Double Trouble


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Sheldon slowly opened the door to his apartment. It had been a long day, and he was exhausted. 

The devastating Latino inside the apartment ran into Sheldon's arms and began kissing him.

'Sheldon, baby!'

Sheldon reacted in horror, pushing his nubile admirer away. 'Chris! Cut that out!'

'How did you know it was me?'

'Chris, you may be Andres' identical twin brother, but believe me, you're no Andres!'

'I'll never know how you can tell the two of us apart.' Chris smiled. 'No one else in the world can.'

Christian Ramirez Hernandez, Andres' junior by twelve minutes, was as different from his brother as night is from day. Whereas Andres was the more settled of the two, Chris was always ready to do things on the spur of the moment. Chris never bothered to stay in one place long enough to put down roots; he was always off to another location, another adventure. He was a writer of moderate success, who dreamed of writing the Great American Novel one day. 

For the moment he had taken a respite from his adventures to visit his 'older,' brother. No one knew how long his stay with Andres and Sheldon would be. Chris was just as likely to leave that evening, as he was to stay for a month.

'How can you tell the two of us apart?' Chris asked Sheldon again.

'I just can,' was all Sheldon answered. 

He left unsaid that he was surprised everybody couldn't tell the two apart just by looking at them. Whereas the world saw two drop-dead-gorgeous gods fallen straight from Olympus, Sheldon saw two separate individuals, physically identical, but as discernible as any two brothers can be. 

And therein lay Sheldon's BIG problem. 

As hard as it seemed to believe, Sheldon had never seen Chris sneeze, and he had a major desire to see it!

He couldn't help himself. It didn't matter to him that he looked exactly like his lover Andres- he was just an unbelievably sexy beast, and Sheldon had always longed to know just what Chris's sneezes were like. Did he look just like Andres when he sneezed? Were his buildups longer, and did he make the same kind of faces, or rub his finger under his nose? Did he attempt to stave off his sneezes by rubbing or pinching, or did he just let them spray free and loud- which, after all, would be more in character? When a sneeze did come, would it be louder, stronger, wetter, more forceful- or quieter than one of Andres' powerful 'HAAAAESSHOOO!'s? Did he stifle, and if he did, did he prefer to use his hand or his elbow? Tissues or hankies? 

Sheldon couldn't imagine not being turned on by Chris's sneezes- just the very thought of Chris overpowered by a sneeze, whether he stifled or sprayed, sniffed or blew, made him weak at the knees. 

'What did you do today?' Andres asked Chris at dinner that night.

'Not much, really. I interviewed some local characters to get some material for a story I'm trying to write. Other than that my day was fairly routine.'

'My day was fairly routine too,' added Sheldon as he passed the salad bowl to Chris.

'Thank you, Sheldon,' said Chris as he took the salad. 'Would you please pass the dressing and the salt and pepper?'

Sheldon passed the requested items. Chris helped himself liberally from each. Too liberally! As he was shaking the pepper on his food, he began to sniff and gently rub under his nose. 

Sheldon (not unnoticed by Andres) tensed as he watched what he hoped was about to unfold. Unfortunately it was just a false alarm, as Chris merely sniffed a second time and that seemed to quell any tickle he had brewing in his nose.

Sheldon was almost beside himself! Silently he had to sit there and ache, and dream of seeing Chris sneeze. But it seemed that he wouldn't see it tonight. He looked across the table at Andres, and felt the ache lessen just a little in anticipation; tonight he would attack his lover in a fit of unbridled passion. 

He loved Andres. He'd never cheat on him. He wasn't even interested in Chris sexually- he just wanted to see Chris sneeze. No, he HAD to see Chris sneeze! More than once, Sheldon wondered to himself whether this constituted cheating or not. It was a source of tremendous guilt for him, but he just couldn't help it.

'How to make Chris sneeze?' Sheldon wondered to himself one day while at work, and just then an evil grin came over his face.

'Of course, of course!' he thought out loud, almost clapping his hands in delight. 'I've got you now...'

The next day he put his plan to work.

'Hey, Chris,' Sheldon started, 'I think tonight I'll just pick up a pizza for dinner. Andres won't be home for three hours yet. Why don't you and I go down to the bar and have a few beers? They have a pinball machine in the back. We can play a few games while we relax with our beers and then go pick up the pizza. What do you say? Care to go?'

'Sure. I'm always up for some pinball. Besides maybe I'll meet some interesting people to interview for my story.'

'Great! Let's go.' 


'Two beers, Tommy,' said Sheldon as they entered the bar. 'Is the pinball machine in the back free? My friend and I have a little wager about who happens to be the better player.'

'Sure thing, Shell,' answered Tommy, 'There's no one back there yet. You two are the only ones in the bar right now. Go help yourselves.'

With that, Sheldon led Chris to the back room of the bar. His heart was pounding with anticipation- and, to his consternation, so was his cock. 

He couldn't help it. 'I must see Chris sneeze, or I'll die!' he thought to himself.

His arousal was enhanced by Chris's devastating good looks; of course he looked just like Andres, but he was slightly more vain, ever aware of his looks and the stares he always attracted from men and women. Chris, like Andres, was gay, but he didn't care who drooled over him. 

Chris was wearing pornographically tight blue jeans with a muscle shirt open wide at the neck and cut very low, down to his chiselled, rock-hard abs. His finely sculpted physique was on display for all to see. He was wearing his trademark mirrored sunglasses, and his jet black hair was combed to perfection; he hated it when his hair was out of place.

Sheldon started the game and quickly 'lost' his ball. Chris put his ball in play and began playing for all he was worth. Like his brother, he was fiercely competitive.

While Chris was busy racking up the points Sheldon was working on his plan. 

He slowly stepped behind Chris. Chris didn't notice anything, engrossed in the game. Sheldon then took out a small tin pillbox from his pocket. He had replaced the pills with sneezing powder he had bought from an Internet ad. 

As Chris played, Sheldon put the tin up to his lips and blew out a huge cloud of sneezing powder over Chris's right shoulder. Chris noticed nothing, as he was so into the game. 

Sheldon then resumed his place alongside the pinball machine where he had full view of Chris's face- and all the rest of him too, of course. 

Chris was playing away, racking up the points, when suddenly he stopped playing. He was holding his ball, still in play, on a flipper of the machine. 

He turned his head and looked at Sheldon. Sheldon acted nonchalant, looking back at Chris as if asking why he had stopped playing.

Chris smiled a fabulous smile, and then his nose reddened and he got 'the look.' 

The look soon faded. It was as if this were Chris's way of telling Sheldon why he had stopped playing and was holding his ball on a flipper. Chris didn't say a thing. He turned his head back to the pinball game and stood there looking at the machine. Sheldon waited, with his heart in his mouth.

Chris stood there, breathtakingly gorgeous, as his nose slowly began to redden again. He took in a huge breath. Again, the sneeze retreated and he stood there motionless, with his hands on the flippers of the pinball machine, holding his ball at bay. Chris sniffed and swallowed, and again his perfect rose reddened. Chris inhaled deeply again, his sculpted chest pushing the torn muscle shirt further away and exposing still more of his glorious form. Again the redness subsided, but it had lasted longer this time. 

Chris sniffed and pushed his sunglasses back up his nose. They had begun to slip down. As he pushed, his nose again reddened, much more pronouncedly this time. The tickle was much deeper in his nose than before. He took in three huge gasps of air, 'Haaahhh...hAAAAHHHH...HAAAHHHHH-' 

Sheldon was sure that this would be it.

For a third time the sneeze abated; but this time it returned again immediately! Chris inhaled three massive gulps of air again, 'aHHHH! HAHHH! HAAAAAH!' His chest so expanded his shirt that Sheldon got a clear view of his nipples. 

This time the sneeze would not be stopped. Chris opened his mouth and started, 'ehhhhh....EEEEEEEEEHSHOOOOOOOOOO! EEEESSSHHHOOOOOOOOOOO! HAAAAAATTTSSSHHHOOO! huu...huuuu....HUUUUUUUSHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!'

Each massive sneeze doubled Chris over. He couldn't stop. His nose was at the mercy of the sneezing powder.

'EEEEEEHHHHHHCCCHHHOOOOO!' he sneezed, and his expensive sunglasses fell off his chiselled perfection of a face and landed on the pinball machine.

'HAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIEEEEEESSSSSHHHHHHHHHUUU!' he sneezed, as his flimsy shirt tore fully apart, leaving him naked from the waist up.

'HAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHH!' he sneezed so tremendously that his meticulously combed hair came undone from the gel that had been holding it in place.

'HAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTCCCCHHHHOOOOOOOOOO!' he sneezed at last and, sniffed to signal that that was the end of his sneezing fit.

Finally he let the flipper of his game loose and the ball ran out of play. He sniffed again and ran his hand through his hair to try to put it back to some semblance of what it had been.

'Are you okay?'' Sheldon feigned concern. It was all he could do to keep himself from coming right there in his pants!

'Yeah I'm...sniff...okay, but lets get out of here. This place is giving me the sneezes!'

They left the bar and picked up the pizza. Chris was not at all embarrassed about walking around shirtless, revelling in the stares he drew all the way home.

That night Sheldon attacked Andres in bed. He couldn't help himself. He had so much pent-up sexual tension that it had to be released somehow, so they made love many times that night.

The next morning Sheldon was feeling guilty as hell. Had he cheated on Andres by making Chris sneeze? What would Andres say if he knew the truth?

Andres soon answered Sheldon's questions. 

As soon as he walked out of the shower he went over to Sheldon, kissed him passionately and then said 'Boy, am I going to be sorry when Chris leaves!'