Happy Birthday, Lover!


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The alarm went off at seven a.m. as usual. Sheldon hurriedly reached over to shut it off before it could awaken Andres. He was too late; Andres woke up and smiled at Sheldon. 

"Morning lover," he said to Sheldon through his sleepiness. 

Sheldon bent over to Andres and gave him a long, slow, super sensual kiss good morning. 

"Happy birthday, baby," said Sheldon. "Do you know what I'm giving you for a birthday present?" 

Andres smiled and shook his head.

"Well, for the entire day I'm to be your personal slave. You are not to move a finger! I'm here to do your bidding." 

"You're joking, right?" asked Andres. 

"Not in the least. Today is your day. I'm here to serve you in any way you wish." 

"Any way I wish? You mean anything I want, you'll get for me or do for me?" 

"That's exactly what I mean. And I do mean ANYTHING you may desire." 

When Sheldon said this last, Andres pretended to yawn. 

"Very funny baby," Sheldon said, "but I'm serious. Whatever you want, I'll do." 

"Okay then," Andres drawled. "How about making me some eggs and sausages for my breakfast?" 

"Your wish is my command, master," Sheldon answered. 

He went off into the kitchen to prepare Andres' meal. Soon, he reappeared with a tray full of food and coffee. 

"I hope you enjoy your breakfast, master." 

"It had better be good boy, OR ELSE!" Andres answered, getting into the whole atmosphere of Sheldon's day of slavery. He tasted the coffee. "Yuck! You call this swill 'coffee'? Go back and run pure water through the coffee beans this time!" 

"I'm sorry you're not happy, master," a humble Sheldon answered. "I'll be right back with some fresh coffee." 

When Sheldon returned with a new cup of coffee, Andres started in with a long list of new complaints. 

"You call these eggs? I don't call that eggs! Go back and bring me eggs that are properly prepared, BOY!" 

"Yes, master," Sheldon said.

Off he went to the kitchen, muttering to himself, "Oh this was a really bright idea! Be Andres' slave for a day. What was I thinking? I've created a monster!" 

Sheldon brought Andres a new plate of eggs and waited for his lover's next command. He didn't wait long.

"This piece of toast has too much butter on it, and this other piece doesn't have enough! Can't you make a simple breakfast? Go make some fresh toast! And you forgot to bring me the salt and pepper. Bring some in with you." 

Sheldon went into the kitchen, ready to explode. What had started off as a fun game was now quickly turning into something approaching real slavery, and he was rapidly growing to hate the idea of being Andres' slave. 

Sheldon grabbed the salt and pepper shakers. The peppershaker was nearly empty, so Sheldon started to fill it from the tin of pepper in the cupboard. 

"Where's my toast, BOY?" Andres shouted from the bedroom. 

"Coming, master," said Sheldon, who trying to pour the pepper into the shaker. 

He decided to do it while bringing Andres's toast, so as not to prolong his 'master's wait. As he was walking and fumbling with the peppershaker, Sheldon didn't see one of Andres' loose slippers in his path. He tripped on the slipper and, predictably, the peppershaker he was filling went flying out of his hand and landed on the bed. 

A huge cloud of pepper dust floated up. 

"Clumsy oaf!" Andres said."Sniff… SNIFFFF…. What's that smell? Pepper? Oh no!"

With that, Andres' gorgeous nose began to slowly redden. 

"Haaa… HAAAAAAA… HAAAAAAAAAAAA…" he paused, then choked out, "Now I'm gonna sneeze! …HAAAAA … HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA…" 

With that, Andres' head reared back, his chest expanding to maximum capacity, and he exploded:


"Bless you, master," said Sheldon, obviously relishing this turn of events. 

"Bo- BO- BOY! Sniff… Help me! Haa… haaaa…. hold in my snee- Sneeee-SNEEEEEEE- SNEEZE! HAAAAAAAAA… HAAAAAAAAAAAAA…" 

With that, Sheldon crawled into bed next to Andres and put his left arm around his lover's shoulders. With his right hand, he put his finger under Andres' trembling nose. 

"Feeling better, Master?"

"I th- TH- THINK… One… one… Sniff! … more… WAAAAAAASHOOOOOO!" 

Andres' sneeze nearly knocked Sheldon off the bed. Andres looked up at Sheldon and smiled. "Sniff! Thanks, baby" 

Sheldon by this time had a raging erection. He threw aside the food tray, along with any remnants of food, and pushed Andres back against his pillow. Sheldon began kissing him, tearing off both his own clothes and Andres' pajama bottoms. 

They made love passionately and tenderly. After they had finished, Sheldon looked at Andres and said, 

"That's what I was talking about, Andres. I thought you would order me to stay in bed all day with you and just love the day away. But instead, you went power mad!" 

"I didn't go power mad," answered Andres. " I wanted to see just how much of my horseshit you could put up with, and believe me, you put up with a lot!" 

With that, Andres reached under his pillow and took out a small box. 

"Even though it's my birthday, I want to give you this. I hope you like it." 

"A present for me? What could it be?" Sheldon asked as he opened the small parcel. 

Inside was a gorgeous golden ring with a green jade stone set in it. Jade was Sheldon's favorite color. Sheldon looked up into Andres' gorgeous face with tears in his eyes as he heard Andres ask, 

"Will you marry me?"