Wake Up, Baby!


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Sheldon lay in bed awake again. Another sleepless night, it seemed, was before him. To his left, his gorgeous lover lay motionless.

"At least one of us can sleep," Sheldon thought to himself as he looked at Andres.

He was a sight indeed! Andres was sleeping on his back, totally naked. His right arm was under his head and his left arm was at his side.

"God you're beautiful! If you were awake right now, we could be making love instead of me counting sheep to fall asleep."

Just then, Sheldon had an idea. An evil grin crossed his face as he reached into his night table drawer and pulled out a tissue from a box of Kleenex. He twisted the tissue into as fine a point as possible, and then slowly began to insert the pointed tissue into Andres' perfect nose. Slowly, slowly, he began to tickle Andres' nose with it.

At first, Andres wrinkled up his nose and waved his hand over his face. Sheldon paused for a bit, holding his breath, and then went back to tickling as soon as Andres put his arm back down on the bed. Slowly but with gentle persistence, Sheldon twisted and turned the tissue, pulling it out of Andres nose and reinserting it again.

After a few moments Sheldon saw a sneeze "catch" in Andres' gorgeous proboscis. He gave the tissue one last turn for good luck and then removed it from Andres’ nose. Unaware that he was smiling, Sheldon and waited and watched.

At first, Andres sniffed and rubbed his nose with his free hand. He sniffed deeply again and began swallowing hard. He sniffed deeply a third time, crinkled his nose, and wiggled it all around without ever waking up. Then, Sheldon noticed that Andres was becoming hard. The more Andres was struggling with his tickling nose while asleep, the harder he was becoming!

This was driving poor Sheldon crazy! He could stand it no longer, so he took the tissue and reinserted it in Andres’ nose and tickled once more.

Andres Gasped deeply and exploded out with a huge "AHHHHHHHHH SHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

The sneeze was so huge that as he sneezed, his torso was lifted up off the bed. His legs also lifted up, so that he seemed to be doing a strange gymnastic exercise where his body formed a "V" shape. He did three more of these tremendous sternutations, and at last became fully awake.

"What happened?" Andres asked as he turned to Sheldon.

"You sneezed," Sheldon replied, innocently enough.

"Don't be ridiculous. I never sneeze when I'm asleep. That would wake me up," said Andres.

Just then, Andres exploded with another "HAAAAAAASHOOOOOOOOO!" right on Sheldon's chest.

"Sniff! S’cuse me baby," said Andres as he started to stroke his rock hard cock. "Sniff... say you're looking awfully lonely there, Shelly. Why don't you come closer to me and we can ‘discuss’ ways to cure your loneliness.”

Giving a rather coy giggle, Andres grabbed Sheldon in his powerful embrace and proceeded to show him a most effective (and pleasurable) cure for his insomnia.