A Christmas Carol


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Sheldon lay in bed looking up at the ceiling. It was Christmas morning, the first Christmas he and Andres had ever shared together. He looked over at his gorgeous lover who lay sleeping at his side.

"Merry Christmas baby," he thought as he reached out to softly brush the sleeping Andres’ hair with his fingertips. And then, starting to get out of bed, he added to himself, "I'm going to cook Andres a super special Christmas breakfast!"

Just as Sheldon started to rise up, Andres suddenly leaped on top of him and pinned him down to the mattress. With a playful growl, he began kissing him to his heart's content. "And just where do you think you're going, senor?" Andres inquired in between kissed.

"Well, I just thought I'd go and cook us some breakfast," answered Sheldon.

"I'm not hungry," Andres said as he began rubbing himself against Sheldon.

"How odd. Suddenly, I'm not hungry either," Sheldon grinned as Andres began to grind his enormous erection against his own more modest one.

"I have a gift for you," Andres purred in his ear.

“Yes, I can certainly see that!” Sheldon laughed.

“No, silly,” Andres shook his head, looking down. “I mean, another gift. Besides this one.” With that, he proceeded to reach under the bed, taking out a long, thin box.

"Oh no!” Sheldon protested. “Andres, I thought we’d agreed not to exchange any gifts."

"I had to get you this gift, babe," Andres replied. "This gift shows you how I really feel about you. Open the card."

Sheldon did as he was told. Inside, a message was written in Andres’ trademark bold strokes:

"Merry Xmas lover. I can't give you the key to my heart because you already own that. What I give you now is the key to my nose. Please use it any time you see fit, and in any way you see fit. Please know that I love you more than words or sneezes can ever say.

Lots of love,


Sheldon couldn’t help it: he began to weep at the beauty of the card’s message. He then opened the long, thin box and took out Andres gift.

“A feather!” he said.

Indeed, it was. A long, beautiful feather. Sheldon threw his arms around Andres and began kissing him anew, telling him how much he loved the gift.

"Don't you want to try out your present?" Andres asked.

"Oh Andres, is it all right if I do?"

"Of course it is, silly. I told you that my nose is yours, to tickle whenever you please. Merry Christmas, babe."

Sheldon took the feather and slowly began tickling under Andres’ perfect nose. It only took a few strokes around the nostrils, and Andres suddenly got the look. Andres started to breath heavily, and he could tell that this was going to be a monstrous sneeze.

He started to pant: "Haa… HAAAAA… HAAAAAAAAAA…"

Just then, Sheldon put his finger under Andres’ trembling nose.

"I want to try something, Andres," he said to his panting lover.

As a surprised Andres watched, Sheldon took the feather and began tickling his own nose with it. Very soon, Sheldon began panting too, as an insidious tickle grew in his own nose. Then, he removed his finger from under Andres’ nose, allowing his Latin lover’s sneeze to once again proceed.

Andres was taken aback by this action, and yet he found it highly erotic. What was his lover playing at? He watched as Sheldon's nose rapidly reddened with the swiftly approaching sneeze. Sheldon was panting,


Andres had never known anything like this before. He and Sheldon were going to sneeze together! He desperately wanted to kiss Sheldon, but his own lips were contorted downwards by his monstrously tickling nose.


Unable to kiss his lover because of the overwhelming urge to sneeze, Andres decided that he would do the next best thing and rub his nose against Sheldon's. They began rubbing noses, each desperately trying to hold off their sneeze as long as possible. The sensation was incredible!

"I'm rubbing my tickling nose against Sheldon's tickling nose. My lover and I are feeling the same thing in our noses at the exact same moment. This is too erotic!” Andres thought.

And then a few seconds later, the urge to sneeze crystallised and could no longer be denied.

"Shell... I--I--I CAN'T *snif* hold back my snee- sneee- SNEEZE ANY MORE!" Andres cried.

"Me neither!” Sheldon gasped, so loudly as to be almost screaming. “HAAAA… HAAAAAA… HAAAAAAAA…"



Both Sheldon and Andres sneezed simultaneously.



Again our lovers sneezed simultaneously.

Andres couldn't take the excitement of both he and Sheldon sneezing together, and he burst forth with a massive orgasm, shooting his love juices all over Sheldon's stomach. Sheldon soon followed suit, showering Andres with his warm lotion.

And then, Andres and Sheldon fell back down on their bed exhausted.

"*Sniff* I didn't get you a gift, Andres," Sheldon said in a near whimper, so fatigued was he from their antics, as he ran his fingers through Andres' jet black hair.

"Gift?" Andres asked, incredulous. "What are you talking about, Shell? Today, you've given me a show of intimacy and love I had never even thought possible. You and I sneezed together! For a moment there, you and I were one! Sharing one tickle in our noses! Sneezing the same sneeze! It was incredible! Merry Christmas babe. If you only knew how much I actually loved you.”

 With that, Andres’ gorgeous nose once again reddened and he sneezed one last, monstrous, "AHHHHHHHHHHHTSHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" right onto Sheldon's chest.