How Do I Love Thee?


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Sheldon stormed into the bedroom shouting at Andres. "How could you say something like that to me? How could you? You don't love me! You don't care for me at all!"

Andres followed Sheldon into the bedroom trying to calm him down. "Of course I love you, baby! Look, I'm sorry for what I said. I didn't mean it. Lets just forget I ever said it, ok?"

"How can I forget it? The fact that you can say something as horrid as that to me proves you don't love me!"

"How can you think that, baby? No one has ever loved anyone as much as I love you," said Andres.

"I can't believe you!" Sheldon screamed at Andres.

"I'll prove to you that I love you," Andres answered, leaving their bedroom.

A few moments later, he returned. He was totally nude and he was holding something in his hands.

"So you think I don't love you, huh? Well, for some ungodly reason I happen to be crazy in love with you, you nut! And I'm about to show you how much I love you."

With that, he showed Sheldon what he held in his hands: a shaker of white pepper.

Andres unscrewed the cap and then took a big sniff of the pepper. He then took Sheldon into their bed. Sheldon watched as Andres nose slow started to redden. He sniffed deeply, and then he put his powerful arms around Sheldon, giving him a deep kiss. Sheldon’s cheek acted in lieu of a finger in helping hold off the approaching sneeze.

After the kiss, Andres looked at Sheldon and smiled his fantastic smile. Just then, his nose filled completely with the sneeze.


Andres sneezed on Sheldon’s neck as his lover groaned his delight. The handsome Latino stud then proceeded to try and undo the buttons on Sheldon’s shirt using just his lips, teeth and tongue. As held Sheldon tight, he managed to undo the first button. He stopped and sniffed deeply to try to fend off a sneeze, but efforts were futile.


Andres sneezed against the part of Sheldon's chest that he had managed to expose. The other arched his back in delight like a pleased cat as Andres proceeded to undo the shirt buttons, still not using his hands. He was successful until he came to the last button. Then, Andres felt a monstrous sneeze build up in his nose. He quickly put his gorgeous face over Sheldon's chest as he waited for this momentous explosion.

Sheldon could feel Andres’ hot breath against his super sensitive nipples. Andres had placed his face there purposefully, and Sheldon was going wild with pleasure, wanting Andres to let go of his hold on him so he could grab his lover and have release as soon as possible.

Andres was having none of it, however. Andres bestowed a massive sneeze on Sheldon's sensitive nipples and then titillated them with feather-light kisses, nearly driving poor Sheldon crazy with lust.


Andres then went about opening Sheldon's pants, again using only his lips, teeth and tongue. Sheldon watched helplessly as he saw Andres working on his pants’ button while a vicious tickle was dancing around in his nose.

Andres managed to undo Sheldon's pants and pull down his zipper just in time.



Andres sneezed directly onto Sheldon's throbbing erection, yet somehow Sheldon managed not to climax. Andres then began sucking on Sheldon’s exposed hardness, making his lover groan. Sheldon looked and saw Andres desperately trying to suck him off before his nose exploded, the very sight exciting him to no end.


Andres sneezed again on Sheldon's member. This was all poor Sheldon could take, and he exploded forth with his love juice. By this time, Andres was as hard as a rock too, and he was about to shoot when his nose was overtaken by another violent tickle.


Andres sneezed again onto Sheldon’s still quivering penis. The force of this sneeze set off his own orgasm and he fell, exhausted, on Sheldon. The two lovers then began to kiss and nuzzle each other.

"Great idea you had, Andres. We should have these fake fights more often. Makes it so much fun finding new and interesting ways to make up to each other," said Sheldon before he again kissed his gorgeous lover. "Tomorrow night, I'll make up to you!"