesn'd helb... or if id does, id only helbs for a minute before id gets plogged again.”  He sniffled again, as if proving his point, and rubbed his eyes with the back of one bare arm - and then realized that he wasn't wearing a shirt.  An embarrassed grin crept over his face, contrasting with the tired look in his eyes, though he didn’t bother trying to cover himself.

Listening to him try to describe the nature of the cold to her, she nodded quietly, as if to say she understood.  The sniffle sent shivers down her spine and she felt the presence of goose bumps on her torso.  Watching him rub his eyes, her mind again registered the fact that he was shirtless, before a rush of heat testified that her body had noticed, as well.  “Maybe a hot shower would help?” she suggested, wondering if he could manage a trip to the bathroom without falling over, and, furthermore, if he could stand up long enough to shower.  A thought passed through her head and she smiled slightly.

He blinked a few times at the idea of a hot shower - a novelty to him, really, considering.  Though honestly, the idea of letting her see the wound on his leg didn't seem too great, as he felt he had already caused enough trouble.  As such, he shook his head slowly, wiping his nose a bit more with the Kleenex.  “No... Nod ride now, ad leasd. Bud I do abreciate the offer.”  He tried to smile, though his nose seemed to be giving him not a single break, not even when he blew it.

Watching him consider her proposal, she then sighed at his refusal.  His smile did comfort her a little bit, and she hoped he would keep the shower idea in mind.  “There’s always time for that later,” she said with a nod, not knowing his reasons for refusing, but understanding he was still very weak, and probably shouldn’t move around too much.  Eyeing his use of the tissue, she took a fresh one and pressed it into his hand.  “Is your nose still all stuffy?” she asked innocently, rubbing her index finger across the tip, as if that would tell her.

Justin pulled away, not letting the tissue get soaked as it was likely to do at the moment.  “Yeah, id's preddy bad,” he explained, dabbing his own nose a bit, the reason that he didn't let her touch becoming obvious as the tissue was really wet. “I hade gedding sig. Id sucks.”  He pouted, before laughing at his own expression.  Natalie listened to his talking and shivered at the cute stuffiness in his voice.  Before she could say anything, he continued, and she bit down on her lip at the sound of his sniffle. “I'b sorry,” he mumbled. The pout he gave was nothing short of adorable, and she smiled, then began to shake her head at yet another apology from him, though he continued to speak. “I jusd...” he began, then paused, sniffling slightly, his nose wrinkling.  “Jusd….”

Sensing that he needed to sneeze, she inched a bit closer to him, placing a few fresh tissues in his hand, in case he needed them. Her fingers returned to her lap, beneath the covers and she tensed expectantly.  His voice was considerably stuffed as he tried to finish his thought despite the blossoming sneeze.  “I jusd hade being a both… HISSHUUUU!! Heh-ACHHOO! KISHUU!”  He held the tissue to his nose as he sneezed, his eyes closing tight and watering, the tissue soaked through by the time he finished.  She lightly stroked the inside of her thigh as she listened to your sneezes, her fingers cold against the fiery warmth of her legs.  Half-closing her eyes in obvious pleasure, she opened them again almost immediately, reminding herself that it was not the time or the place. Or was it?

“I hade being a bother,” he sighed, wiping the tears away with the back of his arm and scowling.  “Dis is disgusding. I HADE BEING SIG!!!”  He shook his head violently, as if trying to force the sickness out that way.  “I hade nod being able do dalk ride, I hade nod being able to breade ride, and mosd of all I hade habbing beoble hab do dake care of be. I'b sure you'b god someding bedder to be doing dan watching be.”

Just the stuffiness of his voice sent shivers down her spine and her entire body was covered in goose bumps. Suddenly realizing just how thin the fabric of her nightgown was, she crossed one arm over her chest, her face flushing.  “Bless you,” she whispered after his brief tirade. “I want to be here, I want to be taking care of you,” she insisted, gazing at him and willing the goose bumps to fade.

Justin sighed, his chin resting on his chest.  “Bud I don'd wand to be a burden. I'b subbosed to be a ban, able to dake care of byself... leasd, if you beliebe what beoble say.”  Here he gave a slight smirk.  “Dough dey were wrong mosd de time. Don'd know why I beliebed dem. I jusd... I don'd know any bore. Dis cold is messing wid my mind, and dese damned VOICES aren'd helping ad all. Dey don'd eben helb be heal fasd enough do tag care of dis damned leg,” he finished with a cough, he tone still adorably stuffy as he rubbed his fingers across his nose in an irresistible manner.

She slid her hand out from her lap and began to rub his back gently, hoping he would not shy away from her touch. “You’re not a burden. I… I enjoy taking care of you.  It makes me feel good.” She stopped and considered that, then realized that he would probably take it to mean that she derived emotional satisfaction from getting him well. Relieved, she continued. “You need to rest. You’re sick, and you’re weak, and you’re virtually helpless. Don’t try to fight it.” Kissing his forehead lightly, to take his temperature, she pursed her lips, then shook her head. “Cooler, but not as good as I would like.” Grabbing a few more tissues, she wiped his nose, as though he was a little child, but her manner was not condescending. If anything, it looked as though she truly did enjoy doing this.

Frowning, he felt oddly comforted, though at the mention of helpless, he froze for a moment, his breath catching, before he forced himself to relax.  “I… Thanks, Dadalie. I appreciate it.”  He did not shy away from her touch at all, noting that his fever had indeed almost broken, letting himself be fretted over against his better judgment.  “I don'd know what I'd be doing ride now if you hadn'd came and helbed me, though. I’d probably be downstairs, laying on de couch wid my bag stolen.”  He turned his head, his eyes meeting hers for a moment.  “I owe you one.”

Natalie smiled and gave him a hug. “You’re welcome, Justin.  But you don’t owe me anything. You helped me when I was sick, and couldn’t move or take care of myself. It is my turn now, and I want to stay with you, to be here.” Pulling out of the hug, she studied his face, searching his eyes, then softly kissed his nose. She smiled and stroked his hair. “Maybe that will help it not be so stuffy,” she commented, still smiling, her fingers running through his locks.

He gave a stuffy laugh.  “I doubd it. Id's a nice thoughd, though. Ummmb,” he started, blinking a couple times and considering the pros and cons of showing his leg to her.  He moved his legs to the side of the bed, slipping them out from under the covers, then turning his body so that his legs lay the same way they did before. Pulling up the right pant leg to the knee, he revealed the wound from three days ago, a rather jagged gash, as though an animal had bitten him.  Even then, it looked like it would be painful to walk, let alone when it had originally been made.  “You wouldn'd habben to know how do deal wid dis, would you?” he asked, sniffling a little more and wriggling his nose.

Eyeing the wound, Natalie winced, trying to hide her reaction. It looked more painful than she could imagine, and she felt a fresh wave of guilt wash over her as she remembered how she’d rubbed his legs through the blanket the previous night. “How… what… Yes, actually. When I was looking in the bathroom cabinet, I found a first aid kit that might help, and… well… I am a Goddess, and I do have certain healing powers. I’m not sure if you’d let me use magick, but it is an option.” There she paused and looked up at him, as if trying to decide what he would choose, if anything. She did have considerable skill with first aid, though she was trained to give it to other Goddesses, not necessarily humans.  He did seem rather similar, in body tissues and such, so she was not too worried.

“Id's ub do you,” he answered, giving her a slight smirk.  “Thangfully, it was my other leg thad you were touching last nide; that could hab hurt. I'd be habby wid anyding ride now, though. Id's decided dat id wands to bodder me, id seems.”  He blinked a few times, as though realizing something.  “Agtually, Id hasn't been cleaned in a few days. Dat could be pard of de problem,” he reasoned, a slight, embarrassed smirk on his face at having overlooked such a simple necessity.

She shook her head and refrained from lecturing him. She was surprised that it looked as good as it did, for not having been cleaned in a few days. Once having treated a very bad wound of a friend’s that had not been cleaned in three days, she could hardly believe the reddish-purple tint to the skin and the white liquid gushing from the wound. The thought made her sick and she rose to get the first aid kit, trying to distract herself. “I’ll try a simple healing procedure first,” she called as she rummaged around in the cabinets, “and then, if there is a problem with that, or just for good measure, I’ll try some old-fashioned healing methods.” Returning with the first aid kit and her staff, she gave him an odd sort of smile.

Justin nodded and sighed quietly.  “I can'd BELIEVE I led someding lige dat go for so.. soo.... HAASSCHOOOO!!” he sneezed very wetly, cupping his hands over his mouth and nose to catch it, then wiping his hands on the bedcovers and sniffling.  Natalie bit down hard on her lip and shivered a little at the sound of his delicious sneeze.  Using every single ounce of her willpower, she kept herself from making a sound, and even managed to keep from closing her eyes with pleasure as she handed him a tissue.  He blew his nose loudly and continued.  “So long. I don'd thingk it helbed much wid dis cold, either. Maybe if I'd taggen care of myself bedder I wouldn'd hab to be boddering you lige dis. I'b subbosed to be a 'sabiour ob humanidy,’ and I'm stug to bed wid a cold.” Laughing at this, he added, “And dey sdill wand be do by 'job'. Can you beliebe dat?”

“No, the cold and the injury are not the best combination,” she agreed. “But once I clean and heal the wound, you will only have to worry about the cold. Now, this might hurt a bit, but you seem to have a high tolerance for pain,” she remarked. Setting the first kit on the chair and climbing carefully onto the bed, she eyed him, then paused. “You know, this is going to hurt a lot, but you can’t move while I’m doing this…. It might be good if…” she trailed off, not wanting to suggest restraints.

He raised an eyebrow.  “Id mide be good if what? I can probably hold byself still... I think. Though I'b neber had a wound like this.”  He looked at it for a moment, and winced, realizing for the first time that it was actually fairly bad.  “You're ride, I hab a bery high tolerance, but I don'd know how buch dis will hurd. Whad were you going to suggest?” He seemed almost clueless as he spoke, truly unsure of what she was going to mention, though still somewhat comfortable despite everything.

She nodded quietly. “I know you have a high tolerance, but this is going to hurt.  A lot… and… I can’t afford to have you move. It might be a good idea if I tied you… to the bed.” Her voice was somewhat uncertain, hoping he was not offended or upset at her suggestion, but knowing practicality was important. She waited for his reaction, a few random thoughts running through her head. Justin. Tied up. Justin, tied up. With the sniffles. Helpless. She could… Her thoughts paused and she shivered, realizing just how tempting it would be.

Justin gave a shiver of his own as he thought about being tied up by her.  He seemed to consider for a moment, then nodded slowly, thankful that the voices had decided to take this time to shut up for a while - the more will he had to control his body at the moment, the better.  “I subbose. I jusd hobe it doesn'd hurd dooo much,” he smiled softly and continued, “Bud if id'll mage me heal fas… fas… heh… Heh… HEHSHHOOO!! Ehh-SHHOOO!!” He took a moment after the wet sneezes and wiped his nose with the back of his arm, not caring that he had no sleeve there. After recovering, his body having shot forward with the force, sending a fine mist spraying over the end of the bed, he spoke again, a slight scowl on his face.  “Helb be heal fasder, I guess id's worth it.”

Natalie felt her body flush at the sight of his sneeze, a torrent of pleasure and warmth seeming to drown her. Crossing one arm over her breasts to hide her nipples, which started to push through the thin fabric of her nightgown, she swallowed hard and nodded, managing a soft whisper of “Blessings.” 

Eyeing the four corners of the bed, she mentally calculated the distance and the length of his arms and legs, then opened the first aid kit, setting her staff against the dresser. She found four strips of cloth and pulled them each taught between her hands, as if testing their strength. Her courage faltered and she wondered if she would be able to hold back once she had him tied up, but she pushed the thought aside and motioned to him. “You’ll need to take those pants off,” she instructed, her cheeks flushing a bit.

Justin blinked a few times, shuddering for a moment, but barely managed a slight nod. Carefully, and visibly much slower than necessary due to the extreme amount of mental effort being exerted to control his body, he did as asked, his face flushing bright red as he was left only in his boxers. His own nipples stood out slightly, presumably at the cold against the skin of his legs. His body still shivered, again presumably at the cold, as he laid down and closed his eyes, focusing his entire will on self-control.

Trying not to stare as he slid off his pants, she noticed the flush that crept to his face. She nodded as if to give her approval, then took the strips of fabric and climbed onto the bed, taking his right hand in her own. “This will only hurt a bit,” she murmured, knowing it would hurt more than a bit, but hoping her words sounded genuine and calming as she secured his wrist to the bedpost using the strip of cloth. Doing the same with his left wrist, she paused. “Pull on it a bit; I need to see how well it will hold up,” she instructed him, taking great care to control her breathing. She was half-leaning over him, her legs tucked under her and the braid of her hair having fallen over one shoulder.

He nodded and instead of simply pulling, he yanked hard on the cloth; it looked as though he was trying to pull with all of his might to get it off, though it was more an attempt to focus his attention on something else rather than controlling himself. His eyes followed her braid as it swung slightly, his nose wrinkling a bit as though in preparation for another sneeze.

Natalie smiled her satisfaction, her eyes taking in the pull of his muscles as he tried to resist against the cloth. Watching him lay there, helpless, she licked her lips and voiced her approval. “Good. That will work nicely. Now for your feet.” Turning, she took the remaining two strips of cloth and bound both of his feet to the posts, respectively, then surveyed her handiwork. It looked as though he was quite immobile. 

“Pull a bit,” she instructed again, “I need to know that you are indeed completely helpless.” Wincing at her choice of words, she wondered if he would notice and remark, but she did not bother to correct herself.

Justin nodded again, and did as asked, still trying with everything he had to control his body. He did not, however, fail to notice the itch that built in his nose, his face scrunching up and his lungs forced to take in a long, deep breath. He stuttered for a moment as he tried to control it, but with the effort of controlling the rest of his body, it was a complete failure. “Heh… heh… heeehh… HAH-TCHHOOOO!!  Eh-KISHHH!!” His entire body leapt with the force of the sneezes, pulling tightly against the binds and finding them to hold as he was wracked with the most powerful of his sneezes yet, his eyes watering badly as his body relaxed back against the bed.

Natalie trembled as she was sprayed, since he had no way to cover his mouth as his hands were bound. A soft moan escaped her lips and she closed her eyes for just a moment, one hand slipping between her legs, the other instinctively reaching for the tissues. Stroking lightly, she shuddered, on the brink, but pulled her hand away and bit down hard on her lower lip. Holding the tissues to his nose, she wiped it gently, then found a fresh part and pressed it against the runniness. “Bless you,” she whispered, her voice faltering. “Now, blow,” she commanded, her other hand slipping back to her thighs just in case the blowing triggered another sneeze.

He raised an eyebrow, blowing hard against the tissue and managing to both soak it and not affect the stuffiness in his nose at all. His eyes watered more with the roughness of the blowing, though there was little he could do about that. Unable to see her other hand past the tissue, he did notice her arm, gazing at it quizzically before turning his eyes up to hers, clearly showing his confusion. Fortunately enough, the stuffiness had left his head stuffed as well, and he could not hear the moan.        

She felt the wetness soak through the tissues and drench her hand. Trying to control the happy shivers that ran down her spine, she tossed the tissue into the trash bin and grabbed a few fresh Kleenexes, using one to wipe her hand and the other to get the last of the wetness from his nose, though she would rather lick it off. Hoping he did not hear the moan, she looked into his eyes, as if to ask, but said nothing.

Raising an eyebrow, he gestured toward his leg with his head, fully aware that while his mind was focused on blowing his nose, he’d lost control of his body just long enough for a tent to rise in his boxers. He hoped that she wouldn't be offended. A slight nervous tremble threaded its way through his voice as he tried to speak, even through the stuffiness.  “Ummb... what's next for by leg? I thingk if id's going do hurd, I'd lige to get id over wid as soon as possible.”  He tried to change the subject, fully aware that it was obvious that he was doing so, despite his uncertainty in regard to what she seemed to be suggesting. The thought that he wouldn't be able to stop her if she decided otherwise wasn't lost on his mind.

Looking down to his leg, she paused as she noticed the particular shape of his boxers. Blinking quietly but choosing to say nothing, she nodded in response to his question and climbed off the bed, her fingers inadvertently sliding across his lower stomach. His stomach muscles contracted, not so much shying away as leaping in surprise at her touch. She took her staff in one hand and straightened up to her full height. “Don’t move,” she instructed, her staff beginning to glow as she inwardly cringed, knowing this would hurt him a lot, and that he would be powerless to stop it. Giving a slight nod to her words, he took a deep breath, his muscles tensing as he steeled himself against whatever was likely to come.

Waving her staff in a slow arc across his body, she prepped the spell, her voice barely a whisper as strange words formed on her mouth. Touching the tip of her staff to the wound, it was white-hot against his skin, the magickal energy flowing from her through the staff to his wound, searing his skin as though cauterizing it. His eyes followed the staff, at least until the moment it touched his skin; at that point, his head fell back to the bed, his eyes closed and a low hiss escaping his mouth. However, the tent in his boxers persisted, leaving a question as to whether the hiss was one of simple endurance of the pain, or perhaps something more. The rest of his body remained perfectly still as ordered, not wanting to ruin her effort.

Natalie continued to murmur the spell, her eyes only focused on his wound as she watched the skin pull together and the tissues beneath regenerate and heal. Prolonging the effects, she added another, softer spell, for the continued healing after she removed her staff. The pain changed from that of a searing heat to that of a searing cold, like that of frostbite, as she continued, the words spilling from her mouth. Finally pausing, she looked over to his face, hoping she had not damaged him too badly. She was surprised to notice the stirring in his boxers and she almost dropped her staff, but caught herself just in time, pondering the implications of it. Pulling her staff away from his wound, she set it against the dresser and leaned over the bed, her hand drawn to his boxers, her fingers hovering just over it, her eyes wide.

Justin shivered, his mind barely registering the removal of the staff from his leg as the sensation remained, echoing through his consciousness and driving the voices even farther away. Completely oblivious to her hand, his eyes remained closed, apparently savoring the myriad of feelings: complete helplessness, exquisite pain, and the mental silence caused by the retreat of the voices. A slight moan passed across his lips, though he seemed not to realize it, not responding to his own actions.

She took the moan as an invitation to touch, and so rested her hand at the base of the tent, feeling the warmth of his skin even through the fabric of his boxers, her eyes widening at the sensations going through her. Thinking quietly, she decided to take advantage of the situation, and climbed onto the bed, sitting on his thighs, her body not touching the wound, but facing him, her hand returning to stroke his lower stomach even as she reached up to the dresser and grabbed a few tissues. Taking the corner of one and rolling it into a fine point, she leaned across him, tickling the edge and sides of his nose with the point of the tissue, then traced it across his nostrils.

Trembling at her touch, he was obviously surprised, his eyes widening as she straddled his thighs.  “Bu… bud… I'b tied… tied… HASHHOO!! Mmm-CHOOO!!”  The tickling of the tissue forced twin sneezes from his sensitive nose, a light spray cast from his mouth against her arm. Natalie moaned softly at the sound of the sneezes, her panties growing damp as she shifted her position ever so slightly to avoid rubbing them against his thighs.  The spray sent a tingling sensation all through her body and she slowly contracted her thigh muscles around his legs, though the movement was subconscious. 

After giving a few delicate sniffles, and moving his nose as much as possible to try to avoid being forced to sneeze again, his voice quieted and continued, though less urgent in its protests.  “I'b tied ub.”  Again, the trembling returned, just slightly.  “I can'd do anything… do stob you.”

“I know you’re tied up. There is absolutely nothing you can do to stop me.” Her voice was a low purr and her hair had come loose from the braid, falling around her shoulders and accentuating the pink flush on her cheeks. “You are helpless; I control you.” With this, she took the tissue and again traced his nose, knowing somewhere inside that it was wrong to dominate him like this, but also knowing that she wanted it badly.

He moved his head desperately, trying to avoid the tissue at all costs, though it still caught his nose occasionally.  “I… I… Hih… hiSHOO!! Bud… bud I… KISHUU!!” he sneezed wetly and forcefully, spraying her hand and the tissue and sniffling as he tried to avoid her movements, his eyes watering badly from the sneezes.  His complaints continued to weaken in force with every stuttered sentence between sneezes.  “I jusd… HAHTSHOOO!!” His head snapped forward from the force of the last sneeze, his body jerking and his eyes watering to the point where clear sight was impossible. 

She trembled with each sneeze that he gave, her body devouring the pleasure that he was unknowingly giving her.  A series of soft but powerful moans escaped her lips and she began to rub her panties against his legs, the wetness trailing across his skin. 

“Mmmh, bless you,” she breathed, her voice quavering and her eyes half-closing from the intense feelings. An idea caught her and she paused, leaning back to grab a few fresh tissues and rubbing his nose, wiping up the sneezes his gave. Leaning over to pull the chair closer, she rummaged around in the first aid kit until she found a pair of scissors, the little metal piece used to hold ace bandages together, and a pair of tweezers with sharp points on the end. Dabbing at his eyes with yet another tissue, she made sure his vision was clear enough to view the tools she had found.

Justin shuddered as his vision cleared to reveal the various items, his gaze sitting on them the entire time before glancing up to her eyes, not particularly caring that she was bound to notice the mixture of fear and - Pleasure? Intrigue? Perhaps both? - that seemed to be shining from within his startling brown eyes.  “Wha… whad are you doing?” he asked, giving a slight sniffle, though it sounded more like a snort through a nose that felt clogged but seemed to have nothing in it.  “Whad are dose for?”

She felt terrible for controlling him, but she also felt strangely excited, her mind racing as she considered her next step. Almost afraid to speak, she took a soft breath and scooted a bit farther up his body, the wetness of her panties seeping into his boxers.  Setting the tools on his chest, she reached up and untied his left hand, holding his wrist firmly in her hands, so hard that it felt she might cut off his circulation, though that was not her purpose; she only wanted to ensure that he would not escape.  She guided his hand beneath the hem of her nightgown, touching his fingers to the edge of her panties.  “Rub me,” she demanded, looking from his eyes to his chest, as if to remind him that terrible things awaited if he did not obey.

He gave a slight gasp, still unbelieving at what was happening, hesitating for a moment before doing as asked. His hand trembled as much as the rest of his body, sliding down her panties and rubbing her gently through them. With each forward movement of his hand, the pressure exerted increased, pressing firmly against her before sliding back slowly, delicately, though he was completely unsure of what to do.  “I'b… I'b neber done dis before,” he managed through the stuffiness, his voice audibly quivering, showing his nervousness and lack of confidence.

Natalie closed her eyes and moaned softly, as much at the sexy sound of his stuffy voice as at his gentle touches. “You’re doing wonderfully,” she replied, then arched her back a bit. “More,” she commanded, shivering, then reached for another tissue, rolling the corner into a point once more, opening her eyes, and bringing it to his nose to incite a tickle. Her other hand rested at the base of the tent in his boxers, then moved quietly to slip under the fabric, her fingers resting against his skin as she used the tissue to tease his nose. Leaning over him, so that her face was near his own, she waited, wanting to feel his sneezes against her skin.

Justin nodded at her command of “more,” before the tissue was applied again. Slipping his hand inside her panties, he used the same motion, though firmer on both counts, still with the alternating pressure. His chest heaved, though he was not bothering to control the sneezes any more, knowing it would do little good but prolong the tickling. Accompanying the eruption of sneezes, his head thrust forward, and his hand applied more pressure, each time returning to the previous spot before being forced forward again by the next sneeze.  “Heh… Huh… huh… hah-HASHOOO! HISTCHOO!! KISSCHUU!!” His eyes filled with water again, each sneeze stung his now blaring red nose.

She gasped at the feel of his hand against her warmth, without the fabric as a barrier. The sensations overtook her and she shivered, knowing she was near the edge, needing to be pushed over. “Bless you,” she murmured breathlessly. Taking his hand out of her panties, she brought it to her mouth and sucked each one of his fingers, tasting her own juices and biting down hard on his skin, sending jolts of pain through him. Tying his hand back to the bedpost, she double-checked the knot, then inched further up his body, her warmth pressing against the tent in his boxers, then passing over it as she rested lightly on his stomach. She moved the tools to his side and regarded him quietly. “Lick me,” she whispered, moving up his chest and pausing just under his chin, a tissue still in one hand.

He took a moment to register that she had asked something, his head still ringing from the force of the sneezes, and the feeling of her mouth and teeth on his fingers. His breath came in short stutters, eyes rolled back behind a veil of moisture again caused by the sneezes. A low moan escaped him before he made the connection between where she was sitting and the words that he had half-heard. Furiously working his tongue and nose at the edge of her panties, never having actually removed them, he was unsure if she would be pleased or irritated at the feeling of his nose and tongue against her skin.

Frustrated, he finally gave up and simply gripped the edge of her panties with his teeth, breathing through the sides of his mouth as he pulled until they ripped free, allowing him to tilt his head forward and reach his tongue - with an odd amount of skill, considering his lack of experience - toward her pussy, drawing over it with his tongue and lips as best as he could.

Natalie could barely breathe from the passion she felt, her eyes closed and her muscles contracting at each lick from his tongue. She scooted forward a bit to grant him better access, almost riding his face as she trembled and writhed with pleasure. Knowing she was only seconds away from fulfillment, she brought the tissue from her hand up to his nose, and rubbed it there, tickling and inserting the tip just inside his left nostril, and then his right. Wanting to give him pleasure, too, she listened to his ragged breathing as he prepared to sneeze, and then dug her fingernails into the side of his neck, scratching and scraping his skin, proving his helplessness as she waited expectantly for his sneezes, knowing they would push her into climax.

Tensing his neck against her fingernails, as though to force them away, he barely managed to suppress a shudder as he pressed his tongue inside of her, only for a moment as a sneeze built. Drawing in a sharp breath of air, his head thrust forward with his sneezes, pressing tightly against her.  “Heh… hehTCHOO! HASCHOO!! HI-HI-HICHUUU!!” 

After the first, the sneezes came almost immediately, without time for a breath between them, nor time to shunt them to his mouth. Each intensified the burning, tearing sensation in his nose, his face pressed up against her pussy forcefully from the sneezes, his eyes again watered to sightlessness.

She moaned pleasurably, his licking and sneezing giving her a powerful orgasm as her juices flowed over his mouth and lips, dribbling down his skin. Trembling from the intensity of her feelings, she slid down to his chest, leaning over him and licking his face, lapping up her fluids from his skin. Her tongue slipped inside his mouth and she frenched him softly, tenderly, as if to thank him for being such a good little submissive. Still weak from the passion of her orgasm, she shivered and slowly pulled away from his mouth, using a fresh tissue to wipe the wateriness from his eyes. “Bless you,” she murmured, gazing at him with longing and appreciation. Her fingers again traced over his neck and she felt the scratch marks, thinking quietly about what he would want from her.

Justin still trembled, not sure why, or how, and barely what just happened. His nose was still a bright red, and shining slightly as it was visibly wet. Swallowing any liquid that had made its way into his mouth, he let his eyes meet hers.  “Ummmmb…” he began, blinking a few times as he forced his body still, his mind finally forming some cohesive memory of what just happened.  “Nadalie… I… I bean…” he tried to finish, giving a slight shake of his head and finding himself unable to choose words that would adequately express his confusion, before falling to silence.

She felt his trembling and stretched out beside him, still keeping him tied up.  Wrapping her arms around his body, she thought about his words, then leaned up and kissed the tip of his nose, licking away the wetness. “You’re rather helpless, Justin,” she whispered into his ear. “I have you tied up, unable to resist me. I can have my way with you.” Her voice subsided and she sat up, looking at him quietly, her eyes shimmering with anticipation. Reaching to his other side, she gathered up the tools and held them in her hand, letting him see them and alternately watching both his face and his boxers for his reaction.

Still not completely sure what to say, Justin realized that the tent in his boxers had yet to go down. Goosebumps rose on his skin at the sight of the tools, and his eyes betrayed his curiosity at their use. He strained his limbs against their bonds, testing their strength to see if all the action had loosened them - apparently not.  “I… I… I cadt boove, Nadalie,” he pleaded.

Eyeing his boxers, she laughed, then watched as he tested the restraints that were still in place. Nodding at his words, she pondered for a moment, trying to remember the first time she noticed the tent. It was right after she had tied him up, and she smirked a bit at him. “I’m really not inclined to let you go,” she responded, her voice soft and sultry and her mouth leaning down to kiss his lips.  

He nodded, as though accepting that fact, though it was not like he had a whole lot of choice in the matter.  “Bud…” he began, then sighed, his nose wrinkling up a little, though he attempted to refuse the sneeze that wanted to manifest itself. Consciously trying to will it away, he felt it die off with the touch of her lips, though he did not respond. His body shook quietly, though whether it was with fear, anticipation, or some mixture of the two he couldn't tell.

She sat up and looked him over from head to toe, appreciatively. “There’s not a whole lot you can do,” she commented, running a hand up his leg to rest just under the edge of his boxers, sliding the soft fabric down to his thighs. She explored with her fingers, cupping his balls and squeezing them gently, her fingers cold against the warmth of his skin. “I could castrate you right now, and you’d be helpless to stop me,” she idly observed, though her touch was still tender and soft. Pondering quietly, she took the tweezers in her free hand and lightly jabbed his right nipple, soft enough so that it did not break the skin, but hard enough to hurt.

Whimpering at the mention of castration, the muscles in his abdomen contracted, obviously in fear, until the touch of the tweezers caused the muscles in his chest to twitch, his back arching and a low gasp coming from his mouth.  “Dabbit… Dadalie…” he hissed, his arms struggling again against their binds.  “You're enjoying dis, aren'd you?”

She smirked at him, then placed the tweezers around his nipple and slowly squeezed inwards, the two strips of metal acting as a vice. “Mmmm,” she replied.  “I have you powerless.” Her voice was soft, almost a purr, and she carefully tightened her grip on the tweezers, exerting a bit more pressure. Her other hand stroked up his cock, feeling the growing hardness that betrayed any denials he might give. Momentarily debating, she leaned in and bit his left nipple, her teeth surprisingly sharp, almost like a vampire’s.

Justin moaned loudly, not just his dick betraying his denials, but his entire body, his skin coming alive with goose bumps. The moan escalated quickly into a light squeal, his voice going abnormally high, especially considering the cold that he was fighting. Not surprisingly, it chose the worst time to attempt to manifest itself, his chest heaving as he attempted to hold back a sneeze.

Natalie shivered at the sound of his moan and watched as his body broke out in goose bumps, then bit down hard at the sudden movement of his chest, realizing he was fighting back a sneeze. 

“Don’t fight it,” she hissed at him, tightening the tweezers’ grip on his nipple. “Let it out.” Her mouth rested on his left nipple, biting again, this time drawing a bit of blood as she felt his chest rise and fall beneath her.

Justin gave a small, meek nod, his chest rising high as he took in a deep breath, then expelled it with a wet “HISHUUU!!!” the sound of it ringing through his ears, his chest dropping suddenly, and his eyes closing against the sensation in his nose. After a moment, as his senses gathered themselves, he managed to find the breath to murmur a few words - utterly useless, in the grand scheme of things.  “Ow… dat REALLY hurds.” 

She moaned softly at the sound of the sneeze and shivered, her grip on the tweezers loosening as she licked up the blood on his left nipple, her tongue lapping at his skin before she suckled his nipple, drawing it into her mouth and biting again. Her teeth were sharp and they pierced his skin, causing more blood to flow. Licking it all up, she pulled away and surveyed his reaction, her hand still stroking up his dick, rubbing against his obvious hardness, the sneeze and the stuffiness in his voice fuelling her passion.

Whimpering loudly at the pain, it was not so much to deter as simply instinctive. From the surprised, yet pleased expression on his face, it was clear that he was at the very least enjoying this, despite any objections he might have. The whimper turned to a moan, his eyes closed now; his body slumped back down to the bed, and it seemed as though he had given over completely, not even bothering to make a show of fighting back, simply laying prone as she rubbed against him.

Natalie quickened her strokes on his dick, her fingers growing warm as they slid across his skin, her skill evident though not glaringly obvious, as she had only done this a few times before. She leaned down and licked at his nipple, her tongue tasting a lingering drop of blood from her previous biting. Setting down the tweezers, she picked up the thin strip of metal used to secure ace bandages, and slid the smooth side across his skin, the cold metal causing his nipple to stand up a bit more. Licking her lips, she stroked him faster, falling into a pleasurable rhythm, then turned the metal over and dragged the tiny prongs across his raised nipple, drawing two small scratches of blood.

His breath fell to short, ragged gasps, obvious as they had to be drawn in through his mouth. His hips squirmed at the feel of someone else's hand on him, a feeling previously foreign. At the touch of the prongs, the muscles in his chest tightened instinctively, before releasing with a shudder that ran through his entire body. Alternating between small moans and whimpers, his head was tilted back, obviously enjoying this, despite… or perhaps, because of… the questionable morals behind it.

She leaned down and licked up the blood tenderly, her tongue swirling around his nipple and her mouth warm and wet against the raised hardness there.  Listening to his moaning and whimpering, she continued to stroke his cock, increasing the tempo ever so slightly, trying to judge his level of pleasure by the sounds he made.  She suckled on his nipple, then took it into her teeth, nibbling and biting, hard enough to cause tremors of pain to rock his body.  Part of her felt terrible for hurting him, but another part took in the pleasure he was getting and thought that perhaps her actions were justified.

Letting out a single low, drawn-out moan at the feeling of her mouth on his nipple, Justin then escalated the moan in volume and intensity as the pressure of teeth was added, nothing subtle about the fact that he was enjoying the pain.  “Bore… Bore, Dadalie…” he begged, his voice escaping as a low whisper, as he was almost embarrassed at taking pleasure from pain, but not denying it; in fact, he urged her not to hold back. His hips started to rock gently against the bed, in time with her stroking, his head still tilted as far back as it would go against the pillow.

Natalie shivered at the sound of his moan, her conscience eased as she heard it.  His plaintive request did not fall on deaf ears, and she switched to his other nipple, licking the tip ever so slightly, then placing her wet mouth on it to suck, first gently, then harder.  Her hand was a blur as she stroked him, squeezing a bit harder with each rub, feeling the rhythm of his rocking and matching it with her strokes.  Her free hand took the little strip of metal and brought it to the side of his neck, scraping deep enough to cause blood to rise, though she paid it no mind. Her mouth was busy at his nipple, her teeth gently biting, then harder, harder, as the pain came in jolts.

Unable to decide between moaning and gasping for air, he decided on a sort of hybrid, mixing the two and barely realizing that he was doing it. He couldn’t help but shudder helplessly at the feeling of the scratching at his neck and then the wonderful pain in his nipple, his hips bucking harder and faster as he approached his orgasm. 

“God, Dadalie… I'b… I'b going to… HAHSHOO!!” he sneezed fiercely, his body writhing with the force of the sneeze, pulling back and then arching again toward the pain, his eyes open wide but staring off into nothing.

Trembling at his sneeze, she moaned softly, feeling the spray on her body and closing her eyes with pleasure, knowing a second orgasm would not be too far for her if he were pleasuring her. His words caused her to intensify her movements on his dick, her hand squeezing his hardness as she rubbed, paying attention to the head of his cock, too, brushing her thumb over it with each stroke. Biting down a bit more on his nipple, she finally released it, and broke contact for a few agonizing moments before her mouth was once again at his skin, though this time it was at his neck. She licked and sucked, her hand dropping the small metal piece in favor of squeezing his other nipple, her pointed teeth sinking into his skin, causing sharp pangs of agony.

Letting his moans drop again to light whimpers, he tilted his head away from her bites at his neck, letting her have better access even as he seemed to squirm his hips more, trying with action to describe what his words had failed to say, doubting it would be more than mere seconds before he lost it and was pushed over that edge, and trying to let her know beforehand, just in case. His breath and voice were equally ragged with her teeth at his neck, the muscles straining against them despite the immense pleasure he felt from it.  

“God… Dadalie… I… HISHUU!! Heh-ESHHH!! EHSHOOO!!” He tried again to warn her of his impending orgasm but felt himself again silenced by the force of the sneezes, which sprayed over his chest and her face and shoulders.  He took special care to control his head, not letting it whip forward, though his muscles tensed far more than previously against her teeth with each sneeze.

She moaned against his neck at the sound of his sneezes, coupled with his halted warning that he was close to coming. His words sent shivers down her spine and she could not control the trembling of her body, even as her teeth sank further into the sensitive flesh of his neck, drawing more blood as she suckled hard. Her fingers switched to his other nipple and she squeezed tightly, the pain almost paralyzing. Through all this, she managed to continue her quick strokes on his cock, feeling his body tense up expectantly in preparation for orgasm.

Justin started to cry out with a moan as he came, spraying his own body with his seed. The moan erupted into a loud “huuuuUUHCHUUU!!” as it combined with a sneeze, further coating his torso with shimmering spray, the explosion accompanied by a flare of pain as his head jerked forward, his vision blacking out for a moment with the sensory overload. It was only gone for a moment, though, and when it returned, his head had rested back onto the bed. Every muscle in his body seemed to relax simultaneously, slumping submissively against the bed.

Squirming with pleasure as she experienced his orgasm, his semen drenched her fingers and her body shivered from his delicious sneeze. Flicking her tongue across the wound at his neck, she murmured something incomprehensible and it closed, leaving only a small remnant of pain. Her hand at his nipple relaxed, changing from a hard squeezing to a soft stroking as she brought her other hand away from his dick. 

She licked at her fingers, suckling and lapping up his semen, shivering slightly at the strange tangy taste. Once she had accomplished this, she reached up and untied his hands, then did the same for his feet, stretching out beside him and holding him in her arms, hoping he would reciprocate.

He sighed softly, realizing what had just happened, rubbing gently at his wrists for a moment. He was unable to get rid of the persistent itch in his nose, wrinkling it before turning his head away.  “Hisshuuu! hahCHOO!” His sneezes were weaker this time, almost tired, though thankfully they did not hurt his nose anymore. After the tickling left for the moment, he turned back to her, his eyes closed softly, as he fell into a comfortable silence.

Natalie shivered as he sneezed, her body aching for more of his touches. Her eyes opened wide and she watched him, leaning in to kiss his lips. It was a full, rich kiss, and she hoped it would stir a bit of life back into his body, since he seemed as though he was nearly dead from exhaustion and passion combined.

He blinked a few times and returned the kiss, letting his confusion show for a moment before one hand trailed up her side, just barely touching her. Slowly making its way to the curve of her breast, he echoed its upward movement with a trail of kisses and nibbles down her neck, over her collarbone toward her breast. His free hand reached out and obtained the scissors, moving ahead of his mouth to cut through the material of the nightgown and allowing access. His sniffles, however, seemed to return, and he had no doubt that she could feel the way his nose twitched against her skin.

Loving the feel of his kisses and nibbles to her neck, her body shivered with passion and pleasure. Her nipples hardened instantly at his touch on her breast, and she gasped as he cut away the fabric of her nightgown. She felt vulnerable without the fabric, thin though it was, to shield her. His sniffles reached her ears and she bit down hard on her lower lip, feeling the twitching of his nose and taking in all of the sensations with a hazy, pleasure-induced fog. Her eyes closed, savoring his touch as she focused on his breathing and hoped desperately that he would sneeze on her, perhaps even in her.

Justin continued to move downward, until he reached her nipple.  With his mouth occupied at her rounded breast, it was obvious that his sniffles seemed to be getting worse, the snuffly sounds a bit louder as he breathed through his nose.  Both hands, the one having tossed aside the scissors, cupped a breast, squeezing gently. Finally, his sniffles got the better of him, his head tilting back for a moment as he took a deep breath, before sneezing harshly, mere inches from her breast. 


Giving another slight sniffle, he moved his mouth to her other breast, repeating the motions there.

Natalie moaned quietly at the feel of his hands on her breasts, and especially at his sneeze. Her eyes fluttered open a moment to look at him, watching him sniffle, then she closed them, one hand moving down to her thigh, resting on the top as she pondered slipping it between her legs. Her breathing was coming more quickly and it sounded rather shallow. 

Justin gave another slight smirk and one last tug at her nipple before moving down her body, his mouth trailing kisses, bites, and the occasional lick on its way. His right hand moved to her wrist, surprisingly strong as it drew her hand away from her thigh, accompanying the gesture with a quick “Hi- Hishuu!!” onto her stomach. His hand, once moving hers, replaced it, slipping farther between her legs but not touching her mound quite yet, his light touch almost teasing.

Feeling his little pathway down her skin, she shivered, then gasped in surprise as he pulled her hand away, her entire body quivering at the sound of his sneeze.  She trembled and was tempted to pull his head between her legs, but paused, waiting to see what he would do. Arching her back, she wished he would rub her. His touch was teasingly light and left her aching for more, so much more. Another shiver assailed her and she tilted her hips upward against his fingers, as if inviting him.

He decided to take the bait, and let his mouth stray along the lower curves of her stomach, covering it with slow kisses and light nibbles. His hand, however, slid toward her pussy, cupping over it for a moment before rubbing against it. His fingers splayed outward as they moved forward, the middle sliding between her lips, and into the wet area beyond, while the rest slowly caressed the outside of her mound, the same back and forth motion as before, but using his palm to put more pressure on each forward thrust now. His nose was running, but he decided to let it, not sure of how she would respond, but risking it anyway.

She gasped softly at the sensation she felt between her legs, the wetness increasing as she opened her eyes to find that his nose was running. Feeling waves of passion wash over her, she brought her hands down to stroke his hair while he rubbed, her eyes once again closing to concentrate on the immense pleasure he was bringing. Close to begging him to eat her, she waited, wondering if he would do so on his own accord, or if she really would have to resort to something akin to begging. Her body trembled with each stroke and her breathing quickened as she lost herself in a fantasy involving his sneezing.

Justin wrinkled his nose, wiggling it back and forth in a way that he knew firsthand would not help; in fact, he had found that it actually brought about sneezes in times like that, even though they weren't particularly powerful. Slowly, the kisses turned to the occasional sneeze, barely audible, only the spray being felt, and a light “Hsshhu” being heard, slowly tracing their way to meet with his hand between her legs before the sneezes stopped.

Natalie quivered at the continuing sound of his sneezes and knew that if he kept that up, she was likely to lose herself in another orgasm. Her body trembled again and her hips rocked slowly, imagining what his facial expressions were, wondering if he would sneeze again. So close to the edge, she shivered and arched her back, little drops of sweat glistening on her skin as she took a few shallow breaths. She tried to minimize her movements, however, so she could concentrate on listening to his breathing, to tell if he would sneeze again.

Considering the idea of taking great effort to control his breathing, knowing full well he could make it inaudible, Justin decided against it as his mouth had enough to do at the moment.  He made no effort to hide the hitching breaths, each one sounding like it wanted to be followed with a small sneeze, though each, for some reason, was held back. His breath continued to be pulled in with quick spurts, though it was released more slowly, a tickle building as his mouth made its way to where his palm began, kissing still, nibbling a bit more before he moved his hand back a bit, his mouth replacing it at the front of her cleft while his fingers switched over, turning and bending at the knuckles to continue their motions.

She whimpered quietly, almost at the point of begging him to sneeze. So close to the edge that her orgasm mocked her, she breathed shakily, frustrated. Listening to his own breathing, she was teased mercilessly by what she felt were false starts, and wondered if he was doing it on purpose or if he really was on the verge of sneezing but was unable to. She used her left hand to rub her hip, as she almost always did (depending on her position) when she was inches away from coming.

Out of his peripheral vision Justin noted the hand on her hip, perhaps something he'd missed the first time, considering that he barely had the slightest idea of what was happening then. His breathing had to be drawn in through the corners of his mouth, while his tongue and fingers worked on her continuously. Occasionally, his fingers would add or remove pressure, or move a bit faster or slower, always changing the sensation even as his tongue mercilessly assaulted her clit, circling it, pulling at it.  All the while, the hitches grew longer, more pronounced and noticeable; obviously, this was not a false start, nor was it a ruse.

Shivering at the sound of his breathing, she felt as though he might be close to a sneeze. The thought made her whimper and she arched her back and raised her hips off the bed, into his welcoming hands, her juices freely flowing from his attentions at her pussy. Breathing more and more shallowly, she rubbed harder at her hip, tensing, expecting, yearning to hear him sneeze. Her nipples were fully erect and her eyes were closed tightly in concentration, her entire body quivering at his touches and licks. “Please, please…” she begged, “Juh… Justin… mmh, please….” Her tone was desperate.

He almost smirked at her shameless begging, except that it would have restricted his airflow, so he diverted that energy to his tongue for a moment, before feeling the final stages of his sneeze building. Slowly, deliberately, he drew in large amounts of air, letting his breaths out in short stutters. 

“Hehh… Hehhhh… HEHH… HHAATTCHOOO! HISCHUU! Hup-TCHOOO!! Huhh… Hhshhoo!! Eptshhooo!! Hih… hi-KISSH!! Hi-KISSH!!” 

The full barrage of sneezes were directed right onto her pussy, his fingers spreading her lips and exposing her clit to it, the wetness of the sneezes combining with her own between the ministrations of his tongue.

Natalie writhed on the bed, arching her back and tilting her head against the pillow. “Mmmhh, Goddess… ooohh…. Juhh… Justin….” Her voice was halting as she moaned her climax, drenching his fingers and nose with her sweet, tangy juices, replaying his sneezes in her head. She carefully moved her left hand from her hip, realizing that she had left fingernail marks in her skin. Still bucking from the aftermath of her orgasm, she took a few deep breaths and moaned again, weakly this time, her eyes fluttering open to look at him and her tongue sliding across her mouth to lick her lips.

“Blessings,” she offered rather breathlessly.

He laughed, licking his own lips to taste her juices, before rubbing his nose, which looked particularly wet even before her orgasm. Pulling his hand and head from between her legs, he moved up on the bed to lay beside her, trying to figure out at exactly what point the night went from him being sick and having a sore leg to the two of them having sex. A slightly embarrassed smile crossed his face before he replied.  “No need… I god de feeding dat you enjoyed yourself, and dat's what madders.”

Blushing, she nodded quietly, her mind replaying the events of the evening. How in the world had she gone from helping nurse an almost unconscious man, to getting him off? She winced at her own terminology, but found it fairly accurate, though it did not include her own pleasure, which was, she admitted, incredible. A soft sigh escaped her lips and she drew him into her arms, lightly kissing his lips in a gesture of affection and sweetness. Her mind reeled with the uncertainties. What would happen now? She knew all too well that there was a world outside of that room, and that the two of them would have to face it. Pondering this quietly, she rubbed his back.

He allowed her to rub his back as he pondered essentially the same things. He had intended to wait for someone he loved, and there he found himself… well… in a bed with a Goddess. A mental sigh echoed through his consciousness as it ran in circles around itself, trying to find and grab the tail of the internal argument and figure it all out. A slight, stuffy sigh, much quieter than the mental one, escaped his lips, and he wrapped one arm over her body, though his mind was obviously elsewhere.

Natalie wondered what she wanted. Things had been so complicated, first after Darren’s death at her own hands just before their intended wedding, and then Casen’s suicide and consequent re-birth yet refusal to speak with her. The periodic sexual assaults from him did nothing to help the situation and she closed her eyes at the memory, a slight shudder running down her spine. Bringing herself back to the present, she used one hand to massage her temple, lost in thought. 

She liked Justin a lot, and found herself very attracted to him. The unseen “but” attacked her mind. But. But what?  But she did not love him, and was not sure that any sort of relationship, beyond friendship, would be advisable at that point. Then what the hell did she just do? She cringed and tried very hard not to feel like a whore.

Scowling slightly, Justin let out a small sniffle as he thought. The voices were sure to be displeased with the situation. If he was supposed to be ridding the world of immortals, it was surely ill advised to sleep with one. Simply thinking about things, however, wasn't going to get anything done, he reasoned. Raising his eyes to meet hers, he let out another of the catch-all sighs, before trying to decide what to say. “Dadalie… I… I'll be honesd with you, I don'd know why whad jusd happened did… and I have no idea what we'll do now.”

She shook her head in agreement and drew a bit closer to him. “What I want, more than anything else, more than sex, more than a boyfriend, is just to have someone who will hold me and cuddle me. Not even, necessarily, someone who wants me, physically, but just someone who will be there for me, like an older brother.” She did not say that she wished he would be that person, but she did curl up against him, as if begging him to wrap his arms around her. She hoped that he did not think it meant she did not enjoy the sex, but only that she knew there was a time and a place for everything.

Justin nodded, considering this, and let a small smile spread across his cold-worn features.  “Ob course, though I don'd think I'b in much of a position do be drying do be dere for you, or dake care ob you. Nod lige dis,” he responded, wrapping his arms around her gently.  “When I'b bedder, ob course, id's no problem. I honestdly don'd know whad I want, personally. I'b sdill somewhat shocked. Dat was by first dime. I did indend do waid for someone I loved… someone I druly loved. And… I mean no offense here,” he paused, taking a moment to gather his courage, though it was far from necessary that deep into his speech.  “Ride now, I don'd think I love you… nod like dat.”

She slipped further into his arms, remembering something Sister Mercy had taught her class once. “There are three types of love,” she whispered against his skin.  “Agapae (for God), Eros (sexual), and Phileo (brotherly/sisterly love between friends). I do love you with Phileo love,” she murmured, nuzzling against him as though she was a little kitten. Her eyes were half closed from pleasure and exhaustion, and she tried not to feel guilty for being his first when she was but a dirty rag, used by so many others. She never did do anything sexual with Darren, or with Casen, for that matter, except for kissing. It was against her will that he had taken her, and forced her to pleasure him. In a way, he was her first as well. He was her first consensual.

Nodding a bit, he felt more at ease, his conscious mind drifting away before the Voices would return.  “You're ride… for de dime being, ad least, thad's de best way do think aboud it. I love you de same way. I honestly don'd know if I could love anyone sexually again, afder what habbened.” Here he paused and tried to find the words to express himself, but gave up, settling on a small shiver as he drew her closer into his arms.

Natalie gently cuddled him, as if reading his mind, and kissed his cheek for warmth and comfort. “I think we should both get some sleep,” she advised, pulling the covers up over their bodies and tucking her head against his chest. “I am exhausted, and you are still sick, despite my attentions.” She paused and wondered about the double entendre, but said nothing. Shaking her head, she continued, “So, sleep is most definitely important. Come now, let me hold you, please?” she asked, her voice almost child-like as one hand wrapped around him to pull him close against her body.

With a contented sigh, he nestled himself in her embrace, taking strength from her without even realizing it. He placed a trio of soft kisses at the hollow of her throat and closed his eyes, drawing her near to him both for her reassurance and his own. The questions and problems could wait for the morning, when they both had more energy to counter what new issues might arise from their actions. As if on cue, the single candle on the bedside table extinguished itself, a thin column of smoke curling upwards in a sensual dance as the pair drifted into the sweetness of sleep.