Sneezy Mary (Part 1)


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Kelly was a quiet girl in school.  No one would have known that a single sneeze could make her go wild.  There was just something about a sneeze that would get her engine going.  Every time she made a new friend, she would always be disappointed because they seemed to have a huge, explosive sneeze.

Until Mary came along.

It was the first day of school, with only one new face.  Mary Smith.  She had eyes as black as coal, and strawberry blonde hair. It was an interesting and unusual combination that drew Kelly’s eye straight away.  Kelly knew Mary was a potential new best friend.  At lunch, she made her move.

"Hey, you're Mary, right?"

"Yup.  Just transferred from Denver.  You're Kelly McGuire, aren't you?"

Kelly nodded.  She had overheard someone telling Mary who everyone in the grade was.

"Well, Mary, why don't you eat lunch with me today?  I'll meet you up in the cafeteria, okay?"

Mary nodded and they parted. 

To be fair, Kelly wasn't always thinking about sneezing when she approached new people.  Mary had seemed genuinely sweet. But what did her sneezes sound like?

Kelly daydreamed all through science class, her internal monologue centring around her “date” with the new girl:  “I brought lunch today, so I could get us a good table… not near the jocks, and not near the cheerleaders…  It has to be somewhere to the left of the place... great, I can get us a window seat!  We have to appreciate the warmth of summer while we still can.”

Lunch came and Kelly ran for that window seat.  She opened it and inhaled the sweet scents.  When she saw Mary coming up the stairs, she was still glimmering with joy.

"Mary, over here!  I got us good seats!"

Mary smiled and sat in front of Kelly.  She opened the tin foil wrapping of her lunch and began to gobble up her sandwich.  They were both shy and silent.  Kelly stuck her hand out of the window, letting the sun embrace it.  She heard the birds singing joyfully, and felt a smooth breeze wrap around her wrist and float onto her spaghetti lunch.  She looked over at her new friend, hoping that maybe they could talk about music, but something stopped her.

Mary's face... what a picture! Her nose was wrinkled and her eyes were squinted.  A few drops formed in them.  Her head bent back slowly as her hands reached up and pressed on her cheeks.  With one hand, she rubbed her eyes.  She started to sniff.  Her nose was clogged.  Kelly was overjoyed.  She was going to sneeze.

Mary began trying to rub the sneeze out of her nose, but the tickle was too powerful.  She began to inhale shallowly, her chest quickly rising and falling as she made a few "ah...ah..."' sounds. Then Mary was wheezing and sniffing loudly, but Kelly was the only one interested enough to pay any attention – despite the fact that Mary’s red nose shone like a cherry.

"Ah... ah... ah... ha-ESHIAU!  ASHOO!  HAP-SHOOO!  Ah-TSHOU!  HATSHOU!"

Kelly counted nine powerful sneezes before they finally died down to little bursts of air.  Mary grabbed a napkin from the table and blew her nose wetly.

"Wow, I'm sorry Kelly.  I had allergies to pollen back home, but never attacks like this.  *Sniff*  You have a lot of new plants here.  That must be it."

Kelly's heart was still pounding madly.

"So, you're allergic to pollen?"

"Very allergic. But I hope that's it.  I'd hate to discover more allergies while I'm on a date or something.  Wow, those were really some sneezes!"

Kelly could hardly contain herself.  Those were perfect sneezes!  She looked over at Mike, her boyfriend, who sat with some of his friends a couple of tables over.  Suddenly, Kelly wanted to pounce on him like a leopard.

Kelly said: "Well, if you're worried about other allergies, I could help."

"Really?  How?"  Mary’s eyes had lit up with interest.

"Well…”  Kelly was about to tell a monstrous lie.  "I think I might have allergies too."

Mary smiled and Kelly was relieved to see belief etch itself on her new friend’s features.  “Yeah?”

Mary hadn’t the slightest idea that Kelly had lied!  Kelly, enthusiastic, explained that together, they could test out if they were allergic to anything other than pollen.  They made plans to meet in the forest outside Kelly's house after school.  Those must have been the longest three classes Kelly had ever had before, but the end of the day finally came.  She rushed home, and Mary was standing there waiting for her, blowing her nose.

Kelly called out to her.  "Mary, come on over here!  You know, I have a way to unstuff your nose.  If you sniff salted water, it'll clear you right up.  Then we can begin our experiment."

And so the girls spent all afternoon smelling things, attempting to discover new things they might be allergic to.  Mary's only allergy seemed to be to pollen.  At least it was strong.  When they smelled her mother's tulips, Mary was literally knocked to her feet.

The “testing process”, as Kelly called it, was exciting in itself – Kelly just wished it had produced more results.  Together they had tested cats, dogs, hamsters, plants, certain spices, perfume, and still, nothing but pollen and ragweed would get Mary started.  At last, with Kelly secretly feeling crushed, the girls sat and watched TV for half an hour.  And then Kelly realised something that brought new hope:  they hadn’t tested out dust yet!

"Mary, I have another idea. Follow me!"

She took Mary to the attic.

"Now shut your eyes and breathe normally.  I'm going to test dust on you, okay?"

"Okay, Kelly, but only use a pinch."

"Got it."

Another lie.  Kelly got a handful of the grey pillows.  She approached Mary.  She thought about how she could make this final “allergy test” even better – assuming it worked.  She remembered noticing earlier in the day that whenever Mary was about to speak, she would take a deep breath through her nose.

"So, Mary, do you have any siblings?"

Just as Mary was taking her breath to answer, Kelly stuck the dust clumps into her nostrils.  Mary squinted hard.  She rubbed her nose and eyes until they were each running.  She gasped and wheezed, but she couldn't contain her reaction to the dust for even a moment.

"Oh no, I really need to snee--TCHAA! AHH-SHOO!... AH AHH AHHH-CHOOO!!…  I'm sorry, I just can't hel—AHH... I can’t… EEHH… AHH... AAAAAHHH-CHOOOO!!! I‘M REALLY ALLERGIC TO THAT ST… TCHOO!"

Mary sniffled again. She sneezed an airy sneeze, getting the fit under control.

"Well, now we know that you're allergic to dust and to pollen."

Mary nodded.  Her eyes and nose were red. "My mom is allergic to dust too.  I know that my family is a bit tight for money, so I never asked for allergy pills, but I can take some of my mom's for dust!"

"Oh, that’s really great," muttered Kelly. It was her third lie that day.

A bit later, Mary left. On her way out, she passed Kelly’s boyfriend, Mike, who was just coming around for a visit.

"Hey, wasn't that the new girl?  What's her name, Marie?"

"No, it's Mary,” Kelly said, going to Mike and putting her arms around his neck.  “How are you, baby?"

"I'm great.  Listen, I'll go make myself a snack, and then we can watch movies upstairs, okay?"


Kelly had a sudden idea.  She rushed outside.  There was only a small ray of light left.  She grabbed all of the flowers in her backyard, plucked out the pollen, and sent the yellow powder whirling in the blender with a hint of water.  By the time she was done, she had created a sort of perfume.  It was sticky and yellow, but it smelled marvellous.  It was 100% pollen.  She bottled it and stared out the window.  Mike's snacks were always five star meals.  He would spend ages preparing his food.

Suddenly, Kelly saw Mary starting back up the driveway to her house.  Surprised to say the least, Kelly ran to the door.

"Hi, Mary.  What brings you back here?"

Kelly was hiding her invention behind her back.

"I, uh, think I lost my key chain here earlier.”  Mary looked embarrassed.  “Do you mind if maybe I look around?"

"Sure," Kelly started.  "But I really have to get going. I was just, uh, leaving.  There's a spare key under the doormat.  When you're done, can you lock the door on your way out?  I trust you."

"Okay, sure,” Mary said, pleased at Kelly’s faith in her.  “I'll start looking."

Kelly saw her heading for the kitchen – she didn’t want Mary seeing Mike in there, or else her friend would know that Kelly hadn’t really been ‘just leaving’ when she’d arrived.

"Um, Mary, I just cleaned this whole floor.  I didn't find anything.  You could check upstairs, okay?"

The other girl nodded and did as she was told.

Mary searched around for five minutes before Kelly sneaked upstairs too.  She rushed into the guest room.  It was bare, with only a dresser, a bookshelf holding comics and games, and a double bed.  She began to smear all of the bottles' contents on the walls.  They were the same shade of yellow.  She then hid behind the door and awaited Mary's arrival.

Mary crept into the room, and Kelly shut the door softly.  Mary didn't even notice.  Kelly's plan had gone perfectly.  Mary thought that no one was in the house but her, and she was now locked in a room with walls covered in pollen.  Kelly rushed down the stairs.

"Mike!  Let's watch movies down here instead of upstairs, okay?"

His face was covered in barbeque sauce.  He nodded, and then cleaned up quickly.  Kelly led him to the living room.  It was directly under the guest room, and she could hear Mary through the air vent.  She plopped Mike on the sofa and popped in a movie… for his enjoyment.  Kelly doubted she would be listening to anything other than Mary who, as predicted, was reacting strongly to Kelly’s “pollen perfume”.


Mike had no idea, and Kelly was inches away from an orgasm.  She looked at Mike finally, deep into his eyes.

"Take me!" she hollered.

Kelly ripped off Mike’s clothes as he stripped her down to her skin.  She leapt on him and stroked him until he was erect. Then, she rode him like a horse.  She ground him in and out, in and out.  His member was long and hard, like a stallion’s, and she wanted him deep inside her.  It was the wildest sex they’d ever had as a couple.  At one point Mike flipped Kelly onto her back, but he was too gentle, so she viciously flipped him over.  They tossed and turned wildly, and it was so thrilling she actually bit him.

Sweat flowed from Kelly’s body, pouring onto Mike’s, who was strong and erect as a bear.  They fucked like animals, moaning and groaning for at least an hour.  He tired before she did, but she wouldn’t let him pause for breath.  All that Kelly could think about was this gorgeous male, whose rock hard member was buried in her, and Mary, upstairs, sneezing uncontrollably.  Had Kelly been in any state to count – something she habitually liked to do – she would have found that Mary had released a total of one hundred and seventy-six allergic sneezes by the time she finally rolled off of Mike.

"Wow, Kel.  That was pretty damn amazing!”

They were both breathing hard. In truth, Kelly could have gone on, but Mike was irrecoverably spent.

"I have to go,” he said, “but I'm calling you.  We're doing this again, baby.  I feel like someone’s set me on fire and ripped off my skin.  That was so hot."

"I know," Kelly said, not taking her eyes off of his package.

Even when Mike left, she was still red hot for more, because she could still hear poor Mary sneezing.

"huh-HUH-CSHHH! ... Hhh-hhh-CHOO! Eh-heh-CHOO! Aaaah!"

A Million thoughts raced through her mind. So many possibilities… She could go and open the door, now that she had just had the hottest, most vivid sex of her lifetime… or she could enjoy it in person, going to check up on Mary… or perhaps she could listen just a while longer, through the secluded vent…