Pillow Talk


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Sheldon looked at the packed valise on the bed. "So this is how it ends?" he said to Andres

"This is how it ends" Andres answered dryly.

"You know it doesn't have to be like this." Sheldon tried his hardest not to sound as if he were pleading.

"No, it doesn't," replied Andres. "You know what you have to do. Just say those two words. Two very important words to me and I'll unpack my bag and stay with you,"

"But I wasn't wrong!" insisted Sheldon, trying to raise himself to his full height and sound as imperious as possible.

"Fine! Be right! You always have to be right! God knows I love you Sheldon, but it takes two people to make a love affair work. I can't be the one who's always wrong. That's why I'm leaving, to save my own self respect. I hope one day you'll find yours too and learn to take responsibility for your actions. Too bad on that day it will be too late for us."

Just as Andres completed his speech he began to feel a faint tickle building in his nose.

 "No," he thought to himself, "Not now!  I don't want to sneeze now!" He crinkled his nose and tried wiggling it from side to side to get rid of the sneeze. "I want Sheldon to understand the weight of what I've been saying. A sneeze now would only make him forget the gravity of our situation."

The faint tickle began to get stronger. Andres tried to sniff discretely to ward off the impending sneeze. No good. He sniffed deeply and swallowed hard. Still no good. This sneeze was going to escape whether Andres wanted it to or not.  Andres was at the mercy of his perfect nose. He stood by the packed valise on his bed. His nose was twitching madly, filling rapidly with a monstrous sneeze. His chest heaved it's rhythmic dance as his lungs filled with the air he would soon expel.


Andres sneezed three massive sneezes in quick succession. He was stunned as Sheldon just stood there, not even seeming to notice that he had just sneezed.

"Oh well, so much the better," thought Andres to himself. "Sheldon had better get used to not hearing the sound of my sneezes anyway."

He picked up his valise. "This is it Shell. I'm leaving. Are you sure you really want it to end like this?" He tried his hardest not to sound as if he were pleading.

"I wasn't wrong!" Sheldon repeated, unmoved.

"Fine! Have it your way. Goodbye Sheldon! Have a nice life!"

Andres put on a pair of mirrored sunglasses and picked up his valise. As he turned to leave the apartment he again felt the budding tickle at the back of his nostril.

"No. Not again," he thought to himself. He was positioned in front of a full length mirror. He stood there now, watching his reflection as the sneeze began to build. Slowly his nose tickled and twitched and began to redden. Andres again tried to crinkle his nose to abate the sneeze. It was to no avail. It only made the itch worse. He stood paralyzed in front of the mirror. He saw himself as the rest of the world saw him when he was sneezing. His chest was beginning to heave. His mouth was contorting downward. His nostrils were flaring wildly.

Andres nose couldn't stand it much longer.  The tickle inside it was maddening.


Andres uprighted himself from these body bending sneezes to see Sheldon still seeming not to notice his sneezes.

"Goodbye Sheldon," Andres said and he waited for Sheldon to answer. No answer was forthcoming.

Andres picked up his valise and walked out of the apartment, slamming the door behind him. Just as he got to the elevator he realised he had forgotten his wallet so he turned around to get it. The instant Andres opened the door he was greeted with a heart stopping sight. There on the bed lay Sheldon with Byron sitting on top of him! Sheldon was having sex with Byron!!! 

Sheldon took out his feather (the very feather Andres had given to him!) and began tickling Byron's nose.

"Do you mind Byron?" asked Sheldon

"No Shelly, after all no one gives feather like you... *sniff* ... huhh... huuh... "

Andres stood there incredulous. There was Sheldon having sex with Byron and making him sneeze! And that 'No one gives feather like you' line had to be the corniest line ever in the history of the English language.

Andres stood there watching as the tickle in Byron's nose began to build. By this time Byron had noticed Andres and was looking over his shoulder to watch Andres watching him.

Andres saw Sheldon laying there with an amused smile on his face. Sheldon made no attempt to explain the situation, merely took his feather and waved it under Byron's flawless nose.

Just then Andres own nose again began to tickle. He started to wind up for another massive sneeze as he watched Byron do likewise.

Byron's nose began to redden. It did look indescribably luscious against the contrast of his cream white skin. His shoulder were arching backward so that he seemed to be looking up at the ceiling. His arms were behind him, hands on the bed for support as his sneeze grew. Andres hated to feel attraction for Byron, but he couldn't help it. Byron was just plain exquisite.

Andres stood there gently heaving his own perfect chest as his sneeze was building. This one would be truly massive, he could tell. It was building so slowly. Andres sniffed and gulped as hard as he could to no avail. Just then he felt a tear fall from his eye, drawn by the massive tickle in his nose.

Meanwhile, Byron's head was tilted back. His hair fell backwards, over his broad shoulders. Through Herculean effort he forced himself to sit forward and look at Sheldon. As he did so his hair fell in front of his face and brushed against his red, maddenly tickling nose.


This was too much for Andres to bear. He lost control of his emotions, and with it of his own tickle filled nose.


Suddenly Andres looked around, not quite knowing where he was. then he realised it. He was in bed with Sheldon

"Oh Andres babe! I'm glad you're awake," said Sheldon.

Andres noticed how Sheldon tried to hide the feather before he would notice it.

"I'm awake now because you made me sneeze! You know I never like to sneeze while I'm asleep! it wakes me up!"

"Not as easily as you might think my prince," retorted Sheldon. "I've been making you sneeze in your sleep for the last twenty minutes or so and you've only just gotten up. You must have sneezed something like eight times and remained asleep."


"Really. Anyway I'm glad your up. I have something I need to say to you. Andres, I'm sorry about what happened tonight. I was totally wrong and you were totally right."

"What am I hearing?" asked Andres.

"I'm saying how sorry I am for tonight. Boy that argument we had really got out of hand. I never thought it would escalate so. "

"Are you really apologising to me Shell?" Andres asked. He couldn't believe it! Sheldon was admitting he was wrong about something. Andres liked the feeling. He was even getting aroused.

"It was such a stupid fight, and then we went to bed not talking to each other. I didn't like that feeling Andres. It's a bad feeling. If we can't talk to each other we've got nothing! I never want to feel that way again."

"Thank you for admitting you were wrong Shell. It means a lot to me,"

"Andres I'm wrong so much of the time it's not funny! You're right much more often than I am. I always assumed that you knew that."

Andres couldn't believe his ears. Here was his lover freely admitting to him how wrong he could be. Andres felt so stimulated by Sheldon's confession that he wanted to take hold of him and make love right there.

"Andres - I love you so much! You want to know the one time in my life when I was completely right about something? It was the first time I realised that maybe you and I could make it work and have a life together. I don't care if I'm never right again in my life, at least I was right about us."

Andres couldn't stand it any longer.  His erection was enormous. He had to make love to Sheldon there and then. He took Sheldon in his arms and kissed him deeply. He then laid Sheldon down on the bed and sat down on his lover. After a few grunts and groans Andres told Sheldon to wait one minute. He reached over and found the feather and handed it to Sheldon.

"Andres? Are you sure it's okay? You wouldn't mind?"

"Of course it's okay babe. After all... nobody gives feather like you!"

Sheldon waved the magic feather under Andres' nose. It didn't take long for the first quiver of a tickle to start. Sheldon was deep inside his gorgeous lover, looking up at him as he smiled down. The sight was too much. Andres nose was reddening slowly. His chest was rising and falling, slowly at first, then faster, as the tickle grew. With a great effort Andres sat forward, his hair falling in front of his face and gently, lightly, against his reddening nose.


Sheldon exploded inside his lover. The force of his own sneezes and the friction of rubbing against his lover caused Andres to orgasm wildly over his lovers belly.

The two lovers rolled over exhausted, but feeling wonderful.


"Yeah babe?"

"I'm sorry I didn't apologise a long time before this."