The Seduction

Night Owl

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And then the awkwardness set in.

Jen had found observations of her sneezing on a fetish website she frequented, and thanks to some fake sneezing, she discovered they had been posted by Nick, her co-manager. After catching a cold and suffering a major fit in her office, he had finally given in and kissed her. It had turned into a long and passionate make-out session. She had been amused when Nick had tried to roll her nipples between his fingers through her bra; she wore extra padding to conceal her frequently hard nipples. He had finally pushed it up enough to get his hand under it, attacking her breasts that way instead. She didn’t have to fake her sneezes that time, although they were harsher sounding than normal thanks to the virus she had caught.

But the kissing had stopped (after ninety long minutes of smooching and sneezing), and a genuine 'uncomfortableness' had arrived in its place. Jen’s cold went away, and Nick seemed distant and removed. She herself was feeling awkward as well. Left unsaid between them (but always on their minds) were their significant others. Jen had a fiancee, and Nick had a live-in girlfriend. Neither of them had ever cheated on anyone, and they were both struggling with their feelings.

Jen felt almost justified in wanting to sleep with Nick. She had enjoyed a sneezing fetish her whole life, and now she had found someone who shared it after years of thinking she was the only one. Her relationship with Tim, her husband-to-be, had degenerated to a all-time low, and she wanted Nick inside her. She felt, after years of feeling like a freak for getting wet from sneezing, that she was owed this.

But rather than just talking it out, they did what most people in such a situation did and kept their feelings inside. They had been friends before the kissing, and they remained such. But they both secretly fantasized about the other, and they both froze inside whenever the other sneezed.

It took Debbie, an adorable Hispanic cocktail waitress, to finally break the ice. She was tiny, about five feet tall, and just as cute as could be. Jen and Nick were running stock at the south bar one night when Debbie came into the well.

Nick was bent down, counting bottles stored under the bar, so Jen walked down to help him out. As she arrived, he stood up and stretched, hands in the small of his back, and picked up his clipboard to mark down his results.

“What do you need?” Jen asked with a smile. She liked Debbie; hell, everyone did, and she was more than willing to play bartender for her.

“Two Coronas, a Pepsi, and...” her voice trailed off and she held up a finger. Jen and Nick both froze, but Debbie’s face did not reveal any impending sneezes. Rather, she seemed focused on a spot on the wall behind the couple. Suddenly, her tiny face wrinkled up, every muscle going tight at once, and she erupted into a fit of rapid-fire sneezes, dry and hard. “Ecch! Etch! Etch! Essh! Ecck!” Throughout it all, her face stayed frozen in a torturous, tickly mask. Finally, her head flew back, and she wound up for one final sneeze, delivering a wet wonder so large from her small frame that she stomped her foot for emphasis. “Haah... haaa... haaaAA–ESSSSHH!” She shook her head in relief.

“You okay?” Jen asked.

Debbie smiled. “Yeah, I always sneeze like that.” She sniffled loudly. “Whew! How many was that?”

“Six,” Jen said, just as Nick added, “Six, I think.”

“Hmm.” She seemed satisfied and pulled her hair away from her face. “Two Coronas, one Pepsi, and a Cuba Libre, please,” she asked, rolling her r’s on the word ‘Libre’ and giggling.

As Jen got the drinks, Nick asked what she was thinking. “You count your sneezes?"



“If I don’t sneeze five times, then I know I’m going to sneeze more. I like to be prepared so I can get a breath in.”

“Good plan,” Jen said, finishing the rum and Pepsi.

“Yeah, I once sneezed, like, fifteen times in a row, and I thought I was gonna pass out. I couldn’t get a breath between them.” She took her tray and left.

Jen glanced at Nick. “Well,” she teased, “are you going to post that tonight?”

Nick smirked and turned a little red. “Maybe.”

"Maybe?” she snapped. “But they were snoughs!”

To Nick, it sounded like she had said ‘snaufs’. “What?” he asked, confused.

“Y’know, snoughs,” she repeated. “Half-sneeze, half cough. They’re not very sexy.”

“No,” Nick said thoughtfully, “but she talked about them, which is sexy. And anyway, the last one wasn’t a snough. It was a full-blown sneeze.”

Just then, they both saw Debbie hurrying from the floor to the well. Her tray was in one hand, the other was busy pinching her nose. Her breasts were heaving as her breathing signaled that she was painfully close to sneezing. Arriving in the well, she dropped her tray onto the counter. The bottles of beer, thankfully, had been delivered, but cola and rum sloshed out of the glass as the tray dropped down. Finally free of her load, she tented her hands over her face and cut loose. “Eeeh-eck! Eck! Eck! Echukuh! Eccchguh! Ech-ech-ECH!” Her head flew back for the final hurrah, her hands waiting to catch it. She took three massive breaths, then seemed to stop breathing. Finally: “Huh-huh-HuhGESHOO-HOO!” She dropped her sneeze-soaked hands to her skirt and wiped them there, then fixed her sneeze-mussed hair. “Holy God,” she muttered, then looked at Jen and Nick.

They stood with their mouths open, unable to believe what they had witnessed. “Nine,” Nick finally managed. “I think.”

Debbie smiled and sniffed loudly, then used her tongue to remove excess sneeze from her upper lip. “Plus three on the way here.” She collected her tray again. “Bless me,” she sniffed, and left again.

“If you don’t post that,” said Jen, “I will.”

Nick laughed. “Which raises a question. Why don’t you post?”

“Fear, I guess. Fear of getting caught and exposed.”


“Someone I know stumbling on the site, recognizing my e-mail address, something like that."

“The odds are against that, you know.”

“Well, I found you out, didn’t I? You used a pseudonym and I still found out.”

Nick thought about that. “Yeah, good point. But I doubt that kind of thing happens often.”

“I agree, but once is enough. You’re the only person who knows, and I plan on keeping it that way.”

“So Tim doesn’t know?”

“Oh, hell no! How about Diane?”

“Not for sure. But once we had just finished having sex, and on the way back from the bathroom she let out this enormous sneeze and said, ‘I bet you wish I had done that while I was still on top of you’. I feigned ignorance.”

Jen had frozen at the mention of Nick sleeping with his girlfriend, and he caught on, turning red. “That was a while ago,” he hastily added. “We don’t have much sex these days.”

Jen sighed and put her hands together in front of her, unconsciously blocking her crotch. “So, are we finally going to discuss this?” she asked.


“Sex, Nick. Two weeks ago we mauled each other like sixteen-year olds. And there has been nothing since then. Do I need to catch another cold or snort pepper to make something happen?” She was dumbstruck by her old boldness and stopped talking.

“No, Jen, of course not. But we both live with other people. And I know we’ve talked about it in the past, on how our relationships aren’t that good, but it still isn’t easy to just leap into an affair. I guess maybe I got scared. Even if we’re in bad relationships, that’s no excuse to go around fucking anytime we want.”

“Hey, I know that. And I’ve never cheated on anyone, ever. But until I found those websites, I thought I was the only person who got turned on by sneezing. And now, not only is there a whole community of people who get turned on by the same thing, but I work with one of them, and he’s really cute. But I never seriously contemplated sleeping with you until I found out about the whole sneezing thing. Now it feels like destiny or something. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to sleep with you just because you have a sneezing fetish. But it’s kind of like the straw that broke the camel’s back. I thought about it before, but I’ve fantasized about lots of people. That’s no big deal, everyone does it. You, I would actually go through with it with.”

Nick was quiet for a long time. Debbie came back and loaded up without incident, and Jen served her in silence, giving her a tight smile at the end. When she turned back, Nick was staring at her.

“Jen, I have fantasized about you since I met you. And we have to find out what will happen, I guess. Diane has a full-day seminar tomorrow, so I know she won’t be home...”

“No, no, no. Not at your apartment, Nick, no! That’s just... too much.”

“Okay, then. I’ll get a room at the Motel 8 out on Fox Road, the one behind the Burger King. Okay?”

Jen nodded, not looking up.

“I’ll call your cell at eleven and let you know the room number. If you’re not there by one, I’ll leave, no hard feelings.”

“Okay, Nick,” she said, and walked away. She hid in her office until she knew he had gone home for the night, then drove home and slept quietly by Tim’s side, ignoring her usual late night masturbation session. She was torn inside, but her stomach flew with excitement.


By ten forty-five the next morning, she was showered and on the road. She parked at the Burger King in question and sat in her car, the radio off. Her cell phone sat on the passenger seat beside her, and every couple of minutes she checked it to make sure that the signal was there. Finally, just before eleven, it rang.


“Room 18, around the back. Are you coming?”

“I’ll be there in two minutes.” She started her car and pulled out. A large part of her hated Nick and a large part hated Tim. It was all, she knew, a way to avoid hating herself.

The room seemed unnaturally quiet. It was decorated in shades of brown, which made the huge blue pillow on the bed look ever more out of place. They both laughed nervously, then Jen pointed at the intruder. “What’s that?”

“Oh, I’ve had that since I was in college. I just brought it with.” He sat on the bed and patted the spot next to him. Jen sat down, and he leaned in and kissed her gently. “You know, I’ve never done this before either. Not with anyone."

She nodded, fighting tears. “Kiss me again,” she managed to choke out, and Nick obliged. After a long and drawn-out moment, she pushed him back. “Okay,” she said, “let’s talk.”

“What about?”

“Well, when did you find out you got turned on by sneezing?”

“‘Sesame Street’ and “Electric Company’. They always had someone sneezing, and I guess I just put two and two together and came up with gesundheit. Then there were the cold commercials, the allergy sitcoms... I remember a sitcom called ‘Goodnight Beantown’, or something like that, and it was set at a TV news show. Bill Bixby and Mariette Hartley were in it, and they did this episode about how this hot newscaster woman kept getting roses from her admirers. And of course she was allergic to them, but she was so vain she kept carrying them around and sneezing because they made her look like she was important and famous. Then she had them on her desk during the news and kept sneezing on air. At the commercial I had to run into the bathroom and jerk off, which was so uncomfortable because I’m glued to this show, big old boner and all, in a room with my parents. How about you?”

“Not until high school. I kept getting turned on when cute guys sneezed in class, but I never attached it to the sneezes themselves until the same thing happened when cute girls sneezed in the locker room."

Nick grinned. “Well, that paints a picture in my head."

“It was a very mildewy locker room, and we were all sneezing all the time. Taking showers with naked sneezing girls was hell, and I finally figured out that I wasn’t bi, I was just very happy to hear people sneeze. And they never covered their mouths in the showers, so I was a mess after gym class. This one cheerleader, this tall, natural blonde with an amazing body and this long, thin nose, would just erupt in these huge sneezes every day in the shower. Every day! So I would watch her, waiting, knowing it was coming, and watch them overtake her. I had a few bathroom stall moments myself.”

“Yeah, high school is a dream for sneeze lovers. A wet dream, at least.”

“How so?”

“Well, you’re in a room with thirty other kids, at least a half hour a day, five days a week for a number of different classes. Sooner or later you’re going to hear every single person in that room sneeze at least once. When you get older and work a job, people are in and out and all about. There’s no guarantee that you will get to hear them all sneeze because your contact with them is transient.”

“I don’t know. We do pretty good at work. That locker room is a sneezy symphony.”

“I agree, but I’ve had office jobs where I’ve worked with some very attractive women who never once sneezed in front of me. In fact, I’ve even dated women I never got to see sneeze. Usually 'just a couple of dates' type of situations, but it’s happened.”

“High school was great, though. And so was college. Classrooms seem to breed sneezes. I went to high school with this girl who had these massive, like, five-minute build-ups. She wasn’t that attractive, kind of skinny with stringy blonde hair and braces, but those sneezes made her beautiful.”

“Yeah,” Nick agreed. “This girl used to work at the Gigantiplex who was the same way. She was a manager, and I once watched her stare at the floor, standing by herself, for ten actual minutes with this perfect pre-sneeze expression. And her sneezes were these huge monsters...they were the best. I asked her something about it once, and she said that she hated losing a sneeze. She didn’t mind the build-ups, but losing the sneeze was the worst. Sometimes, she said, you just have to sneeze.”

“Good girl,” Jen said. They both sat there for a long moment, and then she glanced at Nick. “So...what now?"

He returned the silence. “Do you like your own sneezes?”

“Well...yes, I guess so. I just love the sound of a good sneeze. Yours are cool because they’re different every time. Sometimes you have these huge messy ones, sometimes you do the machine gun thing, and sometimes you stifle them. But I love the tickle and building pressure and release of my own sneezes too.”

“Okay,” Nick said, and he leaned in again. The kiss he gave her deepened, and they slowly laid back on the bed. His hand went up her shirt and cupped her breast; this time, she had worn a bra he could feel her nipples through, a nice lacy black one. He worked her breasts perfectly, and she arched her back to meet the pressure. He used his legs to push them up onto the bed, but she broke off the kiss and stood up. She pulled the string on her drawstring pants, which fell to the floor with a smoothness she felt belonged in the movies. As he pulled his shoes, pants, and shirt off, she slipped out of her shoes and pulled her shirt over her head. Her panties matched her bra, with the added attraction of being see-through; butterscotch curls poked through the thin mesh. His erection was poking at the fabric of his underwear, and she jumped on top of him with a passion she had not felt in years. In the back of her mind, she wondered why sneezing was not a part of the foreplay, but her mind drifted away as he reached around to touch her ass, slowly letting his fingers slide between her legs. He rolled them over and she scooted up, her head landing on the hotel pillows. Nick, on the other hand, scooted down, pulling her panties off first with his teeth, then finishing the removal with his hand. He opened her lips with one hand and let his tongue snake in to flick against her clit. Her head snapped back and she turned it from side to side in pleasure.

When she turned her head to the left, she bumped against the big blue pillow. After five minutes of Nick eating her out, she felt her legs begin to shake. Sweat was pouring out of her, and felt her orgasm rising to the surface. Her head snapped to the left again, and she breathed in frantically through her nose. Pressed against the blue pillow, it began to tickle. She lost track of her orgasm and turned away; facing the right side, she came with a hip-bucking cry. Nick, now naked, his cock hard as a rock, quickly pulled himself on top of her, so they were face to face.

“Do you want me to brush my teeth?” he whispered, and she grabbed him and kissed him hard.

“No, I like to taste myself,” she responded. “I like the taste of my pussy in your mouth.”

“Condom?” he gasped; the head of his penis was pushing against her wet lips, close to sliding in. To this she nodded, and he scrambled to grab one from his jacket. He opened it and rolled it on backwards the first time, then flipped it over and started again.

As he fumbled with the prophylactic, Jen rolled her head to the left again, one hand touching herself. Her breathing was deepened by lust, and as soon as she inhaled, she felt her sinuses flare up. She breathed in again more deeply, her head against Nick’s pillow, and a tickle began, a tickle that she knew could blossom into a sneeze. The feeling of a sneeze teasing her was too much on top of her orgasm, and her finger pressed more tightly against her crotch. Her breath hitched in twice; a stuck sneeze! She inhaled again, and her nostrils flared wide with the beginnings of a huge sneeze. Her nose twitched involuntarily, and she turned away to ask Nick a question. Nick, however, had mastered the tricky condom, and he was atop her in a flash, silencing her with a kiss as his cock sliced into her.

Her question was forgotten with the shock, she pulled him up into her more deeply, grinding her pubic bone against the head of his cock. The sneeze faded, but other sensations replaced it, made it a forgotten temptation. They began to ride in unison, Nick matching the pace she set, a rhythm designed to make her come. It served its purpose, and she came twice quickly before rolling him over and taking the lead.

Nick had come a little as she did, and his penis softened. He reached up and rolled over her clit with his thumb. The pleasure made her fall forward, face-down in the big blue pillow. Aware of what would happen, she breathed in deeply through her nose. An orgasm teased her, and she breathed in again, determined to make herself sneeze. This time, as her hips rolled over his hand, she felt that familiar twitch in her nose as well. A third sniff was all it took, and she had gotten a snoot full of something fierce. She sat up on him with a start, her nose ablaze. Her head tilted back and her breasts, slick with sweat, heaved as she pushed her way closer to a sneeze.

“Ah-huuuh,” she gasped, the sneeze playing with her nose the way Nick’s thumb was teasing her clit. “Ah-ah-huuuuh...” she tried and she felt Nick’s rejuvenated member make its way back into her. She scrunched her face up and waved a hand furiously under her nose, then let her face slacken as the sneeze began to come. “Huh-huh–AH-“ and it slipped away, torturing her just beneath the surface. “The pillow,” she gasped.

“Yeah, it has this effect on some people sometimes. I’ve had it forever, and I guess it has some allergens in it.”

“Just suh-some allergens...huh...light...” she gasped, her face stuck in a permanent pre-sneeze rictus. “P-please turn on a-a-AH– a light...” She was trying to concentrate on sneezing, but Nick being back inside of her was a heavenly distraction. Her nose was flaring and twitching, and she was unable to open her eyes beyond a slit. She remembered an allergy attack in the back of a friend’s car in high school, and it had felt like this. The sneeze had refused to come for a long time, even as she had stared at streetlights and passing cars’ headlights.

“God, you are getting so wet! I mean, you were wet before but now I’m drowning! And look at your nipples! Is it the sneeze?”

“Probably... light...” The burning built to a fever pitch, and she reacted perfectly, trying to draw it out. “T-turn on the lu... luh... Laaah-Lah-LA-HAT–“ she froze on top of him, and a half of a sneeze emerged. “CH!” she snapped, her head dropping down, but the sneeze pulled back at the last minute. Her eyes, bloodshot and tearing, popped open, and Nick reached over and turned the knob next to the bed three times. First the light on her side of the bed came on, then the light on his side, then the light above it. Her anguished face rolled up to it, and the light worked its magic. As her lips pulled back in a sneer, the tickle flamed up to a boil, and she sneezed painfully into her cupped hands. “Hah-HAT–TSCCHHHHOOO!” she exploded.

Her hips still bucking on top of him, Nick reached up and grabbed her wrists. Her hands, still tented over her face, came down slowly, and he could see that she was going to sneeze again. Her breathing had already locked into a steady, hitching groove. “Don’t cover,” he whispered. He wondered at the sense in this; the sight of her face was making him come even ask he fought it.

“Ahh...gonna... snufhaha... snu... sn-sneeze... ahhhgain...” she managed. She, too was coming, the duel tickle in her crotch and nose fighting for dominance. “Wuh... wet... guh... suh-start coming now, N-nick..."

“No, it’s okay,” he breathed. Her hips had began to buck wildly, and he as Nick felt Jen come, he let his own go as well. Her left hand was fluttering in his grip, and he let it go. It rose up under her nose and fanned the air, provoking an already inevitable sneeze.

What came out was wet and splattery, bathing him as they came together. For Jen, it was the most amazing physical sensation of her life. “Cuh-come with muh-Haa-Haa-SSSSHH! ASSHHHHH! ASSSSSS-HOOO! Chit! Chit! Chit!” The rapid fires sneezes robbed her of her breath for the moment, but the oncoming sneezes had taken over her lungs, forcing air into them. “HEH, uh-uh...HE-HEH, uh, uh...HA-AHSSCCHHOOO! HERESCHOOOO! HAT-TCHOOHOO! Geh-geh-GESSSSSH!” At last she slumped over on top of him, breathing hard and aware that her nose was running wildly. She had aimed for the side of the bed that was pillow free, and she felt her hips twitch as her head rang from the violence of her explosion. Nick’s cock twitched in unison as it softened.

“Fuck,” she sighed in amazement. She rolled away from the pillow, and Nick flopped down on top of it. She wiped her forehead, clearing away sweat, then wiped her nose and sniffled loudly. Nick tossed her a box of tissue from his bedside table, and she blew her nose gratefully. Feeling better, she turned towards him. He had rolled off the condom and dropped it the wastebasket and was now laying back on the pillow, eyes closed and penis deflating.

“You aren’t sneezing,” she observed.


“You have your head on that pillow, and you aren’t sneezing.”

He opened one eye and looked at her. “Yeah, it doesn’t have that effect on me. I’ve tried, but whatever’s in there doesn’t make me sneeze.”

“How did you find out about it, then?” She rubbed her nose with her index finger and sniffled again.

Nick rolled to face her. They were there, naked, side by side and facing each other in a hotel room, and nothing could be better. “I had this pillow for my first year of college. By my senior year, it had been through four years of smoking and dorm rooms, and I guess some stuff started to grow in it. The spring of that year, I started seeing this girl, nice girl, short blonde hair, a little possessive and crazy as it turns out, but I was more than willing to put up with it. We met at a tavern by campus, and she came back to my room and we smoked some weed. My roommate passes out on the bottom bunk, and I start making love with this girl, Angie. She started out on top, then got under me and just started sneezing her head off.”

“What did they sound like?” She grabbed another tissue, as rough as sandpaper, and blew her nose again. Blowing made it tickle faintly.

“Real squeaky at first. She was one of those girls who never made any noise when she sneezed normally, but the pillow was too much for her. So I’m doing my thing and she’s going ‘Chew! Chew! Chew!’ just non-stop, blaming on the pot, and I’m wondering if I’m hallucinating it all. Then all hell breaks loose and she starts barking out these loud, harsh sneezes one after another. We rolled her back on top and it stopped after a minute or two. Woke my roommate up, though.”

“But you stayed with her, even though she was a little nuts, because of that.”

“Hell, yeah! We dated all summer, and the sneezes flew. She normally made no sound, but sex with that pillow first made the little ‘chews’ and then these ‘Huh-Kehoos’ that I loved. Three sneezes from one nose.”

“There were others, right?”

“Yeah. In fact most of the girls I dated have sneezed from that pillow at least a time or two and never knew why. I said I would use it for positions and stuff, but it was always for the sneezes. I did it all for the sneezin’,” he laughed.

“So me sneezing during sex wasn’t anything new for you, then? I mean, very few guys have ever sneezed during sex with me, and I’ve always held mine off or stifled them as much as I could.”

“No, Jen, this was different because you and I both know what’s going on here. We both get turned on by it. The other girls, well, they had no idea, and I felt kind of bad evoking that response and then getting off on it. With you and I, our deepest secret is in the open. The possibilities are endless.”

“I always loved sneezing during sex, but I had to play it off. And you were right, I do get wetter when they get stuck.” She paused, remembering favorite moments. “Who was your favorite sneezer, with that pillow?” She grabbed another tissue and blew mightily. The tickle was stronger this time.

Nick laughed. “Oh, this redhead, Carmen. Tall girl, huge breasts, little tiny nose. When she would sneeze, she would try to hold it off as long as she could, and she would do it without making any kind of face or anything. Then, out of nowhere, she would take this huge breath in, almost like a scream. I went off the road driving a couple of times because I thought we were about to hit something I hadn’t seen. After the deep breath, she would stifle the sneeze. Fingers under her nose, a big ‘Ccchm!’ sound. But stifling it never worked, and after two seconds or so, this wet sneeze would just explode from her. So it was ‘AAAAAH! Ccchm!...SPESHOOOO!’ I loved those.”

“You describe them very well,” Jen said. In fact, as he had acted them out, her nose had responded with a burn of its own. She felt a sneeze coming on, provoked by the tissue as well..

“Thank you. I saw her sneeze a couple of hundred times, so I should be good at it. It still startled me, right up until the end. One time, I asked her why she tried to hold them in, and she said her older sister always stifled her sneezes, so she was trying to emulate her since childhood, but her sneezes were just to big, too itchy for that.” Nick was lost in thoughts of Carmen and seeing her under him, body-shaking sneezes making her flop the mattress up and down.

He almost missed it, therefore, when Jen’s head plunged forward in a near-sneeze. Her eyes and nose had scrunched up, and the first two fingers on her right hand came up to press under her nostrils. She gasped, then sat up, right hand fluttering away beneath her nostrils. “Shit!” she chocked out. “That Carmen story, it...” her nostrils flared widely for a moment before she was able to add, “really did the trick.”

Nick’s penis, slightly sore, was rising to the moment. He sat up as well, grabbing his jacket and extracting another rubber. As he rolled it on, Jen flipped him onto his back and straddled him. Her breathing was locked in a pre-sneeze pattern, her face in a pre-sneeze rictus. No sooner was the condom on that she slid him into her already-wet pussy. Their bodies still glistening with sweat from the first fuck, they were already doing it again.

Once he was deep inside her, Jen flopped forward and landed face-first in a sea of navy blue. She inhaled deeply through her nose twice, letting the tiny little motes swimming through the pillow do their work. She sat back up and as she rose, her eyes closed, she imagined she could feel the iotas as they attached themselves to the sensitive lining of her nose, already irritated from so many sneezes. The first sneeze burst upon her like a flood, and she tented her hands over her nose and unleashed a mighty “AAHT-SHHHHH!”

As the next one built, Nick took her wrists in his hands and forced her arms, palms still wet from the sneeze,  down by her sides. Her beautiful face was stuck in a mass of wrinkles and agony, but her eyes opened in a flash of gray-blue and looked at him, pleading for release. He shook his head, their bodies still moving together, and she understood. It was a fantasy for both of them. She forced herself to breathe deeper, to make the tiny allergens in her nostrils float in the wind and produce a sneeze. Her breath caught and began to hitch, making her small breasts bouncy with each intake of air. A sloppy torrent came from her nose and mouth, a satisfying “ESSSSHHCHHH-AAH!”, and it coated his torso and her own chest. She felt a plop as a dollop of snot struck down right where his cock met her lips, and it gave her an electric surge of pleasure.

Her head shook from side to side wildly as the next sneeze built. Removed from the direct cause of the sneezing, they were slow to build and torturous to endure. She was so wet they could barely feel each other anymore, which saved Nick from coming too quickly. She longed to rub her trembling nose or to let her hands wave under it, but she was prevented by Nick’s grip. She was equally tempted to open her eyes and let the light on the wall bring the sneeze out, but she was enjoying the slow burn too much, relishing the natural tension.

“AAAAASHSHHHHHHH!” she shouted suddenly, and again her sneeze rained down on them. “HAH-SSSSHHHHH! YEEAAAHHH-SCHOOOO!” She came just as the last sneeze began, but her body was already bucking so wildly from the sneeze that Nick could not tell. At this point both her pussy and her nose tickled unbearably, and she knew Nick had to be close. With another sneeze rising, she forced her eyes open and spoke.

“Nick...” she whispered, and his eyes fluttered open. “I, I can’t do this anymore. It tickles too much. We have to come.”

He shook his head. “Please, Jen, hold it on. Try, try.” His hips were rocking her up and down, her wetness overwhelming. Every sneeze had threatened to force his cock out of her vagina, but it had to satisfy itself with gripping him tightly in a warm embrace.

She shook her head, her face melting into another sneeze. All of the muscles in her face loosened, giving her a pleading expression as the sneeze fought for release. Where before they were happy to just take their time, this one needed out now. “Nick, I...I can’t, I...I...”  Her voice trailed away as the sneeze came. There was no way to hold it, no way to tease him while talking as it slowly took her over. They had both read the stories, and maybe another day they could play that game. But her breasts were heaving unbearably with the sneeze; she could no longer even control her breathing.

It was too much for them both. They came, Nick with a hoarse shout, Jen with a “Heh-ASHH-OOOOOOO!” that splattered even the wall. She fell on top of him, face-down in the hotel pillow, and fought to breathe normally again.

Her nose was on fire, her body satisfied. Nick lay under her, sweating and moaning, and she knew she still had some sneezing to do. Without raising her face, she gave three massive and wet sneezes directly into the pillow. That seemed to do the trick, and she rolled off of him with a grunt and a sniffle.

He removed his condom, and she blew her nose into four tissues before the snot and tickles were gone. She twitched her nose and scrunched up her face between each tissue, trying to prevent another explosion. By the time she had finished, Nick was hard again from watching her expressions. She looked at him and laughed.

“Not again!” she cried, amused. “My pussy is too sensitive right now, and I can’t take any more sneezing!” She blew her nose for the fifth time, pausing in the middle to let a tickle that had suddenly sprung up die down again. Nick watched this closely, all too aware of what she was doing.

“No,” he agreed after she finished. “You’re right. I’m a little sore. But...did you enjoy this?”

“Oh, yeah.”

“The sneezing wasn’t too much?”

“No, not really. My nose is killing me now, but it was worth it.” She gave another mighty sniffle, trying to choke down a nasty itch in her right nostril. She pressed her finger alongside her nose, which did the trick.

“So...was this a one-time thing then, or are there future frontiers to explore?"

“What do you want?”

“I want more, if you do.”

“I do,” she answered. “I - ah-AH-HAHSHOOOO! - do.”