The Kissing Cave

Mr Sneezy

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It was early afternoon and, in fact, Cherie, who bounced with unbridled delight, through the back door at Karen's house. She found her young lover in the kitchen and, without a word, scooped her up in a bear hug, turned a full circle and put her down again. They locked lips in a fiery kiss that went on for half a minute before Cherie stopped for breath.

"Are we alone, sweets," she asked , belatedly.

Karen cocked one eyebrow, a trick Cherie had taught her some months ago.

"Might be some tall explaining to do if we weren't," she deadpanned.

Both girls giggled, then took a step back and appraised each other.   Cherie wore a flowing skirt which showed off her figure perfectly, then a clinging cotton blouse that accentuated her fine breasts. Karen noted the folded handkerchief in the blouse pocket, but made no comment. She herself, was wearing an equally alluring satin blouse and a very tight pair of jeans that showcased her legs and buttocks. Neither girl wore a bra or underpants.

Entranced, Cherie put a hand out to cup Karen's left breast through the satin, enthralled as always by its feel. Karen closed her eyes, her vagina already dampening. Cherie held both breasts now, stroking them gently. She kissed Karen again, and they began to hug a second time, softer now, rocking in each other's arms.

After a minute, they relaxed and Cherie hopped up onto the breakfast bar, dangling her legs.

"I had a massive fit of the sneezes last night in bed," she said. "Three of them in my hands. The third was one of those two in ones I have sometimes."

"So did I," Karen revealed, astonished at the coincidence. "Five of them, real small,” she added sadly. It had always irritated Karen that her sneeze was so small and dry.

"Did you masturbate?" Cherie asked.

"I had to,” Karen almost wailed. "I couldn't get you off my mind.”

"That's alright," Cherie allowed. "I had the same problem and I came like a rocket taking off.”

Both girls looked at each other and began to giggle again.

After a moment, Cherie abruptly changed the subject. “How was it?” she asked and she wasn't referring to Karen's solo sex.

Karen's face tightened. “Extremely boring," she answered. "I’ll be eighteen when the next one rolls around and I won't be going."

Karen's parents headed a strange breakaway church group with some seventy members. Because she flatly refused to be involved, except for reasonable functions like yesterday's picnic, they often seemed to forget they had a teenage daughter. Touring and preaching around rural Victoria and New South Wales left Karen to her own devices much of the time and Karen wasted no time in procuring a double bed and putting a lock on the door. Her parents were none the wiser.

"I ate plenty of onions yesterday, though. They can do terrible things to a girl's bowels, as you know."

Cherie burst into laughter, falling off the breakfast bar in the process. She finally got herself under control and did a little pirouette, swishing her dress like a jive dancer. Karen sensed she was buying time trying to find the right words for a momentous announcement.

"Honeychops,” she said, after a bit. "I want to take you up to the kissing cave.”

Karen looked at her in mild surprise. “The Kissing Cave?" she asked. "We haven't been there in what.......two years?"

"More," answered Cherie. "We weren't sharing beds back then. That's why we'd go there."

The Kissing Cave had been named so by the girls during the first year of their relationship. Kiss was what they would go there to do. Along with hug, smooch, cuddle, touch, caress, talk, nude sunbake and perfect their lovemaking skills. It lay on a hillside overlooking the township of Bright and across the mountains that heralded the Victorian Alps. Some fifteen minutes walk from the residential section of town to the bushland area, it's existence appeared to be unknown to anyone but the two rosy-cheeked lovers.

As their bedrooms became their closely-guarded passion-pits, they had stopped going there in favour of more comfortable surroundings. However, Cherie had got to thinking that a reserve spot was always handy and so, had made a quick reconnaissance trip to see how it had fared in their lengthy absence. She was pleased to find the cave and surrounding outcrop in good condition, the hard packed floor and mossy rocks still perfectly useable.

Karen regarded her lover with interest. “What are we going to do when we get there?" she enquired.

Cherie had a decidedly wolfish grin. "Several of the things we always used to do there before," she beamed.

They had wandered from the kitchen to the lounge room during this last exchange and now Karen strode across to the sofa and picked up her jacket that she had thrown there earlier. Cherie habitually looked at the sway of her buttocks.

"I'm your girl," Karen said throwing an arm rapidly into a sleeve.

"And I'm yours," shot back Cherie at once.

Karen did her own pirouette on the spot. “Kissing Cave, yum yum, kisses for me," she sang, hopelessly off key. She began to walk back towards the kitchen and the side exit of the house, then suddenly stopped and looked thoughtfully at Cherie.

"Hey, babe, can you list all the attributes of our relationship?" she asked.

Cherie did some more beaming. "Where could I possibly start?" she asked        

"Just start with me and work your way up from the bottom,” Karen chirped. She gave Cherie a smacking kiss on the lips and skipped out of the room singing, "We're off to see the wizard.”

After a moment, unable to restrain a grin, Cherie followed her.

They walked along the footpath, purpose in their steps, conversation minimal. The sun shone brightly, but the air was chill, not a breath of wind. There was a special feel to everything, Cherie decided. They were together, the day was beautiful by autumn standards and they were about to visit a piece of personal history they had created. It was a very good time just to be alive.

A minute later, they turned a corner, moving away from the well-trod path to Cherie's house. On this footpath was a faded hopscotch grid. Without breaking stride, Karen leapt nimbly through each square, spun and went back again, jeans-encased legs moving in a blur. Then she was back in step with Cherie, the sly smile that had been on her face the previous night, present again. For the second time, Cherie shook her head in wonderment.

Shortly, they left the residential section of town, turning onto a little used path that led upwards in a curve. Cherie slipped her arm through Karen's and they drew even closer together. The setting was now bushland and they kicked their way through piles of fallen autumn leaves. There came a tang of wood smoke on the air, tickling Karen's nose, and for a moment she thought she might sneeze. Then the feeling fizzled away again. Karen breathed in deeply, testing her nose against the chill air. Somewhere nearby, a bird called. Another answered it. Energy flowed easily between the two girls. It was a very good time for walking.

Cherie saw the gap in the vegetation and veered right, dragging the still attached Karen with her. Moving to single file, they began the final leg, still climbing. Karen admired the movement of Cherie's body from behind as they traipsed along. The bush was thicker here than Karen remembered it, but she recognised the location. Shortly, they came to the final embankment. Cherie was up it in two athletic strides. She spun and shot out a hand to Karen who grasped it and hauled herself up. Remaining hand in hand, they took some ten paces through dense bush and then suddenly came out upon a bare patch of space the size of an average living room. The other side of the clearing was an outcrop that looked out over the mountains. In the middle, set into the side of a steeper hill the girls had never attempted to climb, was a large spacious cave. They had arrived.

"It's just how I remember it," Karen exclaimed, running over to look inside the cave. Cherie wandered after her, grinning. She knew her little lover would like this.

"Do you remember we used to sunbake nude on this very spot?" asked Karen in awe, standing on a patch of ground two feet from the mouth of the cave, where, in hot weather, the sun stayed all day.     

"Bit cold for that today, hon,” remarked Cherie. "You'll get goosebumps on your goosebumps.”

Karen pointed to another position nearby. "And you were sitting there when you had a hay fever attack one day. I remember it clearly. Lucky you've always got a hanky. You couldn't stop sneezing.”

"I always got hay fever up here in spring,” Cherie sighed. "I think that was part of the reason we would come here then. Do you remember the day I sneezed into your pussy?"

Karen giggled. "It was the first time, but it wasn't the last,” she recalled.

For several more minutes, they explored the circumference of the cave, reacquainting themselves with it. Then they went inside and sat together on the smooth rocks.

"Now that we're here, we should make sure this place lives up to it's name again," decided Cherie.           

"Yum yum, kisses for me," Karen said again, softly.

Cherie looked into her eyes. “Kisses for you, an angel for me,” she replied. Then two pairs of lips met.

For the next ten minutes, there was only the sound of a very heavy kissing and petting session. Blouses were unbuttoned, breasts were fondled and hair was disarrayed. Then Cherie leaned back against the wall of the cave, comfortably seated on the moss rocks and pulled her skirt up around her waist. She opened her legs to reveal her pussy.

"This needs attention too,” she said. "Can you do anything for it?"

"I certainly can," replied Karen promptly. “Let’s have a closer look.”

She knelt down and buried her face between Cherie's legs.

Cherie felt a warm wet tongue snake up inside her and closed her eyes in pleasure. The tongue went straight for her clitoris and began a massaging movement not unlike the one Karen had used on herself the previous night.

One hand stroking Karen's hair, the other stroking a nipple, Cherie felt her orgasm coming on. Karen seemed to sense it too. Her tongue licked harder and her left hand reached up to work  on Cherie's other nipple. 

An image floated into her mind and she held on to it. Karen perched naked on her lap as an equally nude Cherie got ready to sneeze. This time, in the brief fantasy, she allowed this likeness of herself to speak. Six simple words. "Oh dear, I need my hanky." Then it was too late and she sneezed, big and wet, into Karen's face.

Cherie clicked back into reality. She was there. Coming..........oh coming........

"Darling.......yes.......yes.......yes.......Oh Karen!.......lick me me......"

Finally it was over and a grinning Karen sat up, wiping her mouth. "Happy orgasm, honeybunny," she said. "You sure had a lot to say then.”

Cherie knew her vocalising and entreaties when she came could go a bit over the top at times, but then Karen was the only one who ever heard it. “Well, I've got a lot of love to give," she said with a toss of the head, trying to put on a prim voice.

Karen burst into laughter and Cherie couldn't help following. Neither could fool the other. Karen went to her jacket, which she had removed and put nearby and got a wad of tissues out of the pocket to clean Cherie up. The other girl's eyebrows raised.

"You never carry tissues," she said. "Ever. How did you know?"

Karen winked. "Women's intuition," she said.

Cherie sighed. This girl got better with age. No doubt about it She leaned back against the wall again and enjoyed more of Karen's care and attention as her vaginal area was cleaned.

"You haven't had anything yet," Cherie observed a little later. They had cleaned themselves up, brushing away some errant twigs and buttoning blouses. hair was brushed and Cheri's skirt rearranged.

Karen sat on Cherie's lap and they nuzzled gently for a few minutes, giving each other butterfly kisses and touching tongues.

"Babe," said Karen softly. "Do you think we'll ever have to come out?"

Cherie knew what Karen meant, but the question still gave her a start. It was something that had crossed her own mind more than once and now she saw no reason to withhold her decision on it from her lover.

"No way,” she said. "I don't see why we should. It's our business and no one else's. I know it's hard sometimes to keep our feelings under control in public, but look at how well we're set up. Plenty of money thrown at us each week, our respective houses to ourselves half the time with a double bed each of our own to play in."

Karen gave the other girl's cheek a nuzzle. “Not a good idea, then?" she asked.

"Nope", she said. "Reveal anything now and that's years of hard work down the drain. We both want to go to the University of Melbourne, don't we?"

Karen nodded.

"And don't we always look after each other?"

Nod again.

"And don't we always love each other until the end of forever?"


Cherie beamed. "Problem solved,” she announced. She nuzzled Karen back. Karen grinned. Cherie always had the answers and what she said made sense.

They had been at the cave some two hours now, and the air was becoming colder, the mist descending over the mountains. Residents stoked up woodfires and stoves. The wood smoke odour was stronger now, and eventually, it drifted through the mouth of the cave. Karen smelt it and immediately, her sinuses began to tickle as they had done on the walk up there. This time the tickle did not fizzle away.

"Oh dear," said Karen. Cherie felt her girlfriend's body tense up as it had done on countless times in the past. Karen buried her face in Cherie's blouse, just above the breast.

"Atchoo......." she sneezed softly. "Atchoo.......choo.......choo.......choo......."     

"Bless you darling,” exclaimed Cherie. "Where did that come from? You had sneezies just last night.”

"Wood smoke,” sniffled Karen. "Hanky.”

She put her hand in Cherie's blouse pocket and withdrew the handkerchief she had observed the outline of earlier that day. Uncharacteristically, her nose was running somewhat. She blew, the discharge enough to leave a wet patch in the clean cloth. Then she replaced the hanky and moved her head around so that she was nose to nose with Cherie.     

"God I need you so much," she said. “Let’s go home and have a warp factor five frolic.”

Karen jumped off Cherie's lap, grasped the other girl's hand and pulled her up.

"I've had kisses, I've had kisses", she sang, pirouetting again.

They did a visual inspection of each other, ascertaining that they looked like two cheerful teenagers who had innocently gone bushwalking on an autumn afternoon, notwithstanding that neither was dressed for such a thing. Then, standing in the clearing outside the cave, Karen asked, "Do you think we will ever come back here? I mean, this has been a top afternoon."

"We will when the weather's a lot warmer,” replied Cherie. She ran her eyes across the valley and the town below, dozing in the misty late afternoon sun.

"Come on,” she grinned. "There's a double bed waiting for us down there."    

They quickly helped each other down the embankment and began to retrace their steps.

Twenty minutes later, they were back inside Karen's house. Everything was as they had left it. Moving straight to the bedroom, they made ready for something they needed no instructions for. Karen put half a dozen tissues on the bedside table while Cherie moved the pillows on the bed further down into the "love area" as they had dubbed it.

They took their shoes off, turned and faced one another, standing very close. Then slowly, they began to unbutton each other's blouse. Slipping out of these, they drew even closer. Again, breasts were fondled lovingly and kisses were exchanged. Unlike in the cave, Cherie would now take the lead whereas earlier, Karen had been in charge of her partner's pleasure. Cherie paused to take off her skirt, then stood naked in front of Karen, letting the girl drink in her lithe body.

Then, moving forward, she unfastened Karen's jeans. The mood of the foreplay was interrupted by a spate of giggles as, together, they worked to get them off. Finally, Karen was nude as well and they held each other tight, kissing continuously. Cherie took the lead again, slipping onto the bed and lying back against the pillows. Karen sat for a moment, next to her and softly stroked Cherie's nudity at random.

"I just love you so much," she whispered.

For an answer, Cherie picked up Karen's hand, leaned forward and kissed it. No words were needed. Karen stood, climbed onto the bed and manoeuvred herself onto Cherie in a sixty nine position. Except her buttocks were smothering Cherie's face, not her vagina. Karen felt her cheeks being opened, a warm tongue darted against her anus and bolts of pleasure shot through her loins. This was all she needed and it wouldn't take long.

Below her, Cherie lapped away contentedly, having a ball. A pleasant musky smell was in her nostrils. Two minutes passed and Karen was ready. Timing herself to perfection, she reached up and slid two fingers into her vagina. She began a slow burn on her little love button. But there was no holding on this time. Cherie's tongue working busily at the back, Karen's fingers at the front, her volcano was about to erupt.

"Oh Cherie, don't stop baby.......yes.......yes.......yes.......ohmigod......."

Karen's body shook and jerked visibly as the orgasm rushed through her. Cherie reduced her lapping to a slow lick as Karen collapsed on top of her. After a moment, she climbed off, very slowly. Her face was radiant with satisfaction. They studied each other solemnly and then burst into helpless giggles.

Karen lay back down with her head on Cherie's chest and they curled into one another's arms.

"Mmmmmm.....thank you. Just what I needed. Orbit and back.”

"You did sound a hundred percent happy, now I think of it," Cherie observed.

Karen giggled again and then fell silent. A beam of late afternoon sun came through the window and bathed them in its brilliance as the day drew down into evening.

A little later, as if by an unseen signal, they arose and began cleaning up. Dividing the tissues, Karen cleaned vaginal juices from between her legs while Cherie wiped saliva stains at the back. They dressed again, Karen merely putting on an oversize football jumper she sometimes wore after such sessions.

"You sleeping with me, tonight," she enquired.

"Silly question, hon," answered Cherie.

"Wouldn't it be magic if we could do this every day," mused Karen.  

"Live together in our own place as wife and wife?" asked Cherie. "Well just keep the faith, beloved, and one day that might be the case. Meanwhile, we've had bushwalking, reminiscing, sneezing and good love. It's made me seriously hungry"

"Excellence. Let's raid the fridge," beamed Karen.

They zipped out of the room together.