Keeping Him Quiet


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The night was going to be wonderful. Sheldon and Andres were sipping wine on the sofa, while Andres’ special surprise dinner was baking in the oven. All evening long, Andres had gone out of his way to warn Sheldon about keeping everything quiet, for he was baking a soufflé and the slightest loud noise could cause it to fall.

Sheldon sat there, afraid to even clink wine glasses with Andres for fear of the noise. When the souflé was at last ready and Andres went into the kitchen to remove it from the oven, Sheldon was much relieved. Sitting down at the table, he was basking in the glow of finally being able to breathe, when suddenly he heard Andres stage-whisper an almost silent scream,

"Shel... HURRY!"

Sheldon went into the kitchen, and saw Andres holding the soufflé in his mitted hands.

"Shelly... Hurry, hurry, hurry! Put your finger under my nose. If I sneeze, my soufflé will be ruined!"

Sheldon went to Andres and placed a finger under his nose. He could see that Andres was struggling mightily to fight off this sneeze, and Sheldon only half-heartedly pressed his finger under Andres nose. He was mad to see Andres sneeze again, yet he didn't want to hurt his lover by allowing him to sneeze and ruin his handiwork.

”Ahhh… Ahhhhh…. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…" Andres panted. "Shell… huuh… huu-help! HUUUUUUU…"

Sheldon was holding his finger tighter under Andres’ gorgeous nose, but it wasn't helping. Andres did not sneeze often, but when he did, they were really wet and massive. The irony of this predicament was not lost on Sheldon.

“Haaaa… Haaaaaaa…. HAAAAAAAAAAAAA…"

Andres nearly screamed, but somehow kept it down to a whisper. His head was now tilted all the way back so that he was looking at the ceiling. His neck was fully exposed, showing off his Adam’s apple, and the veins in his neck were bulging.


"Hold it in for one more second babe. I won't let you sneeze!"

With that, Sheldon took the soufflé out of Andres’ hands and gently set it on the table. He then pinched his lover’s nostrils shut tightly. This helped a little, but Sheldon could see that Andres’ nose was determined to have the last say in this matter. He held onto Andres’ nose with one hand and hurriedly escorted Andres into their bedroom. There, he picked up a pillow and put it over Andres’ gorgeous face just in time. A second later, Andres exploded with a massive,


This sneeze was followed by 5 more, which all went into the pillow to muffle the noise.


After it was all over, Andres looked at his lover, flashed him his Drop Dead Gorgeous smile, and gave him a big kiss. Sheldon thought he would explode right there and then, he was so aroused. Somehow, he managed to get up out of the bed and follow Andres to the table. They sat and had the special soufflé which Andres had worked so hard on and almost destroyed. Sheldon sat there, looking at Andres, and laughed to himself about how something so beautiful as Andres' nose could turn out to be that hunk's worst enemy because of something as banal as a tickle.

After dinner was finished, Sheldon and his Latin Adonis were making out the couch.

After a while, Sheldon laughingly said to Andres, "You owe me for tonight, babe. You owe me big time!"

Andres smiled his famous smile and said, "I'm sure I can repay you somehow."

"Oh, you can," said Sheldon.

With that he took out a tissue, which he had twisted into a point. He then began running it around and in Andres glorious nose. Andres smiled as he let Sheldon tickle his nose. Sheldon tickled until Andres got "the look," after which Andres sniffed deeply and swallowed hard.

"You s-s-s-on of a *SNIF*"

"Yeah, yeah, I love you too Andres," Sheldon answered, and he gently kissed Andres trembling nose.