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Sheldon was at his wits' end. He didn't know how much more he could take. He had been going with Andres for six weeks and had yet to see him sneeze. Andres was a Latino god who, of all the men in the world, had chosen Sheldon to fall in love with.

Sheldon had a sneezing fetish that knew no boundaries. When he first laid eyes on Andres, he nearly climaxed at the thought of just seeing him sneeze. Never in his wildest dreams did he think that he and Andres would end up as lovers. And yet, six weeks of almost perfect bliss had passed… and still Sheldon had seen not one sneeze from this gorgeous hunk.

"Tonight, I'll see Andres sneeze or else!" Sheldon thought to himself.

He had a plan he had already set in motion. He had ordered a very sexy string thong from an International Male catalogue and had given it to Andres as a present. That night, Sheldon was supposed to come home and pretend to be a salesman trying to sell encyclopaedias door to door. Andres would answer the door and try to seduce the poor "salesman." Andres loved these games of Sheldon's.

At eight o'clock sharp, Sheldon rang the doorbell.

"Who is it?" Andres asked, trying to contain his giggles.

"World View Encyclopaedia representative. Can I interest you in viewing the information source of the future?"

"Yes you can," answered Andres.

He then opened the door, wearing nothing but the string thong Sheldon had given him. The sight of this nubile Latino god was almost too much for poor Sheldon to bear, and he felt sure he wouldn't be able to control himself for long. Andres was some sight indeed. Six feet tall. 185 lbs. Perfect body, Jet back hair and eyes. Flawlessly tanned skin and a perfect smile. Michelangelo himself couldn't have sculpted a more perfect male form.

"Would you like to view our sample book?" asked Sheldon, handing the book to Andres.

Andres, playing along, took the book and proceeded to open it. As he opened its pages, a small cloud of sneezing powder was sprayed out of the book and right into Andres’ gorgeous face. Andres looked startled, as the small cloud of sneezing powder seemed to hang directly around his glorious nose.

"GOT HIM!" thought Sheldon to himself. It had cost him a bundle to buy the trick book that sprayed out sneezing powder, but it would all be worth it. He was going to see his hunk sneeze!

Andres slowly closed the book and took in a deep sniff. He took in another sniff and looked up at Sheldon. He flashed Sheldon his drop dead gorgeous smile and then started to say,

"You son of a...ahh AHHH…"

Sheldon watched, incredulous. He had never seen such a glorious sight in his life.

"Now I'm gonna sneeze!" said Andres as his breathing was starting to quicken.


Then, it happened. The sneeze faded. Andres’ face relaxed, and he flashed Sheldon another one of his to-die-for smiles. But before the other could get too disappointed, Andres’ nose suddenly reddened again and Sheldon jumped to attention once more.


Andres sneezed violently and wetly, each sneeze doubling him over. After the twentieth sneeze or so, Andres raised himself to his full height and sniffed deeply.

"What did you do that for?" Andres inquired.

"It was just a joke item, Andres," Sheldon lied to his lover, still too afraid to admit his fetish. "Don't you like jokes?"

"Yeah, I guess that’s a pretty good gag item. Maybe I'll even borrow it someday to play a gag on somebody.”

"I'm glad you liked the joke, Andres, because.... Get a load of this!"

With that, Sheldon aimed the book at Andres and opened the pages, shooting another puff of sneezing powder up Andres perfect nose. As Andres stood there with his nose slowly reddening, Sheldon stuck his finger through the string thong and led his incredible hunk into the bedroom. He helped his lover onto the bed and lay down next to him. Sheldon then gently kissed Andres’ trembling nose and gently put his finger under it while he watched his lover fight another losing battle against a fresh round of sneezes.

"You s-s-s-son of a- ah! AHH…" Andres struggled to speak.

"Don't try to talk, babe. Just know that I love you," said Sheldon.

Andres couldn’t hold back any longer. "HAAAAAAAAAAATTSSHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! I love you too, Sheldon. AHHHHHH… AHHHHHHHHHHHH...”