Sweet Dreams


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Sheldon lay in bed, awake but dreaming of his lover Andres. Andres was away on business, and Sheldon was miserable without him around. 

"He'll be home any day now. As soon as he wraps up the job, he'll be right home and we can catch up on some much needed love making." Sheldon thought to himself. 

It couldn't be to soon for Sheldon, as he was desperately horny for his Latino Adonis. 

As Sheldon lay in bed, he heard the front door being opened, and the familiar sound of Andres dropping his keys on the table. 

"He's home!" Sheldon said to himself as his heart began to race. 

He wanted to run out there and dive into Andres' arms, but he remained in bed. He pretended to be asleep. He knew Andres loved to "surprise" him by waking him up whenever he came home in the middle of the night.

As Sheldon lay in bed "asleep," Andres entered the bed room. He had completely undressed outside and was now getting into bed alongside Sheldon. Snuggling up behind his lover, he began trying to "wake" Sheldon. He began by kissing the back of Sheldon's neck and shoulders. Sheldon pretended to wake up, and Andres covered Sheldon's eyes with his hands. 

"Guess who," Andres whispered into Sheldon's ear as he continued to kiss his neck and shoulders. 

Just as Sheldon pretended to try and be surprised, Andres started rubbing his rock hard erection in between Sheldon's butt checks. Sheldon groaned with delight at the feel of his lovers cock against his body, and rubbing it, Sheldon too immediately got a raging erection of his own. 

"Guess who," Andres repeated.

"I have no idea," joked Sheldon. 

"I'll give you a hint." said Andres. "Who is the most handsome, most wonderful man in the world?" 

"RICKY MARTIN?! Is that really you? I can't believe it!" Sheldon gleefully shouted. 

"RICKY MARTIN!" Andres gasped in mock outrage. "Why, you son of a bitch!" 

With that, Andres grabbed a pillow and began hitting Sheldon with it. Sheldon grabbed a pillow of his own, and they started in on a most excellent pillow fight. They were at it for a good five minutes, laughter rippling out amidst the soft thumping sounds of the pillows, when all of a sudden there was a ripping sound. A second later, feathers were flying everywhere. 

Sheldon fell back on the bed, laughing hysterically at the state of the bed and the now-deflated pillow held by his lover. He looked up to see if Andres was laughing as well. Nothing, however, could have prepared Sheldon for the sight he was about to see. 

Andres was standing on his knees on their bed, his rock hard erection jutting up straight. In his right hand was the pillow with feathers spilling out of it and his left hand was straight at his side. But then, Sheldon noticed Andres' gorgeous face. Feathers were stuck all over his hair and face, and Sheldon saw that some of the feathers had even been blown up Andres' perfect nose! Immediately after, Sheldon was struck dumb as he noticed his lover's nose was starting to redden and his bottom lip was quivering. 

Andres was going to sneeze! 

Sheldon immediately got up on his knees and put his arms around Andres so that they were facing each other. 

"Whuu- whuuu- what are you doo- ddooo- DOOOOOOOing?" Andres struggled to get the words out. 

"I'm here to help you, babe," said Sheldon. " But I'm also here to give us some fun." 

"L- l- let me go! I'm go-go-GO-ing to snee- sneeze!... Huu huuuh huuuuu-" 

With that, Sheldon put his finger under Andres' nose, giving him some relief. 

"The tickle's still in my nose, you know," said Andres. 

"That's just where I want it to be for a little while, darling."

With that Sheldon began stroking Andres. 

"What are you doing?" Andres nearly shouted. 

"I want to see which will explode first, your nose or your cock." 

With that, Sheldon took a small handful of feathers and tickled Andres nose again, while simultaneously busying himself with Andres' other "matter at hand."(pun fully intended!) 

"HUHHH... HUHHHH... HUUUHHHHHHHHH..." The sound of Andres' panting was driving Sheldon nearly insane with lust. "Sheel- Shelll... I'm gunn.... gunnn... gunna sneeze! HUUUUU... HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU..." 

Sheldon pinched Andres' nose shut with his left hand. With his right, he continued to work on Andres' member. Sheldon could tell from that tell-tale rising of his lover's particular (and well-loved) musky smell that he was about to climax. He released Andres nose and sped up the pace of his strokes.


Andres sneezed his usual wet, massive sneeze all over Sheldo'ns chest. At the same time, he orgasmed powerfully all over his lover's abs. 


Andres sneezed onto Sheldon's chest while holding on to him for dear life. Afterward, he wrapped his well-muscled arms around Sheldon's neck and stayed there for a while with his head resting on the other's shoulder. 

Sheldon gently lifted Andres' head and looked his gorgeous lover in the eyes. The latter smiled at Sheldon, then sniffed weakly. 

"What's wrong, love? Another sneeze tickling around in there?" Sheldon couldn't help the mischievous note that crept into the question. 

"Yeah, but it's just kinda staying there, y'know? It's tickling me, but it's not getting any bigger. Snifffff!" 

"I'll help you get rid of it," Sheldon offered, still more mischief lacing his tone. 

"Please!" Andres cried. "No more feathers!" 

"Ok baby, I'll get it out some other way then," Sheldon said. 

With that, he wrapped his arms around Andres so that they were again face-to-face. He then blew tiny little puffs of air up into Andres' nostrils. Once, twice, three times, "Puf - puf - puf." 

Andres winced a bit, then sniffed deeply. He began blinking his eyes as they started tearing. A moment later, his nose began to redden and he got "the look." 

At the same time, Sheldon began stroking Andres anew and he became almost as hard as before. 


Andres couldn't help it; once again, he sneezed all over Sheldon. 

"Bless you, baby" 

"Than... Thank youuuu... Sniff..." Andres's face contorted dramatically as he tried to speak. "I lo-.... Love y- you! Sniff... you NUT!"

Then, a pregnant pause during which Sheldon held his breath, followed at length by yet another stunning explosion.


"Bless you. I love you too, babe," answered Sheldon.