Double Trouble (II)


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Sheldon arose at his habitual time. As usual his luscious lover was already showering in preparation for the workday ahead. Sheldon lay there, looking at the opaque image of Andres through the shower door. He began to stroke himself as he watched Andres bend and turn and occasionally hit his ass against the glass door. Mmmmm – how delicious he looked. Sheldon began to stroke himself a bit harder, when he realised that he would rather rub himself against the real hunk than his own fist. In a moment, he was up and out of bed, had shed his underwear; a moment after that, he opened the shower door and surprised Andres by stepping in with him.

"Shel what are you doing here?"

"Well if you don't know, then I must be doing it wrong," Sheldon giggled as he answered Andres’ question.

"No, I don't mean that. I mean I can't start anything right now. I'm in too big a rush. I have too much to do today and not enough time to do it in," Andres said as he rejected Sheldon's advances. "Later, babe. When I get home I'll make it up to you, I promise. But for right now I have too much on my mind. Too much to do that I don’t want to do, but I'm obligated to do it."

With that, Andres finished his shower and stepped out onto the cold bathroom tiles. A chill began tingling in his feet and started moving up his body. Sheldon watched through the opened shower door as Andres began getting goose bumps along his body. The cold tingle moved up his torso and his glorious brown nipples became erect; up along his shoulders; up his neck and into his head. At last it settled in his nose. Andres gasped as he got ‘the look’. He sniffled and swallowed hard. Then, he raised his goose bump-filled arm and ran a desperate finger under his reddening, twitching nose. It was useless! He sniffed one more time, put his arms by his side, and waited for the inevitable.

Sheldon watched as if paralysed by the sight. Andres’ goose bump-filled body was gently heaving, slowly at first, then a bit faster.  Each time, his chest expanded wider and wider with increased air intake. Andres turned to look at Sheldon in the last instant before the sneeze struck, as if to say 'I know you're enjoying this'.

Sheldon watched spellbound as Andres’ eyes fluttered and finally closed. He took in one last massive breath of air and reared backwards so that every goose bump on his perfect body was visible. His nose twitched and then he doubled over to release a monstrously huge: “HAAAA SHOOOOOOOOOOOO... SCHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO… HAA- HAAAAA- EEETTTCCCCHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”

Then, Andres straightened himself up and merely finished towelling off and combing his hair. He was done in a moment. He speedily dressed and literally ran out of the apartment. "See you later babe," was all he said to Sheldon in his haste to leave.

Sheldon finished his own shower and readied himself for his day ahead. Today was a big photo shoot for another new line of men's underwear. Mr. McTate, the CEO of McTate & Mann advertising agency, wanted to try a new approach in men’s underwear advertising. Mr McTate realized that there was a great untapped gay market out there, and he wanted to push the homoerotic envelope to its limit. Today, Sheldon was to direct the shooting for "OUI" brand of men's undergarments.

Mr. McTate had directed that Chris, Andres’ identical twin brother, be the "OUI" man. Chris had been working as a model for McTate and Mann ever since he had modelled as the statue David. Sheldon was happy for Chris’ success. With this ad campaign, Chris stood to become very famous indeed. But there was another reason why Sheldon was happy for Chris; Chris had and fooled around (and fallen in love) with Byron, another famously handsome male model. Byron of all people, Sheldon laughed.

Sheldon walked to his office slowly. He still had an aching hard on that was not relieved in the least by Andres’ massive sneezes this morning. He had considered taking care of it himself, but he decided he'd rather wait until Andres came home to deliver on his promise.

"Nothing like a little first-thing-in-the-morning frustration to set the day off right," he sighed to himself. 


Sheldon arrived at the studio and began going over his notes. Mako was there. Mako was a genius with the camera and Sheldon never used anyone other than him for the important shoots. Sheldon did have a concern troubling his mind however; yesterday, Chris had not felt well and everyone feared he was coming down with the flu. Sheldon hoped that all would go smoothly with Chris. This was a big break for him, and being sick could mean Mr. McTate giving the job to another model. But at last, to Sheldon’s relief, Chris came out wrapped in a huge robe.

"Chris," said Sheldon, "how are you feeling today? Is everything all right?"

The stunning Latino merely gave Sheldon the "thumbs up" sign, indicating that all was well.

"OK then, let's get started," said Mako. "Chris, take off the robe and lie down here on the floor and we'll begin."

The breathtaking Adonis took off his robe to reveal that all he had on was a black, semi see-through, dental floss-thin thong that left nothing of his anatomy to the imagination. Sheldon's eyes nearly popped out of his head! Chris's flaccid penis was clearly discernible through the semi see-through material. Sheldon's own hard-on from this morning had never fully subsided, and was now back in full glory at this sight

Mako began the shoot as usual with one exception; beginning today, he was using videotape to record all of his sessions in case something went awry. This way, he could review his videotape and hopefully find the fault, then make necessary corrections.

The shoot began with Chris lying down on the floor on his left side with his left arm and hand holding his head up. His right arm rested along his flank with his right hand hanging only inches away from his genitals. He had his head casually balanced on his hand and was giving the camera a "come hither" look. Sheldon was watching all of this through the videotape screen, which was focused closely upon Chris’ perfect physique.

"God he’s beautiful," Sheldon thought to himself. His aching erection began to throb.

The shoot was proceeding wonderfully until someone turned up the air conditioning in the studio. A sudden blast of icy cold air struck Chris squarely in the small of his back. He began to get goose bumps. Sheldon watched this, spellbound.

"No!" he thought to himself. "It can't be happening to Chris too! It's too much!"

Slowly, the goose bumps made their way up the Latin hunk’s torso, up his chest, up his neck and head and settled in his nose. Chris merely sniffed and crinkled his nose to try and abate the slowly building urge to sneeze.

"Chris, try not to move," said Mako. “This is a very crucial point we're at right now. I was saving my best shots for last, and these will be your ticket to stardom!" He was clearly unaware of any discomfort Chris might be feeling.

Chris sniffed deeply and swallowed hard, throwing his head back as he did so. Mako caught this in a picture, and so did Sheldon. Sheldon was acutely aware of Chris' slightly reddening nose and his growing discomfiture.

"Okay Chris, this is for the money now! I need all your concentration and effort," said Mako. "I want you to make love to the camera. Seduce the viewer through the lens."

Chris sniffed and swallowed again, and proceeded to look at the camera lens. The slowly advancing tickle in his nose made his eyes water and then begin to close a bit. Mako again caught this in a picture.

"Oh my god! This is too much," thought Sheldon "He's even more beautiful than I remembered! Oh my cock!”

Sheldon was looking straight ahead at the gorgeous stud, when he thought he saw Chris look up at him and – through his reddening nose – purse his lips and blow a kiss at him.

"No! I didn't just see what I thought I saw!" said Sheldon to himself. He turned his eyes back to the shoot.

Chris’ need to sneeze was beyond hiding now as his mouth was opened wide and his chest full of the last breath of air. His red nose exploded: “AAACHOOOOOOOOOOO! HU- HUUHHHH-SHEEEEEEUUUUUUUUUUU!

He sniffed, then said, “Excuse me.”

"Bless you," said Mako, who wanted to continue shooting as much as possible "Let's go on." Mako again took his camera in hand.

Sheldon went back to looking at Chris, and was shocked to see him laying there on the floor with a mounting erection and a wicked smile on his handsome face. Just as Sheldon saw the smile, he saw Chris’ nose once again crinkle with the trace beginnings of another sneeze. He sniffed and licked his lips. Mako caught the instant where Chris licked his lips on film.

Chris sniffed again and shook his head, dishevelling his hair. This was another shot that Mako caught. His hair fell gently down the sides of his face, and a few strands landed along the sides of his tickling nose. The advancing tickle once again made Chris’ eyes start to water and close. Mako caught this look, too. Finally, Chris’ twitching nose could stand it no longer. He took in a huge breath of air.


Chris lifted his head up and took in one more sniff. He swallowed hard as he threw his head back. Mako, still fastened to his camera, caught this picture and said,

"Bless you, Chris. Ok I think I've got all the pics I need for now. Let's call it a day. "

"That's a wrap!" Sheldon said as he looked over to Chris.

He saw that the Latin hunk was looking straight back at him. Chris then rubbed on his erection and pointed at Sheldon as if to say "this is for you". 


Sheldon sped back to his office. "This can't be happening," he thought to himself. Not only had Chris made a lewd suggestion to him, but that the thought had actually been appealing! "This is insanity! I love Andres!  Why is Chris affecting me this way after all the time I've known him? And why is he behaving like this? This isn’t like Chris."

Sheldon reached into his cabinet and took out his bottle of 18-year-old scotch. He normally saved this for Mr. Mann's rare visits, but this was an emergency. He poured off a quick double into a coffee cup and added black coffee to fill it up. He then began to sip his "coffee" to try to calm his nerves.

The whiskey was good. It helped to settle Sheldon's nerves a bit. Just then, there was knock on the door. The Latin stunner, the very cause of Sheldon’s emergency drinking session, slipped his head in: "Okay if I come in?'

Sheldon was once again agitated, but tried to act as if nothing had happened. "Sure, c'mon in."

"Wow, drinking scotch and coffee?" Chris said as he noticed the bottle and carafe on Sheldon's desk. "Feeling all right?"

"To tell the truth, I'm a little off today," Sheldon answered, not wanting to betray his excitement.

"A little off, huh?' retorted the hunk, who began to advance towards where Sheldon was standing near his desk.

“He's too gorgeous! I want him so badly! What's wrong with me? I don’t care! I’ve never wanted anyone as badly as I want this hunk right now! This is insanity! What’s going on here? I must have him!" All these conflicting emotions and many, many more were swirling around in Sheldon's head.

"A little off, huh," Chris repeated as he came up to Sheldon. "Well I have something that should perk you right up."

With that, Chris grabbed Sheldon's unit and gave it a firm yet gentle squeeze. He simultaneously pulled Sheldon nearer to him and kissed his mouth.

Almost at once, Sheldon regained control of his wits. With one deft self-defence move, Sheldon flipped Chris over his head. A moment later, Chris was leaning on the floor with Sheldon standing over him. Sheldon had one foot on Chris’ chest, holding him down, and his hands were positioned as though about to strike a fatal blow to the head.

“Chris, don’t you ever touch me like that again!” Sheldon screamed. “If you do, I swear I’ll kill you! I don’t care if you are Andres’ brother! Who do you think you are? I love Andres! I wouldn’t love you if you were the last man on earth!”

“Shel, Shel! Calm down!” yelled the struggling hunk. “What do you mean? Why are you calling me Chris? I’m Andres – don’t you recognise me?”

"Nice try Chris! Trying to pretend to be Andres? Andres is ten times the man you are! Don’t you ever forget it!”

"No! I am Andres! I can prove it to you!"

Sheldon let the man stand up. "Okay, prove it to me. Don't move. But prove it to me."

"Look, I have a little mole on my left hip. Take a look and see for yourself."

Sheldon took a look and said, "Okay, so you have the same mole. You're twins! How do I know both of you don't have the exact same mole?"

"I can prove it beyond the shadow of a doubt."

“How so?" inquired Sheldon.

"Watch," said the hunk. He picked up an ashtray and began sniffing some of the ashes in it. Before long he gasped with the faint tickle of a sneeze.

"Do you–”  he  sniffed– “Huh… believe me n-n- now?” he asked as his glorious chest began to heave.

Sheldon watched incredulously. It was Andres! Who else would know about his sneezing fetish? Sheldon's erection immediately bounced back harder than ever.

Andres stood there, gloriously quivering with a mounting sneeze in his nose. He was still wearing the black semi see-through thong and his own magnificent erection was pointing straight out through the thong and down his sculpted leg.

Andres sniffed a bit to speed up the pace of the sneeze. He sniffed and swallowed hard. He tilted his head back as his nose began to redden rapidly. Two more huge gulps of air and he exploded: “HAAACHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!… HEEEEETTTCCCCSSSSHHHUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU! … hu-  huuu-HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU SCHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!”

This last time, Andres sneezed directly on Sheldon's aching cock, causing him to come immediately. Sheldon didn't care. He would worry about getting a new pair of pants later.


Sheldon and Andres lay on the couch in Sheldon's office, sharing a cigarette. They only smoked after super special sex, and when they did, they always shared just one cigarette between them. After taking the last drag on the cigarette and crushing it out, Sheldon said:

"Hey wait a minute! Why were you here in the first place? And where is Chris?”

"To answer your last question first," said Andres, "Chris is home blowing his nose. He's real sick with the flu. That's why I'm here. Chris called me last night and begged me to help him out. If he lost this job, he would lose a lot of money and fame, so I reluctantly agreed to stand in for him."

"Oh" said Sheldon, content with Andres’ answer. He cuddled closer to Andres and began baby kissing his square chin and up and down his throat.

"Hey wait a minute," Andres said. "I thought you could tell the difference between Chris and me. I thought you knew that was me there on the studio floor. That's why I was stroking myself in front of you and blowing kisses at you. So all that time, you thought that I was Chris trying to seduce you? Well well well! Behold the great Sheldon! All this time you were lying to us when you said you could tell us apart.”

"No! I wasn't lying. I can tell you two apart. What I mean is that sometimes I, er... what I mean is that most times I, er... That is to say... Errr… What I want to say is... Damn it! I wasn't expecting this!"

"So that's how you do it,” Andres thundered. "If you're expecting us together, you somehow set your mind to some small difference between us and use that as your guide as to who's who."

"Don't hate me, Andres! I really wanted you to think I could tell you two apart like night and day. I thought for sure it would show you how much I love you. Please don't be angry with me."

"Angry with you? Hell, I'm more crazy about you than ever!" Andres began kissing his lover passionately. "Don't you see what this means? It means you fell in love with me all over again! You thought that was Chris out there, and you were going crazy with desire weren't you?"

"Yes," Sheldon replied meekly.

"Then, when you had the chance to have an affair with the man you thought to be Chris, you rejected him outright and professed your love for me and me alone. That, plus the fact that you consider me ten times the man Chris is! That meant a lot to me babe, it really did. Chris and I always did have this competitive thing going on between us. Wow!  Ten times the man Chris is? You don't know what it means to hear your lover defend you as vigorously as that!"

With that, Andres rolled over on Sheldon and began kissing him. And just at that moment, a cold breeze wafted through the air and across Andres back.

"Babe," Andres sniffed, "I think I'm gonna s-sn-sneeze!"