Mr Sneezy

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Cherie and Karen were asleep, both nude, and curled together companionably, face to face. In the last thirty-six hours, they had made love four times, the first starting right in this be when Cherie had been overtaken by a massive single sneeze which she had shared with Karen, soaking her lover's face. Their ensuing passion quickly reached dizzy heights and they had both come hard together. 

Cherie had reflected to herself the next day when Karen had also had a sneezing fit in front of her, that they were more in tune with each other than a symphony orchestra.    

Karen awoke first. She felt Cherie's soft breath on her face as the other girl slept on. Karen gave her a butterfly kiss on the lips, appraising her beloved girlfriend's face, soft in sleep. Then she cupped a hand over Cherie's right breast, drinking in its feel for a full minute. She began to feel the first soft stirrings of arousal in her loins, but fought them down. There was plenty of time for that later.                                                      

Karen propped herself on one elbow, watching Cherie sleep. She began to think-deeply. How was it that at sixteen she was so deeply in love with this girl, a love reciprocated even deeper still by Cherie? They knew they were perfect together, but having been friends since they started school and discovering same-sex intimacy at thirteen, how had it all led to this?

She lay back on the pillows, her mind drifting into the past. She had made the first move, unaware at the time, that Cherie had wanted to approach her. She drifted back....back...back…

Time reversed.  


Thirteen-year-old Karen was unable to explain why she felt so physically attracted to other girls, and why innocent touching, especially by her long-time friend, Cherie, aroused her so. Feelings ranged from quivery goose-bumps to an odd, uncomfortable feeling between her legs and in her groin. It was only later after baring her soul to Cherie that she would find it was sexual arousal.

It wasn't just touch that caused these feelings, however. The simple bodily function of another girl sneezing or even blowing her nose would cause Karen's heart to speed up considerably.

Again, Cherie was the best example. The slim, pretty teenager, with legs like a champion colt, always had tissues or a handkerchief to use when she felt one of her almost daily sneezing fits coming on.

Unaware (at first) of the tension she was causing her best friend, Cherie's habit never varied. She would stop whatever she was doing or saying and utter half a dozen magic words; ‘I've got a sneeze coming on.’ Karen supposed it was more out of politeness than anything else.

Then she would take a hanky from the pocket of her jeans or a tissue from her breast pocket if she was wearing a blouse, open it with practised ease and cover her mouth and nose, her eyes closing. With a heavy ‘ATISHOO,’ her nose would find release.

And then again. And sometimes yet again.

Without uncovering her face, Cherie would blow her nose. Like the sneezing, the sound was decidedly wet. Then she would slip her defence back into her pocket, unaware of the inner turmoil she was causing Karen.                                                    

Occasionally, Cherie would be unable to get her hanky out in time to catch the first sneeze and would, instead, spray a copious amount of saliva over an upraised arm while her free hand dug in her pocket.

Karen took careful note of these occurrences, and a plan slowly began to form in her mind. If she put it into practice, it could mean the end to her inner frustrations. If it backfired, it could mean the end of Cherie's friendship. She had to do something.                                                                                                        

Two weeks went by as Karen watched and waited. Finally, she saw her chance. Cherie came to school wearing her new T-shirt. No breast pocket. She was clad in what Karen knew were her tightest pair of jeans. Almost skintight. They certainly accentuated her figure. But they were too tight to get out in a hurry, the handkerchief Karen could clearly see outlined in the left pocket.                                            

That afternoon, the two girls were at Karen's house doing their homework. Nothing unusual about the location or the activity. Even Karen had temporarily forgotten about Cherie's jeans and the opportunity they presented.

Then, in the middle of conversation, Cherie sniffed and rubbed her left nostril. Karen stiffened, jerked abruptly into reality. She had seen that gesture countless times before.

A moment later, Cherie said those six magic words, a note of irritation in her voice at being interrupted by such a mundane thing as a sneeze. She put down her pen, her left hand going automatically to her pocket.

What happened in the next five seconds would be etched in Karen's mind for the rest of their long lives together. She could see that there was no way Cherie would be able to get her hanky out and opened in time. Evidently, Cherie had realised this also, for her right arm was already coming up to shield Karen and the air around them from the heavy spray. 

The problem was, there was a hand in the way. It was Karen's, and it was about two inches from Cherie's mouth.

Cherie got such a shock she let her arm drop again and, for the moment, forgot her hanky completely. But there was nothing more she could do. She needed to let go, and she did it with a resounding ‘ATISHOO.’

Karen felt a rush of breath and wetness on her palm. She looked at her friend's eyes which registered surprise and shock at this sudden turn of events. But there was no time for further reaction because Cherie was taking another deep breath, about to have her second sneeze.

‘ATISSHOO!’ she exploded even harder, and this time, Karen's hand was soaked.   

She lowered her hand, vaguely aware that it was very wet with Cherie's spit. That funny feeling was back in her groin, but now she felt fear and embarrassment as well. The shock was still on Cherie's face and now it was truth time.

For a full ten seconds, neither girl spoke. Then Cherie broke the tableau, wrenching out her handkerchief in one convulsive movement. Not taking her eyes off Karen, she blew her nose and wiped spit from her lips. Wordlessly, she passed it to the other girl. Karen opened it,  her heart skipping a beat at the sight of the sticky fresh mucus. Then she pulled open another fold and dried the spit from her hand, assuming that was why she had been given it. Then she put the hanky on the table between them. They gazed at each other a few moments longer. Finally, Cherie spoke.                                        

‘Why did you do that’? she asked softly.                                                                

The shock was gone now. There was only confusion.                                                  

Karen spoke quickly, almost running her words together.

‘I needed to just make make me feel funny inside. When you sneeze like that, it's even worse. I can't help how I feel. I'm sorry.’

Cherie's gaze didn't waver. Karen knew she had lost her best friend. Her foolish actions had ruined everything. She felt only shame now that she had been so silly. Tears stung her eyes.    

‘Look, I'd better go,’ she said, standing up hurriedly. ‘I'm sorry,’ she repeated.            

Cherie's voice remained soft and steady.                                                                  

‘Why should you go?’ she asked. ‘Don't you live here?’

Karen stared at her, drained of emotion, but suddenly hopeful. Was there a chance? Then abruptly they both began to giggle and Karen relaxed slightly.

‘Sit down and let's talk about it, you silly little sausage,’ Cherie told her.                 

Karen resumed her seat and Cherie reached out to brush the other girl's hair back behind her ear. An innocent enough gesture, but Karen noted it carefully.                  

‘Karen, after all these years, if you wanted me to sneeze into your hand like that, you just had to ask,’ Cherie explained. ‘You've been so busy watching me all this time that you haven’t noticed me watching you. If you didn't make a move soon, I would have made one on you.’                                                    

‘What do we do now?’ Karen asked. Cherie's words amazed her, but she tried not to show it.     

‘We’ll need some time to get used to this, now that it’s finally out in the open,’ Cherie mused. ‘We can have hugs and cuddles, all sorts of good stuff. And I'll have to teach you how to masturbate.’ 

Karen went red. She had no idea how to do that.                                                        

‘Will that help those feelings I get in my vagina?’ she asked.                                         

‘Yes,’ answered Cherie who, Karen later found out, had only taught self-relief to her own body a few weeks earlier.                                                                                  

‘You can do it to yourself or I can do it for you.’ She paused. ‘Or we can do it to each other.’        

Karen felt elated at the way things were suddenly turning out.                                    

‘How do girls have sex with each other? Is it possible?’ she asked abruptly.                

Cherie chuckled. ‘It's possible,’ she said. ‘I think, between us, we can learn how to do it without too much trouble.’ She picked up the handkerchief and put it back in her pocket. ‘A hanky and a sneeze,’ she sighed. ‘What a strange way to discover another girl fancies you…I'll always have to sneeze,’ she went on. ‘If you want to be involved when I do, then I'm your girl.’                                                                                   

‘And I'm yours,’ Karen said before she could stop herself.                                          

They looked at each other and giggled nervously. It was out in the open.                      

‘You mentioned hugs,’ Karen said after a moment. ‘May I please have one?’     

‘Of course,’ beamed Cherie. They stood up simultaneously and with a trace of awkwardness, but gaining confidence, they stepped into a firm embrace which would signal the beginning of their new life together.


Karen returned to the present, a smile on her face. Half an hour had gone by while she relived that time.

Beside her, Cherie turned over and murmured something, but stayed fast asleep.      

Karen cuddled into the other girl’s back and buttocks. Their first kiss, their first mutual masturbation, their first cunnilingus. And her embarrassment when Cherie admitted her attraction for Karen’s buttocks and anus.                                                                

Once more she returned to the past.                                             

Oh yes...oh my god...oh yes...!’ Karen gasped, writhing on the bed.       

Two of Cherie’s fingers held her vagina open and another two massaged what Karen had learned was the clitoris. Tidal waves of pleasure were sailing through her. She had found release at last.

When Cherie had gently suggested they undress and have a nude hug, Karen was ready for it at once.  It had been four days since Cherie’s innocent sneeze had revealed their mutual attraction and both, privately, were eager to go further.                 

 They hugged, holding each other tight in the semi-darkness. Then Cherie broke the clinch, brought her head around until they were face to face. Without a word, she pressed her mouth to Karen’s and they began to kiss, clumsily at first as noses got tangled, then positioned correctly, the kiss deepened, sending shock waves through each girl. Cherie slipped her tongue through Karen’s parted lips and the other girl gave a little squeak of surprise. Then she replied with her own tongue, probing enthusiastically as wetness touched wetness, their saliva intermingling. Two long minutes crept by before they reluctantly broke apart. Cherie was breathing hard, her eyes alight with arousal. She looked into Karen’s eyes and saw a quiet trust she hoped would be eternal. She needed this girl.               

‘Lie down on the bed,’ she said softly. ‘I’ve got a present for you.’                    

Karen obeyed instantly, barely able to contain her arousal. She lay on her back, legs slightly parted as Cherie took control. Karen felt a tongue on her left nipple, flicking it, caressing it, leaving a small deposit of saliva. Then the right nipple got the same treatment. Karen wanted to say how good it felt, but couldn’t find the words. Instead, she just stroked her new lover’s hair.

Then Cherie moved down, reaching for Karen’s vagina Karen felt fingers inside her. They began to thrust gently. Cherie prised the labia further apart with her other hand and found the clitoris. A few seconds later, Karen discovered just how fantastic some presents could be.                                                                                                   

‘Wow,’ she said, her eyes practically spinning. ‘What was that?’

‘That, darling,’ Cherie said, with a wide grin, ‘was your first orgasm.’                

Karen noted that Cherie had never called her darling before, but didn’t comment.     

‘Would you like to give me one?’ Cherie asked softly.                                

Karen was still descending from the high she had just experienced and hadn’t had time to consider reciprocating.                                                               

‘Can I use my tongue?’ she asked, and then immediately regretted it. How did she do that?                                                                                                     

Cherie’s grin remained. ‘Yes, but do you know what to do with it?’                 

‘I think so,’ said Karen, gaining confidence again. ‘I find your clitoris and lick away at it, don’t I?’                                                                                   

Cherie reclined back on the bed.  ‘That’ll do it, hon,’ she purred.                  

Karen knelt between Cherie’s parted legs and looked in awe, for a moment, at her friend’s vagina. Then cautiously, she parted the lips and slipped two fingers up inside, the same as she had felt Cherie do to her.  She began thrusting them slowly in and out of the wetness, getting the feel of it.                                                                      

Above her, Cherie murmured in enjoyment. So Karen figured she had it right so far. After a few moments, she withdrew her fingers and put her mouth down to the little hole, taking in the musky smell. Slowly, she slid her tongue inside and felt for the clitoris. She found it quite by accident and her hopes were confirmed when Cherie gave a little squeak of pleasure.                                                                               

Both girls giggled involuntarily, then settled down again as Karen began to lick Cherie’s love button. Cherie levered herself forward a little, her murmurs growing more distinct. Then she buried her face in Karen’s silky hair, kissing and caressing it. Karen felt a hand snake over her ribcage  and cup a cheek of her naked bottom. The movement was innocent enough, but Karen could feel Cherie’s forefingers rub up against her exposed anus. However, there was no time to wonder about that now for she was enjoying her newfound activity too much.                                                                  

A moment later, the hand was removed. Cherie lay back, surreptitiously and unbeknown to Karen, sniffing the fingers that had been between the other girl’s bottom cheeks. Then her breathing quickened, she began to moan, then began to speak            

‘Oh Karen,’ she said. ‘Oh darling…..oh yes….yes…..lick me, please...lick me Karen...’                                           

Below her, Karen realised Cherie was beginning her orgasm. She kept licking, as requested, and suddenly, Cherie thrust her pelvis into Karen’s face, her juices soaking it.     

‘Oh yes darling….’ She cried out, panting wildly. ‘Oh Karen……Oh Karen…’   

After a few seconds, she began to descend, still panting. Karen lifted her head up and solemnly regarded her friend’s flushed face. She reached out and drew some tissues from the box on the bedside table. Not taking her eyes off the obviously satisfied teenager, she dried her face, then cleaned the juices and spit from around Cherie’s vaginal area. She put the tissues aside, watching her friend carefully. Finally, Cherie spoke.                   

‘Thank you,’ she said, softly.                                                              

Karen wasn’t sure if she was being thanked for the sex or for cleaning her up. She broke into a wide smile.                                             

‘Need a cuddle?’ she heard herself ask, and without waiting for a reply, slipped between Cherie’s legs and lay gently down on top of her face to face, putting her arms under Cherie’s head.                                                                           

‘Mmmm….’ murmured Cherie, responding with her own arms around Karen. ‘We both do.’                                                                     

As if at a signal, they began to kiss again, deeply, their tongues intertwining.  

‘Oh Cherie,’ Karen whispered, when the kiss finally broke.

‘Oh Karen,’ Cherie whispered back immediately.                                           

They looked into each other’s eyes and began to giggle. Then, they became silent again as Karen lovingly stroked Cherie’s hair.                                          

After a while, Karen sat up and clasped Cherie’s hands in hers.                     

‘Is that sex for girls, then?’ she asked                                                     

‘It’s making love,’ Cherie reminded her. ‘And it’s one of the ways you and I can do it.’                                                                                                        

Karen grinned. ‘This could be fun,’ she said, eyeing Cherie’s unashamed nakedness. She bent to kiss her friend again, then abruptly sat back up.                            

‘Oh no, how embarrassing,’ she said, bringing a hand to her face instinctively at the feel of a tickle in her sinuses.                                                                        

Karen was lucky if she sneezed once a week, her release so small it hardly seemed worth the effort. She had been so consumed by her new adventures with Cherie that she had forgotten how they had started.                                                            

Cherie was unabashed. ‘Let it out, Karen,’ she instructed, still lying on the bed. ‘There’s only me here’.                                                                     

Karen unnecessarily sealed her mouth and nose with her palm and took a breath.         ‘Atchoo,’ she sneezed gently, almost seeming to speak it. ‘Atchoo……. choo…….choo…..choo…’                                                         

She paused, opening her eyes to stare at a grinning Cherie. Then she closed them again. ‘Atchoo,’ she finished.                                                                       

‘Bless you,’ said Cherie softly and then began to giggle. ‘You look so sexy when you do that,’ she teased.                                                                                 

Karen went a little red. ‘Does it interest you?’ she asked.                         

‘Anything you do interests me,’ replied Cherie without hesitation.              

‘But I can’t sneeze out spit like you do,’ Karen complained. ‘I can’t make it big either. It’s such a little sneeze. It’s almost relaxing.’                                                

‘Aw, it’s sexy little like mine is sexy big,’ Cherie explained. ‘And we can share each other’s spit anytime. I can sneeze in your face if you like.’                                    

A little thrill went up Karen’s spine.                                                              

‘I’ll hold you to that,’ she said.                                                       

‘Yes, but for now just hold me. And love me,’ Cherie told her softly.                    

Karen moved back down onto her friend’s naked body and resumed the kiss she had begun.

She needed this girl.   


Karen returned to the present again, not sure if she had been dozing or not. Her hand was clasped around one of Cherie’s bottom cheeks. She remembered when Cherie had plucked up the courage to ask for intimacy with Karen’s buttocks and anus. As if the sneezing and spit wasn't shocking enough, Karen had thought inwardly, later on. They had been making love regularly for two weeks and were rapidly discovering each other’s bodies. Again, Karen drifted back.                                                           


Cherie ran a hand over Karen’s buttocks.                                       

‘Could I smell your bottom?’ she asked cheerfully.                                   

Karen went scarlet with embarrassment, then considered the idea.                

‘You’ve smelt and tasted everything else,’ she said finally. ‘I guess you may as well go there too.’                                                                        

Cherie leaned forward and gave Karen a kiss.                                  

‘Think of it as a new high in intimacy,’ she whispered.                         

‘That’ll do it,’ replied Karen and made an athletic flip over onto her tummy, her exquisite little posterior on display.                                                                        

She felt Cherie’s fingers lightly raze her cheeks, massaging them, the touch relaxing her considerably. She was nervous about this new act, but so was Cherie, a fact Karen would only find out a year from now during some quiet pillow talk. Cherie was the more outgoing of the two, but Karen would later discover her friend had a timid side as well.                                                                                                      

Now, Cherie was gently prising apart Karen’s round little cheeks to reveal her delicate anus. Karen felt a light pressure inside her bottom, and realised with a thrill, that it was Cherie’s nose.

Cherie gave a little murmur of pleasure and began to rub her nose against the tiny opening. Karen remembered the finger between her cheeks when she had first gone down on Cherie and decided the girl had been leading up this for a while.

Despite herself, the low throb of arousal she usually felt when she was with Cherie, was gaining momentum with these new ministrations.

Finally, Cherie sat up.

‘Wow,’ she said. ‘It’s nice in there.’         

They grinned widely at each other. Another hurdle had been jumped.         

Karen reached up to her. ‘Come here,’ she whispered. ‘I need something else attended to.’                                                                                       

Cherie beamed with pleasure, bent down and slipped her tongue straight up into Karen’s vagina.                                                                                              

‘Ooooh, thank you honeybunny,’ Karen purred, noting that now, she too, was starting on pet names.                                                                          


Another two weeks had gone by, the girls exploring their new world in excitement. After the initial test, Cherie would not only sniff Karen’s bottom, but now licked enthusiastically at Karen’s anus while the other girl moaned with pleasure.

Cherie also spent some a while perfecting the timing of her sneezes, how long she could hold it back for, how many breaths she could take through her nose before she reached the point of no return. Soon, she was able, for the first time, to keep her promise to sneeze in Karen’s face, letting go one sunny morning with a saliva –soaked ‘ATISHOO-TISHOO!’   

Karen, wide-eyed, had thanked her profusely for the wet gift and helped Cherie blow her nose. Then, without wiping her face, she began undressing the teenager. Both girls were quickly nude and on the bed. They slipped into their newly-discovered sixty-nine position. Karen came first, Cherie following her over the top a few seconds later. 

Within a month of Karen’s revelation, there was nothing they had not tried and they still wanted more. And over the coming years they intended to have it. And each other.                                                                                                                


Karen returned to the present for the final time as Cherie rolled over, flung out an arm, then opened one eye.                                  

‘Hi honeylamb,’ she said with a sleepy grin. ‘What have you been thinking about?’                                                                                                      

‘Good morning sugarpops,’ answered Karen. ‘What makes you think I’ve been thinking?’                                                                                          

‘It’s your vibes,’ grinned Cherie. She pulled the sheet over her mouth to catch a huge yawn. ‘They go into me,’ she finished. ‘Like those fingers you had in me earlier…’      

Karen realised that Cherie must have been awake for a while and that her own hands had roamed unconsciously while she had been away with the pixies.                    

‘I was thinking about us,’ explained Karen. ‘About how we got started together and became lovers with strange fetishes.’                                                          

‘We’re not strange. It’s everybody else,’ answered Cherie, fully awake now.         ‘And what a time that was. We learnt everything about each other and we’ve been practising ever since. We must be perfect by now.’                                         

‘I know I am,’ mused Cherie. ‘You’ve got a way to go yet.’                      

They looked at each other and burst out laughing.                                     

After a moment, Cherie went quiet, reached out and brushed back a lock of Karen’s hair, the way she had that first time three years ago when a sudden fit of the sneezes had been the catalyst that had brought everything out in the open.            

‘I love you so much,’ she said softly. ‘Will you always be mine?’                   

Karen saw a glimpse of Cherie’s timid side again. The girl was not always as resilient as she made out.                                                                                    

‘I love you back,’ Karen replied. ‘Each time we make love, it’s as good as the first. I am yours and I always will be.’                                                        

Cherie beamed, and began to lick Karen’s nipple. ‘Speaking of making love,’ she said. ‘Would you like a quickie before we get ready for school?’                                 

Karen’s earlier lust was back ‘Rowwwwwrrrrr, would I ever?’ she purred. ‘Let’s tangle tongues’.               

They moulded themselves against each other, lips locking as they celebrated true friendship- and true love.